Jaime’s Movies

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They were in a movie theater. The subject matter of the movie was a little racy and Jaime was feeling a little bit uncomfortable being with her two best guy friends at its viewing. The movie was basically about a woman who has a fantasy of having two men make love to her and all about how she manages to accomplish this feat.

Jaime’s true reason for feeling bashful was not because of the fact that she was embarrassed over the content but rather because just last week she had revealed to her two best buddies that this was one of her own dearest fantasies. They had looked at her oddly and she had taken these looks as signs of their disapproval or disappointment in her. In fact, she had been feeling kind of down about it because neither Nick nor Steve had called her for almost a week. At least until tonight when Steve called and invited her to catch a movie with him and Nick. Now here they were, Jaime sitting between the two of them as their eyes were riveted on the screen. She could not help but to sit there and admire their profiles. Eventually Steve noticed her looking and he stared back at her intently. His strong hand seemed to come out of nowhere and rested on her upper thigh.

This was a totally new feeling for Jaime, sure she had fantasized about the both of them but she never thought anything would come to head, no pun intended. Sure enough, Steve’s hand began to climb higher and higher up between Jaime’s legs and she began to lose more and more of her inhibitions. She parted her legs in order to allow him access to her already soaking casino şirketleri pussy, her skirt rode up easily so that Steve could let his finger play with her clit, engorged and happy with the attention.

The two were so involved in what they were doing that they had practically forgotten about Nick. He tried to ignore what was going on but as little moans and gasps began to escape from Jaime’s mouth it was becoming more and more difficult. Finally he gave up and decided to let all his attention fall on these two rather than the movie which was getting to be slower and slower anyway. Nick saw Steve unzip his pants and allow his thick hard penis to escape, Jaime also saw it and she grabbed at it with her right hand, caressing it and moving her enclosed fist up and down its shaft, so much that soon Steve was also letting out moans and gasps. Nick looked around and gave thanks that the movie theater was pretty much empty. It seemed they were one of the only ones stupid enough to waste their money on the flick.

Well, naturally Nick began to feel a little left out. He stared at the bulge in his jeans and looked to his left onto an empty seat. Oh well, no help from that end, he thought. Before he could turn around he felt a hand scurry into his lap searching for his fly. Before he knew it his hard dick was exposed to the world. Jaime’s warm hand was now giving him the special treatment that he had just been longing for.

They really made a scene, the three of them. Jaime had her hands on both of her men, pumping them up and down as they casino firmaları both played with her clitoris and her erect nipples which, who knows how, were now exposed as well. Jaime kept licking her lips and her tongue kept jutting out with pleasure as she jerked the two off. All of a sudden Steve stopped everything. He grabbed both of her hands and told her to get herself together and that they were leaving. Nick looked a little disheartened at this news as he was just about to cum.

The ride back to Steve’s apartment in his truck was charged with sexual energy. Jaime was sitting in Nick’s lap and she couldn’t keep her hands out from between her legs and she kept rubbing her bottom all over his lap, which was more exposed than covered due to the short length of her skirt. His hard dick was turning her on more and more and she turned around and sank to her knees to take him into her mouth. He hurriedly undid his fly and gave her free access. She opened her mouth and his whole dick disappeared down her throat. Steve had turned his head to see what they were doing and almost ran off the road upon seeing that little picture. Nick could not believe that the bobbing head in his lap actually belonged to his best friend.

Once they were in Steve’s apartment they undressed Jaime and then themselves. At first they just stood there staring at each other. It was Jaime that broke the silence by sinking to her knees and begging for someone to put their dick in her mouth. Steve obliged her and began to thrust his hips and fuck her mouth. Jaime’s anxious güvenilir casino grunts and sighs told Nick that she was definitely enjoying herself. He stood close to the two, rubbing his penis with more and more lust. She got on all fours and grabbed Nick’s dick and dragged him by it to her jutting apple ass. She then moved her knees even further apart on the carpet so that her cum laden hole was totally exposed to him in an open O of welcome. He knelt down and entered her slowly…then released a sigh of pleasure and surprise when he felt the walls of her vagina tighten around his prick, squeezing him. Meanwhile Steve was still fucking her mouth holding on to her mane of hair for support. Soon they were both pumping into her all of the pent up lust that they had for their attractive “little sister” as they used to like to call her. Jaime’s body was flushed with pleasure and her pussy was so wet that Nick thought that he was going to slip out if he didn’t keep pumping her hard enough.

Both men clamored out that they were ready to cum and were surprised to see that Jaime pulled away from both of them at this point. They were worried that she was regretting what she was doing. Jaime’s brow lowered in consternation as she sat back on her hips with her mouth open and her eyes half-closed in excited anticipation. Then the men realized what was expected of them, they both went over to her and rubbed their dicks until their hot cum spurted out onto Jaime’s face and into her open mouth. Jaime’s sighs got deeper and her hand was working furiously now between her legs. She came with a squeal of delight and then sucked both of them until there was nothing left.

“Thanks guys, I knew you would understand me,” Jaime whispered before she crawled up in Steve’s bed and fell asleep.

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