Madison’s Party

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Madison and I had been friends since freshman year. As time went on we saw less and less of each other but still made the effort to hang out periodically. Presently, in our final semester, we tried to make a point of meeting more often. I was never interested in Madison. It was not that she was unattractive, she had a slim body with perky breasts and a pretty face. I was simply more interested in other girls. But now something was beginning to change. When we chatted and texted, she became more flirty. The look in her eyes when she flashed me her wicked smiles would drive me wild. After a few drinks she would want to cuddle up close and sometimes even give me pecks on the cheek.

As our relationship’s sexual charge grew stronger, I made the effort to meet up with her more often. One night she invited me to a party at her house, I was sure we would finally escalate into sex. I worked out extra hard the week leading up to it and made sure to dress well with my best cologne. It had been months since I broke up with my previous girlfriend and there were no one night stands in between. By this time Madison was a recurring character in my fantasies. I thought about the feel of her skin against my hands, her warmth. I wanted to feel her body against mine, not to mention my lips against hers.

When I arrived at her place, fashionably late to avoid seeming eager, her roommate Rebecca answered the door. She was also quite fetching. Tall, with long smooth legs, large firm breasts and long black hair. The dress she was wearing flattered her curves well. She was pleasant as always and welcomed me in. Meanwhile, Madison was laughing way with a group of friends on the other end of the room. On seeing me, she came over to offer a big hug and planted a kiss on my cheek. “Oh my God! I’m so happy to see you!” I smiled, taking in her hot body. Her red dress clung to her petite body revealing quite a bit of her soft, smooth skin. I could’ve taken her bahis firmaları right then.

She proceeded to introduce me to the guests I had not met before. I did my best to hide the fact that I could not care less about them. I made the obligatory chit-chat as Madison continued to work the room. For the rest of the night we barely spoke. There were some attractive girls there who served as light eye-candy, but I was mainly focused on Madison. Two hours lingered by. Some guests left, but there was still a substantial number of people. At this point I realised Madison had given me little to no attention. I began to feel disappointed.

“I see the way you look at her,” a voice whispered in my ear. It was Rebecca. I felt her words against my ear and I could feel her warmth against me. “What?” I pretended to be confused. She just laughed. I felt a bit nervous. Was she making fun of me? She changed the subject but continued to stay very close. As the night progressed, we both ended up chatting until all the guests left. Finally it was just Madison, Rebecca and myself. Madison let out a sigh and said she was tired, following which she gave me a big hug and thanked me for coming. Then she went to bed. I was a bit confused and felt mixed feelings. What I thought was the point of my visit just went out the window, but I did enjoy Rebecca’s company.

When Madison left. Rebecca got up and headed to the kitchen. “I guess I’ll see you next time,” I stood up from the couch and said to her.

“Don’t be silly, stay a while! Keep me company!”

“Aren’t you tired?” I asked.

“Nope. And I can tell you aren’t,” she jested.

Rebecca then came back with two shots. “Here’s to a fun night,” she said as she extended on shot toward me. We both drank it down and she took my glass back to the kitchen. What she did next changed the course of the evening totally.

Rebecca came back, put some music on and started dancing sensuously kaçak iddaa in front of me. Facing her back to me, she gave me a great view of her perfect ass. She slowly backed in toward me and before long, her performance became a lap-dance.

Instinctively, I held her waist. Her body felt great against mine. I wanted nothing more than to rip her dress off and fuck her right there. But that would come in good time.

The lap-dance continued. She clearly enjoyed teasing me, turning me on, making me want her. After a while she turned so that we were face to face, and shifted her legs to straddle me. Presently, we began kissing. Her lips were smooth and soft. I could taste her mixed berry lip-gloss. Her arms were around my neck mine were in her hair. Our tongues met and swirled around each other. Her breathing quickened. She grabbed me tighter. Rebecca started to bite and suck my lips with added vigour. When the biting had run its course she gently pulled away then put her lips to my ears and whispered, “Fuck me.”

I turned and pushed her onto the couch, peeled off her dress and pinned her arms behind her head. Lowering myself onto her, I savoured her scent. I began to bite and suck here neck. The following day we would see the result of this in hickies. Rebecca began to moan. My hands released hers and went on to explore her body. Then her bra came off. Perfect breasts. Like a Greek Goddess. My guess was 36C. These were quite the handful. Her nipples grew harder with my touch. I had to taste them. She moaned louder as I gently bit them. My hands went down to her thighs. She responded with gyrations. I felt the front of her panties. They were now wet, soaked almost. She then put her legs together to incite me to take them off. I obeyed. I could smell her juices. I had to taste her. Before long my head was buried between her legs. At first I teased. Kissing her inner thighs, working my way up then coming back down.

Increasingly kaçak bahis closer to her pussy. Her breathing got even faster and her moans louder. Finally I relieved her, putting my tongue into her warm, wet pussy. Swirling around. I sucked on her pussy lips. Taking my time, enjoying the feel of it. I could tell Rebecca was also enjoying this.

I shifted my attention to her clit. Licking around it. Making circles of different sizes. Playing with different speeds. My hands wandered to her breasts, caressing them lightly. Brushing my fingers against her nipples. I started pinching them, as I encircled her clit with my tongue. Presently Rebecca began grinding her pussy into my face and the moans increased in intensity. I wanted to make her cum. I continued to enjoy the feel of her hard clit against my tongue. It wasn’t long before she started bucking. I pinched her nipples harder as her orgasm intensified. Then, suddenly, it was over. Rebecca pulled me up and held me close as she caught her breath. Although we didn’t know each other very well, I have to admit, I did enjoy this.

We continued kissing. Then she began taking my clothes off. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt, then loosened my belt. Soon enough, we were both naked in the living room on their couch. Rebecca climbed out from under me and put me to lie down. She moved on top of me lowering her hot, soaking pussy onto me. When she finally came all the way down, she let out an, “Oh fuck, yes.” To my surprise she began to ride me. I thought she was all spent by now but clearly she was just getting started. I held her waist firmly and took in the sight of her perfect breasts bouncing as her head was tilted back with her mouth wide open.

I could feel her pussy tightening. I was close. My hands returned to her breasts and I again pinched her hard nipples. Her pace changed as she again bucked against me. We came together.

Rebecca collapsed on top of me. Her face in my chest. I held her close. After we recovered we headed to her room. That night we alternated between naps and more sex. Although I never hooked up with Madison, the evening was the start of something much better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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