Jamie and Liz have fun in the park! part two

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Liz was mortified. She had been caught about to lick this woman’s shit. She didnt know what to do. Well She guessed an apology would start. “I’m sorry.” She said. Taking a deep breath she continued, “ I was just so horny i don’t kno-” She was cut off abruptly. “ I dont care about that.” The red haired goddess said. “You shouldn’t put shit in your mouth it could make you sick.”

She was stunned. it seem the young woman was concerned about her. She took a closer look and noticed the woman’s face was flushed, breathing heavily, and on closer inspection her nipples stood to two proud points.

Liz was thinking furiously. ‘Could this stunning woman be just as turned on as i am?’
It was a ridiculous thought Liz had all but given up hope of ever meeting a woman who loved shit as much as she. What were the chances of meeting one in the middle of a wooded park?

“You don’t think i’m already sick?” Liz asked looking into the women’s emerald eyes.

* * * * * * * *

Jamie was confused by her question. Then it hit her this woman thought she would be repulsed because she liked shit. Jamie had loved shit herself for so long sometimes she forgot “”Normal people”” found it disgusting. “No” she said, “I don’t think you’re sick or anything else besides one of the most beautiful women i have ever met.”

The woman looked up at her and there was something in her eyes Jamie couldn’t read then it was gone. Jamie decided they were off topic. “Now back to my question. Dont you know that if you eat shit you will get sick?” She asked again.

The woman looked away for a second like she was looking for something. Then looked back and said, “Yeah,” she sighed. “I know but sometimes i just get so horny that before i know it.” She stopped and looked away again sighed and looked back.”I have a mouth full of shit and I’m cumming so hard i can barely breathe.”

Jamie was having a hard time not wrapping her arms around the woman to comfort her. “If you’ve done this before the have you gotten sick before?” She couldn’t believe the answer was no.

“Once.”She said. “But after that it never happened again. After i started taking the medicine they gave me i haven’t gotten sick again.” She rushed to get out. It was kind of cute.

“Hmm,” She thought about what the woman said.”If you take this medicine. Does that mean there is no chance of you getting sick?” Jamie asked.

“No buca escort bayan theres still a five percent chance but, even if you get sick its not that bad.” The woman said. ”It just feels like having the flu for a few days.”

“Alright, I will believe you for now.” The woman smiled in what could have been relief. “So you now have two choices.”Jamie held up two fingers. “One. You can eat that shit in your hands while I watch or you can put back and you’ll get a surprise.”

* * * * * * *

Liz didn’t know what to do. It seemed like this woman was mad about something else now, but she had the distinct impression that she would not like the consequences of number one. She put the little pebble of shit back in top of the pile and was rewarded with a breathtaking smile from the red haired woman.

The woman straightened up suddenly and looked around surprising Liz. Then she walked a little ways away and waved Liz over. Curious she followed the woman to a nearby tree. When Liz joined her she stood in front of the tree then slowly started lowering her shorts. Liz was stunned she didn’t know what was going to happen but she couldn’t wait. Then she thought of something.

“Wait, I don’t know where this is going but we should at least introduce ourselves first.” She said holding her hand up. “My name is Elizabeth Rhighton but I go by Liz.”

The woman looked at her a moment. Smirked. Then pushed her shorts down around her knees.”Nice to meet you Liz.” She bent forward bracing both hands on the tree. She looked back over her shoulder.”Now use that tongue of yours to clean my ass. As you know i haven’t wiped and its getting itchy. If you can bring me to orgasm I’ll tell you my name.” She brought one hand back and spread her cheeks. Her pink asshole was smeared with shit and her pussy was open and dripping. Liz’s mouth watered at the sight.”Now get to work!” She said.

She didn’t have to tell her twice. Liz got down on her knees and brought her nose close to her little brown hole and inhaled deeply. The smell was strong but there was a hint of spice from her cunt juice. Tentatively she swept her tongue down to the woman’s pussy. At the first taste Liz came she had never tasted cunt juice so good before. She circled her lips around the other womans clit and sucked gently. The woman shuddered and let out a sexy little moan.

She escort buca removed her lips then swept her tongue from her clit up and into her channel. She swirled it around then sucked some juice out before continuing her journey. At her first tentative taste of the womans shit Liz could have died and gone to heaven. She had only ever tasted her own shit before but the other woman’s was in a different league. She lapped at it gently at first. Only getting small tastes at first. The woman kept moaning and trying to push her ass into Liz’s Mouth but liz would always back off. This went on for few minutes until neither could take it anymore.

Liz lowered her tongue then gave her entire asshole a strong lick. The other woman cried out as liz continued to roughly lap at her shitty ass. Liz was sure now that nothing could ever taste better than what she was eating now. She was moaning, Licking, and sucking a strangers ass in the woods and she had never been happier.

When the womans ass was clean she started to work her tongue into the tight hole. The other woman let out a little squeak the a long moan. She started rocking back and forth. Liz pulled out her tongue to a sound of protest but it was quickly replace by a squeal as she ran her shit stained tongue along the woman’s pussy. She gently bit down on her clit then immediately rose up and rammed her tongue back into her pink asshole. She gently swirled her tongue around then raised one hand to the womans clit and started massaging in time with her tongue. She slowly raised the pace then pinched her clit.

* * * * * * * * *

Jamie came so hard and so suddenly her knees gave out. strong arms wrapped around her waist. But Liz’s tongue stayed in swirling in her ass. Jamie had never had someone eat her ass so well before it seemed like Liz Knew all the things she liked.
As the other woman removed her tongue she lowered her to the ground. Then Liz helped pull up her shorts then flipped her over.

Jamie watched as Liz looked at her she had such a hungry look in her eyes Jamie shivered. Jamie noticed a brown mark at the corner of Liz’s mouth and licked her lips. She tracked the movement. Jamie held out a hand toward Liz. She brought her own hand. Jamie pulled Liz down on top of her. Brought her face close and licked the remnant of shit off the other womans mouth. Jamie moaned at the taste. buca escort Both women stared at each other for a moment they locked eyes then their mouths came together in a rush. Jamie moaned at the taste of herself mixed with Liz’s. There was still bitter deliciousness in the other womans mouth from her shit. Their tongues danced together and they swapped spit back and forth.

They kissed for what seemed like forever when Jamie noticed the sky darkening. She pulled away and looked at her watch and sighed. She looked back at Liz and said,”Sunset is in an hour and its a thirty minute jog back to my car. Not to mention how long it takes to find my legs.”She laughed and was rewarded with a smile from Liz that looked a little sad. “What’s wrong Liz?” Jamie asked in a soft voice. She raised her hand up and placed it on Liz’s cheek. She smiled and turned her face into her palm. Then a single tear leaked out. Jamie’s Chest seemed tight at the sight of the tear. She wrapped her arms around Laiz and said. “Come on baby tell me what’s wrong, please?”
Liz looked at her sadly, “When you leave I’ll never see you again.” She sniffed. Then more tear leaked out, “I know we don’t know each other, hell I dont even know your name. Your the first person whos found out about my love of shit and not see me as some kind of disgusting freak.” She smiled then laughed a little sadly. “And i don’t know if i will ever meet anyone else.” she choked out.

Jamie stroked Liz’s head and held her tightly, “Listen Liz,” She said in a stern voice and Liz flinched. “Oh baby, don’t worry we’ll see each other again and this isn’t even goodbye I was thinking we could head back to my place and have some more fun.” Jamie smiled. “And if you’re still worried about my name i promised it to you already remember? I got my orgasm more than one in fact.”She laughed. “ My name is Jamie Drake, I go by Jamie to my friends and Drake to everyone else but you can call me whatever you want and I’ll answer.” Liz Smiled brightly. “Now why don’t we go get something to eat then head back to my place?” Jamie asked. Liz nodded, “Okay, Jamie”

* * * * * * * * *
The End of Jamie and Liz’s Fun in the park!
* * * * * * * * *
Author’s notes: Hey so how was it? I’m still unsure whether i will continue with these characters. But i know there will be more stories coming in the future with either these or different characters. I already have a few ideas 😉 But let me know if you want more of these characters. I was thinking about maybe doing something with them in a restaraunt after they leave the park so let me know!


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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