Julia’s Lover

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Julia checked her hair in the mirror for the third time. She had been parked outside the pizza place for the last 10 minutes, fluffing her hair and applying cherry red gloss to her full lips. He was working today, and in about five minutes, she would be face to face with him.

For the last 2 months, she’d acquired a taste for Italian food, and the guy that worked the counter. He didn’t wear a ring, he always had a smile for her and tonight she was definitely going to have him, she decided. She had called ahead and placed her order as usual. There was a smile in his voice when he answered the phone, she noticed, and she told him who it was.

It was time to go. Julia slipped out from behind the wheel and made her way into the shop. The pungent aroma of garlic and sauce permeated the air. He was behind the counter and did not look up immediately. She casually sauntered over to the counter and tapped a long sharp nail on the counter in front of him. When he looked up and saw her, he smiled.

“Been waiting for you.”

“All of your life or just today?” She shot at him.

A famous smile. “Since you hung up.”

She studied his face. He was beautiful. Deep brown eyes stared back at her, little lines at the corners.

“I would like a bottle of wine also.”

He raised his eyebrows and grinned. “Having company this evening?”

It was now that Julia leaned in closer to him. Her breasts heaved through the lace of the shirt she had on, and he could see a perky nipple peeking out.

“Yeah, I’m having company tonight. You.” she stated matter-of-factly.

“I’m working till 6. Your food will be cold by then.”

She licked the glossy lips. “So you’ll have to heat it up”.

With this, he took a step back and gave her a once over. Her body was lean and well-tanned, having spent time in the Arizona heat. Her legs were long and shapely, her hair a wild mass of tangled brunette curls that hung well below her shoulders, and that nipple was just beckoning to him.

“I think I can do that. Here, take this.” He handed her a bottle of wine. “Get it ready.”

The phone rang. Their eyes locked for a just minute, and without missing a beat, he took the phone call. She grabbed the food and the wine. Tossing a stray curl over her shoulder, he watched her go out the door.

Julia’s heart was pounding a mile a minute by the time she got to the car. She got in and trademark techno music blared out at her. Peeling out, she maneuvered the car towards home.

At precisely 7:17 sharp, Julia’s bell rang. She had changed outfits from the tight jeans into a short mini skirt. Underneath, she sported white lace thong panties. The matching bra and a tank top completed the look. She had let her out of the ponytail and now it spilled down her back.

She opened the door and invited him in. He followed her to the living room. On the coffee table, he saw the candles lit and glowing and could smell lavender. She noticed he’d had time for a shower and a change of clothes. He noticed the long shapely legs as she walked before him. She was now asking him to sit and if he wanted any of the wine.

He sank into the deep black leather anime porno sofa. He could hear the tinkle of glasses and the clink of the bottle at their rims. When she returned with 2 full glasses, he stood up and crossed the room to take a glass from her. She raised her glass to him.

“To tonight”, she said bravely.

He nodded. “Salut”. They tapped glasses and each took a sip.

She sat on the couch and he sat across from her. Gently he took her glass from her and sat it on next to his on the table. The music was playing, her trademark techno. He noticed she was bouncing a little on the couch.

“Go dance for me, Julia.”

She laughed aloud. “What, here?”

“I’ll move the table and give you room. Dance for me.”

She laughed again, this time a little nervously. “You want me to dance for you?”

His brown eyes met hers and he nodded his head.

With that, he got up. Taking the glasses of wine, he moved them off to the smaller table at the end of the sofa. Then, to her amazement, true to his word, he slid the table away from the couch.

Walking over to the small stereo, he found the volume knob and turned it up a little bit more. Julia laughed nervously. This wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she invited him over. She had been thinking about him making slow leisurely love to her, not putting on some kind of peep-show. He resumed his place on the sofa.

“So go dance for me, Julia”, he said again.

She stood up slowly, hesitantly. Then her favorite song came on. With a small smile, she reached for her glass of wine and downed it. Hell, a little liquid courage never hurts, she thought.

She stood before him and began to sway a little to the music. He leaned back into the plush couch and placed his hands behind his neck. His smile gave her a little more courage. The beat was fast and Julia began to keep up with the music. She found that she was starting to bounce a little more and the wine was giving her just the boost she needed. This was kind of fun, she thought.

By the end of the first song, she was noticeably flushed, but found that she wanted to keep going. She sashayed in front of him, her body inches from his. He could see the bra strap peeking out from the tank top. During the second song when she bent over in front of him, he could see the white thong panties. Dominick’s cock was beginning to get hard as he watched this beauty put on a show for his eyes only.

He saw nothing but Julia. Long hair, long limbs, perky breasts and that damn glossy red mouth. He wanted nothing more than to shove his now erect cock into that glossy little mouth. He noted she wasn’t even paying attention to him anymore. She was off in her own little world. She heard nothing but the music, her lithe body twirling for him, a faint sheen of sweat on her tanned skin. He wondered if in another life, she had been a dancer; her movements were smooth and fluid. She was amazing to watch.

He finally caught her eye. She offered him a shy smile, and then made her way over to him. Still swaying, she extended her hand. He took it and got up from the couch. He grabbed her immediately and started asyalı porno grinding into her, his hardness evident against her thigh. His hands roamed over her body as they danced together. His dark skin was such a contrast against the whiteness of the tank top. He pinched a nipple at one point and could feel the perky tip beneath the fabric. Her breath was coming quick as he stopped them and crushed his lips against hers.

The gloss was cherry flavored and he found that he could not get enough of her sweet mouth. He licked her lips, his tongue playing with hers. She wound her hands into his hair and he held her tightly, kissing her, his hands cupping her ass through the mini skirt. Then suddenly, she was being lifted. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to the far wall of the room.

Her back now to the wall, he lifted her shirt off and tossed it to the floor. His breath caught when he saw the lacy half-bra, her nipples erect and just begging to be kissed. He pulled down the skimpy piece of fabric and began feasting on her tips. She moaned slightly and pressed his mouth closer to her breast. His cock was raging but Dominick waited. He wanted her to come to him on her own accord. He would be patient, he would wait for her.

She had now unfastened the bra and it fell to the floor by the tank top. Her breasts against his chest, he kissed her almost savagely. Her breath was coming quicker and she noticed that she was wet underneath the thong. Suddenly, the room felt hot, so hot. He was raining kisses on her with urgency. She could feel his cock grinding against her pussy and it felt amazing. She ran her hands over his chest. He was solid. His arms were strong and his body fit against hers just right.

“Dominick”, she whispered. “Make love to me”.

He stopped for a moment. Her eyes found his and locked. His response was another crushing kiss and then she was being carried again. He laid her down on the couch and knelt in front of her. He saw her tangled hair, her swollen nipples, and her lip-gloss smeared mouth. With deft swiftness, he released her from the mini skirt. He could see the wetness staining the front of the thong. He ripped the panties from her body and she gasped aloud. Within seconds, he was burying his face into her snatch. She was sweet, he noted, and very aroused. His own cock was dying to be freed from its confines of the tight jeans he had on. The room was warm and smelled of her sex.

He licked and caressed her sticky folds with his tongue and it wasn’t too long before she came with a cry of his name and let her fluids spill into his mouth. Spent, she lay back against the black leather and tried to catch her breath. He smiled at her and tweaked a nipple with his fingers.

“You’re not done, Julia.”

In a flash, she understood exactly what he meant. She quickly sat up and motioned for him to lie on the couch. But first, she would undress him. Teasingly slow, she lifted the shirt from his body. He was sweating in the hot room and the musky scent of him excited her. She licked his nipples and bit them one at a time. Her fiery red nails scratched his chest and Dominick babes porno found that he liked it. He liked her. He wanted to fuck her with all his might, and still he let her have her fill of him.

She was now unzipping the tortuous now too-tight jeans and was freeing his cock. She noted he was not wearing any underwear. When he stepped out of the jeans, she smiled at him. She began licking his thighs and nipping at the inside of them. His cock was merely inches from her face and still she made no move to touch it. Finally, he grabbed her hair and made her face his cock. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was so hard and she did not know if she would be able to accommodate him. Now she began the task of sucking his cock.

She wet the tip with her mouth and began to take it in slowly. His hands were in her hair, urging her to take more and more with every stroke. She grabbed the backs of his legs and tried to swallow him whole, but found that she could not. Dominick delighted in this fact. He let her try and try again, enjoying the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat and seeing the inch and a half left over.

He was getting close now, his breaths coming quicker. She was working her lips around his cock and it felt exquisite. With another few strokes, he was emptying his seed into her waiting mouth.

He pulled her from her knees and kissed her, her mouth tasting faintly of his cum. He licked her lips and bit at them playfully.

“More”, he told her as she kissed him. “I want more of you”.

He pushed her back on the couch and spread her legs. His cock had barely softened, she noted. Then she felt him stretching her sopping wet pussy and she thought of nothing else. He was above her, his dark skin on hers, his mouth giving her endless kisses as he pushed himself into her. She cried out when he entered her fully and he eased her fears by staying still. She was tight and the warmth of her body around his cock made Dominick feel incredible.

She was squeezing her cunt around his cock trying to feel every inch of him. She had never been so filled before and the sensation was new and exciting. The squeezing was increasing his pleasure, she noticed, and he now growled at her playfully.

“Do you know how good that feels” he moaned into her ear.

Her only response was to close those walls around his cock again. He bit her shoulder and she wrapped her long legs around him.

“Do you know how good that feels”, she said back as he moved inside her.

Her nails were on his back again; her pussy wrapped around his throbbing cock. Dominick crushed her with his body and began pumping her hard. Julia found that she was now rising up off the couch to take all of him. He grabbed her hips and thrust himself deep inside her suddenly. Julia cried out as his body racked him with another powerful orgasm. It was now she came too, her cunt closing around his pulsing prick.

They lay there, a tangled mess of legs and arms. He was still inside her, not wanting to move. She kissed him again gently.

“I didn’t think it would be like this”, she confessed.

“What did you think it would be like?”

She shook her head and laughed softly.

“You surpassed even my wildest daydream, Dominick.”

“You are one incredible lover, Julia.” He silenced her with a kiss.

“Are you hungry?” she asked him when they parted.

He smiled. “Yes, but not for food…..”

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