Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 03

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Ch. 3: Jason

“Oh fuck!” I moaned.

I was pounding the life out of Maryann’s mouth. She had the best tits I had ever seen. After she agreed to show me them after very little convincing, I whipped my cock out and asked her to suck it. She refused at first but I wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

“Let me fuck those big tits then” I said. That got her down on her knees. She cupped her boobs in her hands and I guided my cock into that delicate space between her breasts. She had the tastiest dark nipples. Her large, plump ass would make any man weak. She had the sexiest hour glass figure and her soft, brown skin was heaven.

I began to slide up and down between her thick tittys. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and smiled. She knew I wanted her to taste my cock. She just wanted to make me beg. I paused when the head of my dick appeared above the curves of her delicious boobs. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and flicked it around my head.

I let out a grunt and forced my cock passed her lips into her mouth. She tried to back up but I just inched closer. I pressed the back of her head down until I felt my balls on her chin. She grabbed my hand and I let her go.

“Jason!” She yelled. But I knew she liked it. I looked at her with pleading eyes and she began to pump her fist up and down my shaft. I wanted to feel her wet mouth so badly, I pleaded,

“Please baby. I love when you suck me. It’s so sexy!” She gathered her long honey blonde hair into a ponytail. She opened her mouth and I placed my dick inside. Her tongue was so warm and soft. She made swirls with her tongue and left a trail of saliva from the head of my cock all the way to my balls. Once the moistness from her mouth on my cock met the air, it sent a cool chill crawling up my spine.

I felt my orgasm bubbling in the pit of my sack and involuntarily thrust my hips into her face, forcing my rock hard cock deeper into the pit of her throat. Gagging, she closed her eyes and tried her hardest to fit the length of me into her mouth. I sped up as my orgasm crept from the pit of my core. I could feel the warm liquid fill my pipe. I unleashed all my juices onto her face without warning.

To my surprise, she began to wipe her cum coated face and sucked her fingers dry. I guess Brent, my best friend was right. All women had an inner erotic nature that they escort ataşehir hid away from society. She stood up and walked to the bathroom that joined the dorm room next to mine. I heard the faucet turn on as I pulled my pants back up.

“I have to get to class” She said and she brought her face up to mine by raising up on her toes to give me a kiss. I could still smell my scent on her breath. She turned to leave the room and I watched her hips alternate up and down as she left. I had a few hours to kill before my shift in the student computer lab.

I took that job because I needed something to occupy my time. Being with all the beautiful girls on campus who had the hots for a jock like me was entertaining for awhile. But truthfully I wanted more. I enjoyed the casual sex but that was all it was. A quick release. I hadn’t been fortunate enough to find a girl that could hold my attention long enough for me to be interested in anything other than what was beneath her clothes.

Maryann had come close. She was the symbol of a black goddess. She was confident, funny and intelligent. She wore her clothes too tight and kept up her appearance. She was very superficial though. Only fucked me so she could brag to her friends about how she rode my steel, black cock. I gave it to her whenever she wanted it though. She had the tightest pussy I ever had.

After my injury, I finished up my classes and graduated with the rest of my class. I had an apartment off campus during my senior year and found a job not too far away. I hung out with Brent almost everyday after work and normally on the weekends. He was quite a character but I loved him for it. He always had my back and I always had his.


I saw a woman standing all alone at the bar inside of a nightclub that Brent and I frequently visited. There was something about her that caused a rumble in my loins and I had to have her. After we danced and had a few drinks, I invited her back to my place. Brent was sweet on her but I didn’t mind.

Once we arrived at my apartment, we took turns with her. We seemed to naturally connect on another level. The level of arousal was through the roof. Brent worked her mouth first while I went to town her sweet smelling pussy. She had the hottest and wettest pussy I’d ever eaten. When I entered her, I discovered she had the tightest pussy kadıköy escort I had ever fucked too.

I felt her muscles tightening around my thick meat. I bounced her up and down while I was inside her. Her juices trickled down my hard shaft onto my soon to be empty balls. I stretched her hot cunt until I dumped a load inside her; a first for me.

Giselle had me doing things in a matter of hours that I had never done in my whole life. She had an exotic appearance. Her eyes were a deep green with specks of brown. Her body captivated me and yearned to be covered in my kisses. I was impressed by the way she handled herself. She maintained her composure and let her desires control her every move. I liked her. I wanted her. I had to make her mine.

When she came sauntering out of my bedroom the next morning in my t-shirt, a smile crept onto my face. She smiled back and kissed me. Her lips were so full and soft. She embraced me and raised herself onto the counter.

“I’m making egg white omelets.” I said. I continued dicing the fresh vegetables my mother always gave me from her garden. She had taught me everything there was to know about the kitchen. Knowing how to cook impressed women and I wanted to impress Giselle.

“So you can cook?” She asked. Her face was angelic but I knew that there was a sex demon hidden behind that soft, innocent smile. Her nipples were piercing my t-shirt and I couldn’t help wanting to feel those black pearls in my mouth again.

“He sure can, better than you I bet.” Brent interjected. He came stumbling out of my bedroom too. We all passed out in my bed the night before or should I say earlier that morning, after we thrashed Giselle.

“Too bad you never had my cooking to make such a statement.” Giselle said in her own defense. We all laughed. Giselle told us about herself. She was from the nearby town and worked at a local dry cleaning store. She lived alone and had no children. Brent and I filled her in on our daily routine. Go to work, come home, have a cold beer and kick back a few nights a week at a local bar to play pool or watch sports.

Giselle said she loved sports and couldn’t wait for the upcoming football season to begin. She was beginning to appear like she could be the total package. Funny, independent and incredibly sexy. She could tell I was longing for her again and winked at maltepe escort bayan me. Her smile melted my tough exterior.

“I have to go. Jase I will catch up with you later, bro.” Brent said, “And you-” He turned to look at Giselle, “I hope to see you again real soon.” Brent and Giselle exchanged numbers and she took my number as well.

“Are you leaving too?” I said nervously. She shook her head no. My heart rate slowed a little. I couldn’t let her leave before sliding my dick in her again. I had to feel that tight, wet pussy around my dick once more.

We ate and got better acquainted. She helped me with the dishes and then we disappeared into my room. She took off my t-shirt that she was wearing and her boobs bounced out. She was so beautiful. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I yanked off my boxers and I could feel the heat emanating from her juicy cunt. I inserted a finger and her pussy contracted around it. I slipped in a second finger and she closed her eyes while biting her bottom lip.

She began gyrating on my lodged fingers and I felt her juices oozing from her slit. I took my fingers out and licked both of them carefully. I lowered her over the bed and laid her back gently on the bed and put my cock at her entrance. She scooted down until my head penetrated her. I lifted my torso and slipped into her and she let out a gasp. I couldn’t entirely fit and I knew I would have to stretch her tight pussy again.

I pumped into her and closed my eyes and I felt her juicy snatch getting hotter. She arched her back and I placed my hand on her hip, gripping her waist. I began bucking into her like a mad man and her eyes widened again. She started moaning and put a hand on my washboard abs. I could tell I was going too fast and she needed me to stop to ease the pummeling her pussy was taking.

But I couldn’t stop. I wanted to quickly get as deep as I could. She screamed as I continued to rip her insides. Her pussy started contracting and her body began shaking once I finally got all of me inside of her. She fiercely came and continued to grind her hips into me, begging for my release. I looked down at her; her pillow sack tits were flopping all over and her tongue was pushing at the corners of her mouth. I think she wanted a cock in there.

I started to buck uncontrollably and lost sight of who I was, where I was and what I was doing. My orgasm took over and I splashed the insides of her body with my hot, salty semen. I collapsed on top of her and felt my hard pole begin to soften inside her cum filled cunt. What has this girl done to me, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

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