Kerry and Sara Go to the Movies

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Sara leaned forward. “So, are you doing anything after class?” she asked.

“I hadn’t thought about it,” said Kerry. She sat in the desk in front of Sara.

Sara was a strawberry blonde, five feet and seven inches tall in her socks. Kerry was a brunette, half an inch taller than Sara. Both were built like athletes, yet they were feminine enough to turn heads. Sara played volleyball for the college team. Kerry ran track and specialized in the 100-meter dash.

“Wanna go see a movie?” Sara said, her heart pounding. She’d been trying to get her nerve up to ask that question all semester. Spring was here, and there were only three more weeks of school. It was now or never.

“Sure, that would be great,” Kerry said.

The professor walked into the room and started to lecture. Sara opened her book and began taking notes, as did Kerry and most of the other students. Sara could barely concentrate. Kerry had agreed so quickly. Did she think of the movie as a romantic date or a friend date? Sara forced her mind to think about the professor’s lecture on asexual reproduction. She didn’t dare let herself dream of sharing her deepest secret with Kerry. It was a secret she’d never told anyone outside her family.

Class ended. Outside the building Kerry and Sara paused. Sara’s shoulder-length hair glistened reddish gold in the afternoon sun. “You have beautiful hair,” Kerry said. She touched her own short, straight, dark hair. “Is it naturally curly?”

Sara’s heart began to beat harder again. “It’s always been like this,” she said. “I tried straightening it once. Didn’t take. But I love the color of yours, and the way you cut it. It looks so . . . boyish.” She could hardly bring herself to look Kerry in the eyes as she spoke.

“Oh, thank you,” said Kerry. “So what movie did you want to see? I probably need to go back to the dorm and change first.”

Change? Sara thought. Changing was what you did before a real date. “Yes, let’s change before we go. Then we can decide what movie to see.”

They both lived in the same dorm, McCormac Hall. The walk took only five minutes. Sara’s room was on the third floor, and she knew Kerry’s was on the fifth because several times, when Kerry was on the elevator, Sara had ridden all the way to the top, just to spend a few more seconds being close to her.

“Meet you back here in ten minutes?” Kerry asked when they reached the lobby.


In her room, Sara could barely decide what to wear. She didn’t want too look too flirty, but being too casual could be a mistake, too. She settled on a pair of fairly short blue jean shorts and a tank top with a button up shirt as a cover-up. Taking off the shirt would show off her cleavage and thighs and butt if the time seemed right. Under the shorts she wore full-cut cotton panties with a simple lace waistband. She stood with her back to the full-length mirror, lifted up the shirt, and bent forward while looking over her shoulder. The white line of the panties just barely peeked out under her shorts. Perfect.

Kerry was waiting in the lobby when Sara stepped off the elevator. She wore a suede jacket over a white T-shirt and tight blue jeans that showed off her perfect butt. Sara felt a tingling in her panties when she saw her.

“Those shorts really look nice on you. They show off your legs,” Kerry said.

“Thanks. I love those jeans, too.” Sara decided to drop a hint, so she added, “They really make your butt look fine.”

“I heard that new movie about aliens is good,” Sara said as they walked outside.

“Really? You like that sort of thing?” Kerry asked. “I was thinking it might be fun bahis firmaları to see the remake of Romeo and Juliet. It’s romantic, you know.”

Sara could barely believe her luck. This beautiful girl wanted to see a romantic movie with her. Was she trying to tell her something?

“Should we drive to the theater or walk?” Kerry asked.

“I could use the exercise. Let’s walk,” Sara said.

The theater was fifteen minutes away. The walk took them through the park, past children’s playground equipment and a rock garden and some large, ancient oaks. By the time they got their popcorn and found seats, the previews were almost over. They whispered about the characters when the movie started. Sara pointed out the guy playing the Romeo. “Isn’t he cute? He reminds me of my brother’s best friend,” she said.

“I guess he’s cute, but he’s not my type,” Kerry said.

“Really? Who is your type?”

“Juliet is my type. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

Sara felt for Kerry’s hand in the dark. She wondered if Kerry would feel how fast her heart was beating. She could barely keep her fingers from trembling.

“Bother me? Why do you think I asked you out?”

She found Kerry’s hand and laid hers on it. Kerry squeezed her hand and placed it on Sara’s bare thigh. “Just checking,” she said. Sara felt her nipples harden at the touch of Kerry’s hand on her leg.

Kerry’s hand gradually drifted up Sara’s thigh as the movie went on. By the time it was over, Sara knew her panties were so wet they must be making a spot on her shorts.

After the movie they walked slowly back toward the dorm. They held hands. Kerry paused in the park, in front of the largest oak, and pulled Sara toward her. “I hope there aren’t any bears in the woods,” Kerry said. “I’m terrified of bears.”

“Me, too,” said Sara. “And scorpions.”

She kissed Sara’s lips and put her hands on Sara’s butt. At first their lips brushed together as light as feathers; soon Sara opened her lips and invited Kerry’s tongue in her mouth. Kerry put her hands under the shirt and rubbed Sara’s butt. “You have the nicest ass I’ve ever seen,” she whispered.

“Not as nice as yours,” Sara said. She could hardly believe how quickly things were moving. “Do you know low long I’ve dreamed of kissing you?”

“As long as I dreamed of doing this?” Kerry said, and put her left hand on Sara’s breast. Her right hand moved to the zipper of Sara’s shorts and pulled it down.

“Should we go back to the dorm?” Sara asked. She could hear children playing on the swing set in the late summer dusk. No one could see her and Kerry now, but if anyone walked around the rock garden, they might be spotted.

“Okay, let’s go.”

The walk back to the dorm seemed to take forever. Sara tried to decide if she should share her other secret with Kerry. She didn’t want to scare her away. On the other hand, if anyone had told her this morning that by this evening, Kerry would be fondling her breast and thrusting her tongue in her mouth, Sara would not have believed it.

They held hands the whole time, even when they walked through the lobby. Sara caught Amy’s eye as she walked past the desk. Amy winked when she saw Kerry and Sara holding hands.

“Whose room are we going to?” Kerry asked.

“My roommate won’t be in,” said Sara. “She went home for the weekend.”

“Mine hardly ever leaves the room,” said Kerry. “Let’s go to your room.”

As soon as the door was closed, Sara removed her button up shirt and Kerry took off her jacket. Sara lifted Kerry’s T-shirt over her head. She wore a lacy white bra. “Let me help you with that,” kaçak iddaa Sara said, even though she could see it hooked in front. Kerry’s nipples were pink rose-colored buds surrounded by honey-colored areolas. Sara kissed them slowly, one at a time.

Kerry unbuttoned Sara’s shorts and pulled them halfway down her thighs. They moved together toward Sara’s bed. Sara lay down and lifted her legs. Kerry pulled the shorts off and dropped them to the floor. She lay down by Sara and said, “I love your panties. There’s something so soft and comforting about a full pair of cotton panties.”

“I’m glad you like them. I have a large collection, from silk thongs to boy-short panties, but these are my favorites, too. What kind of panties are you wearing?”

“Why don’t you help me off with these jeans, and you can see?”

Without another word, Sara unbuttoned and unzipped Kerry’s jeans. Incredibly, Kerry was wearing the same panties!

“You are so gorgeous,” Sara said, putting her hand on Kerry’s moist panties between her legs.

Just then, Sara felt the urge to poop. It was probably the effect of the popcorn and soda at the movies. Still, she hadn’t gone for a couple of days, so she thought it would be a firm poop. She took a deep breath and said, “I like these panties for lots of reasons.”

“Like what?”

“One reason is that you can wear short shorts and show off your panties. It’s fun to tease the boys. And the girls,” she added, kissing Kerry’s lip and nibbling her tongue softly.

“That’s a good reason. Any others?”

Was Kerry’s question headed the way she hoped? Sara wondered. “Well, there is one other reason,” she said slowly.

“What’s that?”

“You might think it’s gross.”

“Why not try me?”

Sara knew this was her chance. If she didn’t tell now, she might never be able to. “Okay. Well, sometimes, when I’m in public and there’s no restroom, or the restroom is locked or dirty, or sometimes when I’m in bed and really lazy, I like to, you know, go in my panties.”

There. She’d said it. Sara held her breath to see how Kerry would react.

“Go? You mean pee your panties? We all have little accidents,” said Kerry.

“I know. But I mean accidentally on purpose. And. . . .”

“Really? I’ve never peed myself on purpose. Not since I was little, anyway. Is it fun?” She sucked on Sara’s left nipple.

“Oh, that feels so good,” Sara moaned. “Yes, peeing yourself is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The warm pee floods your panties, and you’re all wet, and you can rub your pussy and almost instantly be off to the most delightful orgasm. It’s almost as good as. . . .” She hesitated.

“As what? Out with it. If you tell me, I’ll tell you a secret.”

“Okay, you first.”

“Once,” Kerry said, “when he was nineteen and I was eighteen, I sucked my brother’s cock. He dared me to do it and let his best friend watch. I said I would if his friend would jack off while I did it.”

“And did he?”

“Are you kidding? The little pervert had his cock out before I could even pull down my brother’s tighty-whities.”

“So how was it?”

“It was okay. No big deal. I learned that boys’ cum tastes like pee. Salty. Now it’s your turn.”

“Okay. Well, sometimes, when I’m really horny, and when I need to do number two, I like to just go in my panties. I like to poop the whole load in my panties and feel it squeezing out between my ass cheeks right against the panties. As a matter of fact. . . .”

“Yes?” Sara could hear the excitement in Kerry’s voice. It was dark outside now. The only light in the room came from the streetlight kaçak bahis outside and the small lamp on the desk.

“As it happens, I need to go right now.” Sara was almost whispering. She quivered with excitement at the thought of lying in bed and pooping her panties with this beautiful girl.

“Go? You mean poop?”


Kerry slid her fingers under the waistband of Sara’s panties. She put her fingers against Sara’s throbbing pussy. She leaned close and whispered in Sara’s ear, “I want you to poop for me, you dirty girl. I want you to fill your panties. I want to feel your pretty white panties as you poop.” Kerry’s tongue parted Sara’s lips as she finished speaking.

Sara opened her mouth wide. Her tongue found Kerry’s. She explored Kerry’s mouth with her tongue as Kerry’s fingers explored her pussy. Sara put both of her hands inside Kerry’s panties and caressed her luscious ass. Sara parted Kerry’s ass and found her anus with her right hand. Sara caressed the rosebud of Kerry’s ass and relaxed her own muscles.

Sara felt the turd begin to spread her ass cheeks. Sara could tell it was perfectly firm. She moaned in ecstasy, her mouth full of Kerry’s tongue. Kerry massaged Sara’s ass, her hands running over Sara’s white panties. Sara could feel Kerry pressing the panties against her ass. She tightened her muscles a little to prolong the pleasure as far as possible.

Sara could resist no longer. She felt the poop slide out against the panties. Kerry gasped. Their mouths parted. “You’re doing it. Sara, you’re pooping. You’re doing a poo in your panties!”

Sara felt the turd spreading her ass cheeks and pushing against her panties. Kerry held her hands over Sara’s ass and the pressure felt wonderful. Sara pushed and groaned and felt another lump of poo emerge from her anus. As she pooped her panties, she squeezed her finger into Kerry’s anus.

“Oh, that feels good,” said Kerry. “Push harder.”

Sara didn’t know if Kerry meant for her to push her finger farther into Kerry’s bumhole or to push more poop into her panties, but she did both. Sara felt an amazing third large turd burst into her well-filled panties.

As the last of her poo squeezed out into her panties, Sara felt a powerful orgasm beginning. A thousand angels were singing in her pussy and ass, their voices now reaching a crescendo. Just as Sara’s orgasm peeked, Kerry took her hands off Sara’s ass and thrust them into her own panties. She rubbed furiously at her pussy.

“I’m coming!” Kerry cried out. “I’m coming, and I need to poo!”

Sara hadn’t imagined things could get any better. But just as her orgasm began to subside, she felt a warm, firm turd pushing against her finger where she had been massaging Kerry’s asshole. She pulled out her finger and snugged Kerry’s panties against her cheeks. “Yes, oh, Kerry, I want to feel you poo your panties. Make a big load in your white panties for me!”

Kerry gasped with pleasure. She began to shudder with her own orgasm. Her breath against Sara’s neck was hot. Sara ran her hands over Kerry’s panties and felt them began to bulge with poo. Just as hers had been, Kerry’s poo was the perfect firmness for filling panties.

Too weak from their mutual orgasm to move, they lay still for several minutes.

Sara thrust her tongue in Kerry’s ear and breathed deeply her warm, girly smell. “Are you sure you never pooped your panties before? You’re so good at it, I’d have guessed you were an old hand at panty-pooping.”

“Until tonight, I was a panty-pooping virgin. I’m glad I lost my panty-poo virginity with you. There are three weeks of school left. Just think how much we can poop in three weeks. We’d better go panty shopping tomorrow.”

“I agree,” Sara said, and sighed. They drifted off to sleep, still lying in each other’s arms, naked except for their white, poop-filled panties.

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