Jenn’s New Job Ch. 03

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The day after fucking Jenn and Mel I started looking for a new job. I didn’t care what, just something that paid more. I was going to need a lot of money if Jenn was going to turn pro. I needed to be able to fuck her on demand, and for that I needed coin.

Even though I was getting it cheap or free for now, I knew that might stop anytime, if she got up the nerve to take this hooker life on. I got the feeling Jenn wouldn’t become any cheap street whore, but a premium call girl.

I was reading a book on management one night when I heard a knock. It was Jenn. “Whatcha up to?”

“Just reading. Looking to move up in the world.”

Jenn perused the book. “Looks boring.”

“Not as fun as your job.”

“That’s what I wanted to tell you about. You know I’ve been doing research.” She squeezed my cock through my shorts. “Hell, you’ve BEEN the research. But we haven’t watched any action movies for a while.”

“That’s true.” Our shared casino şirketleri love of action movies is what bonded our friendship in the first place. She held up a burned DVD, with no label. “What’s this?”

“Pop it in.” Curious, I threw in the DVD and sat beside Jenn on the loveseat. I clicked through the generic menu screen to the feature.

The camera was handheld, focused on nothing clear. I could hear Jenn’s voice from behind, she was holding it. “Where’s the autofocus. Oh wait, here.”

The blurry moving shapes focused — on screen now I could see Mel’s sexy black ass, bared and pushed upwards a little off a bed. “Is it working?”

“It’s good. Go.” At Jenn’s command, a thick black cock came into view and a hand started moving it into Mel’s pussy. Jenn zoomed in to watch the cock part Mel’s wet folds and thrust in, pushing deep.

“Now that’s an action movie. More research?”

“More fun than reading business books.” I agreed. casino firmaları Onscreen, the cock thrust in and out of Mel, sliding out slow and ramming in hard. Her taut black ass cheeks jiggled a little as it rammed into her.

Jenn pulled the camera back to show Mel’s long slim body, arched forward on the bed as the guy I didn’t know fucked her doggystyle. I was hard as a rock, and started rubbing my cock through my clothes.

“You working tonight?” I asked Jenn.

“Depends. Whatcha thinking?”

I looked her up and down. “What would it cost for a nice titfuck?”

She smiled. “Seeing as how I’ve been cutting you good deals so far, let’s say a hundred, and I’ll let you keep the DVD.”

“Sold.” She had my cock out before I said the word. Onscreen, Mel moaned and looked off camera. Another tall black guy I didn’t know came in, and grabbed Mel’s chin — he shoved his cock deep into her mouth as the first guy pounded her pussy.

While güvenilir casino Mel got sandwiched onscreen, Jenn knelt down to sandwich my cock between her juicy Cs. She sucked it a little first, sloppy and slobbering, to get it lubricated, then slapped her tits around it and started sliding them up and down. Jenn didn’t waste time.

Mel was really getting jackhammered now, and Jenn was doing a different number on my cock. Mel almost collapsed — the guys started hammering her mouth and pussy so hard she was off-balance. Jenn slid her hot tits up and down my cock and bent her head down to suck and lick the head. She was practically slapping her tits into her own face.

The guys on screen slammed Mel into the bed and pulled out of her, their cocks erupting, cum flying all over her face and ass. I couldn’t hold it in, and burst right as Jenn slid her tongue around my head. I grabbed her mouth and shoved my dick deep, unloading my cum into her.

Spent, I fell back on the loveseat. Jenn opened her lips to dribble my cum down her chest. She rubbed it into her tits, gasping. Onscreen, the black guys applauded a collapsed Mel. I raised my own hands and let off a few claps for Jenn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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