Loner’s Company

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Shayna leaned down on the bar counter inside the pub called, ‘The Highwayman’, and recalled the events of the last 20 hours. She hadn’t returned to her apartment since last night, after having spotted her boyfriend with her best friend Donna, in Donna’s bedroom, while at a party at Donna’s. She’d been roaming around all night, somehow escaped from a group of stalkers by hiding behind a bush, and then slept there. She returned to Donna’s place in the morning, spying on her house, and seen her boyfriend leave. This left little doubt in her mind, and she’d been wandering around again, and she now found herself sitting at this bar, still clad in yesterday’s white blouse and short, pink skirt, drinking beer.


It was about 6 in the evening when Ryan headed downtown on his bike to the pub, ‘The Highwayman’. Riding down the road, he pondered on the way his life had been shaping up recently. He found himself tired, and pretty much all alone. His band mates had deserted him, having given up any hope of making it big. His first, and till date, the last girlfriend too deserted him because he had no money to support the two of them, and hence she saw no future with him.


Ryan walked into the bar, and headed straight for the counter. He ordered a beer and sat down beside Shayna. Shayna instinctively looked up and pushed back her hair and Ryan, out of the awkwardness of the moment, greeted her with a simple, “Hey.” She replied with a quiet, “Hi,” and looked back down. Ryan preferred a conversation to pondering the same sad stuff in his head again and again, and something made him feel that Shayna too could use a little distraction from her thoughts. So he asked, “How are you?” and Shayna shot back with a quick, “Crap”. “Join the club,” Ryan said, smiling pensively. She looked up, and asked, “What’s up?” Then she looked at his attire, a leather jacket over a white vest and brazen jeans, and asked, “You with a band?”


“As in?”

“They left me, or maybe I left them. Not sure which.”


“And to top it all,” he began to say.

“Your girl left you.”

He looked at her, slightly taken aback.

“Welcome to my world.”

“Your guy’s been fucking around.” He started to laugh.

After a moment, Shayna joined in on the laughter. There’s something comforting about knowing that someone else knows what you’re going through.

“So, what’s your name?” Ryan asked.


“Hey, I’m Ryan,” he offered his hand.

She shook it. They took their drinks and headed for the booth in the corner. The booths in here sheltered its occupants from most prying eyes. They sat down and after a little small talk, told each other their stories.


Shayna’s had been absentmindedly brushing her feet against Ryan’s legs while she told her story, and he too didn’t seem to take notice of it as he looked hard into her eyes and listened to her. When she had finished telling her account to him, she suddenly realized what she was doing, but something kept her from moving her feet away. Ryan acted as if nothing was going on, and kept sipping his beer. After a little while, he too brushed his foot slowly against bursa escort her legs, and after sensing no opposition from her side, he repeated the motion. She leaned back, and slightly parted her legs. His foot slowly glided up one of her legs, then back down. He repeated the motion again with her other leg, but this time pushed a little farther up, just past her knee, softly rubbing his foot with her thigh.

A gasp escaped her mouth, and she covered it with a quiet, coughing sound. He persisted, and kept rubbing her thigh slowly with his feet, and felt her part her legs wider.

Shayna casually moved herself a little closer to Ryan, sitting beside him. They both quietly ignored what was going on.

Ryan slowly pushed his hand under shayna’s skirt and his lone index finger slowly traced a path up and down Shayna’s thigh. She let out a soft quiet moan, which sounded more like a sigh. Gradually, Ryan rested his palm on her thigh, and caressed it slowly. He pushed it farther up her thigh and rubbed her inner thigh, brushing his hand softly over her pussy from above her thong.

Shayna’s legs instinctively closed in, and his hand was left trapped between her thighs, over her pussy. Shayna reveled the feeling. She tried to close in her thighs as much as possible, and moaned quietly. She eased her thighs just a bit, so his hand had more room. His fingers started rubbing her pussy from above her thong. She started moaning audibly.

This brought them back into their senses. Nothing was said. They both quietly left the booth n walked out of the bar.


Shayna couldn’t control her breathing. It was escaping her lungs in rapid, shallow exhausts. She was visibly sweating and could feel a cover of heat around her body. She let the wind blow back her hair as Ryan’s bike sped down the road, and pushed her lower body harder against his back, wishing he could shove his dick straight into her pussy and fuck her right then and there.

Ryan’s hands were shaky and sweaty as tried hard to control the bike. He could feel Shayna’s body pressing hard against him, and his dick pushed hard against his jeans.


Ryan led Shayna into his apartment and slammed the door hard behind her. He took off his jacket and vest hurriedly while Shayna loosed up her buttons and slipped the blouse off.

Ryan grabbed Shayna by the hair and pulled her face towards his roughly, and pushed his tongue into her mouth. He licked her tongue n bit her lip softly while pushing his hand onto her butt from under her skirt. He squeezed it softly while they sucked on each other’s tongues. Then he grabbed hold of her thong and tore it off in one quick motion.

Shayna moaned as Ryan’s lips traced a random path down her neck, starting at her ear and ending at her shoulder. Ryan slowly bit behind her neck and then sucked on it. One of his hands was teasing her pussy, rubbing his fingers hard near the edges of her pussy.

The other squeezed her butt hard while he licked her neck.

Shayna was moaning loudly now, “Ahhhh,” and she wriggled her lower body in an attempt to make his fingers enter her pussy.

Ryan slowly licked the area between her breasts, and then sucked bursa escort bayan each of them one by one from above her pink bra. He softly bit them then sucked each of them again.

He spun her around and licked the back of her neck while he pushed both his hands under her skirt and caressed the insides of both her thighs, brushing her pussy from each side slowly. He moved his mouth downwards and traced a straight neat path with his tongue down her back, to where the straps of her bra met. He practically tore off the link that held the straps together, and Shayna’s breasts juggled slowly as her bra fell down at her feet.

Shayna could feel Ryan’s hands moving up and down her inner thighs. She was breathing hard and loud gasps escaped her mouth as his hands brushed against her pussy from both sides.

“Mmmmm…. ohhh.”

Her pussy craved those fingers, which so artfully caressed her thighs.

Ryan kissed all over her back, and then bent down to cover the remainder. He slowly pushed his head under her skirt from behind, and rushed for her pussy. His teeth grazed against her thighs as his tongue reached out towards her pussy.

The moment his tongue made contact with her pussy, her body shook in spasms as if bolts of electricity were passing through her. She gasped loudly and started moaning as Ryan’s tongue pushed its way into her pussy.

“Aaaahhh…uhhh…yeaahh,” She said, as his tongue went into her pussy and pushed its way deeper in. She grabbed her breasts and started squeezing them softly.

Ryan loved the way Shayna’s pussy seemed to contract around his tongue, and hungrily licked her walls. He kept licking over the same area while he rubbed his fingers against the edges of her pussy. Gradually, Ryan’s tongue penetrated deeper into Shauna’s pussy.

The instant Ryan’s tongue touched Shayna’s clit, she lost control. Her body was shaking uncontrollably as Ryan’s tongue licked her clit up and down slowly. She squeezed her breasts harder and pinched her nipples. Ryan licked her clit more rapidly and eventually started sucking on it.

Shayna began breathing harder and harder.

“Ahhh…ahhhhh…uhhh….mmmm yeahh…uuhhh,” she moaned, louder and louder each time.

Her body shook in spasms as she began to cum.

“Uhhhh yeaaa…mmm yeaa,” she went. “Aww yeaa…ahhh.”

Ryan licked her pussy dry, and then started moving his tongue in and out of her pussy rapidly. He pushed it as deep as it would go then take it back out, then again thrust it deep into her.

Barely out of her first orgasm, Shayna could feel another one coming soon. She needed something to hold on to. She desperately wanted to grab Ryan’s head and guide his tongue back to her clit. She doubted she would be able to keep standing when her second orgasm came. But Ryan had placed himself to carefully; Shayna’s hands could never reach him. All she could do was rub her hands down her body and squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples.

Ryan kept thrusting his tongue in and out of Shayna’s wet pussy, and moved faster and faster each time it went in. His dick was rock hard now. He wanted to push it into Shayna’s pussy and fuck her hard. He knew the moment would escort bursa come soon.

Shayna came violently. She felt as if a huge load had been holding itself back to burst out of her precisely at this moment. She let out huge gasps as cum flowed out of her pussy and moaned hard as her orgasm subsided.

“Mmmmmmmhhhhh…. uuhhhh,” she managed, then nothing but panting as her lungs screamed for Oxygen.

“About fuckin’ time,” Shayna thought as she felt Ryan’s rock hard dick slide slowly and smoothly into her waiting pussy. She and Ryan simultaneously let out a soft moan as Ryan’s cock rubbed against her pussy’s walls and penetrated her deeper. Before pushing the whole of it in, Ryan gripped his cock and rubbed it hard against Shayna’s well-lubricated walls. Shayna moved her head from side to side on the bed as she felt the itching on her clit, which only Ryan’s cock could satiate. Her fingers gripped the bed cloth tightly as she tried to push herself down, in an effort to make Ryan’s dick penetrate her pussy fully. Ryan held her tightly by her butt and kept her pinned down in a stationery position, not allowing her to move, while he finally started pushing his cock deeper into her.

Ryan’s dick penetrated Shayna’s pussy fully. He slowly started moving it in and out of her, and rubbed his hands down her body, finally resting them over her breasts. He kneaded them softly as he increased his speed, pushing his cock as deep into her pussy as possible.

He squeezed her breasts softly, then harder, while his cock began to rub against her clit.

Shayna squirmed and moved her head from side to side, losing control as his dick began to brush hard against her clit. Ryan gave her breasts one final squeeze, and then pinched her nipples.

Shayna gasped, “Uhhhh…ahhh…yeaaaa…mmmhmmmm.”

Ryan grabbed her legs and folded them up, then lifted them in the air and held them tightly to his sides, and used them to guide his cock harder into her. He was moving as fast as he could, ramming his cock deeper and deeper into her. His cock rubbed hard against her clit as it went completely in, and Shayna practically screamed each time this happened.

“Harder…Harderrr.. yeah yeah yeaaa…uhh,” she shouted.

Shayna’s screaming turned Ryan harder, and he thrust his dick into her pussy with renewed energy, pushing it faster and faster.

Shayna beat her fists down at the bed and almost screamed as she felt her orgasm rush through her body, shaking it from head to toe. Ryan’s dick kept rubbing hard against her clit while she cummed. Like Ryan’s dick, her orgasm just didn’t seem to stop. She cummed uncontrollably and she kept turning her head from side to side, desperate to get some control over herself. She gripped the bed cloth as tight as her fists allowed.

Within a few moments, Ryan also reached orgasm. He spilled his load inside her, and kept moving his cock in and out of her pussy till he cummed.


Shayna’s hands slowly let go of the bed cloth, almost as if they didn’t want to. Her body was still shaky while she folded her legs up to regain some control. Cum dripped from her pussy and her thighs were all wet. Her breathing came in slow, deep pants. She was exhausted.

Ryan lay by her side, equally drained out. His eyes were shut and he too, was breathing hard.


Soon thereafter, Shayna passed out, the alcohol and sex draining her senses completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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