Lola Meets Double Trouble Pt. 03

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Lola turned and put the shower on again while Rob walked back into the bedroom. As she showered she could hear him talking to Tom. The warm water once again washed over her as she cleaned her now sticky skin. Mind you, she loved rubbing a mans cum onto her boobs and especially around her nipples. She had been told once that sperm was good for the skin, she didn’t care, she just liked the moment of feeling the hot sticky cum fall onto her skin for her to then rub it in. It was something that she would openly admit to her girlfriends, turned her on. Having showered for the second time that evening she grabbed a towel, wrapped it round herself and walked back into the bedroom.

Tom and Rob were both still naked, lying on Lola’s bed talking with their backs to her. It was clear that they were talking about something that Tom was holding.

“Talking about anything good?”

Tom shot round and almost blushed as he held up a butt plug that had a large clear crystal as its handle.

Lola could now feel her cheeks starting to burn as she blushed. After all, one of her sex toys wasn’t something that she wanted two, lets be honest, almost complete strangers to find.

She bent forward as Tom held the sex toy out but as she grabbed for it, Rob pulled her towel away. Lola slightly spun with the action of the towel being pulled away from her grasp. She fell backwards, naked onto the bed as Tom and Rob giggled at the almost school boy stunt. Despite having grabbed for the toy she had missed and Tom sat, clasping it as if it was a jewel he had found in some abandoned mine somewhere.

Tom looked at Lola, teasing her by licking the end of the butt plug. Rob was touching her boobs and caressing them, pulling at her nipples which was making them erect, though he was a bit rough at times and Lola would let a squeal out to let him know. Lola lay back opening her legs which exposed her soft, pink pussy. Tom was now entranced by this and as Lola was laying at an angle across the bed with Rob behind her, her was able to get on to the floor and his head was then level with her waiting hole. His tongue started to run up and down her swollen pussy lips and she could feel her nerve endings start to tingle as he worked on her. He seemed to have a rhythm clearly born out of experience as he knew exactly how to make her putty in aliağa escort his hand. Lola put her hands down between her legs and pulled her lips apart, exposing her clit, Tom seized his chance and started to circle her clit with his tongue and every now and again he would flick it with the tip of his tongue. Tom then started to use his tongue to push into her pussy hole, his nose nudging her clit as he did so. His face pushing into her pussy that was getting wetter as his tongue worked on her.

Looking down Loa could see Tom’s head going backwards and forwards. Rob was still caressing her plump boobs and then Tom stopped working on her pussy and Rob stopped caressing her boobs. Then in a move that almost appeared practiced Lola turned herself over so that her bum was on view for Tom and she was facing Rob. She could see Robs stiff cock jutting out towards her and she put a hand round it and guided it towards her waiting mouth. He moved slightly forward so that he was nearer her. Lola now started to suck and tease his cock. She could taste his pre-cum on her mouth. As she did this she felt Tom place his hands on her hips and then guide his cock into her waiting pussy.

As she sucked and licked Robs cock, Tom was sliding his thick, rigid cock in and out of her once again wet pussy. As Tom thrust in and out, Lola could hear his balls slapping against her. She took Robs cock deep into her throat so that it almost touched the back, near but not enough to make her gag. She was almost guzzling on his cock wanting to taste his cum, to empty his balls into her waiting mouth. One of her ex-boyfriends had called her a cum slut, she didn’t like being called a slut but she wasn’t going to lie, she loved cum, how it tasted and how it felt.

Tom was thrusting hard now, the sound of his balls slapping was getting louder when suddenly Rob said “lets swap.”

“Ok mate, you’ll love Lola’s pussy its nice, tight and very wet.”

With that affirmation, Tom withdrew his cock and moved round to Lolas head. Rob disappeared from her view and it was now Tom’s cock that was in front of her face. For a moment Lola looked at it, she could see her wetness on his cock as it glistened in the light of the room. Slowly she reached out and touching Tom’s cock she could feel her cum. She ran her fingers up aliağa escort bayan and down his cock and then put them in her mouth so she could taste herself. She tasted sweet and could see now why Tom has buried his face in her pussy.

Rob had grabbed her hips and slid his cock deep into her waiting hole. His approach was different to Tom as he was slowly thrusting his hips, clearly enjoying the fact that his cock was buried deep inside her. She could feel her clit twitch and she wanted to reach between her legs and give it a rub but she had one hand on Tom’s throbbing cock and one squeezing his ball bag while she teased him.

Suddenly she felt Rob take one of his hands of of her hips and she could hear him pick something up. The trouble was, in her position she had no way of seeing what was going on behind her. Lola went back to concentrating on Tom’s cock, intrigued by what Rob was up to but in no way able to change the situation. Rob continued to slide his cock in and out and then Lola felt a wetness on her butt hole. Slowly Rob was circling one of his fingers around her tight, puckered hole. He did this for a few seconds and then she could feel the tip of his finger as it started to push into her hole. She stopped sucking Toms cock and gasped as the finger was pushed further in. As Rob continued to slide his cock in and out he also slid his finger in and out of her arse hole. ‘Fuck’ she thought this was too good to be true. All of the nerve endings around her pussy and her butt hole were tingling and she felt like she was going to explode.

Robs finger continued to be pushed in and out of her arse hole. She stopped sucking Tom’s cock and he pulled it out and was stood in front of her wanking his cock while his friend penetrated her pussy and arse.

She then felt Rob slowly remove his finger from her arse and then his cock from her pussy. This could be it could it? Lola wanted more and she wanted both of them to empty their balls whether that was in her or over her she didn’t car but she wanted more cum.

Lola got off of the bed and in a flash Rob was taking her place, lying on his back, stroking his cock while she looked at him. Lola knew how she wanted this to go and she straddled over Rob, sliding his cock into her pussy while thrusting her arse out towards escort aliağa Tom. He didn’t need to be asked twice and he stood behind her as Rob started to slide his cock in and out of her pussy. Tom then slowly started to push his cock into her arse hole. Lola squealed as Tom pushed his cock in. Although she had used her butt plug on her arse before on a couple of occasions, she had never had anal sex and had never had anything as big as Tom’s cock in there. Once his cock was deep in her arse her started to thrust, slowly with measured strokes.

There she was, Rob beneath her fucking her pussy and Tom behind her fucking her arse. Lola could almost not believe that this was the first day or her holiday but then came the realisation that these two were off on a flight home in a few hours.

It was a strange sensation having both of her holes fucked at the same time but it was one that Lola was clearly enjoying.

The two lads were also clearly enjoying the situation and Rob was thrusting like there was no tomorrow while Tom was more measured in his approach but he was still stuffing his cock deep into Lolas arse. Again she could hear balls slapping as the two of them fucked her and fucked her deep. Double penetration a first for Lola but these two clearly knew what they were doing.

Suddenly, Lola felt Tom twitch as he emptied his balls deep into her arse hole and as he pulled his cock out she could feel his hot cum as it dribbled down onto her pussy and Robs thrusting cock. Lola could hear how wet her pussy had become as Rob carried on pushing his cock in and out. Lola then lent up so that she could dominate Rob by riding his cock. Rob had no choice but to lay back while Lola started to bounce up and down on his cock. This position also meant that she could rub her throbbing clit while she did so. Rob had the best view as Lola’s plump boobs bounced as she fucked him. As he lay there he could see his cock covered in her juices and probably some of Tom’s cum after he had fucked her arse.

Lola clearly enjoyed being in charge now and she was bouncing like her life depended on it, Rob could then feel a sticky warmth as Lola had an orgasm. She continued to bounce knowing that he wanted to cum and in the blink of an eye she felt him twitch and her pussy was being filled with his cum. She could feel the cum as it started to dribble out of her due to the position she was in so she got of of Robs cock.

All 3 of them lay on the bed looking at each other as if wondering what had just happened. How long now before their flight and was there room for anything else to happen? Also, where did the butt plug go?

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