Mary Ch. 1

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Mary lay on the bed. Her arms were outstretched making her ample breasts strain against the thin material of her dress. Her legs were wide open – she struggled to close them but the leather restraints held her tight – she was securely bound to the bed.

She wore a blindfold, could see nothing, so she tried to listen for James’s approach. Mary wore a sun-dress that buttoned down the front (about 30 small buttons), underneath she wore small white knickers with ties at the side, and a lacy white front-fastening bra. She knew that if James wanted to he could have her stripped bare in no time at all and could do what he wanted with her – it made her very excited and her nipples hardened and her pussy began to get wet. She struggled against the restraints but could not free herself.

Then she heard a noise – he was entering the room. He didn’t say anything but he was obviously watching her. She felt the bed move as he sat or knelt on it and then she could feel his hot breath on her neck. She ached to be touched, her nipples were on fire and she wanted them in his mouth. Her pussy was so wet and she wanted his cock.

He ran his hand slowly over her body stroking her legs, her stomach, her sides, her arms, her shoulders. Then she felt him kızılay escort undo the top 3 buttons of her dress, his hand slipped inside and he caressed the flesh at the top of her chest. He then reached down and undid the 3 bottom buttons, again he reached inside and caressed her inner thigh. Slowly, ever so slowly he unbuttoned her dress, always caressing her but never once touching her nipple or her pussy mound. She was on fire.

Finally he pulled the dress apart baring her heaving breasts in their silky bra and her aching pussy which thrust against the white silk panties and making them wet. ‘Could he see how wet she was’ she wondered. He obviously could because the next thing she felt was his hand pressed against her pussy through the wet silk. She groaned as he held her but again he teased her, he didn’t rub or caress her but just held her and she had to lift her hips of the bed to grind her pussy against his hand. Frustratingly he took his hand away and she waited for his next touch.

mmmm…he was sat astride her ribs and she could feel him reaching up her body to run his hands along her arms from wrist to shoulder and back again. She could feel his firm naked thighs on her sides and as he stroked kızılay escort bayan her his hard cock bobbed against her large breasts. Slowly his hands moved onto her upper chest and then continued onto her breasts getting ever closer to her erect nipples.

At last he was stroking her breasts and gently he pinched her erect nipples – then she felt her bra come undone and he had her glorious naked breasts in his hands. He bent to kiss them and greedily sucked on her aching nipples, first one then the other – she was in heaven.

“Beautiful breasts” she heard him murmur, the first words he had spoken since entering the room. He lovingly kissed and sucked her breasts for what seemed like an age and all the time Mary’s pussy was getting hotter and wetter.

Suddenly he stopped and got off the bed. ‘What was he doing’ Mary thought.

She heard him rummaging around and then she could hear a faint buzzing noise. She couldn’t place what the sound was and then it dawned on her – he had a vibrator.

She felt him run the vibrator over her wet panties and trace the outline of her pussy lips. She shuddered as he nudged the vibrator against her clit and held it tight against her – she was so worked up escort kızlay that the throbbing tool only needed to touch her clit for a minute before an orgasm ripped through her body. So excited was she that she almost blacked out with pleasure.

While she recovered from her orgasm James stripped off her panties and lifted her hips up and placed 2 pillows under her bottom. ‘With my legs spread wide and my pussy swollen and gaping I must look a right sight’ she mused.

But she didn’t have long to think because in a moment she felt James’s hot breath on her pussy and felt his tongue snake out and lick her clit. As he licked her he gently inserted the big vibrator (turned off) into her pussy – it felt huge. She was fast approaching another orgasm and James could tell because he stopped and let her body subside before starting to kiss and lick her again. He kept doing that and because Mary was tied to the bed there was nothing she could do. In the end she begged “Please, please make me come…”

This time he did not draw back and she clenched her pussy muscles hard against the vibrator as another orgasm crashed through her.

As she recovered she felt James untie her and gently massage her aching legs and arms. She felt shattered, her legs ached from being spread so wide and her wrists were chaffed where she pulled against the leather each time she came. He then undid the blindfold and she looked up to see his smiling face.

With a grin, he pointed to his hard cock and said “Now what are you going to do about this?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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