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She was in his arms and it felt so right, so good. Curling closer, tighter, seeking to fit herself completely against his long had body. His arms wrapped around her urgently, almost violently, while his mouth devoured hers. They wanted, needed, right now. She was so soft against him, her breasts pressed to his bare chest, her pelvis cradling his own.

Growling low, he slid his hands down to her backside, and cuddled her even closer, layers of silk slipping beneath is palm. He murmured her name, his breath hot against her. She pressed her face into his throat, and shuddered. She opened her mouth against him, taking a soft but greedy bit at his throat. He gasped, and backed her towards the bed.

At the bed’s edge he stood before her, reading to peel away a layer of silk. As he grasped the belt of her robe, ready to pull it free, she caught his wrists. His gaze went to her face and he revelled in the heavy sensuality he saw in her eyes, the flush at her cheekbones, the soft panting of her breath that marked her desire for him.

She licked her lips, her eyes meeting his, and huskily voiced her request. “Bind my wrists.” Not a question, or a demand, but a plea. For a long second he steadily kept her gaze, before releasing the knot in the belt, and pulling it free, a naughty smile touching his lips.

He tossed the belt onto the bed, and slipped the robe from her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. He gently pushed her back to lie on the bed. She moved upward until her head neared the soft pillows. He is above her, his thighs straddling illegal bahis her waist, her chemise bunching up beneath him. Her eyes are drawn to the button of his jeans. She begins to reach for him, her fingers itching to flick the button free, and release him. To touch him. Before she can make contact, his strong hand closes around her wrist.

She groans with both frustration and relief, her eyes fluttering closed, waiting. And then she feels the soft silk of her belt looping around one wrist. A sigh, and then she opens her eyes, a small smile of daring on her lips, watching the expression on his face as he takes control.

Both wrists bound, the silk tie tethers her to the headboard. Still, he straddles her waist, watching her test the bindings, knowing that the exercise is both futile, and thrilling to her. She is his, but he will not take without giving.

He reaches forward, her hands cupped within his palms, and then trails his fingertips down her arms. The light, tingling touch reaches the sides of her breasts, still concealed by the silk chemise. He feels her burgeoning nipples against his palms, and she arches her back toward his hands, increasing the pressure. But he won’t be hurried.

Her eyes flutter closed, not because she is resisting the pleasure, but to heighten her senses. She feels the edge of his teeth against her silk covered nipple as he tease her through the fabric. She moans at the sweet pain.

She watches, captivated by the look of determination in his eyes as he pushes the silk of her chemise up her illegal bahis siteleri thighs, as he moves down. Parting her legs, he settles on his knees between them, opening her to him, the denim of his jeans brushing her inner thighs. His hands soon follow.

His fingers trail over the lace trim of her panties – a tantalising, teasing touch that induces shivers. The panties removed, he settles down lower, to kiss her softly on the inner thigh, before working his way towards her vagina with succulent little kisses. She bites her lower lip, knowing he is going to tease her, taunt her. She is in no position to hurry him up, though she knows she will urge him to as things progress.

The first lick of his tongue is slow, tender, encompassing the heat and moisture of her arousal, his tongue coming to rest briefly beneath the head of clitoris. As he kisses her slowly, from bottom to top, savouring her taste, his fingers press lightly against her perineum. His flat tongue stills, pressed to her vulva. She waits, savouring the feel of him, and when suddenly the contact is broken, she pulls at the restraint at her wrists at the torment. He knows what she wants, and his tongue returns, with that long, slow lick from top of bottom, and then sweeping against her clit.

Gripping her thighs, he raises both of her legs, so that only her ass is touching the bed, increasing the tension in her body as he pushes against him. He continues in his rhythm, the tension building within her, and he feels her buttocks tightening against the palm that steadies canlı bahis siteleri her. He teases her, coaxing her towards pleasure, light licks at first, then his tongue grazing deeper, her clitoris seeking out his tongue. He gives it to her, deliberately sweeping over the head of her clit with the tip of his tongue, and is rewarded with her shudders of pleasure.

He raises his gaze her face, and smiles at her, as he traces her inner lips with his fingertip. Still watching her, he slowly inserts his index finger into her. Her breath catches, and he feels her muscles throbbing in response to him, around him and he uses his thumb to tickle and press against her perineum. He purposefully drops his head again, and resumes the rhythm of his tongue. His tongue flicks back and forth across her clitoris, and she gasps with delight.

His finger inside her is joined by another, stretching her open as he continues to pleasure her with his mouth. Her hips are bucking against his hand and mouth as he drives her higher and higher, seeking her release. He is relentless in pursuit of her pleasure, revelling in her whimpers and the hot wet clasp of her cunt surrounding his fingers. Later, he’ll feel her around his cock as he fucks her hard, but for now, he focusses on her taste, her pleasure.

He senses she is struggling still to relinquish control, and urges her to let go, with his words, the twisting penetration of his fingers and the sweep of his thumb over her sensitized clitoris. He is rewarded as she cries out, shuddering for him, her pleasure is his as she comes for him. As she collapses back in satisfaction, he lifts and stretches out above her, his erect cock against her hot flesh as he leans over to kiss her, sharing with her the sweet taste of her glistening juices as he does so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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