Jasmine’s Vacation

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This tale is considered a second part to “No Longer Shy”. Thanks!

* * * * *

It had happened!!! My sister had finally loosened up a bit… and all it took was her getting freaked on by another chick. I’m Jasmine and in case you don’t know, I am Jessie’s twin sister. We had exchanged places for one day and it turned out for the better for her, but now I have a story to tell… no this really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with Jessie…well, I guess it does since she was there. Anyway…Shall we begin????…

About two months after we had pulled our little switcheroo, I convinced Jessie to take a small vacation with me. We had been saving up for a while to take a trip, but she always found a reason for us not to go…ya know…who would run the store?…who would take care of the house?… Things like that. Well now, she had no excuse. We had hired two new employees, and our cousin would be handling the money and doing the managerial stuff for the few days that we would be gone. Grudgingly, she finally gave in. I think the reason that she didn’t really want to go now was because she had been spending more time with Stacy (even though she swore that they were not a couple…yeah right).

Finally the Thursday had arrived for the two of us to take the cruise that we both deserved. We actually had to take a flight to Florida early in the morning to board on the Paradise Cruise lines for the seven-day Eastern Caribbean Cruise. We left from Miami at about four o’clock in the evening. On our first day, we basically got settled in and walked the liner for a while, had dinner and went dancing. It was in the casino where I saw her…

Oh my God…She was gorgeous! She was about two inches shorter than me (about 5’5″), her tanned skin was the shade of a fresh apricot. Her hair was so black that it almost looked blue when the light hit it. She had it pinned up in a beautiful bun with two black chopsticks Chris-crossing in it. Her eyes were a deep brown that reminded me of hot cocoa, slightly almond shaped… Full lips that looked ready to be kissed at any time…Her full breasts begged to be set free from the V shaped neckline of the black thigh length cocktail dress that she wore. With a tiny waist and legs that made even a Rockette jealous, she was a stunner. I could feel my mouth begin to water.

Though I am admittedly bi, very few women have ever caught my eye that way. Unable to stop myself, I gathered my winnings from the Black Jack table to make my way over to her where she leaned up against a bar alone. But before I could get to her, a man approached her. She greeted him with a long kiss that made me jealous of the guy. I could only shake my head to myself as the couple strolled away…”Oh well,” I thought to myself. I quickly got over it and made my way over to the slot machines where I had left Jessie. Though she was nowhere to be found, I didn’t worry too much…we were on a boat after all.

I dropped a few quarters into the slot machine a few times before walking away from the slot machine. I just walked around for a little while. Before I knew it, over an hour had passed by and was hungry for a little snack. I found my way to a little shoppe that was on the main floor of the massive ship. I ordered a chicken club sandwich and a Dr. Pepper at the counter and sat and waited for my grub. As I ate my food, a deep voice came from the side of me.

“I love chicken sandwiches.”

I looked into the face of the man who had escorted the beauty away before I could get to her. He wasn’t bad looking himself. Rather sexy if the truth be told. His head was clean shaven and he bore a great resemblance to Vin Diesel. I looked at him. “So do I,” I said like a nincompoop.

“What are you doing in here all by your lonesome?” he asked me.

“Just grabbing a snack before I turn in,” I informed him. I continued to eat my food as he told the server that he was there to pick up an order.

“The order was under Lilah’s name,” I heard him say. “Chicken club sandwich and a chef salad with lite Ranch.”

He then turned his attention back to me. “I’m Lex and you are…?”

“Jasmine,” I told him after taking a swallow of my Dr. Pepper.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jasmine,” he said offering me his hand. I placed mine in his and instead of shaking it, he kissed it. I was floored! The men at home were not this suave. I loved it! But wait…wasn’t he with the model chick just a little over an hour ago?

“I think I saw you earlier,” I told him, even thought I KNEW that I had seen him. “You were with a very pretty lady, weren’t you?”

“I sure was,” he said with a smile. I waited for him to tell me who she was. He didn’t.

Oooooo…kay… I was guessing by now that he was a player and I really didn’t need any unnecessary drama while I was on vacation, so I quickly tried to dismiss any attraction to him at all. Damn, why did all of the sexy ones have to be players?!

“Sooooo…where are you from?” he asked me.

“Arkansas,” I told him before taking another bite of my sandwich.

“Ahhhhh, home casino şirketleri of Slick Willie Clinton.”

“The one and only,” I said between chews. I swallowed my food and took another sip of soda. “The Natural State.”

“Is that a fact?” he asked as if thinking about something. “I’m from Texas myself,” he informed me. The server brought his to-go food to him and told him to enjoy it. He looked at me and said, “Well, you have a nice night, Jasmine.” Then he walked away.

I was finishing up my sandwich, when I felt lips lightly brush my ear as he returned and whispered, “She’s my wife.” He then slid a piece of paper to me with his room number on it. “Maybe you’d like to join us for dinner one night.”

Then he was gone again.

I glanced at the paper before balling it up into a teeny ball. “Yeah right” I thought to myself, tossing the paper into the trash can on my way out of the little diner. However, when I made it back to the suite that my sister and I were sharing, I couldn’t get Lex out of my head. Maybe it was the head (I’m am a sucker for bald guys)…or maybe the muscles that seemed to beg for freedom under his T-shirt. He was sexy as hell, but I come across sexy men all of the time. Yet with this one, there was something different. In the back of my mind, I already knew that something was going to happen…

“Where have you been?”

I looked at Jessie who was already half asleep on the sofa. “Out an’ about,” I told her.

“You ditched me,” she accused. “You left me by the slot machines.”

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself,” I told her. “Besides, I came back to look for you, but you were already gone, so I just walked around for a little while and then grabbed something to grub on before I came back to the room. Look, we’re on vacation…enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about me okay.”

“Fine, fine,” Jessie said. She rose from the sofa and padded into her quarters. “Goodnight,” she yelled from where she laid.

“Nightie Night,” I yelled back before going into my own quarters. I stripped until I was completely naked and laid down on the cool comforter on the bed. As I lay there, my mind drifted to Lex again. As much as I tried to fight it, I was attracted to him; however, he was still a married man and they were off limits…but I could still pretend…

I allowed my eyes to drift shut and imagined that he was in the bedroom with me, touching me gently at first. My hand strayed down my stomach slowly before settling between my thighs, finding moisture and heat there. As I visualized him touching me, I began to slowly massage my pussy, gently rubbing only the lips first, then my clit. I moaned as I imagined him licking and sucking my nipples. They hardened at the image and I used my free hand to play with them and tug on them gently, pretending my hand was Lex’s warm mouth. I licked my fingertips to wet my throbbing nipples and played with them some more with one hand as the other rubbed at my clit slowly.

I began to rub my clit faster as I imagined Lex rubbing it with his own big hand. Pressure began to build up in me as I imagined him filling me with his swelled, mountain hard dick. I moaned out loud and then jabbed three fingers into my wet snatch, pumping them furiously inside of me until I sent myself over the edge with orgasmic spasms. I laid in the bed for a few minutes, calming myself, allowing my heartbeat to return to normal before taking a refreshing shower in my private bathroom.

The next morning, when I awakened, we had arrived at Nassau. We had a few hours, so Jessie and I took in the sights. We checked out the Coral World Marine Park and Underwater Observatory before going to the Straw Market. We did some sight seeing whereas Jessie went crazy taking pictures with the digital camera. Before too long I had to take it from her before she used up all of the memory… She just went and bought like six disposable cameras! By two o’clock we were back on the boat and ready to head back out to the sea.

For the next two days, Jessie and I made it our duty to hit the swimming pool in the afternoon, eat around six, and go dancing around nine. By midnight, we were both back in the room, listening to music and talking or asleep.

On the fifth day, we landed on St. Thomas. When we stepped onto the island paradise, I knew that I would have to make a return trip. The view was better that any view that you would find (even in an Elvis movie!!!!). It was love at first sight! We visited the beach at Magen’s Bay, and visited the Hotel 1829, and even the street of 99 steps. When were in the market, we I nearly ran into Lex and his stunning wife (Lilah).

“Hey!” he greeted cheerfully.

“Hi,” I said back to him somewhat meekly.

“Honey,” he turned to Lilah, “this is the girl that I was telling you about.” He then looked at me. “Jasmine… this is my lovely wife Lilah. Lilah meet Jasmine.”

As me and the lady shook hands, I wondered why Lex had introduced me as if he had known me forever, but instead, I said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lilah.”

“Oh, the pleasure is casino firmaları all mine,” she responded with a sexy smile. Damn… she was fine!

“Well,” I stammered. “It was nice seeing y’all. I have to find someone.” Then I quickly split to go and find Jessie.

Jessie and I did some more sight seeing before boarding the ship again. We decided to go our own ways for the rest of the day and meet a six for dinner. A few minutes before dinner, I ran to our room and found Jessie going through her suitcase. “Hey,” she said. “I was hoping you’d come to the room. I’m going to have to cancel out on dinner with you, sis. I hope you aren’t mad.”

“Not at all,” I told her honestly. “I think that I am going to just lounge around her for a little while and order in.”

“Cool,” she said. “OH!” she then said, reaching into her back pocket, pulling out a card. “Some cutie gave this to me, thinking that I was you.”

I retrieved the card from my sister’s hand. It was a room key. I felt in my pocket and mine was still there…Lex… “Thanks,” I told Jessie.

“No problem,” she said back as she took her suitcase back into her room. On her way out the door, she said, “See ya later.”

I waved and she closed the door behind her. I plopped down on the couch and stared at the card for a few minutes. I knew what using that key would involve. I’d had men and women, but never a couple. Did I want to breach that border now?… I sat for a few more minutes, meditating on what I should do…


I went into my room and dug through my clothing and found a backless cocktail dress that showed of my newest tattoo, a dragon on my lower back. I wore no bra ( thank goodness my 34C’s are perky). I slipped on a pair of black thongs, a pair of thigh high panty hose, and black 5- inch heeled pumps. I retouched my make up and liberated my hair from the updo that it was in, letting it fall way past my shoulders. I looked in the mirror and was satisfied with what I saw. I then put my room key in my purse and held the other in my hand as I strolled to the room number that I had memorized on that first night.

At first I was about to knock on the door, but then I realized that the key was my invitation into their room…no need to knock. I slid they card into the appropriate slot and a green light flashed just above the door handle. I opened the door and entered the room.

The suite that Lex and Lilah shared was much more exquisite than the one that Jessie and I shared. It included a hot tub in a corner of the room and even a fireplace (how they pulled that off, I just don’t know!). The room had roses everywhere and their fresh scent filled the air. Candles were also lit all over the suite. A black bearskin run graced the center of the room in front of the fireplace. Various paintings adorned the walls. They had even taken the time out to put a couple of pictures of themselves up on the wall. I looked on the other side of the room and found a bottle of wine in a silver bucket and three glasses awaiting with a bowl of strawberries. “Nice,” I mutter to myself.

“Well, hello again, Jasmine.”

Lilah’s soft voice washed over my skin. “Hello to you Lilah,” I greeted her. “How are you?” I asked cordially.

“Wonderful, thank you,” she said with a smile.

I took in her appearance. She was lovely in the jade green, thigh length kimono robe. She wore no panty hose, just a pair of high heeled slippers that almost seemed to be made of glass. Her hair was still up in that sexy bun with tendrils of hair caressing her face and the back of her neck, however, the black chopsticks had been replaced with jade green ones. She smiled seductively as she walked up to me. She took my hand and led me further into the living area of the suite. “Please, make yourself comfortable,” she said, escorting me to the massive black sofa. “Alex will be with us shortly.”

I sat my purse down on the floor and sat down on the couch. Lilah offered me a glass of wine, which I readily accepted. She poured a glass for me and herself and joined me on the plush sofa. “Ya know,” she began. “I saw you watching me on the first night of this cruise. Had it not been for Alex, I think you would’ve approached me. Am I correct?”

“Maybe,” I answered. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just asking,” she said in a sassy southern drawl. “So, are you a lesbian or bisexual?”

“Why do you want to know?” I countered.

“Because you’re here,” she answered. “So you are one or the other. So…?”

“Bi,” I answered finally, taking a sip of the red wine. She only nodded. “Soooo,” I began, “where’s the hubby?”

“As I said, he’ll be along shortly. Would you like to listen to some music?” she offered. When I nodded, she reached picked up a remote control and turned on a stereo that I couldn’t see. “It’s built into the wall,” she said as if reading my mind. The sound of Britney Spears’ “Slave” floated through the air. “So,” Lilah began, “tell me a little about yourself, Jasmine.”

I told her the basics, ya know, where I’m from…what I do for a living…about güvenilir casino my sister…blah blah blah. Then she told me a little about herself. “Well, I was born a little town not too far from Atlanta. When I was about twelve, my family uprooted and we moved to Texas. My mother was of what they call ‘Old Money’, so she grabbed her old money and headed for Houston. She wanted to be free of the life that she lived in Georgia. She put me through college where I had a double major including business. I met Alex when I was twenty-three years old. I knew we had a genuine type of love because we were married a year later. When mama passed, she left me everything. Alex has a love for boats and water so we now spend most of our time on cruises. We’ve been together for eleven years now.”

“So what interests you about me?” I wanted to know.

“The fact that you were interested in me primarily,” Lilah answered honestly. “Not to mention that Alex took a liking to you right off the bat.”

“So you’re doing this for him?” I asked.

“Heavens no,”she answered sipping from her glass. “We both do this because we BOTH enjoy it.”

“So what happens now?” I asked.

“Well, since Alex is out gambling for a while, it’s just you and I, dear,” she replied. “What do you want to do?”

“It really doesn’t matter to me,” I answered. “Anything is better than sitting in my room alone.”

“Well,” Lilah opened, sitting her glass on the glass coffee table, “what did you want to do when you were watching me in the casino?”

“Honestly,” I said, “I wanted to kiss you.”

“Oh really?” she challenged me. “Pray tell…why?”

“You have the most beautiful lips that I have ever seen,” I answered candidly. Unable to resist, I reached out and ran one finger across her bottom lip. Her lips parted at my caress and I felt her soft sigh. I was instantly turned on by her response. If I was going to do this thing, I was going to do this thing right! I sat my glass on the table next to hers. “I hope you don’t mind,” I said pulling her head toward mine. I gently traced her lips with my tongue before pressing my lips to hers. She instantly open her mouth to me, letting my tongue explore her sweetness. I felt my blood rush to my head as she gave me herself completely in just one kiss, our tongues dueling blissfully. It had been a while since I had been with a woman and I was loving this!

She moaned into my mouth as I caressed her shoulders, face and back. My goal now was to make her melt in my hands. For a while, Lex was forgotten about and all that I could focus on was Lilah. Her mouth tasted so good that I could hardly wait to taste the rest of her. I stood up and pulled her from the sofa. I reached for the silk belt tied at the front of her short robe and pulled it loose. I pushed the silk robe from her shoulders, exposing a jade-green lace corset. Her breasts nearly spilled over the top of the lovely lingerie and she wore absolutely nothing else. My mouth watered at the vision that was Lilah.

“Do you like?” she asked, twirling around for me to observe.

“Oh yes,” I answered, pulling her close to me. “I love!” I assured her.

As I kissed her on her neck, she asked, “What about Alex?”

“He can join in when he gets here,” I said before pulling her lips back to mine. As our tongues frolicked, ran my hands all over her body…so soft. Her ass was worthy of awards! Her skin was as soft a rose petals… This woman was going to drive me insane. I stripped her of her clothing and stepped away from her. She was radiant, smiling at me boldly.

I laid her down on the bearskin rug and began to kiss her all over…her neck… her stomach… her thighs…licking on her ear…trailing to her neck again and down to the very inside of her thighs…down her legs then taking a toe into my mouth. She squealed in delight, being ticklish. I laughed to myself as I trailed back up her stomach then to her breasts, taking one stone-hard nipple into my mouth as I teased the other with my fingertips. She moaned and tugged on my hair, spurring me on. “Mmmmmm…Yesssss…So Good…”

I released my hold on the first nipple and turned my attention to the other, giving it the same affection with my mouth that I had given the other. Hearing her moan for me alleviated any worries that I may have had before. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me with everything in her. As we kissed, my hand made its way to her wet pussy. Her wetness only increased my own. My own femininity began to throb as I listen to her moan and call my name as I began to slowly rub her clit.

“Mmmmmm”‘ she moaned into my mouth. I then gently sucked on her neck as I massaged her ever moistening snatch. “Ooooooo…Don’t stop…PLEASE…Love me…,” she begged me.

“I will,” I promised against her neck. “Damn, you feel so good.”

I trailed more kisses down her body, coming to the dripping cavern that awaited me. I pressed two fingers into sodden womanhood, playing in the wetness before I rubbed the juices on her clit. Her head thrashed left and right. “Taste me please!!” she implored. Unable to tell the beauty ‘no’, I experimentally flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue just once, causing her to buck wildly beneath me. I laughed seductively. “Do you like that, Lilah,” I challenged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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