Life of a Playboy Chapter 7

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Saturday morning I managed to drag myself back to my apartment to shave and shower. Then Saturday afternoon I got a phone call I had not been expecting: Kaia was asking me out on a date.

I was a bit surprised, but at her request I told her I’d be there at nine.

Kaia told me she had everything planned, but didn’t mention style so I stood in front of my closet for a few minutes trying to figure out what to wear. I was still transitioning from High School geek to College stud and my wardrobe was not yet where I wanted it. I actually started to panic for a few moments when I realized I wasn’t sure what to do on this date. Booty calls just didn’t count, which were all that my previous dates amounted to.

Finally deciding I could always dress up a little too much (instead of showing up too casual), I went with slacks and a dark green dress shirt. I showed up promptly on time, calming the butterflies in my stomach.

Taking a deep breath, I thought about my strange situation. I could get laid anytime I wanted. But to get a girl to like me on a personal level was a completely different issue. I had the need and the want to be loved. But in the end, remembering that I was the Ultimate Casanova is what gave me the confidence to step up the door.

I rang the bell, and Jamie’s clean, pretty face greeted me on the other side of the door. She was in a little black cocktail dress and welcomed me into the living room.

The moment I stepped inside the first thing that caught my attention was Kaia’s face. Her emerald eyes were bright, her hair up and stylish, and her figure exquisite in a short green dress that really brought out her eyes. But the most dazzling part was the smile that spread across her face when she saw me. She was pleased to see me, perhaps pleased that our outfits matched as well. It was almost surreal, and completely unexpected from the Ice Queen image I’d built up in my mind around her.

Kaia had been chatting with another sorority sister, a raven-haired, elegant girl I vaguely remembered from the previous night. I stepped up immediately and said hello to Kaia, exchanged a few pleasantries, then turned to her companion.

Kaia introduced me to Leanne, who stood up and shook my hand softly. I took in as much of her as I could with a quick glance down and up. Leanne’s face was pretty and angular, with a sharp jawline and cool blue eyes that pierced right through me. If I hadn’t already pegged Kaia as the Ice Queen, then I would have easily been able to apply the same quick analysis to Leanne as well.

Jamie returned to us, and then Kaia immediately took control of the situation. Turning to her friends for a moment, she then looked at me and offered up her hand. “Shall we?”

I crooked my elbow and let her take it, then Jamie led the way to the door. We followed Jamie outside, and then I realized with a start that both Jamie and Leanne were going with us. I surmised that we had two chaperones for this first date. I covered my surprise and struck up a casual conversation with Kaia as we headed for the parking lot. We talked about the usual: majors, career paths, etc.

The strange nervousness fluttered up in me again. For the past year I had always been in charge of my dates, guiding them swiftly to a lustful and sexual conclusion. My natural instinct was to feel a little defensive not even knowing where our destination was, but I steeled my spine and exuded the confidence I knew with certainty that Kaia wanted in me.

It was that aggressiveness and aim to prove I was her equal that surely caught her attention the previous night, not to mention that I’d actually conquered her. So when we reached the black BMW, I took charge and opened the rear door for her as if it was my own car and the whole thing was my plan.

Kaia showed me her dazzling smile again, then slid into the back and let me follow. Leanne went to the driver’s seat and Jamie hopped in as the front passenger.

We headed into downtown, the four of us chatting the whole way. I comfortably flirted with all three women, making suggestive, but very subtle, comments. Eventually, we valet parked at a dance club and started to make our way inside. New butterflies kicked up as I fully comprehended our destination and the fact that I wasn’t 21 yet.

But my fears went unfounded as our little group went up to the bouncers who took one look at the girls and let us all in, Leanne stopping to rub the bouncer’s cheek.

Inside, I ordered everyone a round of drinks while we went into a VIP lounge which was quiet enough to hold a decent conversation. I did notice conspicuously that Jamie was not drinking at all. Perhaps she was living a clean lifestyle or perhaps she was just the designated driver. Either way, the rest of us were getting toasted.

Kaia was rubbing her legs against mine, and our flirting was getting hotter and more risqu?ith each passing drink. The conversation moved decidedly away from the tame, usual talk about school and classwork and started shifting into sexual topics. I kept most of my focus on Kaia, but kept her friends included at all times.

Jamie and Leanne were watching us hungrily, but apparently were waiting for some signal from Kaia bursa escort before acting. Finally, Kaia drained her third drink and proclaimed, “Okay, time to hit the dance floor.”

It was after ten, and the dance floor at least was half full. But when we got there, Kaia and Leanne parked themselves at a tall bistro table with stools and nursed additional drinks while Jamie wrapped an arm behind my back and guided me forwards, where her hips were already swaying to the beat.

I glanced back at Kaia for a moment, but she just smiled at me, her eyes glittering in the club lights and neon colors.

Calming my nerves for the hundredth time tonight, I set me body to the rhythm. I knew I wasn’t the best dancer, but I was coordinated to the beat and kept my movements restrained enough to let Jamie mold herself around me. She swiveled on her knees and bounced her ass in the air, turning to bounce it back towards my crotch before rotating and slinking down my body. I stared down at her cute face parked at my crotch level, a grin forming when Jamie realized I was glancing lower down to between her perfectly round tits and wonderful cleavage.

Jamie danced with me through a full song, and then midway through the next she tilted my head to her and captured my lips with her own. My first reaction was to look to Kaia, but then Jamie was physically grabbing onto my head and holding it tightly until I flowed back into her kiss.

Eventually we broke away, our bodies still swaying with the music and breathing heavily while I stared into Jamie’s sunny face. We had just begun dancing once again when I saw a new, feminine hand appear on Jamie’s shoulder.

Leanne was staring at the two of us, her blue eyes piercing in the dim light. Jamie spun in place then backed her ass up against my crotch while we kept up with the music, and then Leanne had stepped forward and pressed her thin body against Jamie’s larger surfer girl physique.

The three of us danced, Jamie sandwiched between us. Leanne brought her face very close to Jamie, almost to the point of kissing but not quite as she took Jamie’s hips in her hands and began to grind her crotch over Jamie’s leg.

I risked a glance to the side where two guys were grinning and giving me thumbs up, then I looked to the other side where Kaia was watching us with glittering eyes. Kaia’s mouth was open as she panted softly, and I got the distinct impression she was very aroused by the sight before her, and it had almost nothing to do with my effect.

I turned my head back just in time to see Jamie’s and Leanne’s lips come together, and then a moment later they were spinning around me until I was in the middle.

Jamie had her hands on my ass and was rubbing her tits into my back, while Leanne straddled one of my legs, boring her crotch down against my thigh and obviously rubbing herself on me while she reached up to pull my head down and sear my mouth with our first kiss.

I’d had enough sexual experience not to be surprised by the turn of events, but a dim part of me still wondered how I’d ended up kissing both of our “chaperones” and not Kaia, my so-called “date”.

The next two hours flew by in a blur, as I freaked both girls all night, only occasionally joined by Kaia. My hands had cupped tits and ass and legs, and I shared several more hot kisses with Jamie and Leanne, but never Kaia. I wondered if this was a new game, a form of control where she was so close but I couldn’t have her.

But the longer we danced, the more aroused I became, and the club simply became hotter and hotter along with me. The entire place had to be filled with my pheromones and every woman I could see was visibly horny, especially the trio dancing with me.

Kaia finally gave a short nod, and Jamie produced the keys to the BMW. We quickly filed out of there and headed back to the Sorority House. As expected, sober Jamie drove, but the other two were drunk and horny and joined me in the backseat for a grope and kiss fest. I was in heaven as I was finally able to shove my tongue deeply down Kaia’s throat.

The four of us staggered past half-naked sisters on the way to Kaia’s bedroom, and once inside Kaia closed the door and Leanne literally launched herself and me both onto Kaia’s bed. Together, she and Kaia stripped my clothes off and then turned to strip Leanne for me.

Her party dress disappeared so quickly, and I paused for a moment to take in her very thin form, a few ribs showing, and normal B-cup breasts, firm and perky in youth, carried in a black lace bra.

Her thong was already soaked, and once Leanne was able to shed her lingerie, she simply climbed atop me, already moaning in arousal. My dick was positioned into an upright and locked position, and then Leanne sank herself down onto me.

I was a little too thick for her very narrow pussy, and only a few inches went in on her first lunge. But then as Leanne’s eyes lit on fire until they were a bright, pale blue, she squirmed and rammed her body until I was all the way in, the end of my dick bumping against her cervix inside. “Oh, fucking gawd!” she cried.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Kaia were also stripping, although Kaia stopped at her underwear, a dark velvety green look with bursa escort bayan sexy bra and matching thong, then she settled herself into an armchair to watch her friend riding me for all she was worth.

Jamie then got fully naked, baring her perfectly formed silicon breasts, still familiar from the previous night. Then she leaned down over my face to feed me her nipples, that sunny smile ever present and causing me to smile around a faceful of tit. I reached one hand down to her bare shaven pussy, squishing two fingers into her drenched folds.

I had been aroused beyond belief for the past few hours, and the effect was not lost on these girls either as an aria of female moans and whimpers filled my ears. Leanne came first, screaming like a banshee and cursing at me loudly while she came, her narrow tunnel squeezing even tighter around me.

Jamie came next with my fingers in her box and my tongue on her nipples. What then came as a surprise was Kaia’s orgasm next to the bed, self-inflicted as she was really getting off on watching.

Leanne kept riding me and squeezing until all my pent up arousal finally let loose. With my hands gripping her thin arms tightly, almost painfully, I slammed her body down against me and held her there so I could explode deep inside of her, filling Leanne’s pussy with a barrage of cumshots. She came a second time right then, a mental orgasm if nothing else as the extreme pleasure in my mind radiated directly into her. I bucked up my hips as I burst, shaking Leanne’s light body atop me like she weighed nothing before I finally came down from my high and relaxed back against the bed.

When her own climax finally released its grip on her mind, Leanne flopped off of me, lying down next to me and staring into my eyes with wonder at perhaps the most powerful orgasm of her life. My gift to womankind.

Kaia then removed herself from the bed, and casually split Leanne’s thighs before lowering down and noisily eating out Leanne’s worn pussy, still oozing our combined fluids. I listed attentively the wet squishing sounds of her tongue creeping inside of Leanne and the loud slurp as she swallowed the sexual mixture.

Jamie meanwhile crawled atop me in a sixty-nine, feeding her soaked nether lips to my mouth and cleaning up my tool with her tongue.

Very quickly I found myself recharging for round 2, but by the time Jamie’s talented mouth had revived me, Kaia had returned to her chair while Leanne knelt before her to return the oral favor. I looked to her, but she shook her head as if reading my mind and then gestured to the blonde still sucking at my new erection.

Momentarily frustrated, I suddenly moved quickly and powerfully, spinning Jamie’s body around until she was face down on the bed with her feet on the floor and her crotch hanging just at the edge of the mattress. I seized Jamie’s hips, lifting her up until she was standing with her legs kicked to the sides, her face, arms, and tits pressed into the covers.

Then in one aimed thrust, I speared my way completely into Jamie’s moist pussy and began to really hammer her, our hips coming together with a wet slap on each downthrust.

Kaia finally released her bra, revealing those breasts of perfection and slipped the thong off, brushing away Leanne for a moment. She then came right up behind me while I kept drilling her friend, and molded her naked body against me. My hips kept banging but my upper torso turned as Kaia rubbed her tits against my arm, and she came to me when I reached for a kiss.

But then she broke away and began to massage my whole body with her own, so that our legs were touching, her damp crotch pressed against my ass, her stomach into my lower back, and her nipples scratching at my shoulder blades. This also let her whisper her dirty thoughts into my ear.

“Fuck that pussy. Deeper. Harder. Carve her out. I want to hear her squeal. That’s it… ooh, that sounded like a good one…” and on and on.

Leanne meanwhile parked her spread legs around Jamie’s face, so that now Jamie’s tongue and fingers were able to get in on the act. This, however, left Jamie a little distracted and unable to resist my own fingers playing with her clit and the hard shaft pumping in and out of her. I fucked her into one new climax, and when Jamie’s shrieking quieted down, Kaia breathed hotly against my ear and whispered a new command.

“Now FUCK her ass.”

I pulled back automatically, my dick coated with feminine juices as I spread Jamie’s toned asscheeks to the side.

“That’s it. Spread her wide and open.”

I settled the mushroom head against Jamie’s dark hole, then waited for Kaia’s command.


Instantly, I threw my hips forward, Jamie screaming louder than I’d ever heard her as my shaft burrowed like a power drill into her backside.

I had no sooner impacted my thighs against Jamie’s asscheeks than I was pulling back and driving in once again, Kaia’s naked and sweaty body still molded against me as we fucked Jamie together. In my mind, I couldn’t decide if I was visualizing fucking Kaia’s ass, or if Kaia was fucking Jamie’s ass. It was all very surreal.

Jamie was crying out in mixed pain with the pleasure, “Oh! Oh! Aaah!”

Jamie’s escort bursa legs finally gave out from my reaming of her asshole and she collapsed flat onto the bed. Kaia and I fell with her, until I was almost fucking straight down with my hands holding my torso above Jamie’s back, my knees on the mattress and my hips pumping relentlessly.

I concentrated on splitting Jamie’s ass until she would not be able to walk straight in the morning, and Kaia slid around to dig one hand under Jamie’s crotch and frig at Jamie’s swollen clit.

Finally, Jamie’s whimpers crescendoed louder and faster until they blended together in one orgasmic shriek, and her body went rigidly still, every muscle clenched, including the muscles in her ass. Jamie was still shrieking when my balls loosed, and then I was plugging her anal cavity with my spunk.

Kaia stopped to kiss Jamie on the lips, whispering a thank you, and then I saw Kaia visibly tremble as her body recovered from the telltale signs of her own orgasm. My eyes went wide as I realized Kaia had climaxed without anyone touching her. Partly perhaps because I was climaxing and I knew how that would affect a girl mentally. But mostly because Kaia must really get off on watching.

The four of us took a break from the sexual activity to clean up and shower. I had one more erection come back while surrounded by wet female flesh pressed tightly against me in the oversized tub.

But Kaia just grinned at me and kept teasing me, refusing to let me fuck her or anyone else. We got out and dried off, my erection still painfully poking out between the gap of my towel and returned to the bedroom.

Jamie and Leanne simply got dressed and then gave me kisses goodbye before returning to their own rooms. Then I finally slipped into bed with an equally naked Kaia beneath me.

The whole night was very surreal, but I at last felt a contentedness wash over me in palming Kaia’s perfect bosom and smelling the skin of her neck. For several minutes we simply cuddled and kissed deeply. I was fresh off two very satisfying orgasms, so despite my erection I was in no rush. The lust was not burning out of me, replaced with a peaceful affection and admiration for the Greek goddess beneath me, her dark hair splayed out across the pillow. And even though she’d been watching me ream out her two friends and not getting any cock for herself, Kaia was content and unhurried as well. I reveled in seeing her Ice Queen fa?e melt away from her face, replaced by the simple gorgeousness of her face without the hard edge.

It was while our bodies were rubbing against each other, hands massaging and lips trailing down sensitive nerves that our hips eventually moved into a proper position and I felt my shaft begin to part Kaia’s silky soft folds. She gasped as I entered her, and with that sound as my signal I felt the boiling of hormones in my brain.

I pulled back once, and then holding myself at the very edge of leaving her tight tunnel, I sharpened my eyes and stared right into the depths of Kaia’s emerald irises, a deep pool of green I could lose myself into.

Kaia’s face visibly twitched, almost as if I’d physically struck her. Immediately she let out a loud pant of rich arousal as my effect slammed into her with all the force I could put behind it. And then I pumped into her, mentally picturing myself firing off every one of her inner nerves.

Visualize, and make it happen. And I did. All at once, Kaia was experiencing perhaps the Ultimate orgasm, every nerve ending in her body sparkling as she suddenly howled so loud I was sure I’d have trouble hearing in the morning. I kept driving my cock into her with very quick strokes, not letting up at all on her pussy and my thumb on her clit, physically riding Kaia’s bucking body as she thrashed left and right, screaming and clawing at my body and completely out of control.

What had been planned as a long, luxurious lovemaking session had become the instant incredible orgasm. Kaia had gone from zero to climax in less than 30 seconds, and I was giddy with the rush of realizing what I’d accomplished. I was seriously going to have to remember that trick for the future.

But then I found out how doing that had drained my body and my own control. I suddenly felt extreme exhaustion, my muscles aching and my body desperate to collapse. So collapse I did. My body fell heavily atop Kaia’s still quaking skin, crushing my chest against her bare breasts and my head falling to the pillow beside her head.

In the same moment, my balls released and I shot every ounce of sperm I had in my body into her. My body went limp, like a marionette with cut strings, except for my pecker which kept spewing jet after jet of spunk into Kaia’s shuddering pussy.

A minute later, she finally stopped screaming and her sweaty body went still beneath me. I watched Kaia’s eyelids flutter, then finally her eyeballs just rolled back in her head and she passed out, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure that had just coursed through every fiber of her being.

I slid onto the bed beside her and moved my hand to her bosom to verify that her heart was still beating rapidly, then the creeping blackness overtook my vision and I joined her in the satisfied slumber of the sexually exhausted.

I managed one smile just before I fell asleep. I could really get to enjoy my life.


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