Janis Takes a Break

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After everything they went through, Andi, Nicki, and Janis decided that sororities were not for them. Andi was glad that she “had what it took” to be in one of the finer sororities, but she had more fun just hanging out with the girls at the apartment. Nicki was as popular as ever with the boys, and she was only a sophomore. Her goals were already met, and the sorority was of no use to her.

Nat started going home less and less each weekend, and surprised the other girls when she would bring her dates to the apartment for an overnight stay. The surprise wasn’t that they spent the night, but rather, sometimes they were boys and sometimes they were girls – cute girls, too. Not the type you would figure to be dykes. Nicki frequently masturbated with her ear to Nat’s wall as Nat was brought to orgasm by both sexes.

Janis’ experience at the frat house put a strain on her relationship with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was eager to please, but Janis found sex with just one guy a little boring. She asked if he wouldn’t mind if she used a dildo when they had sex, and he went along with it, but it wasn’t the same. She didn’t want a bigger cock – her boyfriend’s was the perfect fit as far as she was concerned – she just wanted more than one. She also began developing a talent of riding a cock that was in her ass. Her boyfriend had fucked her in the ass a few times, but it was usually after begging and pleading, and only lasted a few seconds with him behind her – doggy-style. Janis had somehow become accustomed to sitting on top and riding for all she was worth. Her boyfriend had wondered when she started getting good at that, and tried to tell himself that she probably just experimented with the dildo.

When guys started calling on the weekends while her boyfriend was there, he became increasingly jealous. Eventually, they had a fight and a few weekends went by without a visit from her boyfriend. Nicki and Andi were a little concerned because they really liked Janis’ boyfriend – especially Nicki. She secretly wanted to feel his dick inside her after hearing Janis tell them all about their little romps. Janis also bragged about his beautiful cock and delicious come. She figured Janis may have been exaggerating, but she was still curious.

Almost a month went by, and Janis’ boyfriend decided to drive down for a surprise visit. The only problem was that Janis wasn’t home when he arrived. Instead, Nicki and Andi tried to entertain him until Janis’ eventual return. They watched a movie, made popcorn, and played a drinking game to old game shows. Finally, at about 3AM, Nicki announced that she was tired and needed to change into something more comfortable. Andi agreed, and they both disappeared into their bedrooms. When they returned, they were wearing see-through panties and worn-out half-shirts that barely covered their breasts. Janis’ boyfriend felt his cock throb as the two girls sat on the couch next to him.

“You may as well spend the night, here.” Nicki said.

“Yeah, I’ll get you a pillow and blanket and you can sleep on the couch.” Andi added. Andi stepped off the couch, her thong underwear barely visible as she walked away. She returned with one of Janis’ pillows and a spare blanket. “Here ya’ go.” Andi smiled. She could see that Nicki had a mischievous look on her face and thought she would say something to make Nicki leave him alone, but Nicki gave her the signal to not even think about it.

“See you in the morning, Andi.” Nicki said with a smile, a wink, and a look that told Andi it was time to leave the room. Andi raised her eyebrows at Nicki.

“Okay, then.” Andi said as she turned around to leave. She paused for a moment to pick up a pen from the floor. Nicki eyed Janis’ boyfriend’s crotch as his cock throbbed at the sight of Andi’s cute ass and tits, clearly visible for the few seconds she was bent over.

“I thought you two broke up.” Nicki asked.

“Not really,” Janis’ boyfriend rationalized. “More like a temporary break from each other.”

“Hmmm.” Nicki mused. “The way Janis has been carrying on, I really thought it was a done deal.” Nicki repositioned her legs on the couch, attempting to sit cross-legged, but pretending to struggle so as to draw attention to her hairless pussy. Janis’ boyfriend had to look twice as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Maybe I should go,” he said.

“Tell me, have you seen anyone else since your ‘break’ from Janis?” Nicki asked.

“No, I wasn’t going to see anyone else because I thought it was just a temporary thing. I didn’t think it would go on this long, though.” He answered.

“All that stress just bottled up inside you, begging to get out,” Nicki said as she slid her hand onto his crotch.

He jumped and slid away, but stopped himself from hopping off the couch altogether. This gorgeous girl was practically throwing herself on him, and he was trying to get away? It was past 3AM and Janis was still out. Who knew what she was up to? He decided to settle balçova escort bayan down and just go with it. If Janis found out, she would just have to understand that he came there to make up. She obviously wasn’t ready for that; otherwise she would have been there.

“I have been a little stressed, lately.” He said. “Janis and I would work off a lot of tension that built up during the week.”

“I bet you did.” Nicki said. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Nicki asked as she carefully unbuttoned the top button of his jeans.

He paused for a moment and imagined what Janis was probably doing at that moment. “Whatever you like, Nicki.” He said with a whisper.

Within seconds, Nicki had his pants and underwear around his ankles and his stiff dick in her mouth. Her oral talents were overwhelming and he came in her mouth almost immediately. Nicki made a mental note to not suck dick so well when she wanted to get fucked, but quickly forgot what she was thinking about as her mouth filled with come.

“Hmmm.” Nicki murmured. “That does taste pretty good.” Janis had confided that she was his first and that he didn’t fool around. Nicki didn’t think twice about swallowing.

She stepped off the couch and turned off the TV. She told him to take the rest of his clothes off, and put them in her room. She followed him, and then closed the door behind her.

“I think you should sleep on a nice bed tonight. The couch can be so uncomfortable.” Nicki said. Janis’ boyfriend wasn’t about to argue. His erection was returning to both his and Nicki’s delight. Nicki lay on her bed with her knees pulled back and her legs spread.

“Eat my pussy, please.” Nicki asked.

He didn’t need to be told twice. For a guy, he did a good job of using his mouth and tongue, and within minutes, Nicki was coming. Nicki pulled him up close to her, and suddenly realized how good his arms felt. His dick pushed against her pussy. She reached down to guide it inside her and was amazed at how much larger it had become. She held his cock with one hand as she pressed on his ass with the other. When his entire length was inside her, she let her arms fall behind her head and locked her ankles behind his back.

He fucked Nicki slowly, almost as if he felt embarrassed by what he was doing. Nicki became impatient. Even though his dick felt nice inside her, she wanted to be fucked harder than this.

“Fuck me like you fuck Janis,” Nicki demanded. He began to fuck harder, but Nicki wanted more.

“What? You want me to turn over? You want to fuck me doggy-style? That’s what you like, right?” Nicki prompted him.

She unlocked her ankles and he pulled back and out of her. She turned over and got on her elbows and knees, angling her ass upward.

“Come on, fuck me like you mean it.” Nicki demanded. “Fuck me like you’re pissed off. You are pissed off, aren’t you?”

Janis’ boyfriend moved in behind her and pulled Nicki onto his cock. It wasn’t the biggest cock she’d been fucked with, but it felt better than any she could remember in the recent past. He grabbed her well-toned hips and pulled her toward him with each hard thrust. Nicki allowed herself to be handled however he wanted. He fucked her hard for almost ten minutes and she finally felt another orgasm approaching. Her pussy farted around his dick as she came hard. Her ass may have farted, too. Janis’ boyfriend pulled his cock from Nicki’s pussy and placed the tip against her asshole.

“Do you want to come in my mouth again, or my ass?” Nicki asked. He didn’t move his cock from her asshole, so she pushed hard against it.

“Fuck my ass, then.” Nicki said. She pushed back until half his dick was inside her, and then she leaned forward slightly. He grabbed her hips as if he thought she was trying to get away, and pulled her back on to his dick. Her asshole farted as he inched more and more of his cock inside her. Nicki moaned and tightened her sphincter around his shaft. He tried to pull out so he could come on her back, but Nicki pushed back hard against him. He had no choice but to come deep in her bowels. It wasn’t until he began to go limp that Nicki relaxed enough for him to slide out.

“That felt good. Go wash yourself up just in case you want to do that again.” Nicki said. Janis’ boyfriend grabbed his clothes and walked down the hall to the shower. He felt guilty for what he had just done, and thought if he slept on the couch, he might be there when Janis finally came home.

As Nicki heard the water for the shower turn on, she also heard the door to the apartment being unlocked.

Janis could see the light on in Nicki’s room and decided to tell her about her nightly adventures before taking a shower. Nicki pulled the sheets up to her chest, but didn’t try to hide the fact that she was naked as she usually slept in the nude.

“Where have you been all night?” Nicki asked.

“Remember that black guy from my History class I was telling balçova escort you about? His name is Devon, and he finally made a move and we ended up at his apartment. Nicki, you wouldn’t believe the size of this guy’s dick! It had to be eleven inches long. He fucked me for about an hour before his roommates came home. When they walked in on us, they didn’t bother asking to join us. The three of them dropped their pants to show me their cocks, as if I needed convincing. Even half-erect, all of them were hung like horses. Devon was okay about it, as long as I kept sucking his dick. The roommates took turns eating my pussy and wouldn’t let up. I came so many times; I thought I was going to pass out. They made me so weak, I could barely move. Before I knew it, they were passing me back and forth like a fuck toy. I don’t think my feet touched the ground for the last two hours I was there.”

“Really? Sounds like you had an exciting evening.” Nicki said.

“I’m sorry. Slow night for you?” Janis asked as she tucked a paper towel down the back of her jeans.

“Not really. It started out slow, but ended up being more fun than I expected. I have a feeling the fun isn’t over, yet.” Nicki answered.

“How long is Andi going to be in the shower?” Janis exclaimed. “I’ve got come dripping out of my ass. Do you think she’ll mind if I jump in there?”

“No, I don’t think she’ll mind at all.” Nicki smiled.

Just then, the water turned off and Janis’ boyfriend stepped out completely naked.

“I forgot to ask where you kept the towels,” he said without realizing Janis was standing in front of him. When he looked up, he froze.

“Nicki, did you fuck my boyfriend?” Janis asked with a whimper.

“Ex-boyfriend, right Janis?” Nicki was quick to add. “As a matter of fact, I did. You were right, his come does taste good, and his dick does feel nice – once he’s motivated to really use it.”

“So he fucked you, just like that?” Janis asked in disbelief.

“Not without a little prompting, but yes, he fucked my face, my pussy, and my ass.” Nicki answered. “And unless you have any objection, I think I’m going to have him do it again.”

Janis looked as if she was ready to cry. “You’re welcome to join us,” Nicki added. “If I thought you two were working things out, I wouldn’t have mingled. But you just got through bragging about – how many cocks tonight – and how long were they?”

Janis was instantly ashamed. “More than one at a time?” Janis’ boyfriend asked. Without realizing it, his cock began to grow and bounce in front of him. The thought of his petite, former girlfriend being fucked by several cocks at a time repulsed him at first. But then, he began to be turned on by it.

He went back into the bathroom and grabbed his clothes. He walked past Janis and back into Nicki’s room. He grabbed Nicki by the back of the head and pushed her face onto his growing cock. She willingly allowed herself to be handled roughly by Janis’ ex-boyfriend, and his entire length disappeared down her throat.

Andi appeared almost seconds later. “What’s going on?” Andi asked, but could plainly see her answer.

“Wow, that is a good looking dick!” Andi said to Janis. Nicki pulled the dick out of her mouth long enough to take a breath, and then looked up at Andi.

“I don’t know what he ate for dinner, but it’s made his come taste great. If Janis is done with him, I guess she won’t mind if we have some fun with him, will she?” Nicki asked.

Andi pulled her skimpy T-Shirt off, and stepped out of her panties. She joined Nicki on the floor and knelt in front of Janis’ ex-boyfriend. She figured almost all girls shaved or waxed their pussies, but rarely met a guy that shaved his parts. His dick was so attractive, she was happy there was no hair in the way to hide it. Nicki pointed his dick toward Andi, and Andi put his full length down her throat. Andi slid a finger deep into her pussy. She pulled the wet finger out and then slid it up Janis’ ex-boyfriend’s hairless asshole – a trick Nicki taught her. He came in her mouth almost instantly.

“Hey, that was my load!” Nicki exclaimed, giggling at what she just said. Andi paused to swallow, then sucked a little more to get the last drop. When she was certain his balls were temporarily drained, she let his cock pop out of her mouth.

“Whew! I could get used to that!” Andi said. “If every guy’s come tasted like that, I’d be more of a slut than Janis.”

Janis didn’t know whether to be happy her ex-boyfriend was getting laid, or angry that he so easily dismissed her. She didn’t think she was any more of a slut than her roommates. She thought she was doing what all college girls were doing. Could she help it that she liked getting fucked a lot? She quietly walked to her room and undressed. Her clothes reeked of come, and she really needed a shower. She didn’t bother with a bathrobe as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. She could hear Andi and Nicki giggling escort balçova as she walked past Nicki’s room. The door was opened slightly, and she quietly looked inside.

The three of them were on their hands and knees. Janis’ ex-boyfriend was licking Nicki’s asshole, while Andi was licking his. Janis’ fingers subconsciously found her pussy and began to rub her clit slowly.

Nicki got on her bed and angled her ass up for inspection. Andi hopped on the bed next to her and did the same. Janis’ ex-boyfriend put his right index finger in Nicki’s asshole, and his left index finger in Andi’s. The two girls pushed back against his hands and began gyrating their hips, giggling. He pulled out his right index finger and replaced it with his dick. Andi looked disappointed, but patiently waited her turn as he continued to finger her asshole. A minute later, he pulled out of Nicki’s ass and stepped to the left. Andi pushed her ass against his dick as he put his right index finger back in Nicki’s anus. He took turns between the two girls as Janis watched. Come dripped from her sore pussy as she rubbed her clitoris more quickly.

He was about to come in Nicki’s ass, but Andi pushed him back and put her mouth on his dirty cock. He came hard in her mouth, and Nicki, exhausted from having her ass fucked the hardest, was a little disappointed she was missing out on the taste of his come. Before she could complain, Andi grabbed Nicki by the back of the head and tilted her head back. She positioned her face over Nicki’s and slowly opened her mouth. Nicki opened her mouth wide as come poured from Andi’s mouth into hers. Andi saved some for herself and the two girls swallowed simultaneously. Andi leaned over farther, and Nicki pulled her close for a deep French kiss.

Janis shook as she brought herself to orgasm. She knew Nicki was disgusting, but she had no idea how warped Andi had become. She practically stumbled in the bathroom as she started the water for the shower. Shit-stained come poured from her asshole as she sat on the toilet. More come dribbled from her pussy. How many times did those guys come inside her?

Her boyfriend was never timid in bed, but he had never fucked her as hard as he had just fucked Andi and Nicki. Janis wondered if she gave the wrong signals and he was holding back for her. The image of his dick going in and out of two girls made her pussy ache. Suddenly, she wasn’t so sure she wanted it to be over with her ex-boyfriend.

Janis used the showerhead as a makeshift enema and did her best to clean the come from her pussy and bowels. She washed her hair twice to make sure no semen remained from her earlier adventure, then dried off and applied a fresh coat of make-up. She looked at herself in the mirror and admired her recently waxed pussy, perky tits, and shapely thighs. Her fingernails and toenails still had a nice coat of sultry red polish. After applying a fresh coat of red lipstick, she decided she looked good enough to eat. She stepped out of the bathroom completely naked, fresh and clean, ready to fuck her former ex-boyfriend.

Andi and Nicki were waiting outside the bathroom door as she walked down the hall. Janis looked in Nicki’s room, then Andi’s room. She walked naked into the kitchen, then back to the bathroom.

“He left.” Nicki said. “Sorry.” Andi whispered as she stepped into the bathroom.

“Why? Why did he leave?” Janis cried.

“I guess he was spent. We sure as hell are.” Nicki answered.

There was a shriek from the bathroom. “Thanks for using all the hot water!” Andi yelled.

“Miss the taste of his come?” Nicki asked.

“I guess.” Janis replied.

Nicki sat on her bed and spread her legs. Janis could see a trickle of come leaking from Nicki’s pussy. “Just for you,” Nicki smiled.

Unlike Andi or Natalie, Janis didn’t have sex with girls. She was so physically and mentally drained though, that she considered making an exception.

“I just want to taste his come, okay?” Janis asked.

“Of course, sweetie,” Nicki answered. “You don’t mind if I enjoy it, though, do you?” Janis shook her head ‘no’ and knelt in front of Nicki. She wasn’t really sure how to eat pussy, but she knew that if her tongue licked deep enough, she might be able to taste her boyfriend’s come. She put her mouth on Nicki’s pussy and opened her mouth wide as she lapped. Her lipstick smeared onto Nicki’s labia and back onto Janis’ cheeks. She began to taste the familiar flavor of her boyfriend’s come and began to lick faster, unknowingly bringing Nicki to orgasm.

Nicki pulled her legs back as Janis continued to lap at her cunt. Unexpectedly, Nicki farted and come dribbled from her asshole. “I almost forgot,” Nicki said. “He came in my ass, too. Interested?”

Normally, Janis would have been grossed out by the idea. She didn’t mind being fucked in every hole, and occasionally let a dirty cock or two enter her mouth, but she never gave rim jobs.

This time was different. “Yes.” Janis answered.

Nicki had Janis lay on the bed while she straddled Janis’ face. For encouragement, Nicki positioned herself in the perfect sixty-nine and gently nibbled on Janis’ clit. Janis tongued Nicki’s pussy and Nicki moved forward just enough to allow Janis’ tongue to wander into her asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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