Loosening Up Bk. 06 Ch. 31-34

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Chapter 31 — Independence Day

Dave looked next to him as he stood on the patio at the Meadows and from a few feet away got a highly contented smile from Joyce. She was wearing both parts of her patriotic bathing suit with both bra and bottom sporting a bold pattern of blue stars and red and white stripes. She was also wearing her jeweled flip-flops and had obviously had a pedicure because he thought her toes looked sexy with the red polish that matched her suit. He noticed she was wearing a gold anklet and a toe ring. They were waiting with all of the others from the Circle and Mark’s group of friends and family for an interlude of dancing before fireworks would start when the night sky got much darker.

What made Joyce’s presence particularly noteworthy were two things. That she was there at all had been an issue that she’d wrestled with, deciding again to come to the event at the last minute. Dave guessed that she’d decided that even if she had sex with somebody or somebodies, she wouldn’t backslide to where her ex-husband had taken her — a decadent and slutty lifestyle with near total submission to his outrageous and unarguable demands. His dominance had led her to the edge of life, and thankfully she’d run away from that edge.

Also noteworthy was that she was standing surrounded by the loving arms of Andy Martin who occasionally nuzzled into her neck with some kisses. Joyce had taken both his hands and placed them on her bra-clad breasts in an obvious invitation for what she hoped would happen later in the evening. Andy looked happy and devoted to the pretty woman who had been Dave and Alice’s classmate in high school. He was slowly grinding his hips into her backside just as she pushed back against him. Dave could see her contented smile.

Andy was Mark Worthington’s Number Two man at Worthington Industries. He really ran the whole operation with the help of a carefully groomed executive team. He was married to the sexy Margo who was elsewhere on the patio, last seen making out with Wolf. While Dave reported directly to Mark as he headed EneRG and the battery project, he tried to keep Andy in the loop because of the many linkages to other WI divisions, some of whom made consumer products Dave and JR wanted to ‘electrify’ with their innovative batteries.

There were a number of other pairings between the two groups. Nearly everyone from both groups had shown up: the Circle and Mark’s extended family and friends. Over a hundred-fifty people were milling around. Some rock music started playing over the speakers adding to the din of conversations. A few people started to dance.

Dave had been totally surprised when a small band set up on one part of the patio. He hadn’t expected live music. They’d started to play around with some of music as they tuned up and got aligned on the music. Dave then had heard a few riffs from the song Texas Dawn that Ashley had as her first platinum record. He thought nothing further, since the song was the Number One hit in the Nation for weeks before it had started to be pushed up the charts by other songs.

Seconds, later the band did a crescendo of Texas Dawn with the sound then blasting out over the crowd, and then a young woman in a very sexy sequined western outfit jumped up on one of the picnic tables on the patio, a spotlight from across the pool lit her up, and Ashley shouted ‘Hello Circle. Hello Meadows.’ into her microphone and then launched into an extended version of the song.

Everybody cheered. This was totally unexpected, at least by Dave. He glanced around and saw Alice, Ann, and Elsa standing together obviously gloating that they had pulled off having the country music star return home and make an appearance for the combined group without any leaks.

Ashley sang for an hour, seguing from one song to the next, and not even taking time to acknowledge the cheers and applause from the adoring group that clustered around her table.

Ashley did some sexy songs including an old song my Andrea True entitled More, More, More; How Do You Like Your Love. True had been a porn star before making the recording that became a big hit. Ashley did the song proud, and her bump and grind to the song was fabulous and brought the house down with applause and laughter at her erotic antics. Ashley’s costume got briefer and briefer during the song much to everyone’s delight, but she stopped short of nudity. Ash had seriously learned how to shake all the right parts on stage.

After her short concert ended a few minutes before nine p.m., Ashley sought out Dave and threw herself into his arms and smothered him in kisses. They promised to get together later. Ash also planned to be around the Circle until Wednesday, so she’d have time to be with her friends before she had to reenter her life as a hot and in-demand singer.

Ashley ran off to bid her band members goodbye as they left the party. She’d obviously not invited them to the more erotic side of things that would start after the fireworks. Dave did note bostancı escort that she held onto an older man and wouldn’t let him leave; there was some intimacy there from their interaction. He figured he’d find out more about what appeared to be a romantic interest there either later at the party or the next day or so.

As the first rocket soared into the midnight blue sky and burst into a huge ball of sparkles, the crowd all vocalized a noisy ‘Ahhhhh’ sound at once. Most of the patio lights instantly dimmed, too; allowing the remaining fireworks to appear more brilliant.

Occasionally, there was some great combination of rockets, explosions in the night sky, and colors so that the group not only made vocal sounds of approval, but also broke into cheers and applause.

The fireworks show went on for twenty minutes, and then there was a huge ground display with Roman candles and other incendiary devices lighting up red, white, and blue as hundreds of firecrackers boomed into the night sky. The air smelled of cordite.

When the last of the display had finished, a different set of lights came on around the patio, providing a more muted setting. The recorded music also shifted to some more mellow popular tunes that invited slow dancing rather than the jazzier numbers that had been the hallmark of Ashley Steerman’s concert and the music playing during the cookout.

Dave had cuddled with Alice Grace and KC during dinner and the fireworks. Alice Grace was an interior decorator, and had been responsible for the interior designs of both the Meadows home and the Worthington living quarters in their city condominium. KC was a highly sought after artist with a knack of putting paint to canvas in a way that made her large paintings in high demand. As far as Dave could tell the minimum price for one of her works was around fifteen thousand dollars.

Dave had perfected a technique to dance with two women at the same time and have it be romantic and intimate at the same time. He started to dance, and led Alice Grace and KC into the positions where they could be very close to each other. The kisses between them started and helped elevate their libidos and desire for one another.

The women in Mark’s extended family were as inclined to play together sexually and romantically as the women in the Circle. Dave thought this fortuitous because both groups were biased in their numbers towards a slight over-population of women.

Both KC and Alice Grace were wearing bikinis. Both bathing suits were in a category Dave often referred to as ‘microscopic’. Each woman was well tanned — all over, and the suits only added an illusion of propriety. What material there was, was thin and nearly transparent. Consequently, each woman’s areolas showed through the thin mesh, and the small tuft of pubic hair that Alice Grace had retained was also visible. KC was obviously clean-shaven.

Dave wore a t-shirt with an American flag on the front, and dark athletic shorts that could also double as a bathing suit should he decide to swim in the large pool. While his suit hid a lot more skin, it couldn’t hide the rising bulge the two women were inspiring in his crotch as they danced and ran their hands all over each other.

Dave took in the scene around him, noting some of the pairings. Again, the groups had integrated well. Most of the dancers were kissing. Most of the dancers also had wandering hands that were feeling breasts, slits, and lumps, depending on the sex of their dance partner. The actual dancing and swaying to the music seemed incidental to the opening gambits of foreplay.

Dave had come to prefer his partners take the lead about the location, start, timing, and content of his sexual liaisons, especially with new partners. Dave hadn’t been with Alice Grace or KC previously, but he had met them many times before. He opted to let them take the initiative, and soon they did.

KC eventually said, “Will you come inside with us — to one of the guest rooms. I think we need to take this up a notch.”

Dave smiled and shared a kiss with her. KC took Alice Grace’s hand and walked ahead. Over her shoulder she said, “It’s too hot and humid out here to make love without getting really sweaty and worked up. I’m a girl that likes air conditioned comfort.” She grinned at her companions.

As the two women walked in front of Dave, somehow their bathing suits completely disappeared. Yes, he did see them pause and step away from the scraps of material. When they finally reached one of the guest rooms on the second floor of the mansion, Dave saw them tuck their suits into a drawer of a decorative dresser in the room.

KC explained, “We all don’t have space for our clothes in the main bedroom. Alice Grace and I officially share this bedroom. That’s her closet over there, and the other is mine. The ensuite bath had two sinks, too; so it’s convenient when we’re getting ready for a party or to go to work from here in the Meadows. Other than that, we usually ümraniye escort bayan sleep in the master bedroom with most of the others.”

Alice Grace slid in front of Dave and immediately peeled his t-shirt up his body and over his head. She tossed the shirt onto the nearby dresser. She hooked the fingers of each hand into his shorts and slowly lowered them down his legs as she knelt in front of him.

As Dave’s shorts were removed his rising cock popped up slapping Alice’s gorgeous face. She giggled and took hold of the shaft. Dave stepped out of his shorts and they joined the t-shirt.

Alice Grace inhaled Dave’s cock adding some sound effects of happy slurping as she got into the sex act. KC melted into Dave’s upper body, initially rubbing her erect nipples against his chest before engaging in really hot kisses with the man she’d chosen earlier.

About five minutes later, the two women changed positions. Alice Grace rose to begin her kisses with Dave as they stood beside the bed, and KC kneeling and sucking down every millimeter of his cock as she deep-throated him.

Alice Grace watched KC for a minute. “I can’t do that. My gag reflex is just too strong. All the women have tried to school me in how to do that, but … well, it just ain’t gonna happen.” She pointed at her throat, and as she did her breasts shook like two mounds of happy Jello during a seismic tremor.

KC rose after a while. She said, “I think it’s time for some serious fucking to start. Elsa told us you were not one of the guys we might call a minuteman. I hope that’s accurate. We have plans for you for at least a couple of hours.” Dave detected a serious note to her voice, especially as she glanced at Alice Grace for validation.

Dave laughed and gave a little push right between KC’s generous breasts. She fell backwards with a squeal right onto the bed. Before she could recover, he had his face between her legs and his tongue starting to make a frontal assault on the erotic territory. KC moaned and put both hands on his head to gently steer him to the right little wrinkly crevasses and holes.

Dave took a short break to speak to Alice Grace. “Why don’t you kneel over her face and let her eat your pussy? I’m guessing this would be a good thing to do and not a first for the two of you.”

Alice Grace looked pleased that he’d invited the interaction, and she sprung up on the bed and positioned herself over her roommate. Dave verified that this wasn’t their first rodeo together.

Dave shifted emphasis after a few minutes paying almost dedicated attention to KC’s body. He rose and kissed Alice Grace despite the fact that his face was covered in the sexual emissions and aroma from KC’s pussy. Alice Grace seemed to like the additions, even using her tongue to lap up some of the juices.

He pulled Alice Grace into position beside KC, and then dove headfirst into her pussy with his face and tongue. She’d already been primed by KC’s work, so her first orgasm occurred only a couple minutes into his incursion into this new territory.

For her part, KC had kissed Alice Grace and then started to suck and fondle her breasts, bringing both nipples to a white-hot state of excitement as she toyed with them.

KC whispered to Dave, “Stop messing around. I think you’re still hard as a rock and ready. Please start doing her. Fuck her.”

Dave pecked at KC’s lips and said, “I’ll gladly start to make love to her.” He rose and massaged his cock a few times to be sure he was ready to perform. He got up on the bed and aligned himself with Alice Grace’s lithe body.

“Alice Grace, you are very lovable,” he whispered to her as their eyes met. During that brief sentence, he slid slowly into her creating a long, low growl followed by a hiss by his sexy partner. He wasn’t much better as he gasped at the velvet feel of her sheath.

Dave reached out and pulled KC to his body so they could kiss. Seconds later KC had mounted Alice Grace’s head and was being eaten royally as she kissed Dave. The threesome continued in this manner for a long time. Occasionally, there were switches in position between the three. Dave made sure to deliver multiple orgasms to each partner, not that they weren’t also capitalizing on the actions of their roommate who also had similar goals.

Eventually, after his second orgasm, the three lay together mostly sated from their lovemaking. He smiled because they were all panting.

“I’m thirsty,” KC announced. “Let’s go back outside and see what’s happening.”

Alice Grace teased her, “You just want to see whether you can find another stud to service you.”

“And you, too. I wouldn’t go alone. Is that all right by you, Dave?”

Dave laughed, “Thrown aside in the name of erotic experience. Yes, it’s fine with me.” He put his left wrist against his forehead as though he were a long-suffering individual. The smile on his lips gave away his true feelings.

The three headed to the patio without getting dressed. Dave surveilled kartal escort the whole area as they came out of the large home — a home the media had called a ‘Mega-Mansion’ when Mark and family had held an open house and invited everybody they could think of including the press.

The large pool had around twenty or thirty people in it, some on floatation devices and others just standing around. No one was energetically doing laps. Many of the couples were kissing or being romantic in some way. Dave noted Joyce and Andy again — both naked and looking sexually sated, and a few feet away saw Nikky and Deke making out.

Dave was suddenly surround by naked female flesh as Cricket threw herself into her ‘husbands’ arms and kissed him. She had a grin a mile wide, “You have the best ideas!”

Dave laughed, “This party was really Ann’s idea. All the rest of us did was agree.”

“I know, but you met Mark and all these nice people and got everything started so we could come up here and be with our new friends.”

“So, you’re having a good time. What have you been doing for the past hour or so since the fireworks ended?”

Cricket giggled. “Getting the stuffing fucked out of me by two new men that LOVE tiny women like me. Deke is now with Nikky in the pool, and Dan was also with me. They did me together. We girls don’t get a chance to be DPed too often, but the two of them were expert at the experience. I had so many orgasms I couldn’t count straight. I’m sure my butt will be sore tomorrow, but it’ll be the good kind of sore.”

Dave pecked at Cricket’s nose. “So, what are you doing now?”

A male voice from behind Dave said, “I’m hoping that Cricket will take kindly to being with me for an hour or so.”

Dave turned and there was a man he hadn’t met before.

The man put his hand out in friendship, “I’m Troy — from Atlanta area. My wife Janet and I just had to come down for this party. The rest of our lives are boring compared to what goes on here.”

“I’m Dave, but I guess you know that.”

“Cricket gave me the three-minute version of who you are as we walked across the patio. Dan and his wife Sandy, who’re off somewhere ghere, are neighbors and lovers. We kind of met Elsa and Cindy at the same time years ago.”

Dave said, “It sounds like there’s a story there.”

Troy smiled, “There is. Dan and I had a meeting in the city and were staying at one of the hotels downtown that also had dancing. We’d gone to the bar to people watch when Elsa, Cindy, Mark, and several others in his clan came in for drinks. I think they’d had dinner there. Since there were so many women and only one guy, Dan and I went and asked Elsa and Cindy to dance. They really caught out eye.

“It turned out that they had been spanked by Mark for doing something kind of dumb in his opinion about catching some stalker. The stalker was the same guy the two of them later shot, and that shot Elsa at the same time, almost killing her. Anyway, the girls initially said no to our dance request, but Mark urged them to accept our offer, so they came to the bar and asked us to dance. We danced, and we ended up in a hot foursome in my hotel room. Of course, we swapped partners back and forth, and had one helluva hot time together almost all night. I’d never had such great sex and loving.

“A few months later, we got invited to one really hot party that Mark’s clan was holding. By then, we’d learned that the guy they’d been with was Mark Worthington. We knew our wives would really like to come to the party and meet a real live billionaire, but in order to come we had to come clean with them about our one-night stand with Elsa and Cindy. Telling Janet, my wife, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Dave said, “Well, you’re here with your wife, so it must have worked out.”

“It did, but it was painful for a while. Dan, too, with Sandy. When we went to the party Janet proved to me that she had a side to her I never knew about. She fucked damn near every male in sight, much to my chagrin. She admitted later that was partly her revenge for my bad behavior. Sandy, Dan’s wife, did the same thing. When they weren’t fucking, they were doing some of the women or vice versa. Our whole marriage changed overnight at that party, for the better as it turned out. I love being married to a hot wife. So does Dan.”

Dave nodded, “I think I actually have met your wife — and Sandy, back a few parties ago. As I recall you were fully engaged with some of the women from our Circle.” He laughed. “Sorry we didn’t get to talk much back then.”

Troy looked somewhat embarrassed. “Yes, I remember who I was with. Janet is in love with you, however, and I’m sure Sandy feels the same way. You made a memorable impression on them.”

Dave said, “I know you have your friends and sense of family here in Mark’s extended family, but you’re always welcome to visit us at the Circle down in Sarasota. I think from all the emails about this party you have many of our email addresses. Just let one or two of us know you’re coming and we’ll have the red carpet out.”

At that point, Cricket intervened. “You guys talk to much. You leave Troy to me and go find yourself someone else to chat up the rest of the night. I have plans for this nice man.”

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