Julie and the New Job Pt. 01

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Julie was excited at the thought of a new job. She was very lucky to get an interview with such a prestigious firm and this was her chance to show them that she could be a real asset to the company.

She took a great deal of care with her appearance this morning. Hair and makeup – just a little more effort than usual. She wished she had stuck to her diet but she did manage to get into her best work dress, even if it was a little tight in places. And high heels, of course. The ones she usually wore to interviews were a little scuffed so she wore her best ones. They usually got a very positive response when she wore them to a bar or nightclub so she hoped they would finish off her outfit today, even if they did make her a little unsteady on her feet, being so high.

She needed to leave earlier than usual this morning and wasn’t used to the crowded subway at this hour. “I’m sorry.” she said, “It’s the way the carriage rolls. It throws me off balance, especially in these heels.”

Her fellow passenger looked down at her legs and onto her heels, smiled and didn’t seem bothered at all so Julie put it out of her mind, even though she seemed to be bumping into him all the time now, even when they stopped at stations. When she felt something prodding her, even brushing against her, she fleetingly wondered if he was taking advantage but that was silly. She wasn’t like those stick thin models and her bottom was far too large for her liking – and he was so distinguished looking. Why would he be interested in her? “No.” she decided, “It must be totally innocent. As if anyone could get excited by rubbing their manhood against my bottom. Especially in this tight dress.”

Having put that thought out of her mind she also thought it was quite innocent that another fellow passenger, younger this time, a stockbroker Julie thought, held the strap next to hers but seemed to keep brushing his arm across her breasts. She tried moving slightly to give him more room but the carriage was so crowded that all she succeeded in doing was pushing her soft bum back into the first passenger’s groin.

She turned and mouthed a silent “Sorry!” but he said he quite understood and for her not to worry about it. When she turned back it seemed the chap holding the strap was now right in front of her.

“I’m sorry.” he said “I thought you were turning to get off at this stop. It’s so crowded I’ve lost my space now.”

“Oh, it was my fault not yours.” said Julie, a little breathlessly. He was very attractive and she hadn’t had a date of any kind for months now.

Seeing her smile at him, he made himself comfortable in front of her and she found her breasts – which, like her bottom, were large and soft – slightly squashed against his chest while she felt the prodding against her bottom happening more and more. “These poor guys, having to endure being squashed against my big breasts and bum.” thought Julie, “I’ll bet they can’t wait to get off.”

Two stops before hers, a group of six or seven people got on and pushed everyone even closer together. The chap behind her lost his balance and grabbed her hips. Julie hoped he was OK but there wasn’t even room to turn around now. She was a bit surprised that he kept his hands on her hips but she supposed it was so crowded he couldn’t reach a hanging strap.

She wasn’t sure why his hands moved around quite so much though and that prodding casino şirketleri did seem a bit more urgent but then it seemed to settle. The trouble was, it settled just between her bum cheeks, with occasional gentle movements along the crease of her plump buttocks.

A brief thought for how awful it must be for him was pushed out of her mind by the feeling of another prodding, this time from the chap in front of her. Her breasts were still pushed into his chest and he couldn’t really help looking straight down could he? “It was bad luck you got stuck with me and not one of the younger women over there.” joked Julie to both passengers.

The one in front just smiled and edged forward a little, pushing her breasts harder against him and making the bulge in his trousers brush the front of her dress. The chap behind mumbled an apology but Julie told him not to be silly “We are all in the same boat – we can’t help it”

Julie was confused when he thanked her so profusely. Especially as his hands gripped her hips harder. The prodding grew a little faster and Julie noticed the train pulling into her station so she reached down for her bag which was between her feet. Unfortunately, this pushed her soft bum right into his groin.

“Oh, excuse me.” said Julie “There’s just so little room here.” Julie felt what was to her a very strange thing. He actually seemed to rub himself on her dress as it was stretched taught across her bum. As she stood back up, he gripped her hips even tighter and Julie was worried she would miss her stop and be late for her interview.

She wriggled to try and squeeze past him and that seemed to work as he gave a low groan and released his hands and slumped back against the carriage wall. “Hmm. Where did that space suddenly appear from?” thought Julie.

As she stepped off the train and made her way to the exit, Julie rolled her eyes. Why did these things always happen to her?

Passing through the ticket barrier, one of the ticket inspectors tapped her on the shoulder. “Excuse me, Miss. I think you may have sat in something – you have a wet stain on the back of your dress.”

“Oh no!” cried Julie, “I have an interview – I can’t go like this.”

“Don’t you worry.” Said the inspector, a kindly looking old man with a twinkle in his eye. “Come to my office and we’ll see what we can do.”

Julie readily agreed. “Oh, thank you!” she said, “But we’ll have to be quick or I’ll be late for my interview”

He ushered Julie into a small, untidy and not very clean office. Julie wondered why he locked the door but supposed it was because passengers weren’t allowed in there and he was doing her a favour. “Now, m’dear,” he said, “you lean over that desk so I can see exactly what the problem is.”

Julie leaned forward over the desk, blessing her luck that he was being so kind. He inspected her skirt and hummed and tsked for a few minutes until Julie couldn’t bear it any more.

“What is it?” she cried, worried that her hopes of a new job would be dashed before she even arrived for the interview. “Can you fix it?”

“Well, I really need to feel the material so I can work out the best remedy.” He said, “but I can’t go feeling your bottom without a female member of staff in attendance and no-one will be available until 9 am.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that.” Said Julie, “You’d be surprised how often my bottom gets casino firmaları bumped into or rubbed against or has hands resting on it. It’s just because it is a bit big, I suppose. Please, do what you must to make sure it doesn’t leave a stain.”

Not able to believe his luck, the old inspector started by lightly stroking the well filled skirt, tracing his fingers around the stain and occasionally squeezing a bum cheek. Julie found herself starting to enjoy her bottom being caressed and when he said he needed to see whether the stain had gone right through the material she readily agreed that he should slide his hand up her skirt to check.

“I’m so lucky he is a nice old man.” She thought, “Those randy young guys would be taking advantage of me by now, like they always do.” Although, truth be told, Julie was starting to get aroused by the attention he was giving to her bottom and now the way his hand was slowly sliding up her leg.

He gave an involuntary gasp and Julie asked him if he was alright. “Yes, m’dear. It’s just that you are wearing stockings and I do love stockings. Don’t get many young uns wearing ’em nowadays.” As he was saying this, his hands were tracing Julie’s thighs, slowly moving up from stocking top to bare flesh and then back to stocking top, to repeat it all over again.

Julie gave a little giggle. “You wouldn’t like it if you saw them.” She said, “My legs are far too plump for stockings really, my thighs bulge out a little over the stocking top. That can’t be attractive for anyone to see.”

At that, the old inspector knew he had to find a way to see them. “It’s a little worse than I thought.” He said, “It needs sponging but it needs doing from the inside and I can’t ask you to take your dress off, can I?”

“Oh, do you think you can take the stain away?” Julie gushed, “I don’t mind taking my dress off in front of you, like I said, you won’t find me attractive. And anyway, I hope you don’t mind me saying, but surely you don’t feel any sexual urges at your age!” With that she blushed a little and looked down at the floor, almost wishing that he were a little younger. It was a long time since she had any form of sexual release.

“Well, there may be one way …” He started. “No – I could get fired from my job.”

“Oh please! Anything.” Cried Julie, “I do so want to make a good impression at my interview.”

“Well, as you say, I won’t feel any sexual urge.” He lied, rearranging his bulge inside his trousers, “so if I were to take off my trousers and you were to slip that dress off, we’d be even.”

“Oh, that’s such a good idea!” cried Julie, already starting to lift the dress over her head. Trying not to ruin her hairdo, she managed to get caught up in the dress and presented the old inspector with the wonderful vision of her lovely shapely legs in high heels and stockings and suspenders, satin panties and a bra which barely contained breasts which put even her wonderful bottom to shame.

As she wrestled with the dress, her breasts wobbled and slowly worked their way out of the bra, now held in place solely by her nipples on the edge of the bra cups.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Said the extremely aroused old man, “You don’t want to crease the dress – or to ruin your hair.” He was out of his trousers and pants in a shot and raced over to her, managing a quick feel of one magnificent breast and allowing güvenilir casino his erection, stronger than anything his wife had experienced in a long while, to brush against her stockinged thighs and satin panties.

With her head wrapped up in the upturned dress, Julie had a feeling of déjà vu, as for the second time today, she felt a bulge pushing against her bottom. “What IS that!” she exclaimed.

“It’s the tube of cleaning material. For the stain.” He said frantically. “I need you to hold it for me – can you close your legs on it? That will keep it safe while I untangle this dress.” Placing a hand on the outside of each of Julie’s thighs – and stroking a suspender strap as he did, he slowly closed her luscious thighs onto his throbbing member. “Now keep those closed around the tube as I remove this thread from the dress, so it doesn’t run.”

“Ooh, it feels warm.” Said Julie, “it’s quite a nice feeling, really.” The old man slowly thrust back and fore between her stockinged thighs while he made a great play of cupping and lifting first one breast and then the other to remove the imaginary thread.

Truth be told, after the experiences on the train and now this nice old man accidentally touching her while he selflessly helped her, Julie was starting to get quite aroused. She reached down and rearranged what she still thought was the tube of cleaner so that each thrust pulled her satin panties tight and the edge of the “tube” flicked over her clit.

Julie’s breathing became more shallow and she was glad her face was hidden inside the dress, as she knew it would be quite flushed. She longed to have her breasts played with and whispered, “I think my breasts are in danger of falling out of my bra. Do you think you could help them back in?”

As the old inspector cupped and squeezed her breasts, flicking a thumb across her nipples, Julie reached down and pulled her panties to one side, easing the old man’s erection straight into her very receptive pussy.

Her fingers then went immediately to her throbbing nub and she rubbed it frantically, little moans escaping from her lips. That was too much for the old man and with a final thrust and what in reality was a grope of her big breasts, he shot his load inside her pussy.

Immediately a panic set in. What had he done? He would lose his job and he’d never find another at his age. He frantically pulled his pants and trousers back on and helped her out of her dress. But Julie had broken the dry spell of frustration which had lasted far too long and she wasn’t about to stop until she achieved relief.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” She cried, “I can’t help it. I have to cum. Please don’t look at me – it must be disgusting for you.” But the old inspector would forever cherish the sight before him. A beautiful, voluptuous woman, clad only in bra, satin panties, stockings, suspenders and high heels, frantically playing with herself while his spunk was running down her leg.

“Don’t you worry, m’dear.” He said, easily brushing off the stain on her dress, now it had dried. “You just do what you have to do – I don’t mind.”

As Julie looked at the once again growing bulge in the old man’s trousers, she wondered if she was wrong about him not feeling sexual urges. But as the waves swept over her it was too late to worry about anything. After one of the biggest orgasms she had for a long time, Julie threw her dress back on, reached up to give the old man a quick thank you kiss (and she didn’t notice his hand grabbing a final grope of her bottom) and, after getting him to reluctantly unlock the door, she ran out of the station to her interview.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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