James Ch. 05: A Boi is Born

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Story about a young man who is forced by another. I would warn you about it, but then, that’s why you came here to read it you naughty boy…


I’m off Tindr,

I’m on Grindr.

I’ve stopped caring about pussy. That just leads to heartbreak, right? Cock? That only hurts my ass!

It’s the Sunday, just past the night where I blowraped Andrew on my couch and I’m still crazy horny. It’s weird chatting with guys. They ask me what I’m into… I shrug whatever the text equivalent is… I play hard to get… this leads to a lot of guys calling me a flake and a waste of time. Truth is, I still don’t know what I want. How could I? I never asked for this, I was taken… forced…. a bitch boi

I liked their anger on Grindr. It made me hard. Sadly, angry Grindr guys does not = a stuffed throat, so all I could do is practise on that dildo. That present from UPS. That’s what brown did for me. And I started thinking that dildo was Andrews cock. Some lady’s man he was….

I couldn’t find what I wanted on Grindr. Nothing really made me horny, except when they would get angry with me. If I played with them a bit and got them worked up. Trouble is, that would lead to blocked profiles. Not cock in my face.

Monday, I was ready to work. I was ready to… stay late at the shop… but Andrew didn’t show up… mother fucker

Tuesday, no Andrew….

Wednesday…no Andrew… I asked the boss… he just says Andrew is sick and took the whole week off… bullfuckingshit he is, fucking liar

My god what am I turning into…

That’s when I started calling him. I’d call during the day at first. Then by Friday, I was calling him late at night. He never wanted to talk… but he always answered the phone. He always listened to what I had to say, until he’d get pissed off, call me a faggot and hang up angry… That always made my dick it’s hardest.

Saturday night, I hit gold. 2am, I called. He answered. He knew it was me. He didn’t say hi, he just said, “Come over and shut yer fucking mouth bahis firmaları about it” click

He sounded drunk

I wasted no time getting to his place. I had already showered ahead of time. I was excited. I planned.

Except when he answered the door, I could see his mind had changed in that instance. Again, “Ahhhh fuck it” mode was not in play. But he definitely was drunk. And he could barely stand.

I couldn’t help myself. I pushed him into his house. He’s bigger than me, but he was a bad drunk. He couldn’t stand and I took advantage of this. He was swinging his arms at me and they were flailing around, he had no strength in it. It was easy for me to pull his pants down. Once I started sucking him off, he backed off a bit, if only cause struggling meant his dick was meeting the edges of my teeth.

As I sucked his giant cock, he’d get hard and stop struggling altogether. His breathing got heavier as he lay on the floor of his house, getting blowraped by his coworker… again. Something didn’t feel the same in me though. My cock wasn’t hard. I had gotten his cock…. but it felt flat.

What the hell man

His cock swelled. His breathing tensed. I knew this moment. I dreamed about it. And boy, did he have a huge load… I took every drop down my throat. I don’t know why but, I sneered at him as I swallowed and told him it tasted fucking gross… I wanted to hurt him with that.

He was slobbering obscenities at me as I walked out the door.


I can’t sleep that week. I got what I wanted, right? I got dick in my mouth. I swallowed cum. I should be happy! I’m rock hard but can’t satisfy myself. I’m broken. I can’t get off. I tried everything from the butt plug in my ass to the dildo in my mouth… and I can’t cum.

In my insomniatic stupor, I order some things from Amazon… I make sure it’s delivered by UPS…

It’s never The UPS guy. Always some other dude. Christ, it’s even sometimes a girl! You ever try to sleep with a raging hard on for days but you can’t cum? It’s not insomnia at this point. I’m losing my mind for cock.

The kaçak iddaa last UPS guy? Well I’m hoping he doesn’t call the cops. He was this short Asian guy. I thought I could take him. He smiled at me when he asked for my signature. He didn’t get weird when I invited him and shut the door. I lunged at his cock and started pulling his pants down. I got my lips around his cockhead before he slipped away and ran out, pants at his ankle. It’s not rape if you’re doing the sucking right? Oh man I gotta get my shit figured out.

Andrew never came back to work. He changed his number. He moved. I had no idea where he’d gone till I saw him on Tindr.

I created a new profile…a girl.

This required a fake Facebook with some pictures… It didn’t take much work. Just a few decent pics of some amateur online. Who cares. I was cat fishin’, ha. I didn’t feel remorse.

When I messaged him as “Jane”, he was super excited. We got into it quickly (is it always this easy for girls?). While I was always asking for pictures of his cock so I could beat off to it… heeeeee was the one who played hard to get! Constantly making me beg for a new pic. Come on man? I thought he slayed it on Tindr! This fucking liar. Always telling me he was too busy for me (or Jane, whatever!) to come over. I even told him I swallowed haha. Oh man, what a slut I felt being Jane.

So when Andrew invited Jane over on a Saturday night and sent his address… I could tell just by his texts that he was drunk…

So of course… I said yes right away without really thinking it through.

I thought about wearing a wig and dress… I really did! But I didn’t have any of that stuff. I felt a strong urge for his cock again. I hadn’t even realized up until now that I couldn’t sleep for days the last time I blew Andrew. It was weird. Why did I ever message Andrew to begin with? What’s wrong with me?

“ETA? Where are you?”


“I’m coming right over” I said. Fuck it, let’s see where this goes.

When he answered the door, Andrew was not happy to see me. Expecting Jane, he got James. His Tindr date gone wrong. I kaçak bahis could see such anger in his eyes as he knew he was catfished. He looked drunk and maybe on coke. He was at the end of the rope with me. I wasn’t expecting it, but he had had enough of me.

He lunged at me and grabbed my neck and dragged me into his place. I never realized how strong he was. I was still of the impression he would be stumbling around, unable to stand. I tried pushing him off of me, fearing he would start pummeling me. Instead, he twisted my arm behind my back as he started ripping my pants off with his other hand. I almost got too excited as he pulled his cock out, until he backhanded me across my jaw and I saw stars. He was pissed. He was getting his revenge.

As I started coming out of my grogginess, he was flipping me over. Right there on the stairs in his foyer, he was spreading my ass checks… and thrusting his hard cock into my unlubricated asshole. I was not ready for him. He was bigger than The UPS guy… and angrier.

“You wanted my fucking cock, you can have my fucking cock you bitch!”

(-boi) I would finish in my head. Fuck.

The dildo and butt plug I had were not this big. I was not prepared. I was so craven for cock, I wasn’t thinking my actions through. Now I was getting railed in my ass. My ass cheeks were burning from the palm of his hand. My insides were stuffed. I tried to push him off of me. This was too much. I wanted it to stop.

Sensing my dis-enjoyment, he plowed on… he had stamina(!) as he fucked my hole deep, pinning my shoulders to the stairs, my face mashing into the wood. The force of his dick was giving me a headache as he rammed into me.

But I was rock hard.

Andrew starting breathing heavy, he was going to cum. And I didn’t want him to. I was jacking my rock hard cock off and getting ready to cum myself.

I don’t think he cared. He moaned as he pushed on the back of my head. I smashed my nose into the stairs as he pushed down and I could feel his cock throb and twitch as cum filled my ass.

He pulled his monster dick out like a sword in his kill.

I was so close to cumming dammit.

Half-conscious and seeing stars, he dragged me outside.

“Fucking bitch!”

and locked the door.


…I guess I like it best when I’m not in control…

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