Lindsay- Part 1

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I travel for work a great deal. I live in a city that means I have to fly to my main office regularly and then go onwards from there. I have various colleagues that I travel with from time to time but one is worth telling a story about…
I was on a trip away with a colleague called Lindsay to a city a fair way from our headquarters that meant that we would have to stay overnight, in fact, we were there for a couple of nights. We had finished a long day on the job and both caught a taxi back to our hotel for the night. Lindsay and I both got on well, being at the same rank in the company and as friendly as two colleagues can be.
We were both happily married with young kids, in our 30’s and both dreaded the trips away from our families.
We chatted happily in the taxi and as we arrived at the hotel, decided to meet up in an hour for a drink before dinner. It sounded good and I retired to my room to shower and change. I enjoyed the warm water soothing away the cares of the day. I got out the shower, lay on the bed, called the kids, chilled for a bit then got dressed and went down to the hotel bar to wait for Lindsay.
I ordered a beer. The first sip was like nectar, you know when it is ice cold and it washes away all the problems? It was that sort of beer! Lindsay soon joined me and ordered some cocktail or other.
I should describe Lindsay. She stood about 5’9’’, blonde, shoulder length hair, good sized breasts and generally in good shape. She was outgoing and bubbly, knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to say it.
We had a great time at the bar, discussing everything to work, family, politics and current affairs around the world. It was great to chat with someone up to date with what was happening around the world, not just interested in what was happening domestically in their neighbourhood.
We had a couple of drink then went and had dinner, sharing a bottle of wine together. Over coffee and dessert, the conversation turned towards our families.
We both complained about missing time away from home and our respective families. We swapped stories about our kids and how great they were and we found mutual solace in talking about them. The chat moved on to our partners and how much we obviously both loved them. I do love my wife dearly. It’s just that our sex life is a bit one dimensional.
I don’t know how we got onto it but Lindsay eventually ended up admitting that she was unsatisfied sexually by her husband because he did not eat her out ever, something she loved having done to her. In the spirit of openness, I told her that my wife didn’t like giving head and it was something I really missed. A strange thing happened then, we both blurted out, almost simultaneously, about how much we liked giving, as well as receiving, oral sex.
‘Perhaps we should help each other out then?’ I suggested. As soon as I said it, I mentally kicked myself. I couldn’t believe I had said something so stupid.
‘Maybe we should.’ Replied Lindsay. ‘It’s not cheating if we don’t have sex, right? I’m desperate for someone to lick me out and give me a real good oral seeing to.’
I couldn’t believe my ears! ‘Well, Lindsay, I’m happy to if you are?’ I said.
‘Sure, let’s get back to my room and make a start.’ Lindsay said.
On the way back to her room, Lindsay tried to lay some ground rules.
‘Look, this will all be about getting off in a way that our partners don’t or won’t do for us, right? So, let’s be selfish. I want you to eat me the way I want it and then I’ll blow you however you like it. Deal?’ said Lindsay.
I hurriedly agreed, excited that I would get blown but also that I was about to eat her pussy. I love eating pussy and my wife never wanted me to.
We entered Lindsay’s room and suddenly we were both nervous. Whilst we had agreed that we would not actually have sex and so not be cheating, we were, in all reality, about to cheat on our partners.
‘So how do you want to do this?’ I asked Lindsay.
‘I like to lie back on the bed and have you between my legs. I like my clit and lips sucked and I like to feel a tongue entering my pussy. I can’t believe that I’m about to do this, I’m actually pretty excited!’ Lindsay said.
With that, Lindsay quickly took off her skirt and panties and lay back on the bed. ‘I’m a bit embarrassed so I thought I’d just go for it and strip off!’ she said.
I knelt down on the floor and opened her legs, revealing her beautiful pussy to my view for the first time. It was completely bald, save for a thin landing strip of blonde hair above her slit. It was just how I liked my pussies. I was determined to eat her well and bring her to orgasm as often as I could.
I started with her inner thighs. I kissed and licked my way up and down, alternating between each leg, not going near her pussy except to let her feel my warm breath on her lips. I could tell that Lindsay was becoming aroused as she was squirming and her pussy was giving off a scent of her arousal.
After thoroughly warming her up, I moved onto her pussy. I started at the bottom and worked my way up, kissing and lightly licking my way up each pussy lip, making sure I gave her inner lips a good lick as I passed over them. I repeated the process several times, completely ignoring her clit as I got nearer and nearer to it.
Lindsay was by now squirming on the bed. I had obviously teased her enough as she suddenly grabbed my head and pulled my face onto her pussy. I took the hint and went to work. I allowed my tongue to penetrate her pussy for the first time, pushing it into her pussy, between her slick labia, allowing myself to taste her delicious juices for the first time. Lindsay moaned loudly as my tongue went in. With my tongue in her pussy, I ground my nose onto her clit, giving her extra stimulation there, as I continued my deep probing with my tongue.
Withdrawing my tongue, I sucked one of her labia into my mouth. Lindsay had protruding labia, with what I called a touch of the ‘burnt beaver’, her inner lips being slightly darker than her outer. They tasted delicious and I alternated between sucking each one.
I moved up to finally pay her clit some attention. Lindsay was already writhing around on the bed and when I sucked her sensitive clit into my mouth for the first time, she went into overdrive, panting and moaning as I pleasured her little nub with my tongue and lips. I introduced a finger into her pussy as well at this time and this set Lindsay off on her first orgasm. She grabbed my head tightly and kept me focussed on her clit as she rode the waves of her orgasm as my finger continues to saw in and out of her pussy.
Eventually she let go of my head and collapsed back as I lessened my assault and just continued to kiss her pussy lightly as she came down from her orgasm. I showed no signs of stopping and moving away from her pussy though.
‘Oh my god! That was amazing! Tell me you’re going to do it again? No one has ever eaten me out twice in a row!’ Lindsay said.
‘I sure am Lindsay. I love the taste of your pussy. Just let me get more comfortable first.’ I replied.
With that I stood up and undressed. I was in decent shape and saw Lindsay cast an approving eye over my body, especially when my hard cock sprung out of my shorts when I had taken my pants off. I took all my clothes off and stood naked before Lindsay. She sat up and struggled out of her blouse and bra. I helped her take the bra off to free her big tits, which I delighted in fondling. Lindsay returned the favour and took my cock in her hand, pulling me towards her mouth, where she went straight in and engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth. I felt her tongue flicking the end. I was so horny right then but wanted to finish what I had started properly first.
‘Lindsay, let me finish with your pussy first!’ I said, pulling my cock from her mouth and lying her back down on the bed.
I went back down the bed, stopping at her tits to give them both a good feel and sucking her nipples firmly. This made Lindsay gasp and her grip on my cock tightened as her nipple was in my mouth.
I went back down between her legs and straight away got to work on her pussy. I warmed her up as before but this time moved straight to her clit after kissing her pussy. I enjoyed sucking her clit and I added two fingers into her sopping pussy this time, working them in and out in time with my sucks and licks on her clit. Lindsay was soon squirming under my assault and she gasped occasional words of encouragement.
With two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, I allowed my thumb to rest against her asshole and work around the outside. Lindsay didn’t object so I withdrew my fingers from her pussy, released her clit from my mouth and started tonguing her slit again, driving my tongue deep into her pussy, this time bringing my thumb up to rub her clit gently. After a while of probing her pussy with my tongue, I started to lick round the outside of her pussy, working my way ever lower so that eventually my tongue was brushing her asshole. Again, Lindsay didn’t object, so I really went to work on her asshole. I licked round her puckered starfish, alternating between hard and gentle flicks of my tongue. I continually rubbed her clit as I was doing this.
Lindsay was still writhing round so I took this as permission to continue my assault on her asshole. I started probing the tip of my tongue into her ass, feeling her tight anal ring yielding to my firm pressure of my tongue. Lindsay’s ass opened to allow my tongue in and I spent time reaming her ass, enjoying the sounds of undeniable pleasure from her.
I switched my attention to her pussy again, finding her clit and giving it a thorough working over. This time I also drove a finger into her ass as I was licking her. This sent Lindsay over the edge and a massive orgasm overtook her, causing her whole body to shudder. I gently lapped at her pussy as she rode the waves of her orgasm, finally calming down as it subsided.
I moved up the bed and leaned over Lindsay, kissing her on the lips as she panted after her orgasm. Lindsay returned my kiss with passion, pulling me down on top of her. As we kissed, I felt my cock touch her pussy, feeling her hot wetness. It felt amazing and I think Lindsay felt it too.
‘Your cock feels amazing on my pussy. Maybe I can use it to stimulate my clit one day?’ Lindsay said, as her had reached down and she rubbed my cock head over her engorged clit.
‘I think that would be fine!’ I said.
I think we both knew that would lead to full on sex so Lindsay let go of my cock and we resumed our kissing. Eventually we both came up for air.
‘That was the most amazing pussy licking I’ve ever had. I’ve never had my ass licked or played with before, but I kinda liked it! Now it’s your turn, how do you want me to blow you?’ Lindsay asked.
‘You know what, this first time, I’d just like you to do whatever you want. I do like to grad your head and facefuck sometimes though, so sorry if I get carried away!’ I said.
‘You do whatever you like!’ Said Lindsay, ‘Do you mind if I swallow? I love the taste of fresh cum and my husband doesn’t like anything other than straight sex so I never get to blow him.’
‘Of course I don’t mind!’ I replied. ‘I’ll start off lying back on the bed.’
I lay back and let Lindsay get to work on my cock.
Lindsay started off by getting in between my legs and immediately putting her mouth over the end of my cock. She started by bobbing her head up and down a few times before adding her hand to the bottom of my shaft and gripping me reasonably tightly. Lindsay resumed her blowjob, using her mouth and hand in tandem to give me pleasure.
I looked down my body and drank in the sight of a beautiful blonde with her mouth around my cock, desperate for my cum in her mouth. I also enjoyed watching her big tits hanging down as she blew me.
I couldn’t resist grabbing her head with both hands and used my hands to control the pace and depth of her blowjob. I also started moving my hips up to thrust my cock into her mouth. I was in heaven!
‘Ummh, Lindsay, your mouth feels amazing on my cock, keep going!’ I said.
Lindsay was now taking more of my cock into her mouth, helped on by the pressure from my hands on her head. I could feel her tongue working on my shaft as it went into her mouth and the suction she was getting was bringing me ever closer. When she brought her other hand up and started to fondle my balls, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I blew my load.
‘Lindsay, I’m so nearly there. I want to spurt deep into your mouth.’ I said.
‘Ummf’ Lindsay replied, which I took as permission!
Lindsay continued with her amazing blowjob and I could feel the tell-tale signs of my imminent eruption. I tightened my grip on Lindsay’s head and thrust harder bahis firmaları and faster into her mouth. I then held her head down, my cock deep into her mouth and I spurted my hot cum into her willing mouth. I let loose stream after stream of cum and I could feel Lindsay struggling to swallow it all. I released her head and a bit of cum escaped from her lips but she kept her mouth around my cock, sucking every last drop out of me. When I had finished, Lindsay licked up the bit that she split.
Lindsay then knelt up in between my legs and smiled at me. It was such an erotic sight, a beautiful woman kneeling in between my legs, tits on full show and knowing that she had just swallowed a huge load of my cum.
‘I really enjoyed that. I loved the taste of your cum and I actually enjoyed you holding my head. I didn’t think that I would but I did!’ Lindsay said, absent mindedly fondling my deflating cock.
‘Lindsay, that was amazing, thank you.’ I said.
‘You know, we might be onto something here. We can have amazing, no strings attached pleasure and my husband and your wife will never know.’ Lindsay said.
‘I agree, you sure you want to continue?’ I responded.
‘After those orgasms? You betcha I do!’ Lindsay told me.
Lindsay then moved and lay down beside me.
‘Lindsay, I’m hugely keen to continue, as I said that was amazing, but we need to lay some ground rules.’ I said.
‘You’re right. First, we don’t ever mention this to our partners. I take it you want to stay married to your wife? I know I do with my husband.’ Lindsay said.
‘Yup, that’s a given. Secondly, if we are going to do this, then let’s have no inhibitions, let’s try and fulfil each other’s sexual fantasies as much as we can.’ I suggested.
‘I’m good with that. But no actual penetration of my pussy with your cock. Much as I would like to, I think that’s a step too far. I think I would really feel guilty about cheating on my husband then. At the moment, I’m fine with what we are doing!’ Lindsay said firmly.
‘That’s fine by me. Now, we are both in charge of our schedules. How about we try and make trips together at least a couple of times a month?’ I also suggested.
‘Yeah, that sounds good to me, I could use more orgasms!’ Lindsay said, laughing.
‘Me too!’ I agreed.
‘So if we are going to be open, let me tell you a couple of my more vanilla sexual fantasies for a start. First, I really want to sit on your face and have you eat me out like that. My husband has never, ever done that. I’d also like to be eaten out whilst I’m on my hands and knees, exposing my ass. That’s something I’ve just thought of, given your licking my ass earlier! I’ll save others for later.’ Lindsay told me.
‘I’m excited to fulfil those for you. I’d love to do that for you.’ I replied.
‘Now what about you?’ Lindsay asked me.
‘Well, let me start off slowly like you did. Firstly, I’ve got a bit of a lingerie fetish, I love to see a woman in sexy bra, panties and if stockings are on offer I’m a sucker for those too! Secondly, I’d love to be blown by you on your knees with me standing and then with you lying down and me fucking your face from on top. Then, I’d love to sixty nine with you.’ I told her.
‘I’m happy to do all that with you. I’ve got a great collection of lingerie that I hardly ever wear anymore and I’d be excited about buying more to please you. I’ve never done a sixty nine before, I can’t wait to try it! I think we are going to have a lot of fun when we travel together!’ Lindsay said.
I was hugely excited about the future of us travelling together. I could easily make sure that we were a couple of times a month. It gave me a reason to look forward to the trips now, now that I had a booty call on tap. The no actual sex bit would be interesting though. I looked forward to fulfilling some of my fantasies with Lindsay.
‘Wanna watch some TV as we recover?’ Lindsay asked.
‘Sure thing.’ I answered.
Lindsay reached over to the side table and grabbed the remote. I took the opportunity to admire her ass as she stretched over. I couldn’t wait to get to know it better! The TV came on and Lindsay snuggled into me, resting her head against my chest as my arm went round her. We watched TV for a while, both stark naked, enjoying each other’s silent company as we watched. As one program ended, Lindsay looked up at me and said,
‘How about we take a shower together?
‘Lead the way!’ I said.
Lindsay got up and I enjoyed watching her sexy ass as she walked to the bathroom. I quickly followed her. Lindsay got the water running in the large, glass fronted shower cubicle (thankfully our company paid for good hotels!). As the water got to temperature, Lindsay got in and let the water cascade over her naked body. I got in behind her, thankful there was plenty of room to manoeuvre.
I pressed up against Lindsay, reaching my arms around to fondle her breasts, allowing my cock to press into her firm ass cheeks. Lindsay lay her head back against me as I fondled her tits as the water enveloped us in its heat.
Keeping one hand on her breasts, I allowed my other hand to trail down her stomach and to her pussy. Lindsay gasped as my fingers brushed over her clit and I was able to slip one straight inside her as she was so wet. With my cock pressed against her ass and the fact that I was gently thrusting against her meant that I was now hard. Lindsay reached a hand behind her and grabbed my shaft firmly in her hand and wanked me slowly up and down.
I had added a second finger into her slit now and was giving Lindsay a good, old fashioned, fingering as my other hand was tweaking her nipple between two fingers. Lindsay was moaning with her head back, giving herself up to the sensations running through her. I decided to up the ante!
I took my hand off her breast and moved it behind her to caress and fondle her ass. I moved myself to the side of her to allow myself to be able to access her pussy and ass. I stroked my hand up and down her ass crack, spreading her cheeks apart as my fingers moved deeper, before allowing my middle finger to circle her anus.
I move my mouth onto her right nipple and sucked and gently bit it as I pushed my left middle finger past her anal ring and into her ass. Lindsay jolted and moaned loudly as she felt my finger intrude into her bum hole. She had let go of my cock and was savouring the sensations of having my fingers in her ass and pussy and my mouth on her nipple.
‘Yes, yes, yes, it feels so good, don’t stop, oh don’t stop, uh, uh, uh…..’ Lindsay was moaning to me, those being the more intelligible sounds that came out of her mouth between her sounds of arousal.
I now had three fingers in her pussy and pushed a second one into her ass and then bit down harder on her nipple. I increased the pace of my fingers in her pussy as my thumb found her clit and that was enough to send Lindsay over the edge and let another orgasm burst upon her. Lindsay screamed out as it racked through her body, panting between gasps as waves of pleasure washed over her. I withdrew all my fingers and Lindsay fell forward and had to use her hands to support her body against the wall.
I again moved behind her and rubbed my rock hard cock all over her ass before letting it settle between her cheeks and using her bum cheeks to wank my cock as it slid between them, aided by the water cascading down Lindsay’s back. I took hold of Lindsay’s hip with my hands and using them to pull her around my cock, savouring the sensation of our hot, wet flesh sliding against each other.
Lindsay had now recovered from her orgasm and was helping me with her movements. She then turned around and launched in to kiss me. Our lips mashed together and we pulled each other tight and passionately kissed. My cock was pressed against both of our stomachs. Lindsay reached down and pushed it down, letting it slide between her legs so that it was sticking out the back of her. I could feel her wet pussy sliding along the top of my shaft, making it even wetter than it was with the water. Lindsay was panting into my mouth as my cock stimulated her pussy lips as it slid along them.
I reached down behind her and again started to gently finger her asshole, just above where my cock head was pushing out.
‘OH. MY. GOD! What are you doing to me, it feels soooo good. Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop!’ Lindsay yelled as she broke off our kiss.
I went for it, thrusting my cock back and forth harder and fingering her asshole that little bit harder. Lindsay rapidly approached another orgasm and this one burst upon her like a steam train, making her literally go limp in my arms as I held her up.
I turned the water off and helped Lindsay out of the shower and into a towel. I then led her back in the bedroom, where she collapsed, drained onto the bed.
Lindsay looked up at me and said, ‘Wow! You have just given me some of the best orgasms of my life. I’m so pleased we decided to do this! Let me get you off now. How do you want it?’
‘Lindsay, I really enjoyed rubbing my cock on your ass, I’d love for you to turn over and let me continue for a bit!’ I nervously said to her. I was worried she might not let me.
‘Sure, whatever you want.’ Lindsay said.
With that, she turned over and lay prone on the bed, looking over her shoulder at me. I quickly moved over to her and straddled her ass, allowing my heavy balls to flop onto her and the base of my cock touch her ass.
I leant forward, making the whole shaft of my cock line up along her ass crack. I rubbed myself on her, enjoying the sensations. Our lips met in an awkward kiss, Lindsay having to twist her neck to reach me. I sped up my thrusting, feeling pleasure from the friction between us. I wasn’t far away.
I adjusted my hips so that my cock head was now between her cheeks, each thrust forward making it press onto Lindsay’s anal opening. Lindsay was making small sounds of pleasure every time my cock pressed onto her anal ring. I wasn’t trying to fuck her anally, it was just where my cock ended up as I humped her ass.
It quickly became too much, I was too turned on and the next time that I thrust forward, my cock exploded, shooting cum out against Lindsay’s asshole. Rope after rope of cum squirted out, completely filling her ass crack. I moved off her as my cum stopped and looked at the mess I had made!
Lindsay opened her legs and wriggled her ass about, enjoying the feeling of my cum on her skin. I was turned on watching my cum dribble down her ass, over her pussy and onto the bed sheets. Lindsay was a mess, but what a sexy mess.
‘I think I need another shower now!’ Lindsay said.
She got up and went into the bathroom and into the shower. I followed her but did not get in the shower.
‘Thanks Lindsay that was another of my fantasies!’ I said.
‘I loved it, I especially liked feeling your cum on me. You know I think I like anal play, what with you having stuck your fingers in my ass for the first time today!’ Lindsay replied.
Lindsay then got out of the shower and walked over to me. She bent down and swiftly took my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.
‘You had a little dribble of cum on the end, shame to waste it!’ Lindsay said as she stood up again.
‘Hey, thanks, you won’t find me complaining!’ I said.
‘I don’t think I can take anymore orgasms tonight.’ Lindsay said, before continuing, ‘so how do you want to do sleeping? I’m not sure how I would feel about actually sleeping in the same bed together.’
‘You know, neither do I! It’s weird isn’t it? Here we are having done so much sexually just now worried about sleeping in the same bed! How about we say this, let’s go back to our own rooms tonight and see how we feel about it all tomorrow. We have another night after all!’ I said.
‘OK, I think you are right.’ Lindsay said.
With that, I got dressed and left Lindsay with a passionate kiss, having arranged to have breakfast together at 7am the following day.
The next day I met Lindsay for breakfast. I had to ask her a question that had been nagging me,
‘So Lindsay, any regrets about last night?’ I asked.
‘None whatsoever! It was amazing and I can’t wait until we can do it again. That is if you still want to?’ she said.
‘Phew, I was hoping you would say that. I’m still keen. Having slept on it, it feels so right. I responded.
‘Great! I agree, it does, doesn’t it?’ Lindsay said.
We had a good breakfast and enjoyed chatting over a leisurely coffee at the end. We talked for so long that we realised that we would be pushed for time to get a taxi and get to the office on time. Not that it really mattered as we kept our own schedules but it looked good if company management were there for opening time!
We managed to arrive with minutes to spare and went on in and got caught kaçak iddaa up in the minutiae of managing an outpost office. One thing that was good was that they had set aside their meeting room for us both to use as out temporary office when we were there. It was one of those cool glass walled on two sided rooms that had that special glass that would become totally opaque at the touch of a button on the central control.
About half an hour before lunch, we both found ourselves back in the office, alone. Lindsay looked over to me.
‘You know what I’d like to do right now?’ she asked
‘No?’ I replied, looking up at her.
‘I’d like to crawl under this desk, take your cock out and suck you off until you came in my mouth!’ Lindsay stated.
‘Ummh, Lindsay, I’d love that. Fancy trying it?’ I asked.
Lindsay was already reaching for the control unit to frost the glass when there was a knock on the door. Lindsay looked at me and raised her eyebrows as someone walked in and the moment was lost.
At lunchtime, we went to a local mall to eat as it was the closest place with a decent restaurant in it. We had a light lunch and then wandered round the mall aimlessly for a while before chancing on a disable toilet that had no one nearby. I grabbed Lindsay and dragged her inside.
I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her hard, glad to feel her kiss me back, she pulled my head onto hers and returned my kiss with interest.
My hands moved up to her breasts. They looked fantastic today, straining against the white blouse she was wearing.
‘Lindsay, I’ve been staring at your breasts since this morning, they look fantastic.’ I said lustily.
‘Play away, they’re all your whilst we are away, my whole body is!’ Lindsay replied.
We resumes kissing while my hands roamed all over her blouse and bra encased tits. Lindsay’s hand had reached down and was fondling my by now hard cock through my pants when a knock came on the door. We pulled apart and looked at each other and laughed. We straightened ourselves out and opened the door to a startled little old lady and walked away happily back to work.
The afternoon was hard as I just wanted to ‘play’ with Lindsay but had to do something. Lindsay felt the same way as she suggestively undid a button on her blouse when we were alone and leant forward for me to enjoy a view of her cleavage. The button was quickly done up again as the door was again opened. It seemed we couldn’t catch a break.
At the end of the day we bid our farewells to the team in the office and left for the day. We had one more night here and then would catch a flight out early the next morning.
Back at the hotel, we managed to keep our hands off each other until we got to Lindsay’s room. Once the door was closed we were all over each other. We were like horny young kids, not 30 somethings! We were kissing and trying to undress each other, getting in each other’s way in the rush to disrobe!
Eventually all our clothes were off and that seemed to calm us down. We stood there in the middle of the room kissing, my hard cock squashed between our bodies. My hands were roaming all over Lindsay’s ass, cupping her cheeks and having the best grope and fondle ever!
I broke the kiss and led Lindsay over to the bed.
‘Wanna sit on my face?’ I asked.
‘Oooh yes please!’ Lindsay replied enthusiastically.
I lay down on the bed and Lindsay climbed on and straddled my face.
‘I want you to dive straight in, no teasing, eat me straight away.’ Lindsay ordered.
I was happy to oblige and when she lowered her pussy down onto my mouth I went for it and thrust my tongue right into her pussy. This made Lindsay gasp and grind herself down harder. I held onto her ass with my hands and used them to help guide her where I wanted her to be. My tongue was lapping happily at her slit, enjoying the increasing juices, staying away from her clit for the moment. I gave her long licks, making sure I got a good tongue onto her asshole before moving up and licking the length of her slit, ending up just short of her clit.
I continued this for a while before making sure that I then included her clit in my licks. Lindsay exploded and thrust with her hips, grinding her pussy onto my mouth, trapping my tongue on her clit. I let her have it full force, sucking and licking it hard.
‘Yeah, yes, yes, yes! Like that, just like that, keep going! Uh, uh, uh, uh!’ Lindsay moaned.
I upped my intensity and this drove Lindsay wild, she was bucking her hips, desperate to keep her clit in contact with my mouth. Lindsay soon exploded into orgasm and her thrusts calmed down accompanied by a soft mewling sound as she rode out her orgasm on my face.
When her breathing had returned to normal, Lindsay climbed off and straddled my stomach and leant down and kissed me passionately. As her juices were coating my face, we soon became a wet mess as we shared a post orgasmic kiss. In this position, I could feel the very tip of my cock pressed against her wet pussy. It felt amazing, her hot, slick pussy radiating heat against my pulsating cock, desperate to enter her. Even in my clouded lust I knew better. Lindsay broke off our kiss, obviously feeling the same sensations.
‘Oh my, your cock feels so good nestled against my pussy like that. I know we can’t fuck but do you mind if I stay in this position for a while? The feelings shooting through me after that amazing orgasm are incredible.’ Lindsay said.
I didn’t bother to respond, I just pulled her head down and resumed our tongue lashing in each other’s mouths.
My cock was at the gates of heaven and it could feel nirvana ahead of it. It had a mind of its own at this point and I could feel myself lift my hips ever so slightly to increase the friction on my cock head with Lindsay’s pussy.
‘Ummh, it feels soooo good there.’ Moaned Lindsay into my mouth.
‘Lindsay, we can’t.’ I said, coming back to my senses.
‘You’re right.’ Replied Lindsay climbing off me and laying down at 90 degrees to me, her head resting over my navel.
This gave her the perfect position to reach her tongue out and flick the end of my cock. It felt great and Lindsay continued with this teasing for a while. I let my hands roam up and down her smooth back, down over her ass and back up again. Lindsay moved her head forward and sucked the end of my cock into her mouth. She continued her teasing with just my cock head in her mouth, lashing her tongue all over and round it, building me up into a frenzy of lust.
Lindsay then moved her head down and took more of my cock into her mouth. I reached down and put my middle finger onto her asshole and pushed it in, causing Lindsay to moan loudly, the vibrations in her mouth adding to the sensation on my cock in her mouth. I put my other hand on the back of Lindsay’s head and pushed gently, causing her to take more of my cock in before releasing her and repeating the process. Lindsay moved her head in unison with my urges and she was soon building up a fantastic rhythm and giving me an excellent blowjob.
I increased the speed of my finger going in and out of her ass, making Lindsay moan continually on my cock. She had one hand on the base of my cock and was furiously wanking me as she sucked me off. I felt myself preparing to cum.
‘Lindsay, I’m going to cum! I want to spray it on your face.’ I said.
Lindsay moved her head back slightly so she was just licking the end of my cock, her hand moving in a blur as she wanked my shaft.
‘Lindsay, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.’ I blurted out as the first ropes of cum boiled up out of my balls.
Lindsay stopped licking my cock head and just wanked me off close to her face. I felt myself erupt and Lindsay continued with her wanking, not stopping until every drop was out of my balls and on her face. She then licked my cock again, obviously hunting for any stray bits of cum that weren’t on her face.
‘Wanna see the mess you’ve made?’ Lindsay asked me.
With that she sat up and turned her face to me. Her face was plastered in my cum. Both eyes were nearly glued shut, her cheeks and lips were covered and there was even some on her forehead and in her hair.
‘Wow! Lindsay, that was amazing, thank you. I hope that was alright?’ I asked
‘It was awesome! I loved it. But next time, I wanna be looking in your eyes as you cum on my face.’ Lindsay replied.
She then licked her lips and used her fingers to brush the cum off her face and into her mouth. It was such an erotic sight, her eating my cum off her face.
We were both pretty wiped after those immense orgasms, Lindsay again commenting that it was one of the best of her life! Her husband must really neglect her I remember thinking!
We went to clean up before dinner. I went back to my room to get clothes and we met again in half an hour outside Lindsay’s room and walked down together.
We went to the bar and had a couple of drink before having a great dinner in one of the hotel restaurants. We had discussed going out somewhere but wanted to get back to the room to have more time to play!
Over dinner Lindsay quizzed me about my lingerie fetish, getting a better idea about what turned me on. She said that she would make sure that she had everything that I liked with her next time. We also took the time to lay some ground rules for when we were away. We agreed that it would not be a good idea to call or whatsapp each other when we were apart with our families. Any communication should be done through the work email to ensure we did not get caught out by our partners. We also decided that Lindsay would avoid coming to my home city (I live there primarily for my wife’s work, not having too much to do in our office there as I tended to work out of Headquarters. Lindsay agreed to palm this off on someone else so we were not tempted by anything close to home! The same went for when I visited HQ as that would also not be safe for her as she lived in that city.
The subject moved onto sex and what we were doing. Lindsay told me that she just loved what I was doing to her pussy and how it made her feel. Lindsay even said how much she was getting out of our anal play, something she had never experienced before! I assured her that I loved my cock in her mouth and exploring her body with my tongue and hands. We looked at each other and agreed that this could be the perfect relationship, each of us getting something we wanted that our partners could not or would not provide for us. I wondered if she would consider letting me fuck her ass but felt it was a bit early in our new relationship to ask that, even with a few drinks over dinner!
After dinner we went back to Lindsay’s room for more ‘playing’, as she put it! Once through the door, she turned round and invited me to unzip her dress. I gently grasped her shoulders and rubbed her up and down, before taking the zip and slowly running it down the zipper. Leaving the dress on but still on her shoulders, I leant forward and gently kissed and licked my way down her spine, from her neck to the zip bottom, just above her panties. Once at the bottom, I reached inside her dress and fondled her breasts that were encased in her bra.
I took the dress off her shoulders and let it fall, leaving Lindsay stood there in just her bra and panties. I knelt down behind her and eased her panties down to the floor. I then buried my face in her ass as she stood there, flicking my tongue out to find her bum hole.
‘Lindsay, kneel on the bed for me.’ I commanded her.
Lindsay went and assumed the position, taking her bra off as she went over there. I crouched down behind her, savouring the view of her pussy and asshole exposed to me in this position.
I started with her asshole, pushing my tongue onto her little starfish and licking all around it before pushing my tongue into her yielding anal ring, enjoying the spicy aroma of her ass as I penetrated her with my tongue. I had a thumb on her clit and was gently rubbing. Lindsay was gasping again as she was pleasured. Her foot started rubbing my crotch through my pants.
‘Take your clothes off, then please continue with what you were doing?’ Lindsay said.
I did so and then resumed my reaming of her ass as her foot found my naked cock and rubbed me to full stiffness. I allowed two fingers to enter her pussy as my thumb continued its steady rubbing of her clit. With her pussy and ass being stimulated, Lindsay was now moaning loudly, begging me to keep going as her pleasure levels increased.
‘Oh yes, yes, yesss! Keep doing that, keep doiiiiing…….. uuugh, uuugh, yes, yes!’ Lindsay panted out.
I was now alternating my tongue between her asshole and her pussy. When my tongue was in her pussy, my nose was rubbing her asshole, keeping the stimulation there. Lindsay had a massive amount of pussy juice leaking out kaçak bahis of her cunt and I was trying to lap it all up. Lindsay had an orgasm hit with me stimulating her ass, pussy and clit, she pushed her ass back at me, making me increase the pressure I was putting on all three areas. Lindsay dropped her head to the bed sheets and let out muffled cries as her body shook and she orgasmed for what seemed like ages.
‘Oh that’s amazing again. Now I want you to rub your cock all round my pussy. I need to feel your hot cock touching my pussy.’ Lindsay begged.
I knelt in between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock all round her pussy. Lindsay was so wet that my cock was quickly covered and the sensations on my sensitive cock head were incredible. Feeling Lindsay’s hot pussy on my cock felt out of this world. I was desperate to just thrust forward and fuck her but I somehow managed to hold off doing it. I continued to move my cock around, now making sure that it moved over her puckered anus as well as her pussy.
Lindsay was loving it as much as I was, she was breathlessly saying,
‘Oh yes, your hot cock on my pussy feels so amazing. I love it, oh yes, oh yes! Rub it on me, make me feel your cock, rub your cock head through my pussy lips.’ Lindsay moaned.
I targeted her pussy lips and allowed my cock head to just nestle in between her inner lips and rub in very small movements. The feeling was electric as her slick wetness seemed to engulf my cock, making me grunt loudly.
All it would take was one small thrust forward and I would have slipped straight up her pussy. I didn’t want to risk it though as we had an agreement. Her asshole though? Well we hadn’t mentioned that!
I removed my cock from the outside of her pussy and rubbed it round her tight asshole, smearing her pussy juice and my pre-cum all around her anal opening.
‘Uummh, that feels good as well!’ Lindsay moaned back at me.
I took that as permission to continue and increased the pressure on her tight asshole. Lindsay stiffened and pulled away.
‘I’m scared it will hurt. I want to let you fuck my ass, I really do but I’m scared of the pain.’ Lindsay said.
‘Lindsay, we don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. How about I stop that now and we work on loosening your bum hole together so that we can do it sometime in the future?’ I said.
‘Do you mean you’ll buy me a butt plug? I’ve heard about them and as horny as I am now, it sounds quite appealing!’ Lindsay said.
‘Sure, let’s get you one of those and then we’ll fuck another time!’ I said, relieved that she had not said no to anal sex.
I stood back off the bed and Lindsay turned round and sat on the edge of the bed. She hungrily took my cock straight into her mouth, going down as far as she could on it before releasing me and then repeating the process. I took a hold of her hair either side of her head and used it to work her mouth around my cock, pushing her deep onto it and then pulling her off of it.
I wasn’t far from cumming at this rate and wanted to look her in the eyes as I came in her mouth.
‘Lindsay, I’m going to cum into your mouth and I want to look into your eyes as I do so.’ I said.
Lindsay immediately looked up and I pistoned my cock faster into her mouth, feeling her incredible suction, enjoying the sight of her hollowed out cheeks as she sucked me off.
Pretty soon I was ready and I looked her in the eye as I held her head mid way on my cock and spurted rope after rope of cum straight into her waiting mouth. I moved her head up and down short distances to help milk the cum out of my cock. Lindsay didn’t even blink at me as she looked at me as she swallowed every drop.
It was a fantastic experience, looking a beautiful woman in the eye as she swallowed your cum with your cock in her mouth. One I recommend for every man! Lindsay eventually released my deflating cock out of her mouth and we both collapsed back onto the bed.
‘Lindsay, that was amazing, thanks!’ I said.
‘Hey, I love it! And I love what you do to my pussy too!’ Lindsay replied.
We snuggled for a bit then went and cleaned up in the shower. We enjoyed a very sensual shower together, both spent from our earlier activities. It was very nice to relax with a beautiful, naked woman.
I went back to my room for the night and had no trouble getting to sleep after all the fun we’d had!
The next morning we were up early and after a quick breakfast, off to the airport to catch a flight back to HQ.
Everything went smoothly until we were sat in the airline lounge (thankfully we travelled Business class!) and the airline announced that there was an unexpected delay for an unspecified time. Luckily we were both able to make calls and use the wifi for emails and quick FaceTime calls. Technology really makes life easier sometimes!
We worked away for a couple of hours, and I felt my horniness levels rising again. I moved closer to Lindsay and said,
‘Lindsay I really need to cum one last time before we get back. How about it?’ I suggested
‘Ummh, me too. I’m so horny right now. Shall we risk going off to the restroom together?’ Lindsay suggested.
I was about to take her up on it, in fact, I was already rising out of my seat to go, when they called our flight! Typical, a delay and then just when it was about to get interesting the delay doesn’t even work in your favour!
‘To be continued!’ I said, putting my tablet and other items away.
Lindsay just winked at me and we made our way to the gate. Thank god for priority boarding for business travellers! We were soon seated in our seats enjoying a cold drink whilst the rest of the plane boarded. We were sat together, Lindsay next to the window and me in the aisle seat to her right.
Lindsay leant over and whispered in my ear, ‘I’ve never done it on a plane before, how about we sneak into the toilet and see what we can manage?’
‘Yes, we will. Now, Lindsay, take off your panties and give them to me. Do it now!’ I told her.
Lindsay looked at me and smiled, ‘OK kinky one, I’ll try!’ she replied.
With that she opened her blanket and spread it over her lap. I could see her hands working her skirt up over her hips and then see her legs moving as she eased her panties down. Eventually she bent over and picked them up off the floor and pressed them into my hand. I covered them with my hand and brought them to my nose to sniff her aromas. I then put them in my shirt pocket.
‘Oh my god! That was such a turn on! And to see you sniff my panties after I gave them to you! I’m so horny right now!’ Lindsay whispered to me.
I reached my hand over and let it slide under her blanket. I slipped it under her skirt and brought my fingers up to find a very wet pussy indeed. I gently rubbed her for a moment, eliciting a groan from Lindsay before withdrawing and leaving her frustrated and even more horny.
We soon took off and settled in to the flight. There were a few others in business class but it was nowhere near full. When it was all quiet, I got up and raised my eyebrows to Lindsay and walked off to the toilet. I went inside and didn’t bother to lock the door. Sure enough, less than a minute later the door opened and Lindsay squeezed herself in with me and locked the door behind her. There wasn’t much room to manoeuver in and Lindsay was facing the door, having just locked it. I didn’t even let her turn round, I launched straight in and grabbed her boobs through her blouse and bra.
Lindsay leant her head back and we kissed awkwardly as I fondled her breasts. I pulled her blouse out of her skirt, pushed my hands up inside and lifted her bra over her tits, letting my fingers tweak her nipples. My rock hard cock was pressing into her ass and Lindsay reached behind her and stroked my through my pants.
With one hand working her nipples, I let me other trail down and pull her skirt up, Lindsay helping me to bunch it up round her waist. This gave me access to her pussy and I dived straight in with my fingers, working them over her clit and in and out of her hole.
I released her tits with my other hand and brought it behind her and gently worked her asshole, rubbing my middle finger round her puckered anus whilst fingering her pussy with my other hand. Lindsay was writhing against me and she went wild when I pushed a finger into her asshole as I rubbed her clit.
‘I want you to fuck my ass now!’ Lindsay gasped out.
I didn’t need a second invitation! I took my hand out of her pussy and undid my pants and pushed them and my boxers down to my ankles. My cock was a hard as iron at the thought of finally invading Lindsay’s bowels with it!
I moved my hand back to her pussy and assaulted both of her holes, adding a second finger into her ass to loosen her anal ring a bit. I had noticed some hand cream in the toilet and I squirted some out and rubbed it into Lindsay’s ass and repeated it onto my cock.
I bent my knees a bit and Lindsay stood on tip toes and I brought my cock to rest against her asshole. I pushed forward gently, feeling her incredibly tight anal ring, before my cock head pushed through and I was part way into her ass. Lindsay let out a very loud moan, somewhere between pain and pleasure. Before continuing, I took her panties out of my top pocket and reached forward and stuffed them into her mouth to try and keep her quiet!
I then pushed forward again, inching a bit more of my cock into her asshole before withdrawing a little and pushing in again. I kept playing with Lindsay’s clit whilst I was starting to fuck her ass, to ensure she got maximum pleasure before I plundered her asshole to hard!
Lindsay was moaning and writhing and even starting to push her ass back against my very gentle thrusts forward. I took this as a sign to speed up and I duly did so, driving more of my shaft into her asshole, feeling her anal ring clenching tightly onto my cock, gripping me like a vice.
Lindsay was now meeting my thrusts and was obviously accustomed to my prick in her bowels. I left her clit alone and grabbed her hips and began pistoning my cock in and out of her ass, making my cock almost leave the grip of her anal ring before plunging back in, her asshole eating up more and more of my cock before I was finally fully inside her. I stopped thrusting and savoured the feeling of my cock buried deep in her ass. I could feel that Lindsay had brought one of her hands down to her pussy and she was frantically rubbing her clit, moaning out into the panties in her mouth, which were doing a good job off muffling her cries!
I was now plunging my cock hard and fast into her asshole, enjoying fucking a virgin ass for the first time. Lindsay’s anal ring was gripping my tightly and the sensations running through my cock felt incredible. I could feel Lindsay trembling through one orgasm and I knew I wouldn’t be too far behind her. I took long, deep strokes into her ass, feeling the familiar build up in my balls.
I took several hard, quick thrusts before burying myself deep in her asshole and my cock erupted my hot cum deep into Lindsay’s bowels as I moved my cock in small motions, allowing her ass to milk all of my creamy jizz out and into her well fucked asshole.
I could hear Lindsay panting as I came into her bowels and she gave a low moan as each spurt hit her hot insides, painting her bowels with my cum, filling her up with my seed.
Eventually I was spent and I let my by now flaccid cock slip out of her asshole. Lindsay turned round, took the panties out of her mouth and we kissed passionately.
‘That was the most incredible sex of my life!’ Lindsay said. ‘I want to do that again and again. When you came and I felt your cum hit me was just amazing!’ Lindsay went on.
‘I agree, that was simply amazing! I can’t wait to repeat it!’ I replied.
‘There is so much cum leaking out of my ass right now! Pass me some tissues.’ Lindsay said.
I reached over and took a handful of the paper and Lindsay reached behind her and mopped up my leaking cum as best she could.
‘You know Lindsay, I love watching my cum run out of a pussy or asshole, perhaps I can watch it next time?’ I asked
‘You sure can! I’d love you to fill me up again but maybe wear a condom if we do it in a public place again as you cum is everywhere! I’m going to be stinking of cum when we get off!’ Lindsay laughingly said!
‘Don’t worry, remember there is a business lounge with a shower you can use to change at the other end!’ I reminded her.
We cleaned up as best we could and made our way back to our seats and enjoyed the rest of the flight making plans for our next trip away together.
Arriving at our destination, Lindsay went ahead to clean up properly and I waited for her.
‘Can’t go home smelling of your cum!’ she said as she rejoined me.
We said our goodbyes there as, due to the flight delay, I was going to catch my next one home.
I couldn’t wait for the week after next when we would travel together again!!

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