Lingerie Shopping

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Sue walked into the store casually. She knew today would be the day to purchase that special item. She glanced around at all the articles lining the walls until her gaze finally settled on the back wall. There it was. The salesperson walked over and Sue was startled.

Most of the time, at least in this kind of boutique, the hired help was female. Yet standing next to her was one of the hottest males she had seen in quite some time. She could say that in good conscience because that’s what she did. She was a photographer for one of the country’s largest female designed for female magazines. She had a great eye for the male form and was always on the lookout for new clients. The man next to her could be the new cover page that she was looking for.

She turned and smiled, only to realize the height of the specimen before her. He was clearly six feet and well proportioned. She glanced up and noticed his dark eyes. I wonder what they would look like gazed over in passion? Stop it, she reprimanded herself. Just because you’re not getting any doesn’t mean that you have to look for sex everywhere.

The clerk smiled at her and introduced himself.

“Good afternoon. My name is Derek and I would love the privilege to assist you in any way that I can.”

Sue smiled. If he knew what she was thinking then he might have to be more careful of his words. So here she was in the lingerie boutique, standing next to a man that awakened her senses, wondering just how much assistance he could give.

“My name is Sue and I’m looking for nothing in particular. Just something to wear that makes me feel…….sexy.”

“I see. Let me recommend a couple things to you and then we’ll get you situated in one of our fitting rooms. I’m assuming that you are a size 5 and a 36…b?”

“That’s amazing. I’ve never had anyone hit it that close before. You must fit a lot of women.”

“My fair share. It must admit that it is a job that I rather enjoy. Where else do you get to see beautiful women everyday?”

Sue smiled at that. He would make a fine addition to her portfolio. She was beginning to notice the way that his body moved.

“Shall we begin? She inquired.

Derek nodded. He motioned her to one of the large fitting areas. Sue made herself comfortable on the lounge and waited for him to show her some of the articles that lined the pendik escort walls.

He disappeared for a moment, returning with a pastel pink teddy and matching thong. It was made of satin and soft to the touch.

“This would accent your skin tone. It’s also one of our better sellers.”

Sue shook her head. She wasn’t in the market for a teddy today. She needed some bras and matching panties. Especially since the weather was warming up. The ones she owned were fine for the cooler weather but not to wear under summery things. She mentioned this to Derek and he nodded. The selection that he brought back caught her breath. There were pastel shades and numerous fabrics. She picked out a few to try on and Derek left again.

Sue fingered the fabrics as her mind wandered. Of all the times to be horny. She’d been abstinent for some time and it was a feeling that was hard to ignore. It’s not that she hadn’t tried. She just hadn’t found anyone that excited her on that particular level. She hadn’t found anyone that really wanted her either.

She took this time to try on one of the bra sets. It was white, lacy and fit very well. The bra cupped her breasts with just enough cleavage to be naughty. The whiteness enhanced the tan that she had spent so much time obtaining. At least that was an upside to her job. She got to travel extensively. Oh. The men she had seen.

Derek’s return brought her out of her daydream. His arms were laden down with garments and accessories. Her eyes drifted to the pile and she smiled. He seemed to know her so well for there were articles that could only be considered slutty and those that she would call conservative.

Sue watched as his eyes roamed over her nearly naked body. She could sense the approval in his eyes. He bent and placed the clothing on the settee next to her and smiled.

“Is there anything else that I can help you with?” he asked suggestively as he took one step closer to her.

She turned around and said, “I can always use a male opinion.” Derek smiled and sat down, making himself comfortable on the couch.

“Show me what you like,” he said, leaning back.

Sue stepped over to the pile and pulled out a few items. First there was a black garter and matching hose followed by a black thong. She tugged on the thong she was wearing and bent to remove it from her ankles. She slipped escort pendik on the new thong, followed by the garter. She slid the hose up her leg, watching as Derek watched her. She couldn’t believe this. Here she was, trying on lingerie and more than likely going to get lucky.

She pulled the hose into place and attached them to the garter. She rummaged through the stack of lingerie again and found a black corset. She loosened the ties and reached around to undo her bra. As it fell free she could hear the air escape from Derek’s lip. The intake of breath told her that he found her attractive.

Sue moved closer to him and bent forward. “Would you mind doing me up, please?” She turned around and felt Derek’s fingertips touch her skin. He carefully tied the ribbons and stepped back. She turned and he nodded her approval.

She preferred black. It made her feel sexy and powerful. Out of all her outfits she loved the feeling that black gave her. She turned around and Derek reached out for her hand. He spun her, watching as her body turned before him.

“It suits you.” He reached out to touch her face. His fingertips stopped at her lips, tracing them. Her tongue snaked out and pulled one of his fingers into he mouth. His intake of breath turned her on. She slowly began to lose all reason in her quest to get laid.

Sue sucked on his finger for a moment. He gazed into her eyes as his arms slid around her, pulling her close enough to feel the hardness in his groin. She breathed in sharply. There would be no stopping her this time. She needed to get fucked as badly as he wanted to give it to her.

Sue pulled his head down to her lips and she thrust her tongue into his mouth. He tasted as good as he smelled. As desire coursed through her veins she felt him undo the ribbons on her corset. He breasts sprung free and he bent his head to them eagerly.

He grasped one breast gently and nibbled on her. Sue leaned into his touch and offered herself to him. Derek’s fingers traveled over her body. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. His strong body presented itself to her and she traced the contours of his chest.

She drew her hands along his spine, down to gently grasp his hips. She pulled them together as his thumb teased her nipple. She gasped and whispered to him, “Should we be really be doing this here?”

He looked pendik escort bayan at her with desire in his eyes. “Do you really want to stop?”

Sue shook her head. “No. I need this. Please don’t stop.” His lips captured hers again, lingering as they tasted her. She met him thrust for thrust and together they fell to the couch. She rolled so that she was on top. Derek reached for her and she pushed his hands away.

He relented and moved his hands above his head. She undid his pants and helped him get out of them. She could tell that he needed this as much as she did. She explored his hard strong body with her fingers and her tongue.

Each intake of breath only made her want more. She stood and removed her panties. She pulled him so that he was lying flat on his back. She crawled up next to him and turned so that she could mount his face. He touched her hips as she moved into position above him.

She felt his tongue taste her as she took him into her mouth. She moaned, both from eating him and being eaten. She didn’t know how long she could hold out before she needed to feel him buried deep inside her. She sucked him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip. She felt him touch her pussy with his finger. Sue moaned as she felt him enter her. Derek’s finger thrust in and out as she sucked. Their breathing was ragged and hoarse.

She knew that she needed the release that only he could give her. Her body craved it and her voice begged for it. Derek looked at her and withdrew his fingers.

“I want you on your knees.” Her tiny squeal told him that he had guessed correctly. She quickly disengaged herself and turned over so that he was behind her. Sue felt his cock brush against her ass and down towards her pussy. He teased her briefly and then thrust deeply into her waiting pussy. She groaned loudly.

Derek thrust deeply and quickly. Sue felt herself pushing back towards him, taking him as deeply as she could. Each thrust caused the passion to build. She knew that it wouldn’t be long before she came. He reached around her and tweaked her clit. She arched her back as the orgasm flooded through her. Her pussy clamped down on Derek’s cock and he grabbed her hips.

His voice came to her through the haze of her orgasm. “I need to come. Bad. Baby, please?”

She reached behind her and pulled him close. Her pussy continued to contract as he filled her with his seed. He spent himself and leaned over her to whisper in her ear. “You do know that you are a she devil don’t you?”

“Of course dear. I hope that the tip was sufficient.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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