Maid Service, With A Smile

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I lay back on the bed, with just a towel around my waist. I looked down – not bad, the last ten days in Spain had done wonders for my tan. I pulled the towel to one side, reaching down for my hard cock, stroking my length. I cupped my balls in my other hand, squeezing them gently.

I was alone, as my wife and son had gone off for the day, and wouldn’t be back for another couple of hours. I’d spent most of the day by the pool, enjoying the view – a view that consisted mostly of Georgie, a blonde who’d flown in on the same plane as us. Put simply, she was gorgeous.

I would guess that she around thirty, with golden blonde hair, and a face and figure to die for. She was stunning. She spent most of each day by the pool wearing only a tiny black thong, attracting looks and attention from men and women alike. Her petite body was tanned a deep brown. Her ass was high and firm, her legs long and shapely.

But it was her breasts that always had me gasping. They were large, perched proudly on her slender frame. Her nipples were dark brown, seemed to be permanently erect, and practicably begged me to suck on them.

I’d spent much of the day lying out near to Georgie, and had spent some time chatting to her, all the time aware of body, her sexuality. So, by the time the sun got a bit too hot, and I returned to the room, I was well up for a leisurely wank, thinking about her.

I spent a few minutes on the balcony, with just a towel around my waist, looking down at her, taking in her beauty. My cock rose again, so I slipped back into the room, to the bed.

I lay back on the bed and shut my eyes, a picture of Georgie clear in my mind. I pulled the towel to one side, reaching down for my hard cock, stroking my length. I cupped my balls in my other hand, squeezing them gently. I stroked my hard cock, feeling my length and thickness, feeling the heat of the blood surging into me. My cock felt rigid, and long. I pulled my skin back tight, exposing the bulbous head.

I stroked my length again, imagining what it would be like to be with Georgie, to feel her breasts against me, to taste her nipples in my mouth, her hot, wet cunt around my cock. I slowed down my strokes, eager to make the moment last, to think about her, to fantasise about her, for longer.

I ran my finger around my cock head, smearing my pre cum. I pulled my skin back hard again, feeling my head throbbing. I closed my eyes, moving my hand up and down slowly, holding my skin back at the end of each down stroke before sliding back up along my length again, slowly, sensually. I thought of Georgie kissing me, sucking on me …..

I felt a warm, wet mouth descend on my cock, sucking me in …..

My eyes shot open, and I sat up with a start. All I could see was a mass of black hair, two big brown eyes, and a mischievous grin – if it’s possible to grin with a mouthful of cock. My dream had become reality, except Georgie was Maria, the hotel maid. And this was very, very real.

Maria is a real stunner. About 25, she really is the star looker amongst the many lovely young ladies working in the hotel. Her shiny, black hair tumbles down to her shoulders, and she has the most beautiful face, with large brown eyes, and a wide smiling mouth and moist lips that just ask to be kissed. Her skin is dusky, her breasts large and rounded, and her legs long.

Her uniform always seems to be a size or two too small, so that it clings to her hourglass figure, bulging and curvy in all the right places. I’ve seen her around a lot, and have never noticed a line on her tight uniform from her underwear. Another fantasy figure!

And now those moist lips were wrapped around my cock, that mouth sliding up and down my eight inches of rigid flesh.

As I jumped at the shock of feeling her on me, I automatically pulled away. But Maria’s small hand kept hold of me, holding my cock in her mouth, her eyes never leaving mine. She sucked harder as I calmed down, and lay back to enjoy the exquisite sensations running through me, not really thinking of anything else.

She slipped my cock out of her mouth, and ran her wet tongue down my length, down to my balls and beyond. I pulled my knees up and çankaya escort apart, exposing more. She repeated her movements, but this time more slowly, lingering at certain places, her tongue wet and sensual against me. Her eyes, bright and smiling, were still on mine as she held my cock flat against my belly and popped first one, and then the other, ball into her mouth, sucking on them, rolling them around her mouth, licking them.

Her tongue ran back up my length, my cock slipping back into her mouth. She sucked hard, drawing half of me into her. With one hand she wanked me slowly, complimenting her wet sucking. With her other hand she cupped and caressed my balls, squeezing them gently. Her movements became faster, all in time. Her sucking, her wanking, her squeezing.

This all became too much for me, and all too quickly I started to feel the tension building in my balls, and with a groan I felt my cum rising. Maria speeded up her wet sucking as I thrust my hips up to meet her mouth, driving my cock deeper into her. She adjusted her hand to stop me going any deeper, all the time wanking and sucking. She gave my balls a final squeeze before slipping her hand lower, a finger probing at my ass.

She pushed a finger deep into me, and I cried out. My cum shot into her mouth, her lips clamped around me, her hand back on my balls to massage all the cream out of me. My cock throbbed as I came, her hand gently wanking me between those wet, red lips.

I slipped out of her, and she showed me the cum dribbling out of her mouth. She swallowed, and then crawled up the bed to kiss me. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, bringing the taste of my cum with it. Our tongues swirled together. I reached down for her breasts, pulling the poppers on her uniform apart to get at them.

She rolled onto her back, allowing me better access. Her breasts were delectable – full and firm, her nipples small and dark. I kissed her again as I reached down to undo the remaining poppers. I pushed apart the two sides of her uniform and looked down at her – she was naked underneath, her body tanned a gorgeous dusky brown, without a white mark to be seen.

I cupped a breast in my hand feeling its firmness, its size. Her breasts looked perfectly rounded, her erect nipples slightly conical, slightly tilted upwards. I ran my fingers over her nipple, feeling it twitch and pucker, feeling it become even more erect. I leant over and sucked a perfect nipple into my mouth.

She sighed – a long drawn out sensual sigh. I ran my hand over her flat tummy, past her perfectly formed navel, down to her pussy mound. I stroked her silky black hair. She moaned as my fingertip found her prominent clit, feeling her wetness, her desire. I rubbed her clit gently, all the time sucking on her nipple, on her breast.

Easing my mouth away from her breasts, I move slowly down her body, kissing her, tasting her. I started at her breasts, before nibbling gently along the line of her rib cage. I moved over her belly, kissing her, licking her, poking my tongue into her navel. I kissed my way down to her pussy, kissing all over her pubic mound, but not touching her hot, wet slit.

I moved off the end of the bed to kneel between her legs. Now she moved her knees, exposing more fully the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her black hair was cut short, and ended at the top of her slit, leaving her wetness open to me. Her dark skin deepened to a reddy colour towards her slit, but her clit and inner lips both showed up, very pink and wet.

I planted a soft kiss on her clit, and felt her push up towards me as a moan escaped her lips. I pulled back slightly and turned to kiss the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. I looked at her as I did so, teasing her as she had teased me. I kissed up and down each thigh, soft kisses, before kissing her clit again, this time harder.

I massaged her with my tongue in a slow circular motion, before running my tongue downwards, past her pussy, to her small, puckered hole. I flicked my tongue along the tight little ridges I found there before sliding back up. This time I sucked on her lips, drawing them into my mouth, first one, then escort çankaya the other, and then both together. I felt her squirm under me as I plunged my tongue into her hot, wet pussy, into her body.

I fucked her hard with my tongue, sliding my hands under her firm buttocks and pulling her hard to my mouth. She bucked her hips to meet me, her hands rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Her orgasm hit her quickly, running through her with a violent tremor. She cried out, almost screaming. She grabbed my hair, holding me so tight against her pussy that I could barely breath. She ground herself against me, my tongue still inside her, her juices pouring out of her.

Gradually her grip softened and her body relaxed. I licked and kissed her gently, easing her back to earth. I crawled back up the bed, showering kisses on her as I went, still taken aback at how my planned wank had turned out. We kissed and held each other.

Maria rolled onto her side to face me, reaching down for my cock as she did so. She told me that she had let herself into the room with her pass key to do the cleaning as normal, only to find me on the bed. She had watched me for five minutes before joining in. She told me how big and hard I’d looked, and how she couldn’t resist me. As if I was complaining!!

Talking to Maria like this, running my hands over her soft, smooth skin, over her sexy, young body, feeling her hands on my cock, was having the desired effect. I could feel my cock rising again.

“Mmm,” Maria murmured with a smile, “that feels good.”

I kissed her as she stroked my cock. A long sensual kiss, our tongues rolling around each other. I sucked on her tongue, on her lower lip, as our passion built again. I dipped my head and drew her nipple, her breast, into my mouth. I kissed her mouth again, caressing her breasts and rubbing her ripe nipples.

She moaned and sighed into my mouth, easing me onto my back. Still kissing, she straddled me, the ridge of my hard cock pushing up against the hot wetness of her pussy. She pushed her mouth hard onto mine, her breasts hard against my chest, her pussy hard against my cock. She rubbed the length of her body against mine, heightening our pleasure, our desire.

She pushed herself up, raising her hips so that my cock head nestled against the slippery entrance to her wet body. I moved slightly, but she stopped me, letting me know that she wanted to be in control. I reached for her breasts, cupping them in my hands, rubbing and teasing her nipples as she rubbed her clit along the ridge of my cock.

Then she shifted her position again, letting my cock head slip inside her. Her pussy felt incredible – hot and wet, tight and soft, totally desirable. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast, to take her. Sensing this, Maria shook her head, looking into my eyes.

“Soon,” she whispered.

She eased herself up and almost off my cock, before sliding down again, peeling my foreskin back, wanking me, with her tight pussy. Gradually she took me deeper into her, squeezing me. Then she stopped, savouring the sensations of my cock being buried in her, my balls against her bum, our pubic hair joined as one.

+ She started to move again, sliding up and down my cock, bouncing on me. Gradually her movements became more urgent, more erratic, more demanding, as her need overtook her.

“Now,” she cried out.

I thrust into her hard, driving my cock as deep into her as I could time and time again, meeting the downward movement of her hips. She began to pant, her eyes glistening, her mouth loose with desire. I fucked into her as she drove her cunt down hard to meet me. With a scream she came again, her orgasm seeming to tear through her, a flush rising across her body.

She threw herself on top of me, kissing me to stifle her cries, her pussy pressed down hard against me, my rock hard cock still inside her. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed around me, the heat of her body part of me.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, sitting up again, ” Cum in me.”

I dragged her uniform off her shoulders. Shrugging out of it, she showed me her totally naked body for the first time. I pulled çankaya escort bayan her to me, kissing her, before rolling her away from me, and onto her front. I gazed down at her gorgeous ass for the first time.

She lay on the bed, knowing what I wanted, and wanting the same. I knelt behind her, my wet, hard cock rearing up in front of me. I lay on top of her, sliding my cock between her wet thighs and back inside her pussy. She arched her back as I fucked her, her pussy still incredibly tight around me despite the juices pouring from her with every thrust.

I reached down and caressed her ass, pulling her cheeks slightly apart to expose her puckered little hole. The juices from her pussy had already run between her cheeks. She looked so wet and inviting. Slowing my movements, I pushed a finger into her ass, fucking her gently. She pushed her head into the pillow, stifling her moans as they got louder.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and rested it against her other hole. My cock seemed huge against her tiny rear entrance. I pushed down as she pushed her bum back to meet me, my hand guiding me in. I pushed harder, and suddenly her body gave way and took hold of me, sucking me in. Half my length slid into her velvety hot ass.

She cried out again as I pushed deeper, before pulling out, before thrusting back in, fucking her sweet ass harder and harder. Her cries filled the room. We no longer cared, carried away with our sheer lust, our need. I drove into time and time again, driving her down onto the bed. She pushed her ass up to meet me, her hand sliding down to her cunt, to her clit.

I felt her fingers inside her, rubbing along my cock as I fucked her ass. This drove me over the edge again, and I came. A great gush of spunk powered out of me, deep into her ass. My cock seemed to swell up, and then erupt, over and over again, as my cum filled her. Her bum was still bobbing up and down to meet me as her own orgasm thundered through her.

With a gasp I rolled off her, pulling her to me, both of us totally spent. Maria cuddled up to me, a broad smile on her beautiful face.

“I wanted you the moment I saw you,” she confessed, in her lovely Spanish accent, ” and today I have you.”

She went on to tell me that she had never done this before. I have no idea if it was true, but it made me feel good!

All to soon she kissed me and stood up. She dressed quickly, doing up her uniform, and straightening her tangled hair the best she could with her fingers. I went to kiss her again, but this time she avoided me, starting to quickly tidy around the room. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and went out onto the balcony.

She finished in minutes, and I went back into the room. We seemed awkward together, not quite believing what had happened, not wanting it to end, but knowing it had to. She moved towards the door to leave, but I reached our and held her by the shoulders. She stopped and turned, reaching up to kiss me softly on the lips. She started to move away again, but I pulled her to me, not wanting this so end.

My cock stirred, and I reached for her poppers. I yanked the sides of her uniform apart, reaching for her breasts as she reached for my cock. I pushed her back against the wall, desperate for her. Her body was still flushed from our earlier sex. I held her to me, and she reached down and guided me between her wet thighs, and into her. Her hot, wet pussy enveloped me, sucking me into her.

I drove deep into her as she hooked one leg over my hip, opening herself to me. She clung onto me, her breasts pressing into me, her lips on mine, her tongue fucking my mouth. We fucked frantically, knowing that time was short, driven on by our need.

As she came she cried out in Spanish, biting my shoulder to stifle her screams. I pumped into her, prolonging her ecstasy and agony, and building mine. When I came, she squeezed her pussy tight around me, milking my cock for every jet of cum I could pump into her. We sagged against each other, breathing heavily.

We knew our time was up. I helped her do her uniform up again. I could see her juices and my cream leaking onto her thighs. She smiled and kissed me. She whispered something in Spanish, and was gone.

Five minutes later my wife was back. Glancing around the room she commented

“I see the maid came today,” before adding, “I’ve just seen that Maria down the hall, and goodness knows what she’s been up to.”

I smiled to myself knowingly!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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