Kitten Returns

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I heard the quiet tapping on the door. It was hesitant and almost timid, with a touch of immediacy, of someone who needed to get in. I smiled to myself, knowing exactly who that would be. It would be a kitten with nothing on but a raincoat, wearing whiskers on her face and kitten ears on her head. I waited for a few moments until the knock became a little louder. I knew there was a panic behind it as she began to fear that this was some sort of cruel joke, kind of like tying someone up and leaving them there naked and red-faced without a touch of pleasure for someone like a cleaning person to find. Not that I have ever done that before.

I went to the door and just as expected, there stood my kitten, complete with whiskers and little black ears on her head. She clutched the raincoat, trying to draw it further around her to cover herself as best she could.

I enjoyed the look in her eyes, a wonderful mix of excitement, fear and humiliation. Below her raincoat there was nothing but bare legs. Just a touch on the chubby side with that wonderful curve coming down from her bottom to meet her knees. She knew she wasn’t for everyone, but even that fact was why I cared so much for her. In today’s body image society she felt pushed out which is what made her so craving a man who loved her, needed her, and I did.

Ours was a wonderful two-way dynamic in which she needed me for my twisted British kink of a mind, and I needed her for the desires she harbored, unable to share them outside of our naughty relationship.

I opened the door to greet her but not to let her in. She looked up and down the hallway with a pleading look in her eyes to which I merely raised my eyebrows. She knew the rules. She also knew I wouldn’t open the door until she met them.

She stood there until we both heard someone work the lock of a door somewhere down the hall. “I really wouldn’t wait too long out there,” was all I had to say. She immediately dropped the raincoat and spun around to show me the cat tail butt plug she had inserted before hailing a taxi to come over. As we could both hear the footsteps coming down the hall. The click of a woman’s heels and the step of a man’s shoes.

Her hands came up like a kittens, wrist bent at her chin and a mewling meow to complete the deal.

I patted her head as she scooted in my door and past me. I nodded to the couple as they passed, not knowing what they had just missed. I’m not sure if they noticed the bulge beneath my robe, but I hoped so. I simply nodded and smiled as they continued down to the elevators.

Inside there was escort bahçelievler my kitten, standing with her feet apart and her hands on the counter. She was shivering with excitement and expectation. Excitement from knowing she had just come from her apartment to mine wearing nothing but a short trench coat, kitten ears and a furry butt plug.

I bent down to give her a kiss, “I’m very proud of you kitten, how did that feel?”

She was a jumble of nerves as she spoke.

“Oh my God, that was possible the most incredible thing I’ve ever done.”

I reached down and felt her pussy slick with wetness and almost running down her thigh. I put it to her lips and then kissed her to share the flavor of her wetness.

She immediately sucked on my finger before I took it into my own mouth to savor.

“Did you do what I asked you to do in the taxi?”

“Oh God, yes,” she gasped. “I think the driver may have even known. I slipped my hand under my raincoat and played with myself. It was so wrong, it was right. Look!” She exclaimed as she opened the coat all the way for me to see the little landing strip above her folds. Then she spun around and wiggled the dark brown tail that hung from her ass.

She was so cute. Sexy and curvy with healthy and natural breasts and such a brab-able ass that I had to refrain myself from shagging right there.

My healthy cock rose the rest of the way, spreading the front of my robe open as it stood out.

“You really do like my look,” she giggled.

“Oh you have no idea how much I adore your look, and you for that matter.”

I could see her melt at my approval.

I walked around the counter where she had placed her hands and was now arching her back as if offering me her deliciously round ass. Her eyes followed me, her breath waited for my touch, her rosebud of an anus fully pulsed for my touch and her wet pussy lips glistened for my tongue. I walked past them all to open the refrigerator door. I reached in and pulled out a small bowl of yogurt that I had prepared for just this occasion. I placed the yogurt between her hands.

“There kitten. I want to see your pink little tongue lick this bowl clean.”

As I watched her start to lap at the white silken yogurt I gently tugged at the tail firmly placed in her ass. Her sphincter held onto it tightly, not releasing it to my short and teasing pulls. I could hear her quick intake of air at each tug.

I whispered into her ear as I reached for a small jar of honey. Dipping my honey stick into the jar I drizzled escort balgat honey around her bowl to give her another taste treat.

“Would you like another taste treat, kitten?” I whispered as I gave her plug another pull, feeling her sphincter hold onto the indentation of the plug’s shaft. She moaned as her sphincter expanded before I gently pushed it back into her ass.

“Yes sir,” she whimpered.

I moved her tail aside as my fingers slid into her now sopping pussy. I pushed two fingers in and moved them around freely, fucking her expanding pussy now. I couldn’t help myself , I bent behind her and just shoved my whole mouth into, onto, and over her cunt as my tongue and lips went to town on her cunt. I lapped and teased and fingered her as I pushed and pulled her ass plug into and out of her puckering anus.

Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so wet and aroused as she was. In between my ministrations and ass work, I would spank her, hard, leaving red hand prints on her cheeks. She was moaning and begging for more as I ate and spanked and ass fucked my little kitten, always stopping as she was about to cum.

When she was begging me to fuck her insanely and fully, I dropped my robe to the ground and stood next to her face. My cock was almost at her lips when I took the honey drizzler and allow a long, slow stream of honey to coat the head of my cock. She licked at it and slid her mouth over it.

“Oh God, that’s so good. It’s sweet and slippery. It just slides right down my throat. Fuck my mouth please, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it.”

I smiled, “I know. I love honey on a cock as well. It’s just the right counter to the salty precum taste. And yes, it does just slide right in past the lips and down.”

I knew she loved my bi talk. I knew how hot it would get her, so I kept it up as I drizzled honey on her anus and over her flower that was beginning to open for me. I used my finger to spread it around her puckered hole and massaged it into her as I continued to eat her out. I raised up from her wet, wet lips, my own lips glistening from her pussy and the honey that I had dripped onto her flush labia.

“Grab your ass and pull your cheeks apart, I hissed. She did as she moaned a little sigh. She wanted my tongue in there and I gave her just that. I liked up from her pussy to slide my tongue around her waiting and pulsing rosebud of an anus. I stabbed into her opening licking and pushing her butthole apart. My fingers played with her pussy as my mouth teased her. My hand moved up and down her thighs, scratching escort batıkent and spanking them on the inside as she yelped and groaned, loving my teasing and the slight pain that went with it.

“F – F – Fu – Fuck meeeeee,” she begged. “Please Jay, just fuck me.”

Her clit had just come out from under its hood, begging me to flick my tongue across its growing rigidity. I did and began to gently push my finger inside her ass. The butt plug from her tail and loosened her up enough so that my finger slid in easily with the help of the honey.

I kissed and nibbled on her ass cheeks, I spanked the inside of her thighs, I lightly scratched at her ass cheeks then dug in. And she? She pulled her cheeks apart. She arched her back and raised up her pussy and her asshole for me to take. And I did.

Keeping a finger in her anus, I moved around the island she was spread over and fed my cock to her wanting mouth. Her lips wrapped around it as she sucked the length of it in. I took my cock out and raised up on my toes, feeding her my balls. She licked and sucked them into her mouth. I felt her tongue lick beneath my ball sac teasing that spot just beneath my balls but not all the way to my own ass.

She rolled over onto her back giving me the full length of her throat. I slid my cock down it, watching her cheeks and throat bulge as she relaxed the muscles and allowed my shaft in. I pulled it back out and felt my balls sliding off her forehead to hang freely once again. Her tongue slid up into my asshole.

“Oh God yes kitten. Slide your finger into my ass. Fuck me like a bi bitch. Just go slow and ease it into me.”

I was doing the same to her as the two of us were in a wonderful 69, fingering each other’s rosebuds. Our tongues continuing to spit on each others asses, lubricating them for easier insertion. I reached over to a small bowl of olive oil I had set out with this in mind. I began to massage it in to the soft, pink flesh that expanded and clung to my finger as I watched her hole cling to me. As I did, I could feel her finger to the same to my own hole.

I knew we were both in heaven. A beautiful, kinky, wicked heaven that we both woke up from on the couch. Our bodies were slicked with honey and oil, sweat and cum when it was all over. And yes, we were exhausted by the pleasures we shared and enjoyed

We both knew it was far from over as we began to clean each other by licking the semen and the oil from each other. It was a while until we spoke, but the first words from Kitten were, “Jay, were you serious about sucking another guys cock?”

I just laughed, “I guess we’ll just have to find out, now wouln’t we?”

She reached down and began to stroke my cock to hardness. She began to scratch my balls and thighs, kissing her way up to my lips and we kissed deeply, giggling and laughing at the life of decadence ahead of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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