Lowlife Chronicles Pt. 01

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The first day I arrived in Los Angeles was one of the worst in my life. I stepped off of the plane sweating an entire night of booze and cocaine in the spiteful California heat aging and alone again.

I stumbled into the terminal to find my luggage but more importantly a bar. The former was right there but the latter was a few blocks down. I was too much of a sight for the cabby’s to pick up with my north eastern pallor and whiskey crazed eyes so I walked for what seemed like miles to the “Third Time Lucky” lounge.

It was a dive bar like all the others I had been to but Los Angeles had bad air the stink of a million destroyed dreams made everything a little more depressing.

I swilled my scotch and water and ordered another before I found a table near the back. Halfway through my 11 A.M drunk a fat older woman who introduced herself as Maud say down at my table and asked if I wanted any company.

She was a wide 5’4 shapeless and crowding 60 but in the neon light of the bar she looked like one of the dead but it had been weeks since I had touched a woman so I laid the 10 on the table and was escorted around back.

She was wearing a loose blue dress over what forty years ago would have been a dynamite figure but her tits had long since sagged and her ass had almost disappeared.

She took me behind the dumpster along the street and in an instant she was on the ground tugging at my belt and pulling down my shorts. Her mouth enveloped my cock bobbing wildly like some sort of crazed animal. One of her hands was gripping my balls to the point of almost agony bahis firmaları while the other was hidden between her flabby white thighs.

I could feel myself about to cum into her suction pump mouth and I told her what to expect but with a crushing squeeze on my balls she stopped me and stood up. “You aren’t the only one getting off here.”

She turned and bent over showing me the enormous white ass and cunt three or four days unshaved. I didn’t know what to do so I stepped forward grabbed onto her hips and slide my cock into what I imagined was 100 other loads of cum.

I was on the tips of my toes spreading her ass for a good shot into her. Her pussy was wet and she took me well pushing her hips and buttocks back against me with every thrust until the slapping of a good hard fuck was the only sound around.

Within about ten minutes she began grunting and slamming her ass back into me with enough force that I was almost knocked to the ground but I held on and quickened my pace pulling back until only my head was inside of her and pushing all nine inches straight into her. Her cunt tightened around me in the throws of her maddening orgasm until I couldn’t take anymore and exploded inside of her with both hands gripping her ass.

My now soft cock slipped out covered in both of our juices. But Maud was ravenous she took it in her hand and started pumping furiously with both of my balls in her mouth. Within a few seconds I was hard again and she took it back into her mouth sucking harder this time. She looked helpless her little pig eyes met mine and I knew she kaçak iddaa was as alone as I was. The world had let her down the same as me, she had dreams, she wanted bigger things but here she was rolling her tongue around the head of a strangers cock in an alley for the price of a few drinks and a cab home.

Here I was in a strange city behind a dumpster with an ancient whore giving me the works. I started thrusting into her mouth forcing her to accept me down into her throat until I could feel the hairs on her chin against my balls and for a second time I was about to climax. This one came out easier she sucked it down and finely stood back, wiped her mouth and was gone.

Sitting at the bar that night I wondered if this was the end 29, drunk, and finally beaten by the game. I knew I didn’t have a bed for the night or even a floor to sleep on so I went looking for a lady who might take me for the night. I paid for my drinks and tried to find a better bar.

The Island Escape was worse, a Hawaiian themed juke joint full of beaten Hispanic day laborers on the poor end of town. There at a table alone was a young fat native Mexican girl of about 30 so I decided to put my best moves on and try to find a place to sleep.

She spoke softly and thanked me for the drink I bought her, her name was Anjelah and she agreed to take me home. On the walk to the bus station I noticed the shape of her ass in the black skirt she was wearing it was round and wide and I could feel my cock begin to stir. She had a pleasant face framed by her long black hair and a mother’s tits.

We kissed kaçak bahis wildly on the bus not caring if the driver saw. I had worked her panties to one side and was three fingers into her drenched pussy by the time we got to her house. She paid the fare and we walked to her door. I was behind her as she worked the lock but before she could open the door I had her skirt pulled over her large ass and was working my cock into it. She lay with her chest against the door as I slide the head of my dick up and down between her ass. I tried in for her asshole but she stopped me and led me inside.

We collapsed on the floor with my face in her pussy and her hands in my hair the bush of hair between her legs didn’t stop me I found her clit and began sucking it hard tasting the juices that began trickling down her ass onto the floor until she begged for me to fuck her. I moved us over to a spot in front of a floor length mirror and got underneath of her spreading her ass wide before of the mirror as I slammed into her pussy.

I was full of whiskey so I decided to take a chance. I was on my knees she on all fours and again I spread her ass but I pulled out of her pussy and started pushing my cock now slick with her juices into her asshole. She didn’t protest so I came in harder working past the tightest part with short angry thrusts she arched her back to assist me and finally it went in.

It was the tightest thing I have ever seen each stroke was only a few centimeters so as not to hurt her but I was throbbing inside of her. I picked up speed until I was fucking her ass with some real force. I couldn’t help but watch my cock disappear into her as my balls started to spasm and a thick jet of cum shot deep into her ass. We fell asleep that night naked in her bed tangled together drunk and searching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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