Little Liz

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I first met Elizabeth when she was 23, at an entrepreneurs group of all places. It was silly of me to even be there. In my thirties, it was obvious to me already that I was not cut out to take on the risks of business ownership. Lizzy, however, was so bright and energetic! She was already a co-owner of a break out marketing firm! She livened the crowd of stodgy old Suits with frank ideas and effervescence. Her glossy dark hair, deep brown eyes and too tight tee shirt didn’t hurt either, I was kind of embarrassed to admit to myself.

Not that Lizzie was just a pretty face! She was young, but one could quickly perceive an old soul in her. She had a classic education and spoke with poise and diction. She could and would call a spade a spade! Her pure enthusiasm for business was infectious however, and she quickly gathered a captive audience when she spoke during the weekly meetings.

I tried. I really tried to stay away from her. She was too young, and too attractive. She could only be trouble! It turned out that she was also too perceptive! She began to slide up to me during breaks and after the meetings, to chat about this and that. She drew me out of my reluctance, and soon we were laughing together often! She would glance at me from across the table with a twinkle in her eye. With just a look we would share secret humor during presentations. It became difficult not to laugh out loud when she gave her crooked smirk!

As I said, we all knew her to be so happy and full of life. None of us were prepared for the day that she stood up to speak to us about failure. With the passion that had quickly become her trademark she described her failed marriage. Looking around the room I could see that everyone shared my sadness for what Elizabeth was now going through. How could seem so upbeat while her home life was falling apart? The rest of the meeting was a blur as I processed Lizzy’s news.

The meeting ended, and I was still lost in thought as I put on my jacket. Lizzy popped up at my elbow, with her characteristic “So, um, yeah,” followed by “You have a truck right?”

As I said, I never really fit into the group. They were powerful bankers and investors, business owners and suits. And then there was me. I lived out in the country and was more likely split a log than split a trust fund. Of course I had a truck! I nodded, yes down to little Elizabeth.

“I need some help moving,” she told me, looking up at me with her dark eyes, “But only with the big stuff! My weight bench and my bed, the rest I can move by myself!” she quickly amended.

“He’d gladly help you move your bed young lady!” a slightly tipsy investment adviser clapped me hard on the shoulder as he ambled towards the door.

His weak humor broke the dark mood and Lizzy leaned against me as we laughed! I tried not to inhale the fresh scent of her hair as I chuckled, “Of course I will help! When and where?”

It was a brisk spring Saturday morning when I pulled up to the small apartment building at the address Lizzy had given me. I stamped my feet on the cold ground as I got out of my truck.

Lizzy called “Hey! Over here!” from a low balcony on the front of the building, “Hang on, I’ll buzz you in!”

I’m not sure what possessed me, but I called up “No need!” gave a jump and caught the top rail of her balcony with one hand. I swung my other hand up, hooked my heel on the edge and pulled myself up, then over the rail. I landed neatly on the small balcony and gave a silly flourish as she laughed and applauded.

“Good! You are going to need those muscles today!” she chuckled, reaching up to squeeze my arm.

“Anything you need, Lady!” I said in my best deep voice, puffing up slightly.

“Oh really?” her eyebrow arched at me suggestively. We fell to laughing all over again! “Let me go grab my keys and we can head over and grab my stuff.”

I picked my way over piled boxes to her door. Liz was hoping on one foot trying to lever a running shoe over her heel. She stumbled as her foot came down on the corner of a bag. If I hadn’t been guiltily looking at the way her sweat pants were stretched tightly across her small bum I never would have been quick enough to catch and steady her!

“That’s not what I meant when I said ‘grab my stuff!'” Liz squealed as I steadied her, holding on perhaps a touch too long. Ruefully I chuckled and let go. Lizzy stamped her foot into her shoe as she laughed at me. “Let’s go!”

She climbed into my truck and gave directions as I drove to the home that she had shared with her soon to be ex-husband. Lizzy bit her full lower lip as we pulled up to the condo complex.

“He is here! He’s not supposed to be here!” she looked a little desperate, “I hope this won’t be weird for you!”

“No problem,” I reassured her, “As far as he needs to know, I am some guy-with-truck that you hired. As long as he is polite to you, we won’t have any issues.” I had helped with divorce moves for a few of my pals, and knew that it could get emotional.

When we went bursa escort inside the house was kind of a disaster. In addition to the chaos of separating five years of life together, it did not appear that her Ex was keeping up with any sort of house cleaning. Empties were piled all over the living room. He sat on the couch looking disheveled. His red rimmed eyes stared balefully at us.

“I’ll start taking apart the bed?” I murmured as she led me to the master bedroom. She thanked me and moved back towards the living room. I caught her arm and looked into her eye, “I am right here if you need me Elizabeth.” She seemed to look right into me then. Her eyes showed her old soul, boring right into mine.

“You promise?” it seemed to say. I promise. Time slowed down.

The moment ended with a nod of her head and a flourish of dark curls as she turned back to the living room.

I turned to the bedroom, wondering what had just happened. I surveyed the mess of what had once been a lovely bedroom suite. The bed was tall with ornate pipe work head and foot boards. Bright white linens were bunched and twisted amongst a unfeasibly lush quilt. A quick wash and these would be good as new, I was sure as I carefully untangled them and bundled them up. I reached across the queen sized mattress and heaved it off the box spring, listening intently for any sounds of confrontation from the front room.

I had stacked the box spring and mattress in the hall and was just finishing disassembling the frame when Liz came back up the hall.

“Everything copacetic?” I asked, remembering her appreciation for unusual words. She flashed a smile briefly.

“Meh, he’s a rag doll. He’s not doing anything. Just like always. Let’s get this stuff onto the truck and get out of here!”

Quickly we loaded up the bed, her weight bench, and book shelves. Since there was still room I insisted that we grab as many of the boxes as we could wedge in and around the big stuff. As we were leaving Liz threw over her shoulder, “I’ll be back for the rest next week,”

He gave a non-committal grunt, cracked another beer, and leaned back into the couch. The screen door slammed on its spring as we moved down the walk.

We jumped in my truck, and Liz belted out “Awkward!” and shivered as if a bug had landed in her hair. I couldn’t help but laugh as we drove off.

Liz grew quiet as we drove. She seemed lost in her own world, and I was content to let her process until she yelped, “Stop!” I quickly checked my mirrors and swerved out of traffic!

“Did you forget something?” I asked worriedly as she whirled out of the truck!

“Hang on!” she called back, running up the street. Puzzled I watched her disappear into a shop. I waited wondering, what was going on?

Little Lizzy flew out of the shop a five minutes later with a six pack of Newcastle brown ale swinging from each hand. She hopped in the truck and smiled sweetly at me. “You can’t move without moving beers,” she exclaimed, and off we went again with a laugh.

We got back to Liz’s apartment by late morning. The coolness had burned off and it was fixing to be a nice warm day. She skipped to the back of the truck and carefully selected a box labeled ‘summer’ and one of the six packs.

“I’ll just be a minute, be a dear and start piling things under the balcony?” I shrugged and set to work. I had half the boxes under the balcony and was just man handling a bookshelf over from the truck when I heard Liz call down, “You are a beast!”

Grinning I looked up at her. She had changed! Gone were the sweats and hoodie of the morning. I scanned up her smooth runners legs to a very short pair of khaki shorts that flared at the leg. I thought I could see a flash of purple inside the leg of those short shorts! She also wore a blousy tee shirt with a deep vee-neck. It blew, with her dark curls, in the warm spring breeze. She looked gorgeous! I dropped the heavy shelf a few inches onto my steel toe of my boot.

“Yeouch!” Liz commented.

I muttered, “That’s what I was thinking.”

“What was that?” she called down loftily.

“Nothing,” I replied in a sing song voice as I turned away, hiding my expression and grabbing another box.

“Uh huh,”

I returned to the balcony with a box in hand. At over six feet tall, I could press boxes over my head and get them part way up the height of the rail on the low balcony. Strategically I angled the box so that she couldn’t see me checking out her legs again! Liz bent over the rail and leaned down to snag it from my up reached hands. She may have been little, but she was strong, she easily swung the large box over the rail and carried inside. “Don’t move!” she called from inside her living room.

She came back a moment later with two Newcastles. Deftly she set a beer against the rail and smacked the top, making the cap fly off. I was caught off guard when she leaned down to pass me the icy beer. I could see right down, or rather up, her tee shirt! A small, lace demi bra barely concealed beautiful bursa escort bayan cup-cake breasts!

“Thirsty?” she asked coyly, snapping my focus back to her smirking face above me. I quickly snagged the beverage.

“Parched,” I muttered as I took a long pull on the bottle, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back to escape her laughing brown eyes.

“Uh-huh.” I heard a familiar smack and clatter as a second beer cap when flying.

The morning gave way into afternoon, with me handing Liz’s stuff up to her, before she hauled it inside. The beer flowed freely, and although I wanted to be a gentleman, damned if I couldn’t help but steal the odd glance. It was a pair of pale purple panties I had seen. Possibly with polka dots, I reflected. They looked smooth and satiny too!

I knew Liz caught me a few times. I figured it was just an extension of our silliness during business meetings and tried to pay it no mind. I grabbed one of the last boxes and grunted under the weight!

“What have you got in here? Your fossil collection?” I groaned as I pressed the box up to Liz. She hooked one leg as she hauled the load onto the rail.

“It is full of books, butt-head” she scoffed, “Haven’t you heard? ‘ If you go home with someone and they don’t have books-“

“Don’t fuck them.” I finished, “John Waters.” Her mouth opened in a surprised smile as she stared down at me. “What? I read.” I finished in mock defensiveness as I enjoyed her expression.

With the truck finally emptied Liz told me to head to the building entrance and she would buzz me up. I spotted a broken pallet by the garbage bin, and wrenched a short board off of it. When Liz spotted me with the board she pulled a pretend frightened face, turned on her toes and presented her little round butt.

“Are you going to spank me?” she teased, as I studied the swell of her cheeks visible below her troublesome shorts. I was more than a little tempted to give her a swat for teasing me!

Instead I said, “You just go find that pizza we ordered, smart ass. I will show you what this is for.” Liz laughed as she straightened. I pulled a multi-tool off of my belt and cut one edge of the board square. I took a rough measurement of her patio door and sawed the other end to match. Carefully I split the straight board down its length. I whittled the sharp corners smooth just as Liz came back.

“Well?” she inquired.

“I was thinking about how easy it was for me to get onto your balcony,” I started, sliding the patio door closed. “And I figured a pretty lady like you, living by herself,” I dropped the board into the track of the sliding door. I pulled the door as if to open it. The door opened about an inch and was tightly wedged. “Now you can be a little more secure, is all,” I finished.

It was a small gesture, but Lizzy just stared. She looked at the board, and back at me as I folded up my multi-tool and sheathed it back on my belt.

She launched herself at me, pinning my arms to my side with a huge hug! She buried her face in my chest and I heard her whimper, “You’ve done so much more for me in only one day,” I was acutely aware of her small body pressed to mine, and I couldn’t help inhaling the scent of her hair as I leaned down to peck her on top of her head. She held on for several moments and I became nervous that my body’s reaction to her closeness would get noticed!

“It was my pleasure, Lady,” I murmured. Gently I extracted myself from her embrace. “How about a Newcastle?” I asked a little gruffly, clearing my throat.

The evening shadows were long as we sat, hip to hip, leaning against the living room wall. The cardboard boxes that had served for our tables were pushed to the side. The empty beer bottles had candles shoved into them in anticipation of the coming darkness: the electricity was not yet hooked up.

Lizzy tipped her bottle high. Her full, soft looking lips made a tight seal as the last of the beer slipped down her throat.

“Well, that’s it,” she sighed, “It is official. I failed at being married. I failed at being a grown up. I’ve got to start all over again.” Her eyes shone with unshed tears as she looked at me. My heart broke for her.

“No, sweetie,” I pulled her into my chest, “You didn’t fail! You succeeded! You have passed this test!” I urged as she started to cry against me. “Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone stumbles. The real trick is to recognize the situation and work to correct it,” I rubbed her back. Memories of the day I left my own marriage put a waver into my voice.

“You are so young and beautiful, and smart and savvy. I know you will have no trouble,” I murmured.

She lifted her head from my chest and looked at me intently with tears in her dark brown eyes. She whispered, “Kiss me?” and pressed her lips into mine. They were as soft as they looked. For several moments we kissed gently and I luxuriated in the feeling of this young beauty’s passion.

Then my brain clicked in. ‘Dude! She’s hurting, she’s vulnerable. Don’t escort bursa take advantage of the situation!’ I pulled back.

“No, I, we, can’t,-” she pressed another quick kiss to my lips before she pulled back to look at me.

“You said it yourself,” she said calmly, “I am a grown up. I decide what I want. I decide what I need.” She popped the button on her little shorts and crammed her hand down the front. Her fingers came out slippery with her juices! She swiped her wet index finger slowly down the bridge of my nose to its tip. I inhaled the feminine scent as if in a trance. “Besides, you promised, if I needed you,” she leaned in and kissed me quickly and whispered in my ear, “I need you!”

I started to shiver. It has always been a tell of mine. When things get intense I shiver. My teeth start to chatter, and there is no hiding the way I am feeling.

Liz swung her leg over my hips and straddled me. She leaned in, her full lips compressing beautifully. In a trance I kissed her back. Our kisses ranged from soft, deep and passionate, to hard fast and furious! I have no idea how long we sat kissing, with my hard penis ground tight against her warm body! I do know that I was half crazed with desire when she broke our kiss.

“This is what I want,” she intoned, looking directly into my eyes.

She took my left hand and pressed it to her breast. My right hand, she slowly drew to the front of her shorts that were still hanging open. I gently worked my fingers in between her panties and the rough fabric of her shorts. The soft satiny material was deliciously damp as I rubbed in small circles. Her stiff little clitoris stood out proud as her hips naturally swayed to my ministrations. I looked up to her face. Her eyes were pressed tightly shut and her mouth was opened wantonly. I memorized her face, knowing that what I was seeing was holy: the passion of a woman, both wise and young.

Her brow furrowed as I slightly pressed her pretty panties into her opening. She bit her full lip for a moment before her dark eyes popped open, burning down at me! Her small hand snaked to my belt!

“Fuck me,” she growled as she fumbled to open it. She tugged anxiously at the leather, and then at my button and zipper. Quickly she raised her hips and roughly dragged my pants down. My very hard cock twitched free and skimmed her pantied pussy on its way to slapping audibly on my belly!

She half rolled off of me and dragged her shorts and panties off. I caught a glimpse of a narrow strip of dark, neat pubic hair before her bare pussy touched my bare cock for the first time. It was electric!

She rubbed her wetness up and down the sensitive underside of my cock for a few moments as she attempted to pull her t-shirt over her head. While it still covered her eyes I caught her hands to keep her temporarily blindfolded. Fiercely reared up and bit her lip! She moaned into my mouth.

I let her go and she tossed her shirt aside. I looked up at her seriously.

“Are you sure this is what you want? It’s not too late-” I began. In response she reached down and rubbed my penis up and down her wet slit, thoroughly coating any dry parts of my dripping hard-on with her juices.

She looked down at me. Her eyes glared me to defy her as her small hand directed the tip of my penis to her entrance. There was a single moment, eye to eye, before she sank down onto my cock!

I will never forget it. The heat, the smooth tightness, the pure passion of entering young Elizabeth. Her fine eyebrows furrowed at the suddenness of her penetration. She gave out with a moan that echoed my own.

And there we were. It was happening. I was inside my beautiful young friend. I looked at her, and she looked at me. Nothing would ever be entirely the same now, I knew. We shared a small moment of realization, and then all hell broke loose!

Little Lizzy became a hell cat! Her smooth hips seemed to blur as she ground down into me from all directions! I could barely keep up to her urgency. I leaned up and nipped at her breasts, her neck, and her lips, as each came into range!

How can I describe the passion of this strong, intellectual young woman? It was a whirl wind! I was afraid at some points that her energy would snap me in two. It was beautiful and frightening! All too soon I knew I must explode.

Lizzy was a blur as I began to aggressively grind up into her body. We were both sweating in the cool dark apartment. Her cries became guttural as she heaved against me. Her whole body clenched mine! I hoarsely growled, “‘Lizbeth!”

With an orgasmic cry she dragged her hips high enough that I slid free. Immediately she slammed herself down on my cock, grinding it between her wetness and my belly. Her hard little clit dragged on the underside of my penis! As one we began to howl!

Elizabeth grabbed my head and stared me in the eyes. I did my best to look into her flashing brown eyes as they sparked with sexual energy. I poured lust between our sweaty, heaving bodies. It pooled and ran down my sides as we ground to the end of our passion.

Gently Liz collapsed down onto me. Her breasts pressed into my heaving chest. Her curly hair settled onto my face. We stayed that way and quickly fell into deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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