Little Gusher Debbie Ch. 02

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Please be aware that this tale includes bodily functions, so if that’s not your thing…


Phil had plenty of time that day to get everything prepared. He stopped off at the supermarket and selected ingredients for their meal, plus a few other things. Then headed back home, to give the house a good tidy and put clean linen on the bed.

Later in the afternoon, he prepared the food as far as possible. He had thought carefully about the meal, which he wanted to be flavoursome and interesting, but quick to prepare, as he didn’t want to spend half the evening cooking. Above, it needed to be light – a big, stodgy meal could be a bit of a passion-killer.

So he settled for a smoked salmon starter, lemon pepper chicken breast strips with rice and a rocket side, with pears poached in red wine for dessert. With a bottle of Prosecco and some Buds chilling in the fridge, he was all set.

When he had shaved and showered, he changed into a casual shirt and jeans, then set the table, ready for Debbie’s imminent arrival. He just had time to draw the curtains in the lounge, switch on the table lamps and put music on before he heard a knock on the door. He hurried to open it and here she was, with a beaming smile, clutching a small overnight bag and a bottle of white wine.

‘Come on in,’ he said, closing the door behind her. She put the wine and her bag down, then reached up and gave him a hug and a long kiss. Phil held her at arm’s length and appreciatively looked her up and down. She looked absolutely lovely… her hair was shining, and her make-up looked perfect. She was wearing a colourful cotton peasant skirt and sandals, with a simple white top with a scooped neck. The bumps of her nipples suggested that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

‘Wow, you look gorgeous! Can we just skip dinner and go straight to bed?’ he asked, laughing.

‘Plenty of time for that later,’ she replied, smiling. He dropped her bag into the bedroom, then they headed to the kitchen, where the dining table was set at one end.

‘Sit yourself down, while I get you a drink,’ he said, giving her another kiss. After putting her wine into the fridge, he opened the Prosecco and poured two glasses.

‘Welcome!’ he said, simply, raising his glass to hers. They chatted for a few minutes, then Phil brought the starters out of the fridge. ‘I didn’t think to ask about your likes and dislikes, so I hope you’ll be ok with what I’ve done,’ he said.

‘Phil, I’m a single mum. A takeaway is a treat for me, so I’m happy to eat anything!’

Phil put the chicken and rice on to cook, then they tucked into their starters, sipping the ice-cold Prosecco. The main course was soon ready, so he topped up their glasses and served up.

‘Gosh, that looks lovely! Thank you so much,’ she said, smiling brightly at him.

The main course was soon devoured, and Phil served up the poached pears with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream.

‘You’re spoiling me!’ Debbie said, reaching across the table to squeeze his hand.

‘My pleasure,’ said Phil. He genuinely enjoyed cooking a nice meal – especially for someone as lovely as her. When they had finished, Phil poured the last of the Prosecco and gathered up the plates.

‘Let me wash up, please,’ said Debbie, heading for the sink. As a single dad with a mortgage, Phil’s budget hadn’t extended to a dishwasher.

‘Ok, we can do it together,’ he agreed. There were only a few things and it wouldn’t take long. While she was standing at the sink, he moved behind her and held her round her tiny waist. He nuzzled his face into her hair and kissed her neck. She sighed, moving her head over to welcome his kiss.

After they had cleared up, they took a glass of wine through to the lounge and settled on the sofa. They started chatting about all kinds of things, holding hands, and kissing all the while. They both felt completely as ease in each other’s company and before long, the conversation drifted round to sex.

‘That was so erotic last night, you know,’ Phil said, softly. ‘You really are a proper little tiger, aren’t you?’ he added, grinning.

Debbie replied, ‘Mmm, but it takes the right person to bring it out. You are a good lover and you made me feel amazing. I’m not even going to ask how you learned to do all those things, because I probably wouldn’t like the answer!’

‘Much the same goes for you,’ Phil answered. ‘You are amazing in bed, so sensual and exciting. I don’t want to know about your previous relationships, really… we’re in the here and now and we should just enjoy that, without complicating it.’

‘I’ll drink to that!’ said Debbie, raising her glass.

Changing the subject slightly, Phil said, ‘By the way, I bought a couple of things today. I got some pads which go under the bedsheet. They’re meant for kids who might wet the bed, but they might help with, er, your little condition! Otherwise, we’re going to end up with a mountain of soggy towels to wash!’

Debbie giggled. ‘What else?’ ikitelli escort she asked.

‘These,’ said Phil, reaching down beside the sofa. ‘I couldn’t get nipple clamps at short notice, but I thought these might work.’

He showed her a couple of plastic clothes pegs. They had a fairly strong spring but were fitted with soft rubber pads where they pressed together. Debbie took one and closed it over a finger. She gasped slightly and said ‘Oh, wow! We’ll give them a try later, for sure!’

Then she added, ‘While we’re being candid… and I do feel I can talk openly to you, which is nice… I know you want to try anal with me, which is fine, but there is something else I would like to try.’

‘Go on,’ said Phil. ‘I’m willing to try anything within reason, at least once!’

‘Well, I read about this in Cosmo,’ Debbie explained. ‘Basically, the man puts his penis into the woman’s vagina and pees. Apparently, it’s amazing for the woman, because it feels like he’s coming for ages, but much more powerful than usual.’

Phil thought for a moment, then replied, ‘It sounds like a really erotic idea, but it must be really difficult to do. For the man, I mean. The thing is, when I’ve got an erection, it’s nigh on impossible to pee. Even after sex, I must wait for 10 minutes or so, before I can go. And I’d have to be hard, to be able to get my cock inside you. I’m more than willing try, but just don’t know if I’ll be able.’

Debbie looked a little disappointed. Phil realised he’d slightly dashed her hopes of fulfilling her fantasy, so suggested, ‘How about if I switch from drinking wine, to beer? That stuff goes through me really quickly, so I’ll let you know when I’m bursting… how’s that?’ Debbie agreed that it sounded like a plan.

‘While we’re on that sort of subject…’ Phil said. ‘You know, last night, you thought you were peeing when you were having sex, but actually you weren’t?’ Debbie nodded. ‘Well, I’d like you to try actually peeing while I’m inside you! I was thinking, it would be amazing if you were on top, then I would feel your piss running all over my cock and balls. But I reckon it would be interesting if I were on top, as well.’

Debbie’s eyes widened. ‘I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of pee play… it sounds a bit taboo, but exciting at the same time! Can we try all those things?’ she asked, her face a picture of excitement.

‘Let me fetch some cold beers!’ said Phil, with a wink and headed for the kitchen.

Over the course of several beers, they were both starting to feel a lot more relaxed, and Phil guessed it wouldn’t be long before his bladder would be full to bursting.

‘How are we going to try this, then?’ asked Phil. ‘The thing is, I need to be just hard enough for me to be able to get inside you, but if I’m too turned on, I won’t be able to go. You take your knickers off and I’ll get some towels.’

Debbie stood up, reached under her skirt, and pulled off her panties. Then, as an afterthought, slipped off her skirt as well. She didn’t want that getting soaked! She was still standing there, gently rubbing her finger up and down her wet slit, when Phil arrived back with a bundle of towels.

‘Fuck, Debbie!’ he said when he saw her.

‘Yes Phil, fuck Debbie. That sounds good!’ she replied, with a mischievous grin.

He quickly stripped off his jeans and T-shirt, then spread the towels out on the leather sofa and motioned to her to come and sit down. He arranged her so her bottom was on the edge of the sofa. The sofa was quite low which was convenient because it meant that when Phil was kneeling in front of her, his cock was just about level with her pussy.

The pressure in his bladder was becoming almost unbearable. At the same time his cock was becoming harder. Moving forward, he pressed into her wet folds and was soon sliding inside her. His natural inclination was to start a steady thrusting movement, but he resisted that and let it lay in there motionless. He could feel her pussy contracting around his cock, but he tried to ignore the exquisite sensations and started to squeeze his bladder muscles. She lifted her legs to open herself up and give him easier access, and to reduce the wonderful pressure of her pussy around his cock.

Phil deliberately tried to think of mundane things, to take his mind off the physical delights he was experiencing, and his cock softened slightly, but remained securely in her pussy. He then pushed even harder and began to feel his piss starting to travel through the tubes inside him. It went against all his natural instincts, which were not to piss in these circumstances!

He felt the hot liquid boring up his shaft, opening up the tube. He pushed down harder, forcing it on its way, when it suddenly burst out of the tip. The floodgates had opened, and with a massive sigh of relief, he felt the contents of his bladder jetting out, deep inside her.

Debbie gasped as she felt his hot jet hit istanbul escort her cervix and vaginal walls. The sensations Phil felt, were equally amazing. His cock was plugging the entrance to her pussy, so her cunt was expanding to accommodate the massive volume of piss. The flow kept going and before long, he could hardly feel the walls of her pussy. It was like having his cock in a small cavern, filled with warm liquid.

Then suddenly, the pressure became too much, and the pent-up urine forced its way past his cock and ejected out of her pussy with a tremendous gush, propelled by her contracting pussy walls.

‘Ohhhhh, my god!!’ exclaimed Debbie, her eyes wild. ‘That was fucking amazing! I’ve never felt anything like it!’

Phil’s cock had suddenly gone rock hard again. He was feeling extremely turned on by the eroticism of what they had just done together and started to thrust into her. But oddly, she felt quite dry inside… wet, but in a kind of dry, instead of slippery way.

The towels she was sitting on were absolutely soaked. Phil slipped out of her and she eased herself up off the towels, so he could gather them up. He used one of the few remaining dry bits to wipe her legs and pussy.

He dumped the wet towels in the bathroom, then came back and sat beside her. ‘Was that as good as you expected, then?’ he asked.

‘Ohh, far better!’ she sighed. It was like you were pumping gallons inside me. It was stretching my insides and I felt so full! Then when it all burst out, it felt incredible.’

‘Now,’ she said. ‘I’m feeling incredibly full. I haven’t been yet you know! Should we go in the bathroom?’

‘We can go into the bedroom,’ he answered. ‘I put a couple of those pads on the bed!’

Phil clambered onto the bed. Debbie opened her bag and rummaged around, then produced a small bottle of liquid. She opened the lid and poured a few drops onto her fingers, which she then rubbed all over her pussy opening. She then rubbed some more over Phil’s cock, which was rapidly hardening again.

‘Lay on your back,’ she instructed. ‘And be quick, I’m absolutely bursting!’

Phil complied and stroked his cock as she positioned herself above him and gently slid her now-tight pussy down over his swollen prick. She winced slightly as it went into her, then remained motionless, as if absorbing it into her. Phil kept quite still, letting her take the lead.

Her breathing was shallow as she worked her muscles… he could feel her pussy gripping and relaxing as she tried to open her bladder. Suddenly, he could feel warm liquid. A trickle at first, it quickly became a flood as a powerful jet shot out of her, squirting all over his cock and balls and pouring over his stomach and down his sides.

Debbie’s eyelids were fluttering as the relief of the release, coupled with the ecstasy of having a hard cock inside her, overwhelmed her. Her flow finally stopped, and Phil felt her pelvic floor muscles grip his cock, as she squeezed out the last drops.

‘Ohh, that was something really special,’ he murmured. ‘Did you like doing that?’

He reached up and pinched her nipples as she squirmed her hips, grinding her pussy on his cock. ‘I forgot to bring the clothes pegs, though, sorry.’

‘I can’t describe it,’ she said, still moaning as she gently moved on his stiff cock. ‘The sensations were just amazing, emptying myself all over you, just felt so naughty, but so erotic, too! You can put the pegs on my nips later!’

He reached up and pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply. ‘Tell you what, let’s go and have a quick rinse off, then put some dry stuff on the bed. Then we can have some more fun!’

With that, she slid up off him and climbed off the bed. He quickly pulled the sheet and pad off the bed and was relieved to see that the mattress was still dry. They headed to the bathroom, where they spent an enjoyable ten minutes under the warm shower water, sensually running soapy hands over the other’s body and kissing under the waterfall. Phil loved the way her nipples perked while they showered, and he delighted in sucking on them as he ran his hands over her gorgeous arse cheeks and ran his finger from her pussy hole to her anus. Both were feeling thoroughly aroused by the time they switched off the water and stepped out.

Phil managed to find a last couple of dry towels in the airing cupboard, and they helped each other to dry, but the house was pleasantly warm, so they were comfortable being completely naked. While Debbie was drying her hair off, Phil put a fresh pad and top sheet onto the bed, so it was ready for whatever might follow.

‘I brought a couple of toys with me,’ Debbie confided. Going into her bag, she produced a butt plug and a wand vibrator. ‘I thought these might come in handy,’ she said, grinning.

Taking the butt plug, which was quite large, and made of pink silicone, she smeared a little of the lube over it, then knelt on the bed and bent over. Checking that he was kadıköy escort watching closely, she pressed the pointed tip against her anus and pressed. The tip slid in quite easily and placing a couple of fingers on the flat base, applied pressure until her anus accepted the intrusion and widened enough to allow the bulbous swelling to enter. Suddenly, it disappeared inside, just leaving the base, with a glowing blue LED showing. She worked it in and out a bit to make sure it was fully embedded, then handed Phil a small remote-control unit. ‘You’re in charge, now!’ she said, smiling broadly.

Phil pressed a button on the remote, kicking the toy into action. Debbie jumped as the sensations hit her. ‘Go careful with that,’ she said. ‘It’s very intense!’ Phil clicked it off.

‘Shall I tell you what I’d really like?’ she asked.

‘Go on,’ said Phil.

‘I’d love you to lick me, like you did last night, but while I’ve got this in my bum. You can play with the remote while you’re doing it,’ she said, grinning and wiggling her gorgeous little butt from side to side. He took hold of the base of the plug and gave it a gentle pull, so that the wider part stretched her anus, before pressing it back in.

‘Mmm,’ she said, ‘then you can give my arse a good fucking!’

‘That sounds like far too good an offer to turn down,’ said Phil, licking his lips at the tantalising prospect of tasting her delicious juices again, and of getting his cock buried into her tight little brown hole. ‘The bed or sofa?’ he asked.

‘Here is fine,’ she replied, ‘but will you get the pegs, please? I want you to try those on me!’

When he returned from the lounge, Debbie was reclining on the bed, propped up on the pillows, with one knee raised and was gently teasing her nipples. Phil lay beside her and traced his fingers down her chest, and over her breast, before drawing a circle around her nipple with his finger. He couldn’t resist taking it into his mouth, to suck and lick it, whilst running his hand down her soft body to her hip and along her thigh.

Moving down her body till his face was level with her pussy, he stretched out his arms to embrace her upper body and draw her towards him. She raised her other knee to open herself for him. Phil gazed down on her pussy with the utmost pleasure and desire. She was so perfectly formed; her inner lips were just peeking out from her outer pussy lips and were showing traces of moisture.

Moving his hands down, he used his thumbs to part her pussy lips open, exposing the pink inner flesh and the crinkling of her opening. His thumbs moved up, stretching her skin slightly, so that the little folds of skin around her clit moved back, exposing her little bud.

Moving his head down, he put his tongue out and rolled it over her clit. Debbie gave an involuntary gasp and pushed her hips upwards as he pushed his tongue into her wet hole, then ran it up again, over her peehole and back to her clit. Reaching beside him, he clicked the button on the remote. She gave a little quiver, in response to the tingling in her arse.

Phil could feel her juices starting to trickle down and lapped them from her hole, probing his tongue deep inside her, before giving his full attention to her clit, making faster and faster movements with his tongue. As he increased the speed and pressure, she held the back of his head and pressed his face into her wet gash.

In a repetition of the movement had had made the previous night, he scooped his hands under her rounded buttocks and hoisted her upwards, so that her whole bodyweight was supported by his forearms, with his elbows on the mattress. Her pussy was opened up, with her upper body angled backwards and her legs almost dangling.

Phil had a lovely view of the base of the butt plug poking out of her arse, as he leaned forward to tongue her again. As he pushed his tongue into her, he could feel the tingling vibrations emanating from the plug, as it whirred away inside her bum hole.

Debbie started to writhe her hips as he ran his tongue harder and harder over her clit. He found that she loved this increased pressure. Coupled with the tingling from the plug her arousal was building very quickly. Phil could taste her getting wetter and wetter. She was clearly on the brink of her orgasm. Suddenly she bucked her hips up, her body tensed, and she started quivering as the waves of her climax washed over her. A small flood of juice ran into Phil’s mouth, which he swallowed down greedily.

Phil eased her back down onto the mattress and now his hands were free, clicked the button on the remote again, which changed the speed and intensity of the vibrations pulsing into Debbie’s rectum. She gasped in response and Phil reached up and gave her nipples an aggressive twisting pinch. Her body arched off the bed before flopping back down again. He then rammed two fingers into her now-sopping pussy and pressed his thumb onto her swollen clit. Twisting and rotating his fingers, he worked them in and out of her, as she bucked in response.

Then, with his other hand, he picked up one of the clothes pegs and squeezed it, so the jaws opened. Carefully positioning the pads either side of her right nipple, he gently allowed it to close, pinching and flattening the nipple as it clamped down.

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