Make My Fantasies Come True

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Make My Fantasies Come True

* * *

The light from the red candles circling her bounced golden light off of Karla’s skin as she lay stretched out naked, face down on the soft bed. Closing her eyes, she tried to control her breathing, making it long and slow. Still, short little gasps kept breaking in without warning. Her hands trembled.

She knew that he was going to touch her soon. Just the thought of his hands on her sent a rush of anticipation shooting through her body, forcing out another burst of breath, sending tremors running up her legs into her belly.

How had she come to this place? Karla’s memories ran through her like little dreams as her bare breasts moved gently against the softness of her comforter. She could feel the outline of her hardening nipples with every inhalation.

* * *

That day had not been unusual; Karla had simply been visiting her favorite coffee shop. The rich smell of coffee grounds filled the air along with the background chatter of other people’s conversations. Sipping on her steaming mocha, she absently sat down at a table in the back corner of the mostly full café, browsing through her phone without any real interest.

Settling herself in, she vaguely noticed a man sitting across from her at the same table. Avoiding eye contact, she shot a quick glance his way. The man appeared to be engrossed in a paperback book. Both of his strategically placed hands blocked her from any view of the cover.

Her curiosity getting the best of her, Karla kept sneaking glances at him while pretending to scroll through something on her screen. All the clothes framing his slim, fit body were stylish, but understated. His warm eyes had tiny laugh-lines around the corners. His lips flicked into subtle expressions, probably reacting to whatever in the story was grabbing his attention. There was no ring on any of the fingers cradling the book cover.

Even more intrigued, Karla kept shifting in her seat, trying in turn to catch glimpses of his expressive face and the maddeningly hidden book cover. What could be so interesting? Karla wondered to herself, I just have to know. Casually, she leaned back in her seat to get a better angle. Still his hands kept a firm barrier to her vision.

Karla tried to hide a frown. He was being very frustrating. It’s not like it’s his fault or anything, she admitted to herself, I am the one being creepy and trying to sneak a peek. I should just finish my coffee and go. Still, her legs refused to move her out of her chair.

She ran her gaze over her phone again without actually reading a single word. The curiosity started to grow more and more into a compulsion. Maybe it had something to do to the way his lips made her belly flutter when it shifted into those little smiles.

Finally, he reached out with one hand absently to grab his cup of coffee, turning to shield the cover from the rest of the crowd, but revealing the scene to Karla’s probing eyes. A half-naked damsel lay back limp in the arms of a bare-chested man with rippling muscles. The damsel’s hair blew in the wind, against a background of crashing waves along some scenic-looking coastline. The title, half-obscured from her view, read something like “Deep Throbs to Deep: Lost in the Mists…”

Karla’s eyes widened quickly in surprise. It’s a trashy romance novel! she thought. That was not at all what I expected.

At that moment she glanced up over the cover and saw her table partner looking straight back at her. His hand was frozen on his cup mid-grasp, a guilty look starting to spread across his face.

Karla hurriedly put down her phone and gave him a reassuring smile. “Hey, don’t worry, I love a hot and heavy paperback now and then,” she burst out in a rush. “Is it a good one?” she asked, nodding at the creased book cover.

Relaxing visibly, he brought his coffee up back towards his lips, took a sip, then showed her the full cover with a conspiratorial look. “To be honest, there’s not a lot of plot, but let me tell you, this author knows how to write a scene that makes you sweat, know what I mean?”

Karla giggled in appreciation and nodded encouragingly. Putting her fists underneath her chin, she leaned in to take in the book, then a full view of its reader. “Oh, so you like heaving bosoms and thrusting members and all that?” she teased, “You look too sophisticated to be drawn to that kind of thing.”

He gave a hearty laugh, a deep sound resounding out from his full chest. Drawing a hand up in mock offense, he replied, “You do me wrong, Madame. I am a man of many tastes. I just happen to be a very sensual person.”

Karla raised her eyebrows appreciatively, shifting herself so her chin rested gently on one open hand. “Hmmm. Interesting. Tell me more.”

He shrugged, laughing a little nervously. “You know, touch, feelings, that sort of thing.” His eyes studied her face cautiously, before warming up a little. He leaned in towards her. “I could çankaya escort say more, but I don’t know how, ah… descriptive you want me to be.”

Now it was Karla’s turn to place the back of her hand on her forehead, the other on her chest, faking a half-swoon. “Don’t worry, I won’t faint on you.”

Hearing him laugh brightly she placed both hands on her chest. “I, sir, am a grown woman. You can be as … descriptive … as you feel comfortable. I can handle it.”

As she leaned back Karla noticed his glance flashing down to touch the curve of her breasts and the hint of cleavage showing above the V-neck of her tight-fitting sweater. She felt her face flush slightly, somehow feeling both annoyed and flattered at the same time.

“Well, okay then,” he replied. He closed his eyes, letting his voice drop low and quiet.

“I love the images of skin on skin.”

He ran the fingers of one hand over the back of the other, taking in a deep breath.

“I love the sound of air moving in and out of lungs.”

Opening his eyes, he smiled faintly, looking off into the distance.

“I like the feeling of bodies sliding against bodies. Of warmth moving into warmth.”

He absently started running a finger down the skin on the base of his neck.

“I like the way all the emotions surge up like a flood, then crash into thought, and overwhelm them with desire…”

He sat quietly for a moment, lost in something beyond what she could see. Bringing his hand back down, he looked her steadily in the eyes, smiling wryly.

“It’s hard to put into words. Do you know what I mean?”

Karla nodded faintly. Her heart pounded hard. Twice. Three times. Yes, I know what you mean, you little charmer, Karla thought, I also know that you are starting to make me feel a little wet between the legs right now.

“So, do you have a name, Sensual Man?” Karla asked, “Or do people just know you by the sound of the hot air moving in and out of your lungs?”

Throwing back his head, he laughed brightly and deeply, straight from the belly. When he calmed down a little, he replied, “You can call me Jaimy, because that’s my name.”

Giving her a quick, hard look, he continued in a lower voice, pausing deliberately along the way: “But if you want, I can help you to get to know me with every … single … sense in your body.”

They paused for a moment, looking at each other without speaking. The silence was only filled for Karla by the steady thumping of her heart.

Still, she struggled with herself. Is this guy for real? He might just give that line to all the girls. Then again, he was trying to hide his cover, so he wasn’t trying to seduce me. I’m the one who started it. And if he is for real… She felt her heart thump again. I don’t know whether to roll my eyes … or throw him down and fuck him right here and now.

“I’m Karla,” she eventually replied. She tapped her finger on her lips. “Every sense, huh?”

Finally, she flashed him a smile. “I think I’d like that. How about I give you my number in case you want to tell me more about your….” she gestured at the book, “super-sensual romance stories.”

When she looked back into his eyes, she imagined that she saw candle flames dancing in their reflection.

* * *

Coming back to the present, Karla felt a fingernail sliding up her naked calf to stroke the sensitive skin behind her left knee. Her eyes flickered open, catching flashes of light thrown by little flames bouncing off the walls. At the sharp intake of her breath through her nose, she took in a subtle scent of incense, something rich and tangy.

All the anticipation flooded into pleasure at that touch. It was like each stroke was pushing satisfaction up her veins. It was like a drug. Karla felt her teeth squeezing tight against her bottom lip.

More fingertips glided across her body. Slowly, gently spreading trails of oil along the way. The harsher scrapes of fingernails made her shake, before they faded into soft strokes of palms, strong fingers, and smooth fingertips. Karla sighed as her body writhed slowly, relaxing its way into the sensation.

The strokes increased imperceptibly in pace. Karla ground herself against the bed, panting harder as a warm feeling began building up from her toes towards the inside of her thighs.

* * *

By the second glass of wine Karla was starting to lean against Jaimy’s body as she giggled uncontrollably. He just felt so warm, and she couldn’t help putting her hand around his arm to feel his muscles. He moved against her as his body shook with his deep belly laugh.

She looked up at him with eyes gleaming, drinking in the sight of the curve of his jaw, the stubble on his cheeks, the way he unconsciously chewed on his lip when he looked at her…

She barely remembered that she had been unreasonably nervous to meet Jaimy for their drink out. It had been a few days since they first met, and this was the earliest escort çankaya time they could get together in person. Ever since they left the coffee shop they had been texting back and forth, sharing book recommendations, making jokes, and dancing around some very obvious physical desire.

Now it was time for a full-on date. Before she met him her stomach kept twisting into knots. Her heart was permanently lodged into her throat.

Come one, Karla, you’re a grown woman, she had chided herself, this isn’t one of your romance novels. It’s just a drink with a cute guy at a local bar.

Still, she had to stop around the corner from the bar, pressing herself against a wall with her eyes closed, hands pressed to her stomach. Every night since they had met she had dreamed of Jaimy’s eyes staring into her, remembering the way his finger ran down his own neck as he talked about sensual stories. She dreamed of those hands gripping her naked body as he slammed into her again and again. She dreamed of crying out his name until her throat was raw with gasps.

Come on woman, get a grip! She firmly told herself. That is just fantasy. This real life.

She took in the cracks in the sidewalk, with cigarettes stuffing up half of the drains. Cars honked at a driver stopped at a green light. Someone texted on her phone while oblivious to her surroundings.

Yes, this is the real world. Now go show your date that you’re a dream come true. She laughed softly to herself, then, taking another deep breath, she plunged into the bar to meet Jaimy.

He was sitting in a booth in the back. When he saw her walk in his face lit up, his eyes taking her in from bottom to top. She was wearing her best little black dress, bare on the shoulders and tight on the hips and breasts. Based on the countless number of men on the way who turned their heads to watch her as she walked by, she must look good.

Feeling his eyes on her, Karla felt her nervousness drain away. I forgot how absolutely handsome he is, she mused to herself. Or maybe that’s just me looking through a romance fantasy lens?

As he walked towards her and took her into his arms in a hug, she stopped caring one way or another. All she knew was that it felt right in his arms.

They walked over to a booth in the back. Immediately their conversation picked up like it had never stopped from the day they met. He would make her giggle like an idiot. She would make him laugh loud enough to have fellow diners down the aisle give them sidelong looks. As the glances got warmer, and the level of the drinks got lower, they started to casually press into each other more and more.

Eventually, Karla rested her head against his shoulder, his arm pressing her against him. As she snuggled into him she murmured, “So, do you have any things you fantasize about?” At the same time, she casually rested her hand on his thigh.

“Mmmm,” he hummed, “what kind of fantasies?

“You know,” she said, blushing a little, running her hand further up his thigh, “trashy romance novel fantasies. The hot and heavy. All those sexy things that make you want to touch yourself.”

He went quiet for a long time. Karla froze with her hand resting on his leg. She struggled to figure out some way to pull back her question, or laugh it off without being too embarrassed.

Instead, Jaimy tightened his grip on her bare shoulder, taking in the scent of her hair.

“Karla, you have no idea,” he said quietly, “I could write a story about all the things that I fantasize about doing with you.”

“Oh yeah?” Karla felt her heartbeat accelerate in an instant. The potential embarrassment roared into arousal.

She unfroze her hand, rubbing it up and down his inner thigh under the table.

“I’d like to hear some of your stories,” she declared, assuming a tone that was as sultry as she could manage, “and you can be … descriptive.”

That last word was hissed out straight into his ear.

Putting her head back on his shoulder, Karla could feel Jaimy’s breath beginning to come faster.

“Well,” he said hesitantly, licking his lips quickly, “I would love to run my fingers over your skin.”

He started gazing out into the distance again.

“All of your naked skin. The skin on the bottom of your feet. The skin up your legs. The skin on every part of your naked, beautiful body, all the way up to your fingertips.”

He laughed quietly. “Which, I must admit, are very distracting right now.”

“Really?” Karla purred, her heartbeat now pounding like a jackhammer. Her fingernails had been working their way up and down his muscled thigh. Her head was swimming.

She quickly pulled herself up, looking over the booth to make sure no one was watching. They were hidden well in the back, away from the long wooden bar and away from the view of other diners. She lay back down on his shoulder, then started scraping her fingernail along the fabric between his legs, feeling a soft bulge underneath. çankaya escort bayan Jaimy grunted softly.

“You like that?” She asked breathily. He nodded, swallowing audibly.

“Okay. If you don’t stop, I won’t,” Karla breathed. “Tell me more.”

Jaimy swallowed again, nodding. “I want to push my lips against yours,” he continued, “feeling your heat, running my tongue along yours.”

Karla started rubbing her finger up the length of the bulge. By now she could feel his shaft becoming harder and harder under her movements.

“I want to take my lips and run them down your neck. I want to run kisses down your body to the curve of your breasts.”

Jaimy gasped as Karla shoved her hand into his pants, grasping his shaft through the thin material of his briefs.

“Go on,” Karla ordered. Her hips were grinding themselves against the seat on their own accord. Wetness slid back and forth between her legs.

“I…” Jaimy licked his lips again, taking a deep breath. “I would… take your round nipples in my lips and suck them hard. I want to run my tongue between your legs and feel the wetness, stroking you until…”

Karla started stroking up and down on his shaft through the silky underwear fabric, rubbing a thumb over the sensitive skin under the top of his head.

“I…” Jaimy tried again, his breath coming in short bursts. “I would circle your clit with my tongue again and again until you can’t help yourself. I …”

Her hand was now as tight around his shaft as was possible through the fabric. She pushed down until her fingers hit his sack, then pumped back up until just below his head. Her hand settled into a slow and steady rhythm. Her clit was swelling in her panties as she ground harder and harder in little circles. Her vision was starting to go black around the edges.

Jaimy closed his eyes and gasped out, “I would curl up my tongue into all the right spots. I would keep going, and hit the right pace, and make you cum again and again. and then I would…”

She pumped faster and faster, slightly squeezing and unsqueezing her hand with each pass.

He groaned again. “Then I would run my hands…” He looked down at her, pleading, “Karla, please… I don’t… if you keep .. I’m… Karla…”

Her hand was pumping in a blur. The fabric was bunching under her fingers. His shaft twitched and throbbed against her palm. Now she could feel a little wet spot on the tip of his shaft.

There was a roaring in her ears. Is that my heartbeat? Karla wondered.

Reluctantly releasing her grip, Karla slowly slid her hand up Jaimy’s shaft and out of his pants. Her panties were starting to get damp with arousal after grinding against the rough seat covering.

She took a shuddering breath, lying back against his chest. He put his arms back around her, leaning back until he was supported by the seat of the booth. They lay against each other for a while. Karla could feel Jaimy’s pulse pounding against her ear as she rested on his chest.

Their panting subsided into heavy breathing, then into calm inhalation and exhalation, moving together to the same beat.

After long moments lying quietly like that. Jaimy leaned over and put his mouth by her ear. She could feel the heat from his breath as he whispered, “I want you. Right now.”

Karla sat up without a word and walked out of the booth. Jaimy looked on in confusion. Karla marched up to the waiter who was serving another customer, tapped him on the shoulder, and said clearly, “Check, please.”

The waiter started to give her an ingratiating smile and opened his mouth, pointing at the current customer he was serving. Karly interrupted him, continuing calmly, “Sir, bring the check if you want to get paid. We are leaving. NOW.”

* * *

Karla’s body glistened under the light of the orange flames. Jaimy’s fingers had run over her toes, her calves, slipped over the curves of her ass without hurry or hesitation, then traced patterns along her back and down her arms. Now his hands pushed harder into her muscles, kneading out tension she hadn’t even realized was there.

The pressure was so firm it was almost uncomfortable at times. Still, it felt so satisfying to feel the tightness easing out of that place in her lower back, just above her ass. It felt good to feel the scrunched-up muscles in her shoulder ease into soft surrender. He even ran his thumbs along the arches of her foot, and between the fingers of her hands, leaving them glowing in sensual relaxation.

At the same time, every touch seemed to inflame her arousal even more. His hands kneaded into her ass and circled the muscles around her hips; she longed for those fingers to slip down lower and up into her slit. His palms pressed into the tension in her shoulders; she wanted them to move down to grasp the fullness of her breasts, just inches away. Even the little sighs of contentment leaving her lungs made her wish that her breath was moaning to the motion of Jaimy’s body.

She noticed the hands had stopped their wonder-working. She heard the bed creak under Jaimy’s weight, and glanced up to see him kneeling next to her. The flickers of the candlelight bounced off of his shirtless torso, sending shadows along the clear cuts and curves of his muscled chest.

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