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This is a story of my first love and my first time having sex with a woman.

Jana and I were still teenagers. We were in the same English class. I adored her from a far. I so badly wanted her. I think I wanted her because we were so different. I’m black, I had braids in my hair at the time and she was white with long, untamed dirty blonde hair. We also hung out with different crowds but knew a lot of the same people.

I was able to start talking to her due to her sweet tooth and I was selling candy for the field hockey team at our school. We had nice small talk and I flirted slightly with her. She had beautiful, large, curved teeth. I began dreaming about her. Dreams of her soft body sitting next to me as our mouths were engaged in conversation.

She made my dreams come true (cliché, I know) when I was desperately trying to finish my Spanish homework during study hall. (I had Spanish next and Mrs. Trainor usually collected homework by having students go around the room and orally give our answers; I needed to get it done.) She came from no where and sat next to me at the table. Of course I began talking to her. She saw my YM and started to flip through it.

“Are there any good looking girls in here?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, plenty.” I was so pleased, the rumors I had heard about her liking girls was true.

We continued talking and I didn’t finish my homework. However, Mrs. Trainor didn’t collect homework. I went to lunch telling my friend Amanda how much I liked Jana and that I think I might have a chance. She wished me luck.

By next week we had made plans to watch a movie. Earlier in the week when I had walked her to her locker she wanted to walk arm in arm. I agreed but felt uncomfortable, (the next day I told her I preferred to hold hands, she said that was fine). So I went to her house and we watched a lesbian flick, I can’t remember the full name but most of it is The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls In Love. During the movie I gave her a back massage I talked a bit since I had all ready see the movie with friends (Amanda, Emma, David and another girl, I can’t remember her name now), but she hadn’t. She looked like she was in another world as she watched the movie. She was very focused on the movie. I cracked jokes and enjoyed the slow wide smile she gave in response to my humor.

She could tell that I was very excited and that I wanted to touch her all over. I wasn’t smooth at all; I just was very vocal and made her laugh most of the time. Finally, she took me to her basement to smoke a few cigarettes. We had to hold hands, since the basement was pitch black and she had refused to turn on the lights. I was scared yet comfortable. We sat down in two separate chairs; I could only see the cherry of her cigarette.

“Can I kiss you,” I asked nervously.


“How about if I tell you a secret and you in return do something for me?”

“What do I have to do?”

“Ummm,,, kiss me.”

“Only if it is a good secret.”

Since I had told her all my secrets all ready (this was because I felt so comfortable and was nervous so I had talked a lot when we were casino şirketleri together before) I decided to tell her a secret about my friend Brian.

“Well, Brian has a crush on Jeff Tounge.”

“How about another secret first.”

“Okay, hmmm, Steve likes Joey Giodonno.”

She was still laughing about Brian and was now laughing about Steve and asked me if this was true. I told her it was.

“Hey what about that kiss?” I asked sheepishly.

“Well, you should do what you feel.”

“That’s easy to say but harder to do. I’d like to kiss but if we’re not that close to each other so I would have to get up and try to find you in the dark and it ends up becoming awkward…”

So she began to move her chair in front of me. When she was done she leaned over and stayed in that position with her eyes closed. I wasted no time and leaned close to her until our foreheads touched. I pushed my lips out to meet hers but our mouths were further apart. So to cover up for my misjudgment of distance I Eskimo kissed her. Our noses rubbed together and she began to smile. After a few seconds I slightly turned my head to the right and placed my lips on hers. I couldn’t fucking believe it as I was kissing the first girl I’ve ever kissed who went to my high school. I lips moved in that kissing motion. Since the last time I kissed a girl she said that girls didn’t like tongues shoved in their mouths I was waiting to slide my tongue into Jana’s mouth. However, she beat me to it. Her tongue jutted into my mouth causing me to slightly gasp and get shivers all over my body. I reached for her hands and held them before I reached for her waist. She moved her hands to my neck. We kissed for what seemed like ever. I twirled my thumbs on the sides of her stomach. When we finished, (I don’t remember who pulled away first) we hugged each other for at least a minute. If she felt what I felt she didn’t want to let go. Once again we stopped hugging and I don’t remember who pulled away this time either. Then we had another cigarette, after the cigarette I went home.

I called all my friends and informed them that I kissed Jana. I went to bed glowing and as light as a feather and of course I masturbated myself to an orgasm with Jana’s name hanging on my lips. We had agreed to meet the next day at her locker a half an hour before school started.

When I got there she was there. She asked me if I wanted to go to the bathroom with her. Surprised I said yes. She led me into a teachers’ bathroom that had a sink, mirror, a toilet and a lock on the door. I didn’t even know that this bathroom existed on the third floor. I sat on the toilet as I watched her brush those pearly teeth. She had left to home to soon to brush them, she told me. When she was done I offered her a seat on the toilet.

“Where will you sit?” She asked as I moved to the floor in front of the toilet. I sat Indian style, looking up at her.


“Are you comfortable?”

“Oh, I’m fine, as long as I can look at you.” We both were smiling.

I began rubbing her knee. She took my hand and began to examine it with both of her hands. So I used casino firmaları my free hand to caress her right calf. We didn’t talk; I didn’t know what to say. I was just so pleased to be touching her and her touching me. She was leaning over looking at my hand in her lap when she looked up at me. I guess she could feel my eyes on her, I wanted her to. Then we both moved in closer and began kissing again. Our tongues gently exploring each others’ mouths. I was using both hands to run them up and down her legs. Her hands were on my neck and face. Her caresses were filled with adoration. After a while I heard the five minute bell before class and told her I had to get to math. We were both disappointed but were still light headed from our time together in the knew to me teachers’ bathroom.

Later in the day she invited me over and I went to her house.

She showed me her room, which was cluttered with art and her clothes. She said she wanted to take a nap and asked me to join her. I protested, saying that I didn’t come over to sleep. I asked her if we could have a cigarette in a basement. After about five minutes she agreed. Right after we finished smoking we went to her room. She asked me to take a nap with her again. Instead of complaining I said fine, I’ll lay down next to you.

When in bed with her she laid close to me. Her body was so warm and slender. I turned to her and we kissed. I felt stupid for not realizing what she had implied earlier about a nap. After a while she got on top of me and put a leg between mine and we began thigh riding. This was my first time thigh riding, it felt nice. She moaned in my mouth repeatedly as I ran my hands down her back and along her side. After at least an hour of this I began to slide a hand up her shirt. She sighed as she kissed my neck and I kissed her neck back. Her breast were about B cup and fit perfectly in my hands as I squeezed them and began to make her nipples stick out. I pinched and rolled her nipples until her breathing was uneven and heavy.

She had been sweating before and now she was dripping. I played with her breast for a half an hour, the flesh so soft and sensitive. She was riding my thigh as I lifted it to her crotch. Her sighs so sweet, heavenly sounds of pleasure filled my ears as my body tingled. Soon I had to have her nipples in my mouth. I lifted her shirt to expose the flesh that I had been pleasing for so long and pinched one nipple as I bit the other. I sucked it in my mouth and let my teeth rake her dark pink flesh. Her skin was salty and the fragrance of her perfume (a heavy hippie scent; I just can’t seem to find the right spelling for it) was thick. I milked her creamy breast until I wanted more.

I came up for air and asked her if I could touch her. With no explanation necessary she knew what I meant and nodded and said a husky yes. I slowly slid my hand up her inner thigh until I felt her wetness. I placed my palm on her mound that was coated with curly hair and let my fingers nestle on her slit. I slid my middle finger up towards her clit until it was on it and used my middle finger and my ring finger to apply pressure and stroke her güvenilir casino clit. She moaned louder and began to kiss me hard and I kissed her back hard as I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards me. I was still hungry for her breast so I told her to take off her shirt. She grabbed her breasts and positioned them so that her nipples pointed at me she leaned down I took a nipple in my mouth and continued to nibble, suck and run my tongue over her little eraser sized nipples, one at a time. She used her hands to play with my large breast (36DD).

After a few minutes she began to shiver and shake and moan lightly (her sister was home) and she humped my hand. I continued to work on her, because all the pleasure I was giving her was turning me on. I was so turned on that I was pretty sure that I left a wet spot on her bed even though I was still wearing my jeans.

“Go lower,” she whispered huskily in my ear.

Since I had never fingered a girl and even when I masturbated I didn’t finger myself I was slightly shocked and decided to give her what she wanted. I slowly slid my two fingers down her dripping slit until I felt her cavity. My fingers easily glided inside her and were surrounded by her pink, sweet walls. I pumped her slowly, however her hips had a faster pace, and I took her lead and increased my in and out motion. She was panting now. I still was sucking a nipple at a time but took a five minute breather to converse with her.

“Do you like it?”

“Uh huh.”

“You feel so heavenly, Jana.”

She purred.

I pumped her until she came. Squealing softly against my skin as her body shook and her vagina pulsated against my fingers, pulling me inside and holding me tight. When her breathing relaxed slightly. I told her that I wanted to taste her. She wasted no time and began sliding her body upwards and was soon straddling my head. I had never seen her pussy before our any other girls’ up close before. I hadn’t eaten a girl out before, but I wanted her in every way I could have her. So I looked at her lips, clit and pubic hair. Her pussy was beautiful it was swollen, her lips large, her clit engorged and poking through at the top of her slit. I licked her slit from top to bottom to have her moan. Then I began tonguing her hole and she began to sit on my face. I didn’t think I could breathe, but I was gladly mistaken because she tasted tart but sweet and very sexual and I wanted to taste her forever. I placed my hands on her round ass and licked all around as she moved her hips in small, tight circles on my face. My nose was pushing against her clit causing her to melt.

Unfortunately, I pulled her away by placing a hand on each of her thighs and spoke softly to her.

“I have to get home, I have a curfew.”


“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t start something I can’t finish, I know, but I just wanted you so badly.”

She smiled and slid down my body to kiss me. I knew she could taste her sweet cum on my lips, tongue and in my mouth. I thought she was so naughty and was upset that I had a curfew.

I stood up and straightened myself up as she put on her shirt to walk me to the door. We kissed good bye and said good night. I ran down the stairs and to my car until I could see the time 11:55 p.m. I had five minutes, no problem. The minute I got home I called her and we chatted. I was in love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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