Mall Elf

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* * * * *

“I can’t fucking believe this,” Steve thought to himself. There he stood, dressed in a green knee-length brocade coat, green leggings, and what he thought looked like a green velvet jester’s hat. “No one looks good in green,” he thought, grabbing his camera.

He was a mall elf. What more degrading job could there be, he wondered. Steve took a quick personal inventory as he snapped a photo of another rugrat on the lap of the fat, most likely inebriated Santa. He was twenty four years old, a graduate photography student at NYU, and this was the only job he could find while home in Wisconsin for the holidays.

Steve was trying to save up money for a trip to Mardi Gras he and his buddies from school were planning. He was beginning to seriously wonder if the booze and boobs were worth the humiliation he was forced to endure now. He told another child to stop tugging on Santa’s beard and smile. Steve sighed heavily.

“What’s wrong Steve?” a voice behind him quipped. “This not artistic enough for you, Mr. Big City Photographer?” The sarcasm was so thick Steve felt it running down his back. It was Julie, his elf cohort. If there was one thing that made this torturous job tolerable, it was Julie.

Julie Simpson was eighteen years old, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin, and truly a sight to behold. Maybe 5’7″ tall, Julie had long straight blonde hair which fell just below her shoulders, deep blue eyes, and a tight athletic body. She was wearing a waist length red velvet “Santa” coat, matching hat, tight red skirt, red fishnet stocking and knee high black leather boots.

Steve knew most of the guys standing around the Christmas Village were watching Julie while they waited for their wives and girlfriends to return with their credit cards.

“You’re almost done anyway…” Julie continued, scanning the crowd of on-lookers. “Maybe two of those guys have kids…”

“And the rest are hoping you’ll sit on their lap?” Steve chuckled.

“You know what? I’m really tired of getting my ass pinched and being asked if I’ve been a bad girl this year! I have half a mind to do something really naughty that the jolly old elf over there would have no choice but to fill my stocking with coal for the next decade!” Julie’s tone was once again sarcastic but Steve knew she suffered a lot of harassment each day. “Besides,” she continued, “it could be fun…” She winked at him as she returned to her post at the bottom of the steps.

Steve took a deep breath as he watched Julie bend to pick up a toddlers misplaced Teddy Bear, giving him a great shot of her fantastic ass. She noticed his eyes on her and looked back, smiling at him. “God, I’m a pervert,” thought Steve, his attention returning to the camera. Steve had dated Julie’s older sister, Jen, in high school.

“Man,” Steve silently remembered, “she was wild!” He remembered that Jen had screamed so loudly on a number of occasions that Steve feared that they would be arrested. How much of that had her sister inherited, he pondered. While Julie was no longer a bratty thirteen year old, she was still six years Steve’s junior.

As the final child scurried down the ramp towards his parents, the crew began to pack it in for the night. Steve thought he caught the child’s father ogling Julie’s ass while she bahis firmaları latched the gate. “Goodnight kids,” said Danny, the mall Santa. “Anybody feel like joining me for a nightcap?” Steve knew Danny was not inviting him and merely rolled his eyes.

“No thanks, Danny,” remarked Julie, sighing heavily. “I’m just going to head home. Goodnight, Steve.”

“Goodnight, Julie!” he called after her, feeling his manhood stiffen as Julie’s athletic behind bounced towards the exit.

The wind swirled at Steve’s feet as he fumbled in his pocket for his keys. The enormous erection he had from watching Julie all day made it difficult to free the key ring. He gave his rod a friendly tug, as if to say, “Don’t worry, I’ll jerk you off when we get home.”

Steve opened the car door and tossed his bag in the back seat. He was about to get in when he felt two arms clasp around his waist.

“Steveeeeee…buddy, pal, sexiest guy on the planet,” Julie said jovially, maneuvering in front of him, still clad in her Christmas attire. She shivered and pressed against Steve’s chest, shielding herself from the wind. He could feel her warmth through his clothes and wondered if she could feel his now jumping cock. “My fucking car won’t start,” she continued. “Could you give me a lift home?”

“Sure,” Steve managed to blurt out, feeling his dick twitch in his jeans. Julie kissed his cheek softly and scurried over to the passenger’s side of the car.


“Jesus, turn up the heat in here!” Julie trembled.

“Put some CLOTHES ON!” Steve retorted, laughing loudly. “Why didn’t you change out of that get-up?”

“I’m going to a party later.”

“Won’t your folks wonder why you’re going out dressed like some sort of stripper from the North Pole?”

“They’re at the airport, picking up Jen,” Julie remarked, lifting her skirt slightly. Julie pulled at the red fishnet material just above her boots and Steve noticed they weren’t stockings but leggings. Julie was now pulling them over her boots as Steve concentrated on the road.

“Easy, tiger,” Julie shouted as the car swerved slightly. “Hmmm, am I distracting you?”

Steve cleared his throat, feeling his cheeks redden and grow warm as Julie laughed in the seat next to him.


“Why don’t you come inside? I could get you something to drink,” Julie asked as they stood outside the Simmons house.

“I really should get going,” Steve replied, swallowing hard as he felt his cock flex. “Long drive home.”

“You live four blocks away, Steve! You could walk home! Don’t be afraid – I won’t bite!” Julie grinned wickedly and grabbed Steve by the jacket, pulling him through the door.


Steve sat quietly in the easy chair, trying to cover the erection which was now dancing in his jeans.

Julie returned to the room carrying two steaming mugs. “Hot chocolate, Kahlua, and Baileys,” she announced, handing one of the mugs to him. They each took long slurps, Julie eyeing Steve closely. She plucked her Santa hat from her head and unceremoniously dropped it on Steve’s head, covering his eyes.

“I knew you’d make a good Santa!” Julie howled, taking another long sip and placing her drink on the table. She slowly slid onto Steve’s thigh as he tried to adjust the hat. He gasped slightly as Julie hopped into his lap, her firm ass resting on his raging hard-on.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Steve tried to kaçak iddaa recover, his leg nervously bouncing Julie up and down slightly. “Have you been a good girl this year, Julie?”

“No, Santa,” she responded, wiggling on his crotch until the crack of her ass was firmly on his shaft. Julie took Steve’s drink and wrapped her arms around his neck, looking into his eyes. “I’ve been very, very naughty.”

Steve began breathing hard as Julie nibbled and licked his ear. She began moving rhythmically over his swollen tool. Julie reached down, finding Steve’s balls and rubbing them softly through his jeans.

“Feel like stuffing my stocking, Santa?” she whispered in a voice that felt like cigar smoke over scotch. She gripped Steve’s cock through the denim. Steve groaned loudly. Julie stood up between Steve’s legs, her back to him, giggling softly. Steve stared at her thighs, athletic but not too muscular. He watched as her fingers slid along the outsides of her legs, the back up again, thumbs hooking the bottom of her skirt. Slowly revealed her ass to the man in the chair. It was perfect – tight and apple-shaped, covered only with a green and red sequined g-string. Julie bent at the waist and pulled the skirt down to the floor. Stepping out of it, she winked at Steve from between her knees and slid a finger along the g-string. “So, what do you think? Better than Jen’s?”

Steve snapped from his trance to answer the question. “Definitely.”

“Thanks,” Julie replied, turning to face him. “I’ve always thought so myself.” With that, she began unbuttoning her jacket. Steve watched as the soft, round tops of the young woman’s breasts came into view – she was wearing nothing underneath her coat but a push-up bra that matched her panties.

“No wonder she was cold,” Steve thought as he watched the precocious teenager unclasp the bra in the front, allowing her perky breasts to fall out. Julie’s nipples were large and firm, standing out nicely from her gravity defying 34b’s. She knelt between Steve’s thighs, looking up at him as she trailed her fingers over the outline of his prick.

“I hope this is for me, Santa,” Julie cooed, “because ever since my sister got one, I knew I had to have one just like it when I was older.” Steve’s cock throbbed as he undid his zipper, sliding her cool fingers inside his flannel boxers to draw out his hot, turgid shaft. Steve moaned loudly as he felt Julie’s tongue drag along the underbelly of his dick. She took the head between her lips and sucked hard, moaning against it.

Steve’s cock twitched slightly as Julie’s tongue massaged the tip. She stroked the length of the shaft, from base to tip about eight inches. Grinning widely, Julie leaned over and licked a glistening pearl of pre-cum from Steve’s cockhead.

“Oooh, thank you Santa,” Julie sighed, yanking Steve’s jeans down to his knees. Sliding her g-string off, Julie proceeded to crawl into his lap, kissing him lightly as she moved upward. Steve felt her rigid nipples grazing his thighs and the heat emanating from her pussy as it neared his crotch. Julie sat up, reaching between her legs to take Steve’s manhood in her hand again. She rubbed the head gently against her pussy and he felt her hot juices running down his prick. Steve could feel her place his cock at her opening, and he lifted his hips a bit, pressing against the tight hole. Without warning, Julie slammed her down, impaling kaçak bahis herself on Steve’s shaft. He felt her pussy’s warmth permeate him as she continued to buck her hips, riding him furiously.

“OOOH FUCK YES!” Julie screamed, writhing in pleasure above him. “Give it to me STEEEVEE!!! FUCK ME!! Shhhhhhhhittttt! Yes yesssss YEEESSSS!”

Steve began nibbling on Julie’s nipples, which presented themselves like small fingers to his mouth. His actions seemed to drive Julie crazy. She screamed and moaned and pressed Steve’s head against her chest as her hips continued to collide with his.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” Julie cried. Steve bit down hard on a nipple and Julie’s body convulsed violently. A powerful orgasm wracked her.

“YEEEEEEEEESSS!!!” she screamed. Steve steadied his breathing to keep from cumming as Julie shifted on his lap until her back was to him. Placing her booted feet on his knees, Julie leaned forward to grip the arms of the chair. Squatting, she began to mercilessly pound Steve’s cock into her tight young box.

Steve watched as his dick disappeared over and over again beneath Julie’s ass. He felt her clamp down as another orgasm hit her. This time it built slowly, but at the peak she yelled loudly, “Harder!” and threw her head back and forth.

As it subsided, Julie’s legs shot out to the sides. Planting her feet on the arms of the chair, she raised herself off his cock and bent over, placing her soaked pussy on Steve’s mouth. Simultaneously, she began working his tool once again with her hand and tongue. Julie shuddered as his tongue flickered over her clit. He groaned loudly and his cock began to swell in her hand.

“Soon?” Julie asked, looking up at him as his cock continued to swell, giving him an extra half inch from when they had started.

“Yes,” Steve moaned as Julie dropped down to the floor with the grace of a jungle cat. To Steve’s amazement, she placed his throbbing cock between her ass cheeks and held it there firmly. She began to raise and lower her behind, still gripping him tightly with her ass. He couldn’t believe it! She was actually jerking him off with her ass cheeks!

“Not yet,” she groaned, fingering herself hard, “I want to see it!” She spun around, taking his cock in her hand and fisting him furiously. Julie brought the thick, purple tip to her face and licked Steve’s cum slit.

“Oooh shit!” Steve groaned, his cock erupting. A thick wad of white goo shot over Julie’s awaiting tongue. She continued to pump his prick, sending a thick rope of jizz spraying across her neck and chest. Steve watched in amazement as his cock continued to explode, sending burst after burst of his hot white seed onto Julie’s tits. As it began to slow, she brought it to her lips again, rubbing the oozing head over them, then letting her tongue slip out to clean his cock. Then in one swift motion she engulfed his now softening member in her mouth, sucking him dry. Steve thought he would pass out.

“Mmmm, that’s what I like to see!” she smiled, scooping the cum from her chest and licking it slowly from her fingers. Steve thought of Julie’s older sister Jen – she had slightly larger breasts than Julie, but Jen did definitely have the better ass. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. His head was still spinning when Julie sat on his lap.

“I should go get cleaned up,” she whispered. “Do you want to come out with me tonight?”

“Yes,” Steve uttered in a hoarse whisper.

“Good,” Julie answered, smiling. “Maybe Jen will meet up with us…the three of us could have a lot of fun together…”

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