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Copyright © 2006 by licapeba. All rights reserved. This work may not be reproduced anywhere in any form without written permission from the author.


As soon as I saw her across the crowded floor of the night club, I was truly unable to take my eyes off her. She wasn’t just breathtakingly pretty – though she was that – but she was also strikingly graceful. She moved like a cat, confident and sure, but also exuberant, fascinating to watch. She fortunately didn’t see me gawking at her.

I stepped down onto the dance floor, which was almost vibrating with the thumping din of the music, and worked my way through the gyrating dancers towards her. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I got there, but I knew that if I left without trying to meet her, I’d wonder about her for a long time afterwards. As I moved across the floor, carefully stepping around bouncing bodies, the song changed and the lights dimmed to allow only occasional brief flashes to punctuate the beat and pierce the humid darkness of the room. I was grateful for the near-dark, covering what might otherwise have been an obvious approach. I was about the only person on the floor not being moved by the music.

When I had finally worked my way to within about ten feet of her I began dancing almost half-heartedly with others there and kept sneaking glances at her. She didn’t seem to be with anyone in particular, and she was gorgeous.

She was wearing a short, pleated dark skirt which rested low on her tanned hips and which flipped up enticingly as she danced. Her silky white top showed off delicate bare shoulders and a lot of her smooth stomach, with a perfect belly button topping the sensuous curve down into her low-slung skirt and the treasure beneath. She was tiny, no more than 5’4″, even though elevated by high heels that made her arch prettily as she moved. Her shiny, black hair fell straight, just to her jaw. Looking un-primped and very natural, it framed her gentle oriental face. She wasn’t thin, no angular bones and hard edges, but she certainly wasn’t fat either, just soft, warm, inviting curves in all the right places. The club was too dark to see much of her eyes, but they did seem to flash towards me from time to time.

The song changed to a slow number, and as the people on the dance floor merged together into couples I suddenly felt conspicuous without a partner. The lights began swirling slowly around the dance floor and I noticed that she was watching me. I must have looked pretty embarrassed as I discovered this because she grinned. She crooked her finger and beckoned me to cross the ten feet of floor that still separated us.

As I reached her she took a quick step forward. I leaned back, not believing what was happening as she slipped her arms around me and gently brushed herself against me. “Hi!” she said, looking up with a broad smile, “You’re really cute!” Then she laid her cheek against my chest and began moving gently in time with the music.

She didn’t seem drunk. I’m not stupid. I wrapped my arms around her, one hand on her bare shoulder and the other, electrifyingly, on the smooth bare skin of her lower back, and began to dance.

After a minute or so her hands began gently roaming around my back, matching the sensuality of the music. I ran my palms and delicately dancing fingers up and down her warm, naked back below her top until I reached the swell of her hips at the top of her low-slung skirt. I hesitated there, occasionally allowing my fingers to caress further down the skirt, but there was no sign of objection and I was soon openly caressing further down over her wonderfully-curved butt. Eventually, I held her gorgeous bum in my palms as we moved together on the dance floor, gently squeezing its soft curves, pulling her into me. Fortunately it was a very long song, as we folded into the warmth of each others’ bodies and began to move as one.

She moaned quietly – I felt it rather than heard it over the music – and smiled up at me again. Then, as if we were familiar lovers, she closed her eyes and tipped her pretty mouth up for a kiss. Our lips met softly, and then more aggressively, and we were soon duelling sweetly with our tongues. Her hands slid delicately up my back to pull me down to her soft lips. The crowd around us seemed to fade away as we became absorbed in our swaying bodies and gentle caresses.

The lights came up as the song ended, and we parted to look at each other. She wore little or no makeup, and had wonderful, dark eyes which gazed thoughtfully at me. There was a brief moment of awkward silence before her face lit up again and she said with a grin, “Your place or mine?”

I’m sure that I gasped. She took my hand and led me out of the club.

She hugged me close in the chilly air outside as we waited for the valet to bring my car around. As her warm softness melted into me, and I became aware of some part of her touching nearly every part of me, I began to harden again. She giggled. “I could tell bahis firmaları when we were dancing that you weren’t thinking about world peace,” she said, and slipped her hand between us to gently squeeze my stiffening cock. I buried my nose in her clean-scented hair, folded my arms around her, and rumbled my pleasure.

Too soon, the car appeared. I sucked in cool air as she turned from me, and quickly hunched over to hide my obvious arousal as we climbed into the car.

It somehow seemed as though we’d been together for years, I felt so naturally connected and aware of her. As I drove the short distance to my apartment, there was no conversation and there seemed no need for it. Our hands were joined, fingers gently moving against each other, and we took turns looking at each other. “How far is it?” she finally asked, then, “Oh, not far I guess!” as I turned down the ramp into the underground parking. I chuckled.

I shut off the car in my parking space and turned to kiss her. She was leading, again. As I turned my head her soft lips were already there, brushing my cheek and then pressing warmly into my mouth. I groaned, wrapped my arms around her and lifted her over the console and into my lap. Though I worried momentarily that the steering wheel would press uncomfortably into her back, she responded by sighing deeply and slipping her sweet tongue under my lips and over my teeth.

For at least twenty minutes we remained in the car, she holding my face and neck in her hands so I couldn’t stop kissing her, I stroking her side, her soft bum, her smooth legs, and even dancing my fingers high up inside her warm thighs, but not too high. This wasn’t just sexy, it was incredibly sensuous. I felt a momentous responsibility to be as sensual as she was being, not to rush but to enjoy. This was very, very special.

Eventually, though, she shifted somewhat awkwardly and I knew she was getting uncomfortable jammed between me and the steering wheel. “I don’t always keep my dates here in the car,” I said with mock seriousness. “I have a place upstairs that I sometimes take them to after parking here.” She rolled her eyes, feigning boredom, and said, “How conventional! But…” as she gracefully slipped back into the passenger seat and began straightening herself, “if this is the biggest car you’ve got I guess we should go up!” Her grin lit up the car.

“What’s your name?” I asked, as the elevator rose towards my apartment.

“Kuri,” she replied. “Yours?”

“I’m Chris. It is an enormous pleasure to meet you!” We shook hands, and giggled together at the unlikelihood of our exchanging tongues before we had even exchanged names. I opened the door at my place and ushered her in.

“Would you like a drink?” I offered.

“No,” she replied with a wide, happy smile, “I would like YOU!”

I wanted her forever! I nudged her towards my bedroom. When we reached it, she dropped her purse on the floor, expertly released her high heels without bending over, and stepped back out of them. As I watched, she pulled down a zipper and slowly inched her skirt down over her hips, finally letting it puddle around her feet. A tiny white thong was revealed, accentuating the perfect curves of her hips and barely hiding the treasure beneath. With another radiant smile she slid off her slinky top, stretching her arms high above her head to reveal a soft white bra pushing up the beautiful mounds of her breasts. Her top fluttered to the floor, and she paused for a moment with arms high above her head, watching my reaction.

She looked like a fantasy! Turning, she slid slowly across the bed on her stomach and spread her arms languidly as she stretched out with evident satisfaction. God, she was gorgeous! The tiny thong disappeared between the cheeks of her perfectly-tanned bum, which curved deliciously above her slim legs and smooth back. I was in love!

As I contemplated just falling onto the bed and covering her with butterfly kisses from her pretty bum to her neck, she pulled in her arms and turned her head to look at me, grinning at my open-mouthed admiration of her charms.

“Hey, close your mouth and strip for me!” she demanded with a laugh.

She rolled over as I started unbuttoning my shirt. My attention was drawn from my buttons to her fingers as she spread her legs slightly and started softly rubbing her pussy through her thong. I started having real trouble with the buttons, but eventually I managed to get my shirt off!

Her legs spread a little wider as my trousers come down and my socks were discarded. I stood in my blue silk boxers, lost in her display of sexuality.

She quickly snapped me back to attention. “Ooohh, I like them! Leave them on for now.” I moved onto the bed next to her, removed her fingers from between her legs, kissed them, and replaced them with my own as I wrapped my other arm around her back.

“Ohhhh! That’s better! Ohh yes, Chris…” she crooned as I rubbed circles on her soft pussy through the thong, kaçak iddaa already feeling the heat between her legs. My lips found hers again and her hands danced lightly down my body.

When she reached my silk drawers, I started rubbing her pussy a little harder. She gently squeezed my cock through the thin silk, stroking it up and down. Much as I liked the delicate brushing of the silk and her warm fingers, I knew it was going to get even better when I got naked. She was sooo sensuous! But my first task was to reward her incredible sexiness by paying attention to her.

I slid a finger lightly inside the crotch of her thong and started just teasing her outer lips and around her clitoris, making her inhale sharply every time my finger grazed across it. As I’d hoped, she started stroking my cock faster, and harder. I began to strain against her warm hand as our tongues again duelled sweetly, and soon felt the first pulse of pre-cum start its way up my shaft.

Maybe sensing it, she stopped and dropped her head back on the pillow. “OK, time to take these off.” She gently snapped the waistband of my boxers as she stretched up to kiss me on the neck.

At last! I stood up and slid my shorts down slowly, my hard cock springing to attention as it was released from them. She licked her lips, unfolded herself with cat-like grace from the bed, and came to me. Pressing her warm body against me, she kissed me lightly on the chest a few times while she wrapped her hands around my bum, and then began flicking her hot tongue over my nipples, first one, and then the other. My already-hard cock surged. When I soon began straining blindly to press it into her warmth, she abandoned my nipples and moved down, dragging her warm silk-covered breasts over my body as she sank slowly to her knees in front of me, kissing all the way down.

“Do you think you might like this Chris?” she asked with a grin as she took my newly-naked cock in her hand and brushed it against her soft cheek and across her lips.

I could only nod.

“Would you like to be in my mouth?” Stroke, stroke.

“Please…” is all I managed.

She wetly kissed the tip of my cock, but then pulled back and began stroking a little faster, “Now?”

“Please Kuri!”

She reached out with her tongue, broad and flat, and dragged it up the underside of my now-aching shaft. I sighed loudly.

“More?” she asked, grinning.


She relented, and after a couple more quick licks she sucked my hard cock into her perfect little mouth. She swirled her tongue around the top for a moment, and then pushed down further towards my root. I groaned aloud at the heat and felt her tongue vigorously working down along the underside of my shaft. Then she reversed direction, slowly pulling back just enough to work her tongue’s magic closer to the glans, and began pumping her hand steadily up and down the newly-slick hardness, stroking all the way down to my balls and then back up again, while her tongue never stopped. She tipped her face up a little to watch my face, her pretty eyes gauging my reaction, as she snaked her other hand around to tickle lightly on my bum.


She pulled off. “Oh, sorry, did that hurt?” she asked with mock concern. Her eyes twinkled, and just as I noticed the cold air brushing my wet rod, she plunged her hot mouth over me again. She started drawing her slick hand down tight to the root of my cock and dancing her fingers around my balls on each stroke before slipping back up to meet her lips and hotly-flicking tongue. As I began straining into her mouth, I could feel her moaning around my glans.

In almost no time, it seemed, I felt the familiar ecstatic release looming in my cock. “Kuri,” I gasped reluctantly, “You’d better pull off, I’m almost there.”

She didn’t stop, she sucked and slurped with her tongue even harder for a moment or two, and then reached around with both hands to grip my bum and pulled me firmly to her face, sinking my shaft deep into her throat.

“Kuri!” I cried as I erupted. My legs almost gave out, and I seized her head and cried out again as she swallowed and her throat hotly squeezed the head of my spurting cock. Her hands worked between the clenched cheeks of my bum, and she wriggled a couple of fingers around my crinkled anus while she pulled back a little, inhaled deeply through her nose, and then pulled me all the way into her throat again, and swallowed again. I grunted incoherently and stars danced in front of my eyes. I’d never felt anything so intense in my life.

She pulled back just enough to breathe through her nose, and waited with my cock in her hot mouth until my pulsing stopped, gently tracing her warm fingers up and down my butt crack and around on my bum, and ever-so-lightly caressing my shaft with her tongue. Then she pulled off slowly, cleaning with her tongue as she went, finally licking the tip of my cock and then her lips. She giggled as my sensitive cock jerked a few times kaçak bahis under her ministrations. Slowly, I began to relax.

“Well how was that for a first time?!” She giggled again.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” I said, “You mean you’ve never done that before?!”

“Nope, first time. For that, and for something else.” She looked up at me with just a trace of shyness in her smile, and I melted into her dark eyes. But my cock immediately began to come back to life. I had no idea how I deserved this, but it just kept getting better!

“Oh, man! This must be the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to anyone!” I said. I sank down to my knees and sat back on my legs, joining her on the floor so I could look deep into her eyes. As my breathing calmed I said, “What you just did for me was mind-blowing, the best *ever*. And you’re a virgin!” I paused, hesitating, but I had to ask. “How did you know… how did you pick me at the club to come on to so wonderfully aggressively? How could you feel safe about picking a complete stranger to do this with? I love it, but how?”

She was thoughtful for a moment, looking down at the floor, and I started to wonder if I had blown the mood and my chances. But then the shy smile returned and she looked up at me. “I just knew,” she said, “I could see you in your eyes. I knew that you would be gentle and considerate and fun. I wanted someone like that for my first time. I don’t trust any of the guys I know, so I made a plan to go out and find one I could trust, and after a few nights at the club I found you. I just knew, and I already know I was right about you.”

I was flattered, but still curious, maybe too curious. “How did you know what to do? You are absolutely incredible, a fantasy come true!”

She grinned proudly. “I told you I’ve never *done* it before,” she laughed, “but I’ve read about it and thought about it a lot as I made my plan.” Her face became more serious as she said, a little uncomfortably, “And certain vegetables are good for practice.” Then she looked steadily at me, her eyes daring me to challenge her further. But I believed her, loved her for her daring and determination. It must have shown on my face because she relaxed, smiled impishly, and said, “So, I’ve read enough to know that there’s more we can do here, right?”

I snapped out of my meandering curiosity and happily focused on her. “You bet. I *really* want to return the favour, Kuri. I thought about tasting you in the first minute I saw you!”

She blushed a little, but then smiled happily. “How and where do you want me, sir?” she asked as I rose from the floor and sat back on the bed.

“Well, that should probably go,” I pointed to her clinging thong, “And I’m looking forward to seeing what’s under your bra too.”

She stood up and turned around. My eyes danced over her perfect tanned back and then settled on her delicate fingers as she unclipped the bra behind her and slid the straps down her shoulders. She turned back slowly, holding the bra against her breasts.

“Did you want to see these?” she asked coquettishly, looking down at the tops of her breasts.

I nodded. “Yeah, yeah, come on!” I grinned.


“Really.” I took a chance. “And if you want a spanking, Miss Kuri, you just keep on teasing me like this.”

She didn’t bat an eye; in fact she looked me directly in the eye. “Is that a promise?” A smirk passed quickly through her lips before she forced out an insolent look. Despite her effort, she still looked more impish than serious.

Holding her gaze, I moved slowly so I was sitting on the very edge of the bed, and pointed to my lap. “Here. Now.” I commanded in a deep tone. I reached out and slipped the bra from under her hands as I said it. Her breasts barely dropped at all as their support was removed. They were wonderful, firmly proud, deliciously curved slopes, dark areola and nipples erect with excitement. However I decided I’d take more time with them later. I wanted her over my lap, now, and took her hand to pull her gently, but firmly, towards me.

Nearly naked, she gracefully draped herself over my legs, acting somewhat meek but with happy mischief in her eyes. As her warm skin pressed against my legs and center, I was struck again at how incredibly smooth she felt, not even a trace of hair or blemish anywhere on her body. Her wonderful bum was raised spectacularly over my lap, still framed by the tight little white thong which hid nothing, and her soft hip brushed warmly against my stomach. She sighed quietly, and relaxed into my lap as I started stroking her bum and back, squeezing her cheeks softly and running barely-touching fingers up and down her delicious-looking crack and down the softness of her inner thighs. I leaned down to kiss her bum and she moaned and wiggled a little as I returned to my gentle caresses.


“Owwwww!” She cried out, obviously not very hurt, as my hand smacked gently on her soft bum.

“Are you going to do as you’re told next time?” I asked. Silence.

SMACK! A little harder, just hard enough to make the smacking noise and send a little ripple through her soft, round cheeks.

“Yes!” she said. “Yes!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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