Locker Room Surprise

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My thanks to LadyPineRose74 for her editing assistance.

This is only my 2nd attempt at writing. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.


The pool was warm and inviting, and it felt good to get in the water and swim. It was Monday, and Mary was there. She’s at the pool three times a week, and like me, very dedicated to staying in shape. Swimming along side her is always challenging. I try to keep up with her, but she’s been swimming a lot longer than I have and is in terrific condition. I have to force myself to pull harder and kick faster, if I want to maintain her pace. Her hard work though has certainly paid off. She has a perfect swimmers body and that excited me, a lot.

Today, I was feeling somewhat tired from a busy weekend, resulting in little sleep, but I pushed myself hard, because with Mary in the lane next to me, she would know if I was getting all my laps in or not. By the end of our workout, I was exhausted, my arms and legs aching. Mary saw me rubbing my arms and asked how I was doing. I assured her I was fine, and that I just needed to go home and take a nap. She told me I needed a little TLC, and that I should go to the locker room and take a nice long hot shower. That sounded good to me.

I got out of the pool, collected my towel, and started heading for the showers. The center’s maintenance man was near the locker room door, working on the drinking fountain. He’s always around on the mornings that we swim, working on something. He smiled, as I approached and offered a word of praise at my commitment to swimming daily. I thanked him politely, made some small talk, and then continued on. As I reached for the locker room door, I glanced back over my shoulder and caught him staring lustfully at my body.

The showers in the woman’s locker room are separated by stalls, with locking doors, and are generously sized. I hung my towel on the hook outside the 2nd stall and shut, but did not lock the door. The water from the shower was hot, steamy hot. I breathed in deeply, ataşehir escort bayan closed my eyes, and let my body relax, while the water streamed down on me from above. Mary was right. A hot shower did feel good, and when she came into the locker room and turned on the water in the stall next to me, I thanked her for her thoughtful suggestion.

I stood with my eyes closed, feeling the water encompassing my whole body and soaking in the heat. I was feeling very relaxed, until I heard the click of a door. It was my shower door, and when I opened my eyes, I saw Mary standing there, naked. Her athletic body was nicely toned, and she had the most incredible erotic smile on her face. “Close your eyes” she said, in a soft seductive voice, “Relax. Let the water sooth your sore muscles.” I closed my eyes, as the warm water pulsated on my arms and back. “Good. Now turn around, keep your eyes closed, and let me ease those aching muscles.” I turned, letting the water run down the front of me. My juices starting to flow, as I let myself surrender to her.

She kneaded my shoulders slowly and gently massaged my neck and upper back. It was awesome. I could feel my tight muscles beginning to loosen, as she released the tension with her expert hands. She gently eased the straps of my suit down, still working on me, and slid them off, exposing my breasts. “Doesn’t that feel much better?” she said, with a playful tone.

Her hands moved from my shoulders and back to around the front of my chest, brushing lightly against each breast. She eased my suit the rest of the way down, and I stepped out of it, pushing it aside with one foot. With my eyes closed, I didn’t realize she had picked the suit up, wrung it out, and was now in front of me. “Give me one of your hands,” she said. She tied the suit in a knot around my wrist with one of the straps. “Now the other hand,” she demanded and used the second strap to tie it across the other wrist. She lifted the other end of the suit and tied it to the shower head above us. My arms were stretched escort kadıköy above me, leaving me defenseless to her pleasures.

Stepping back behind me, she reached around to my breasts, pressing her whole body against my back. She lightly pinched a hardened nipple with one hand, while the other reached over, pumped some soap, and applied it to my warm skin. Her soapy hands began to roam freely about my body. She washed me thoroughly, teasing the inside of my thighs, as she passed over my sopping pussy, but not stopping to play. A soapy finger found its way to my ass, barely slipping in and out of my tight hole several times. I moaned softly at the sensation and wanted her to continue finger fucking me to orgasm, but she wasn’t going to let me come just yet.

I had no concept of time and wasn’t paying attention if anyone was passing through the shower area or not. Our shower door was wide open, and I simply didn’t care if anyone saw us. The only thing I cared about was being pleasured by this incredible woman. What we didn’t know was that the maintenance man had put a sign on the woman’s locker room door that it was closed for repairs, and he was watching our sultry shower massage and enjoying himself immensely.

When I was completely washed, Mary turned off the water, grabbed my towel and dried me off. She untied the suit from the shower post, but kept my hands bound together in front of me. As I was lead out of the shower, we saw the maintenance man standing at the far wall watching. “Need any help ladies?” he said, with a smile, his hand rubbing the bulge in his pants. Mary smiled back, then led me to a bench in the changing area. She laid out my towel, ordered me to lie down on my back, told me to put my arms above my head, then secured me to the pole underneath.

The maintenance guy approached my left side, positioned himself next to my head, and took off his tool belt. He hesitated for a minute, watching me struggle to get comfortable on the hard bench. With a rough hand, he seized one of my breasts and bostancı escort began to knead it. I felt powerless, as his fingers found and pinched my taut nipple hard. I gasped in pain, as well as delight. With his free hand, he unzipped his pants, releasing his stiff cock, and rubbed it teasingly on my face. He taunted my lips, until my mouth opened wide. He shoved his cock in my waiting mouth, forcing me to take it all in before drawing it back out. He shoved it in again, more forceful this time. I gagged, until I got his rhythm, then locked my mouth on it tight and sucked it hard. I loved sucking on his dick, knowing that it got hard watching Mary and me, in the shower.

Mary was busy at the other end, nestled between my legs. Her tongue was skillfully teasing my clit, as if it were made just for pleasuring. I was so hot and excited being serviced in so many ways. I wanted her to give me multiple orgasms, with her expert tongue. I moaned quietly, as she continued to bury her tongue inside me, while teasing my ass with a pussy slick finger. When I looked up, I saw him watching her, as she made my body quiver.

I sensed the maintenance guy was ready to come when he abruptly pulled out of my mouth and switched places with Mary. Grabbing my ankles, he lifted my legs high. As his cock slowly entered my dripping cunt, Mary straddled herself over my mouth. Her beautiful mound was clean shaven and glistened with sweet pussy juice. I wanted to thank her properly for her earlier attention, and now, I finally would get the chance. I sucked her clit into my mouth and ran my lips over it, repeatedly. She ground her pussy on my mouth, until I could tell she was ready. I felt her body tremble, and she began to moan. The sound of her cumming was too much for me, and we both exploded into a massive orgasm. The maintenance guy was ready, too, as he was now slamming his tool into me, hard and fast. Then, without warning, he pulled out of my cunt and unmercifully rammed his massive cock into my ass. He stayed there pumping his cum inside me, until he was empty.

Exhausted, but well satisfied, the maintenance guy grabbed his tool belt, picked up his ‘closed for repair’ sign, and went on to another project. Mary untied me, and I sat up. We looked at each other knowingly, smiled, then headed back to the showers.

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