Kath, Her Mum, and Me Ch. 01

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Hi my name is Don and I have decided to write about how my sex life has changed beyond recognition in the past six months.

I am happily married to Kath and have been for the past 21 years. We have one daughter who is now working in London and so we are home alone so to speak. For the majority of our life together, Kath has been fairly conservative when it comes to sex, but when our daughter went off to University and she turned 40, things livened up somewhat much to my satisfaction. It started with some new sexy lingerie she bought for herself to wear on her 40th birthday night and then progressed to sex toys and a few wild fantasies plus the admission that when we were first dating she and her best friend Jackie were actually enjoying the delights of lesbian sex.

So all of this has been really wonderful and I have enjoyed every bit of it for the past 4 years.

However even though I am getting plenty, it still doesn’t stop me enjoying my own fantasies, and of course porn.

My favourite fantasy for the past 20+ years has involved Kath’s Mum, Joan. When Kath & I met her Mum had still not reached 40 and she was extremely hot. She was and in fact has always been, quite flirty. One Summer’s evening I was at Kath’s house and we were in the garden enjoying the warmth as well as a drink, when Joan came out to join us. She had on a very low cut top and a short skirt and she sat herself down in one of the garden chairs directly opposite to where we were sitting on the lawn. As far as I was concerned it was a deliberate act to tease because from my vantage point and Kath’s if she had decided to look, I could see right up Joan’s skirt to the gusset of her white panties. That sight fuelled plenty of masturbation sessions for the next few weeks. Joan continued in that vein, often bending over directly in front of me so that I could look down her top or even another time in the garden when her skirt rode up so much that this time a black lacy pair of panties stretched tight over her inviting arse came into view. To add to my enjoyment and fantasy filled life I also enjoyed times alone in the family bathroom sniffing & licking Joan’s used panties.

Even after Kath & I got married the flirting didn’t stop and nor did my desire to fuck my Mother in law, but even though the sexual tension was strong between us, somehow it just never happened.

A few years later I made my most memorable discovery. By this time we had moved away from what was our home town and so when we visited family, we often stayed with them. On one visit Kath, our daughter Helen and her parents went to see some other relations, but I wasn’t feeling great so stayed behind and it wasn’t long before I was snooping.

So I went into my in-law’s bedroom and made straight for Joan’s lingerie drawer. I was delighting myself with going through her underwear, when I came across an envelope. It wasn’t sealed and I flicked it open to discover a half dozen photographs, all of Joan and in all of them she was completely naked.

I started to shake with excitement at the discovery as I looked at my wife’s Mum in various positions on the bed I stood beside now, either just lying their posing or even better in 2 of them, actually fingering her own pussy. For the next hour I enjoyed the best period of masturbation I’d had in a long while, using Joan’s panties and looking at her photos to bring me to the brink before easing back and then slowly starting again. In fact I got so lost in lust that I eventually spurted my whole load of cum into Joan’s knickers. I did manage to clean them up a bit but I knew full well that the residue would harden unmistakably and that Joan might well guess what I had been up to whilst everyone else was out, but I was feeling so horny discovering naked photos of her, I didn’t really care.

However I have to admit that I was relieved that nothing was ever said at that point but I couldn’t have know then that over 15 years later this discovery would change my life.

That is because a few months later when we stayed again, I went prepared. I again feigned sickness and whilst everyone was out, found the photos exactly where they had been before, but before I did anything else, I took them to my father in law’s PC, scanned a couple and then saved them to a CD rom.

Therefore over the past 15 years or so I have had 2 photo’s of Joan to enjoy whenever I have wanted. In 1 she is simply lying back on her bed, completely naked, and in the other she is in a similar position, but this one is taken from the foot of the bed and she has 2 fingers from her right hand inside her cunt.

That dear friends is really where the true story starts.

Last Autumn I was involved in a car accident and although I wasn’t seriously injured, I did end up in hospital for 3 days.

On the third day Kath came to visit me before I was discharged and it was obvious that she wasn’t happy, however she wouldn’t tell me why, in fact she wasn’t her normal self at all, quite snappy in fact as we waited for a Doctor to give me the once over before sending me home.

When casino şirketleri we did eventually get home, she wasn’t as sympathetic as I had hoped about the accident and although I tried to pry out of her what the problem was she remained stubbornly quiet and when we went to bed that night she was as frosty as I had ever known her. For reasons that I wasn’t aware of, I was totally in the doghouse. Admittedly the accident had been my fault, blinded by the low Autumn sun I hadn’t seen the car coming round the roundabout until it was too late, so I was guessing she was annoyed because I had written the car off, although I had explained to her whilst in the hospital that we would get another one easy enough with the insurance money.

However the next day I was to find out that Kath couldn’t less about the car and that my naughty past had jumped up to bite me firmly on the backside.

It was a Saturday and Kath had risen early and gone downstairs, still very frosty. Often on a Saturday she would make breakfast and we would have it together in bed and then, in recent months, enjoy a nice sex session usually concluded with a shower together. However after 20 minutes it was clear Kath wasn’t coming back to bed and so I got up and went down to find her.

She was sitting in the kitchen with a mug of coffee and the laptop on in front of her.

“Look Kath, I don’t know what I’ve down wrong, apart from smash up the car, but darling why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind” I said.

She looked up from the laptop.

“What’s on my mind,” she spat out quite vehemently, “You want to know what’s on my mind? This is fucking what’s on my mind”

And with that she spun the laptop round. There on the 15 inch screen in all her naked glory was Kath’s Mum.

My heart sank through the floor and my stomach lurched.

“What the fuck is this?” she shouted smashing her hand against the back of the laptop.

“Can you give me one reasonable explanation why you happen to have a CD with porno pictures of my Mum on, my Mum that is, do you get it. This is not some porn picture off the Internet that I could cope with, this is my Mother posing for you. So what’s it all about Don? How long have you two been fucking?”

Tears were running freely down her cheeks now and the last few words came out choked with sobs.

I didn’t know what to say, where did I even start? How had she even found the photos?

My silence seem to infuriate her further,

“Well are you going to answer me. How long have you been fucking my Mum, quite a while by the look of these photos?”

I sat down opposite her and took a deep breath,

“I’ve never fucked your Mum and that is the truth Kath, whether you believe me or not.”

“Yeah right,” she interrupted me, “So she just let you take photos and not do anything. I’m not fucking stupid or blind. I have ignored her pathetic attempts at flaunting her body over the years, guess I was stupid to do that though.”

“Look Kath, honestly me and your Mum have never done anything at all, nothing, I promise. I know I’m an idiot and okay a bit of a pervert and I found those photos years ago at your Mum’s house and copied them. They were obviously taken by your Dad, not me. Think logically if me and your Mum were having sex, don’t you think there would be some more recent photo’s of her. Look she is in her forties here, not much older than you are now, I’m sure she doesn’t look like that now.”

“Fucking liar!” she spat out again “You could have been fucking her 15 years ago and then she grew tired of you and cast you off, that is more likely.”

“That’s not what happened Kath, I admit that your Mum’s outrageous flirting had an affect on me. She turned me on okay and because I’m stupid and controlled more by my cock than reason I went snooping and found these.”

“Yeah right, where?”

“In her underwear drawer,” I said with a sigh.

She laughed at that, “So you were feeling up my Mum’s knickers and you found these?”

I just nodded, resigned to whatever was coming.

“So you are sitting here admitting to what? Sniffing my Mum’s panties, like you do mine, wearing them even? What was it, wearing them and playing with your cock?”

This is something that had been happening more regularly during our own sex sessions, me wearing Kath’s panties and masturbating in front of her and a light seemed to come on in Kath’s brain.

She smiled, “So yes I can see it now, you haven’t been fucking her, but you desperately want to and so you have made do with wanking in her knickers and over her photos. How pathetic is that?”

She pushed the laptop towards me, got up and left the kitchen, slamming the kitchen door behind her.

I sat there for ages, wondering what to do and trying to work out why I had been so stupid and how Kath had discovered the CD.

I made myself a coffee and was still sitting there 2 hours later when Kath burst back in the kitchen this time fully dressed.

“So why my Mum?” she asked sitting down again opposite me.

“I casino firmaları don’t know,” I replied pathetically.

She had obviously composed herself and was now asking reasonably,

“No I’m serious why my Mum, why not some 18 year old porn starlet off the Internet?”

I looked up and decided to reason with her even though I felt my whole world had fallen apart,

“Isn’t it obvious,” I said and I spun the laptop round to face her, “What is she on here 3 or 4 years older than you are now. Look in the mirror Kath, you two could be sisters if that is how she looked now. I know it is pathetic, but I honestly believe lots of men fancy their Mother in laws simply because they see their wives 20 years down the line.”

She closed the laptop lid.

“So you are telling me that the reason you fancy my Mum is because she looks like me, but an older version.”

“Yes, that is the short answer.”

“So do you still fancy her even though she is 63 now?”

How do I reply to that?

“Well? I want the truth. If our marriage is going to go on I want the whole sordid truth. If you still masturbate over my Mum, still sniff her knickers & more I want you to tell me now.”

With a big sigh I decided honesty was the only policy, “Yes”

She sat back and shook her head, “Well I knew you were a sex maniac and deep down I realise you had fantasies about other women and enjoyed porn and probably masturbating when I’m not here, but I would never have guessed that my Mum was the subject of most of that. So when she comes to stay or we go to hers, do you still go through her undies?”

I just nodded and then said “Look I’m sorry Kath, but ever since we were teenagers she has flirted with me, bending over in front of me so I could see down her blouse or up her skirt, I’m just a horny bloke I can’t help it.”

“So even at 63 you’d still like to fuck her?”

It was a strange question to ask and in fact at that point in time really turned me on and I felt my cock start to harden.

Kath interrupted my thoughts, “Well? Given the chance would you fuck my Mum?”

“Look it’s never going to happen…………”

She interrupted me again, “Just give me a straight answer, if I wasn’t around and my Mum came to stay and gave you the opportunity would you take it?”

“It depends…………”

“Yes or No?”

I shook my head in resignation, “Probably yes.”

“I should fucking well tell you to fuck off, but at least I think you are being honest with me and on reflection if you were going to fuck someone else perhaps I’d prefer it was her than some teenage bitch. I can sort of see what you’re saying about me and her looking like sisters, not that it is a great excuse, but it has made me think and I do believe you that this is all been about a fantasy.”

I brightened up and felt relief sweeping through me. She had calmed down considerably and there was real hope this could be resolved.

“Look Kath I’ll destroy the CD and I promise I’ll never go snooping at your Mum’s again. I’m really sorry, please let me make it up to you.”

She shook her head and said “I don’t think that is going to happen, I mean you not snooping again and damn right you’ll make it up to me.”

“Look Kath we are both human, we both have fantasies. I mean you love it when I pretend that one of your sex toys is another guy fucking your pussy whilst I fuck your arse. It doesn’t mean that I think you are doing that when I’m not around. It is just fantasy. Okay so mine is a bit sick because it is about your Mum, but it’s all my head that’s all.”

“Okay I’ve calmed down and I do believe you. It was just such a shock finding the CD in your desk and then seeing the pictures. And yes I do love a good fantasy and you had better come up with some good ones to keep me happy. With you not being around I was feeling really horny until this, so if you want to keep in my good books, I want a nice session with 2 or 3 other guys and I’ll tell you who.”

“What for real?”

She smiled and said “Mmmm maybe but I’ll make do with the fantasy for now.”

I leaned forward and grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently, “Whatever you want darling”

“How are you feeling, physically?” she asked

“Fine, still a bit sore but I’m okay.”

“Okay then well I made a decision earlier to forgive you if you were totally honest and the best way for you to make it up to me is to take me back to bed and do anything I want.”

“Anything you want darling, I mean it.”

With that Kath got up and within minutes we were both naked on the bed and I had my head between her legs and was teasing her clit with my tongue, whilst slowly working the index finger of my right hand into her arsehole.

Kath was already panting wildly and her first squirt of cum hit the back of my throat as I licked her.

“Do my arse,” she said moving on to her side.

Her lovely tight puckered arsehole came into full view and I slipped my tongue into her, tasting her wonderful body. She groaned loudly as I spread her bum cheeks güvenilir casino wide so I could delve deeper into her.

“I bet you’d love to do this to my Mum.”

Had she really said that?

“How much would you love to lick my Mum’s arse like this?”

I decided just to enjoy the delights of her without saying anything.

She moved slightly and I looked up to see her looking over her shoulder at me as I probed her rectum.

“Tell me,” she said “Tell me how much you’d like to lick my Mum’s arse out.”

My cock was aching with all this talk of Joan and the very thought of doing to Joan what I was doing to Kath, nearly made me cum.

I ran my tongue up Kath’s bum crack, the wild thoughts in my head driving me wild.

“I’d love to lick your Mum like this.”

“You’re a dirty sod,” she said “But you can pretend if you want.”

I looked up at her, “Pretend?”

“Lick my arse and call me Joan.”

This was unbelievable, barely 3 hours earlier my wife had been shouting at me for having dirty photos of her Mum, now in a state beyond horny, she was telling me to pretend she was her own mother. I decided to not let the moment pass, after all it was her idea.

I went back to work on Kath’s arsehole, probing with my tongue as deep as I could and slowly working on her pussy with my fingers.

Coming up for air I said “Oh Joan I love licking your arsehole, you are such a horny Mother in law.”

The response was immediate. With a grunt, Kath’s orgasm exploded from within and she came copiously.

“Oh yes you horny old bitch, cum for your son in law.”

I moved my mouth down and lapped away at Kath’s pink pussy, teasing her clit with my tongue whilst rubbing her G spot slowly with my fingers. I was rewarded with a mouth full of love juice.

“Oh Joan you are so horny,” I spluttered as I went back to her arsehole.

“Come and fuck my arse,” Kath then demanded hungrily, “Fuck my arse and call me Joan.”

I pushed Kath down on to the bed and pulled her arse towards me.

“You want my cock up your dirty little arse Joanie?”

“Yes, Yes.”

I pushed the tip of my cock against her rectum and it slipped in easily.

“I bet an old woman like you has never had a cock up here before have you Joan?”

“Please just fuck me.”

I pushed myself in deeper and started to slowly fuck Kath’s arse.

“Is that good Joan? Is it?”

“Fucking awesome,” Kath grunted.

As I fucked my wife I reached over to the bedside cabinet and managed to pull out a 6 inch slim vibrator. I turned it on and soon had it buzzing against Kath’s cunt.

“Ever had 2 at once Joan?” I said and then slipped it into my wife.

Once again she came, soaking my hand and the bed as I set up a rhythm, vibrator in, cock out, cock in, vibrator out.

After a couple of minutes Kath was panting wildly again.

“Fill my arse, you horny sod,” she gasped.

With 2 more thrusts I fulfilled her wish, releasing my cum deep into her body.

As I shuddered to a halt we both collapsed on the bed. As I lay there holding her from behind, my cock slipped out of her.

She lay there breathing heavily but then said,

“Lick your cum from my arse and come and share it with me.”

This was something new, she never asked for that before and it was not something that was high on my horny agenda, but the very fact she asked got my cock already twitching back into life.

I eased myself down and pulled open her arse cheeks again. Her arsehole was stretched and slowly seeping a thick white discharge of cum.

“Lick me,” she demanded.

I went down on her and lapped up a whole load of my cum onto my tongue.

“Mmmmm, that’s good,” she said “Now come and share it.”

I crawled up her body and she turned to face me and we kissed hungrily, my cum mixing with our saliva. When she pulled back she had a wicked smile.

“Did you like that? Sharing your cum with me, with my Mum?”

“You are so horny babe, it was awesome.”

Kath reached down behind her and her fingers came back covered in my spunk,

“Lick them clean, pretend I’m still Joan and lick your cum off my fingers.”

I did so obediently moaning Joan’s name between each lick and suck of Kath’s fingers. She went back another 3 times and the taste of my spunk mixed with the tang from her arsehole was delectable and the fact she insisted all the while that I say her Mum’s name was unbelievably horny.

With my cock back to full erection, Kath decided she wanted some more fantasy fun.

She climbed off the bed and went over to her underwear cabinet. There she pulled out a pair of lacy white panties.

“Put these on and pretend they belong to my Mum, then show her what a good son in law you are.”

I did as she said and then stood in front of my wife and rubbed my cock through the silky material.

“Is that good Joan? Do you like watching me wank in your knickers?”

Kath lay back on the bed, her right hand massaging her left tit and the fingers of her left hand slowly running up and down her pussy lips.

“Is that what you enjoy doing in my Mum’s panties?”

“Yes” I gasped.

“When she comes to stay next time, do you want me to borrow a pair, so you can do it in front of me?”

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