Jennifer Ch. 09

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Chapter 9: Pool Party!

Dan was still lying face down on the carpeting, pretending to be asleep. His hard-on was still providing him a bit of discomfort, but he’d managed to adust his position slightly without drawing the girls’ attention. Now all he had to do was control himself while he listened to Shannon telling her story to Jennifer as they sat on the couch just three feet away from him. He knew that his ‘awakening’ would certainly not put out the fires that had been raging through the three of them, but his voyeuristic side was enjoying secretly listening and watching Shannon and Jennifer interact. Jennifer’s story had certainly set the mood and Shannon was just beginning her tale. He grinned to himself as he began to realize that all those rumors circulating about the cheerleader were based at least on some level of fact…

He slowly, imperceptibly he hoped, turned his head to allow for a better view of the two girls on the couch and had to stifle a groan. Both girls were naked, and Shannon was lying with her head resting in Jennifer’s lap. Jennifer was lightly running her fingers over the blonde’s tight body, fondling her breasts and occasionally sliding over her belly to tease their way through her closely trimmed bush. Every once in a while Shannon would pause in her whispering to release a low moan as Jennifer found just the right spots to tease…. Then she would continue her tale. She was telling Jennifer about how she’d discovered the joys of multiple ‘participants’ and it appeared to Dan as if Jennifer was getting every bit as excited from Shannon’s expicit recollections as he was…

“So…we were at the beach,” Shannon was whispering, “Randy and I were making out in this little cove we’d discovered, and things were getting pretty hot. My top was around my waist and I had his suit almost down around his ankles. I’m jerking him off real slow, like he likes it and he’s sucking on my tits, when I heard some noise coming from the rocks just in front of us. I opened my eyes and saw Jim Lang, the second string quarterback, standing on the beach between us and the water. He was half hidden behind a rock, about six feet away, and he was watching us making out. I was surprised at first, but didn’t do anything right away, ’cause it was a turn on for me. I mean if you’re screwing around at the beach, there’s always the chance that someone is gonna see you. It’s one of the reason’s I always liked to screw around at the beach…” She grinned and Jennifer nodded her understanding.

“So anyway, I kept my eyes half closed so Jim wouldn’t see that I’d caught him, not that he was looking at my eyes. I could see his eyes moving between my tits and my hand on Randy’s hard-on and it was really getting me hot. I began to kiss Randy harder and took his hand with my free hand and urged him across my belly until he was cupping my pussy. I groaned a little and let me legs spread wider and he didn’t need any more urging. He started groaning and moved his hand under my suit, playing with my pussy. He was getting me really hot, but I think I was even more turned on watching Jim watching us play!

“Jim’s hand was inside his suit and I could see him stroking his cock. That REALLY got me going! I reached for the string on the side of my suit and undid the bow. Randy felt the loose cloth and used his hand to pull it away. Then, really slow, he slid two fingers inside me. I spread my legs even wider, giving Jim a full view of Randy finger-fucking me. I heard Jim groan and that’s when I came the first time, moving my pussy against Randy’s fingers as I lefted my hips in the air.

“When I calmed down a little bit, I kept on jerking Randy off, and I leaned back a little, opening my eyes and staring right at Jim. He had his cock out of his suit by now, and was stroking it really slow, like he was mimicking my hand on Randy. He jumped when he saw my eyes open and look at him, but Igrinned at him and he stayed right where he was. My heart was pounding and I nuzzled into Randy’s neck then moved up to lick his ear. I was so hot by then that I decided to take a chance and whispered to Randy that we had an audience. But I kept on stroking his cock and also told him that it was turning me on.

Shannon looked up at Jennifer with a resigned grin on her flushed face. “Well”, she continued, That’s when I realized that something was up besides Randy and Jim. I’d half expected Randy to jump, or at least show some kind of surprise, but he just grinned at me and nodded his head. His hand kept moving over my wet pussy as he chuckled. ‘I’m glad it turns you on.’ he said, ‘I was hoping it would…’

Jennifer looked at her friend with a shocked look. “You mean they set you up!?” she asked incredulously. Shannon grinned and nodded.

“I didn’t know it then, but I was kind of surprised at how calmly Randy took the news. I figured it was just ’cause he was so horny, but later he told me that he’d told Jim where to find us. It didn’t really matter to me at the time ’cause I was so caught up in things. And casino şirketleri it didn’t matter, even after Randy told me the truth, ’cause it was really hot!

Jennifer smiled and told Shannon to continue. She was getting pretty worked up herself from Shannon’s story.

“So anyway, I’m jerking Randy off and I look back at Jim, who’s moved a little closer. He’s leaning against a tall rock with his trunks around his knees and he’s stroking his cock right in front of me! I looked at Randy and he’s lying there with a huge grin on his face. I think he knew how I was going to react better than I did. I really didn’t know what to do, but it was obvious that the situation wasn’t upsetting him in the least so I went with my instincts… I sat up a little, still stroking Randy and looked into Jim’s eyes. I could tell he was going crazy and I told him to come closer. I think he was as surprised to hear me speak as I was, but he shuffled towards us, trying not to trip on his suit. God, he looked like a penguin with his suit around his ankles! I would have laughed except for the sight of his big cock in his hand. It was almost as big as Randy’s and all wet from his pre-come… I remember my mouth watering as he moved closer and closer, finally standing beside me.

“It was like I was dreaming, but I reached out and curled my fingers around his cock. I just stared at the head as I started to stroke it for him. He groaned like a bull and I could see his legs shaking. Randy sat up then and I began to jerk them both off faster. It was very surrealistic…noone was saying anything… no noise at all, except for the steady sound of the waves and the three of us quietly groaning and sighing as I jerked them off together. God, I can still feel their wet cocks running through my fingers and the sloppy wet sound their cocks made…. Mmmmmm…. Ooooo….your fingers feel sooo good, Jennifer….”

“Sloppy, wet sounds” were also coming from the couch and Dan was going crazy with lust as he listened and watched the two girls. Jennifer had leaned over and was slowly sliding two fingers in and out of Shannon’s glistening pussy as she listened to her story. Shannon was arching her back, her legs spread wide and her eyes closed as she relived the story in her mind. And Dan was trying desperately not to shoot off onto the carpet…

“Randy was the first to come, and squeeled as I felt his cock throb in my hand. His cum must have shot six feet in the air as I pumped him, then I pulled him towards me and leaned over so he could shoot on my tits. He must have been really turned on ’cause he just kept coming and coming while I pumped him. I mean, my tits were covered! Then I felt Jim’s cock getting bigger and felt his hot cum on my cheek. I turned to him just as he shot off again and this time he hit me right in the face. I remember beginning to laugh like a crazy lady as I felt him shoot over and over, some of it going in my mouth, but mostly on my face and tits. That’s when I began to come myself. I’d never had an orgasm without being touched before and I remember being amazed as I felt myself begin to shake. I took my hand off Randy’s cock and began to finger myself as I kept stroking Jim off. Oh…yeah…just like that, Jennn….yesss….”

Jennifer was grinning wildly as she finger-fucked her friend, her hand moving up and down faster and faster until Shannon began to shiver and moan, her legs opening and closing as she raised her hips high into the air. Finally, she let out a long, low sigh of release and collapse back into the couch, cuddling against Jennifer’s tits.

“Oh….wow…Jen….that was so intense! Oh, fuck…sooo good….”

Jennifer grinned down at her friend, her own heart pumping wildly. She felt pleased with herself that she was able to give Shannon so much pleasure when, really, the pleasure had been hers. She was definitely enjoying this new relationship… “So what happened then?” she urged, hoping Shannon would continue. Shannon closed her eyes and smiled as she remembered.

“Well, we just kind of collapsed on the blanket, nobody saying anything for quite a while. But, as I lay there, I began to think that it may be more than just a coincidence that Jim happened to show up just when he did. The more I thought about it, the clearer the idea that I’d been set up grew. At first, I was bothered about it, but the more I mulled it over, the more comfortable I got with the idea. After all it had been one of the most exciting things I’d ever done and obviously everyone had enjoyed it as much as me. The fact that I’d been set up became more and more inconsequential to me.

“I mean, Randy and I had talked a bunch of times about how a threesome might be fun, either with another girl or another guy, and talking about it had always ended up getting us really hot. But if he’d told me about it beforehand, it actually might have made me nervous. And maybe to the point of not going through with it. Randy must have figured that out and made plans with his friend Jim. He knew that I got off on casino firmaları being watched, and probably figured Jim ‘discovering’ us would help to break down my defense. Of course there wasn’t a whole lot of defense to be broken down!”

“Did you ever get together again?” Jennifer asked dreamily, running her fingers through Shannon’s cum matted hair.

Shannon smiled and nodded. “Oh yeah…After the truth came out that day, we all laughed about it and things got pretty friendly. I decided to ‘punish’ Randy for his deception and began to suck Jim’s cock right in front of him and, of course, Jim thought it was agreat idea. I did him quick, making him shoot off in my mouth, but I made it a real show for Randy…really wet and sloppy and making a big deal about swallowing Jim’s cum. Of course, then Randy was hard and going crazy, so I blew him too, putting on the same show for Jim…staring into his eyes and using a lot of tongue. And after Randy came in my mouth, I looked down and saw Jim had another hard-on! It was so incredibly exciting! I mean, I had two cocks, one ready as soon as I’d finished with the other… I thought I was going to explode, I was so excited!

“When I started to suck Jim’s cock again, I felt Randy moving behind me and I got on my knees, leaning over Jim’s cock as I felt Randy sliding into my pussy from behind. Every fantasy I’d ever had about that was happening and it was way intense. Both of them were lasting longer after just coming, and it seemed like we fucked for hours on that beach. Randy and Jim traded places, I don’t know how many times, but I felt so filled with a cock in my mouth and another one in my pussy. I don’t even remember how many times I came, or maybe it was just one long, intense orgasm. I do remember it was Jim who came first…in my pussy… and right after that Randy stared shooting off in my mouth so hard I didn’t think I’d be able to swallow it all. And it was so thick! I remember thinking that it must be because we were all dehydrated, but his cum was like molasses. I finally had to take him out of my mouth and jerk him off because I couldn’t swallow anymore!

Then we all collapsed again and just lay there, panting like dogs and listening to the waves crashing on the beach. I fell asleep at some point, and when I woke up, Randy and Jim were standing, folding the blankets and moving the towels and stuff higher on the beach because the tide was coming in. Both of their cocks were semi-hard and I just lay there, watching them move around. I was so relaxed, I felt like I was high or something. Then Randy noticed I was awake and came over to sit beside me. He was really sweet…asking how I was feeling and stuff. I think he was trying to find out if I was feeling any regret about what had gone down. I assured him that I wasn’t upset or regretful, and also told him how exciting it had been for me. And, as I was telling him this, I saw his cock starting to grow, so I began to tease him, getting a little more descriptive… saying how exciting it was to have two cocks in me, how thick his cum felt in my mouth, how Jim’s cum tasted a little different in my mouth than his… By the time I stopped talking, his cock was rock hard again and I could see his pre-come starting to ooze from the head.

“I smiled at him and sat up, taking his cock in my hand and stroking him. I looked over to see Jim watching me, and motioned for him to sit on my other side. He grinned eagerly and I grinned back as I watched his cock growing as he walked. He was hard by the time he sat down and I curled my other hand around his hard-on, stroking both of them in unison. I knew that we didn’t have much time because when the tide is in it covers the beach and you either have to climb over the rocks, which I wasn’t about to do, or wait until the tide receeds, which means hours waiting on a tiny stretch of sand and pebbles. So I concentrated on beating the tide….

“Both guys were fondling my tits and running their hands between my legs as I jerked them off, and I knew they wanted more than hand-jobs, but as tempting as a repeat performance was, I knew we’d be stuck there for the night if I gave in. So I used every technique I’d ever learned to try to get them off quickly. For a while I thought it was working, but Randy kept trying to move behind me. When I’d push him back, he’d use his hand to open my legs and tease my pussy. He was trying to break my resolve and he was almost winning…. And, when his finger began toying with my asshole, I couldn’t help letting out a moan. It was getting impossible for me to retain control, and I knew it. Jim began to play with my pussy, sliding his finger in and out slowly and Randy followed his lead, pushing his own finger deeper into my ass. I knew what they were hinting at and the thought was almost overwhelming. I groaned and leaned back on the blanket, letting my legs fall apart, but keeping my hands on their cocks and stroking them faster.

“I knew my only hope would be to make them come before they got the better of my good sense. güvenilir casino I could tell that Jim was getting close just by the amount of pre-come he was pouring over my fingers as I jerked him off. I started talking…gasping, really…telling the two of them how hot their fingers were getting me…in my ass…in my pussy…how hot it would be to feel their cocks in me…fucking my ass and my pussy at the same time…And it was working. I could feel both of their cocks getting bigger in my hands as I pumped them faster and faster. The whole thing was very exciting!

“And not that I was entirely trying to fool them. The thought of two cocks inside me was getting me off too. At the time, I didn’t know if I’d even be able to handle two big cocks like theirs, but the fantasy was certainly turning me on. Randy had fucked me in the ass a few times before that day, and after the first time, I really got into it, but, even so, his cock filled me up to the max. To think of another cock in my pussy at the same time made my head spin. Anyway, I kept on rambling about getting double fucked, and my words finally worked their magic. Jim started groaning and I felt his cum splashing over my tits and belly. Randy followed right after, his own cum raining over my fingers and hitting my tits. And I kept jerking them off as the two of them brought me over the edge….their fingers fucking wetly in and out of my pussy and my ass… It was way way hot!

“So here we all are…almost passed out again, when I feel the waves beginning to lap at my feet! We all jumped up and scrambled around collecting blankets and towels and laughing as we tried to beat the waves around the rocks. As it turned out we ended up having to wade through water up to our shoulders to make it to the other side! When we did, we all collapsed on the beach laughing and hugging each other. It was really cool. “And, on the hike back to the cars, I told both guys, in no uncertain terms, that this was going to be our secret. If word ever got out about what had happened, I’d make sure it was the last time either of them saw me for anything at all.”

Shannon smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “And I guess it worked for a while. I think Randy kept his mouth shut, but Jim, I think, ran off at the mouth a few times. Oh, well…a couple more months and we’ll all be graduated…”

Jennifer smiled, recalling her similar demands of secrecy she’d made to Dan and Todd, earlier that very day. She wondered just how long they would keep their secrets…

“So that’s my story.” Shannon said, sitting up. “Hot enough for you?”

Jennifer laughed and nodded her head. “Oh, yeah….I think you can tell…” She took Shannon’s hand and brought it between her legs, showing her friend just how wet she was. Shannon grinned and leaned over to kiss her friend, sliding her tongue between her lips briefly. She began to slowly insert her fingers between Jennifer’s pussy lips, beginning a gentle fucking motion. She knew it wouldn’t take a lot to bring Jennifer over the dge, and she was right. Jennifer began to moan and move her hips against Shannon’s hand. At the same time, Shannon’s thumb moved up to gently tease Jennifer’s clit, making her sigh and moan.

“Ohhh….Shannon….you do that sooo good….Mmmm…soooo goood….” Jennifer’s voice trailed off as her lower body began the shudder. Like the waves in Shannon’s story, Jennifer felt her orgasm wash over her softly…slowly…uncontrollably.. She lay her head back on the arm of the couch and opened her legs as wide as she could, letting Shannon fuck her over the top. And as her orgasm waned, she drifted…falling into a deep easy sleep…

Shannon smiled and leaned back, closing her own eyes and drifting. Soon, the slow, peaceful rhythmic breathing of the girls had it’s effect on even Dan. He’d been feigning sleep for so long now, with his entire body wound like a spring, that he was exhausted. And the hypnotic sound of the girls’ soft snoring took it’s toll. Like a blanket of black, Dan felt sleep overtake him until his own snoring joined that of the ladies.

* * * * *

Shannon was the first to slowly regain semi-consciousness. She’d been enjoying her erotic dreams when she heard a soft suffling behind her. Smiling slightly, she pretended to be still asleep as the padding sound grew nearer. Hearing them move behind her, she pretended to snore lightly.

She had to use every bit of control she had to keep from jumping as she felt a warm hand move over her shoulder and over her breast. Still pretending to be asleep, she laid her head back on the cushions, sighing as the hand moved over her erect nipples. Opening her eyes slightly, she peered through her long eyelashes to see Jack Renquist leaning over her. Glancing down further, Shannon saw the shape of his huge cock, hard and bobbing over her shoulder. This time her sigh was for real.

As she felt his hand move over her belly, Shannon pretended to be lost in an erotic dream. She brought one leg upwards and spread her thighs, inviting the searching finger between them. Through her half closed eyes she saw Jack’s grin as he probed between her wet pussy lips. Shannon was on fire after sharing stories with Jennifer and this was exactly what she needed.

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