It’s Okay, We’re Girls

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Alanna knocked on the door of her friend, Isabelle’s house. She glanced around nervously, her light blue eyes shifting on the shadows behind her. Despite the fact that she is used to darkness, she is not happy having it hehind her.

Mrs. Johnson opens the door. An overly religious woman who homeschooled her kid and keeps her as far from the outside world while trying to keep her friends with her old friends’ kids, she is plump and naive. “Alanna. What are you doin’ here?”

Alanna shivered as a soft wind shook her nerves. “I have no place to stay,” she told the older woman uncomfortably. She doesn’t like people who were friends of her mother. Of course, she does like their daughters. At the thought, she resists the urge to lick her lips.

“What happened?” Mrs. Johnson’s brown eyes widen with concern and pity. Alanna resisted the force in her hidden balled hand compelling her to slug the woman.

“Ah, my parents kicked me out.” For the umpteenth time. They never told anyone about it because they were embarrassed to have a daughter like her. She is sure they knew what she did to their friends’ daughters, but they are too mortified to say anything. She is sure there have been complaints of her behavior. But sometimes, she finds out she is too suspicious of people and usually wrong when she thinks they know as well as she does.

“Oh, you poor thing! I didn’t know Roger and Olivia had that in them! Please, do come in. Spend the night.” The fat woman touches Alanna’s shoulder. Alanna resists the urge to move her teeth close to that throat. Really, she is too dangerous for these people. Just one more loss of self-control, and they’d send her to a mental institution. Not that she would protest.

The door shuts behind her, and she barely stifles the urge to ask where Isabelle is. Oh, god. That craving in her loins…woman. She needs woman…

“You can sleep casino şirketleri with Isabelle tonight, and I’ll call your parents tomorrow morning…” but Alanna isn’t listening. It is taking all her strength not to rip through the house in search of Isabelle.

“Do you want something to eat?” Alanna is so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t respond for a minute, and when she does, it is with a firm shake of her head.

“I already ate,” she replies honestly. “I’m full.” She isn’t really, nor is she thinking of food. Not the kind one eats anyway.

“You want to see Isabelle?”

Yes, yes, yes! “Yeah, sure,” Alanna utters casually, as if she could care less.

They walk through the hallway. Mrs. Johnson stops and lightly knocks on one door.

“Isabelle?” She pokes her head through. “You have a visitor.”

Isabelle looks up from her book on her queen-sized baby blue bedspread. Her green eyes drive Alanna mad. Oh, and those nice, thick, juicy lips. She is wearing light blue pajamas, the bottoms shorts, with white puppies on them. Alanna hardly notices the childish theme, however. She sees right through them anyway.

“I’m going to bed. You two do so too.” With that, Mrs. Johnson vanishes.

Shoving the door shut with her butt, Alanna grouches, “Your mom is sure a killjoy. ‘Go to bed,’ ” she mimics angrily. Without waiting for the brunette in bed to reply, Alanna strips down all the way.

Brown-haired Isabelle, with her choppy layers, tries to turn her attention to her book, but her eyes keep roving to Alanna’s naked body. She feels some stirrings down below, but she never heard of people of the same gender liking each other, protected as she was, so she doesn’t think much of it.

Alanna sits next to Isabelle on the huge bed. She spreads her legs and laughs as Isabelle tries to bury her nose back in her book but keeps peering at her friend’s casino firmaları naked body. Alanna tosses her head, making her blonde hair go everywhere, and says, “You know, it’s okay to look. We’re girls. Didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s okay? I mean, you know, girls can do anything together. Ever see girls dance with each other on tv?”

“No,” Isabelle replies. “I don’t have a tv. But my mom did teach me how to dance.”

“Yeah, well, girls can do anything together. Guys can’t. But we’re girls. In fact,” and she lowers her voice slightly, “girls always sleep naked when they sleep in the same bed. It’s a fact.”

Isabelle looks surprised but a little pleased, judging by the right corner of her mouth. “I didn’t know. You’re my first sleepover.”

I figured, Alanna thinks smugly. She wants to help Isabelle strip off those soft shorts. She really wants to put her hand there. She knows she is going to burst if she doesn’t get some action soon. Somehow, though, she manages to control herself.

Isabelle’s ass is almost in Alanna’s face when she shoves the book aside, gets on all fours in front of Alanna, and strips. Alanna can see her pussy when she gets the shorts off.

Isabelle settles back right as Alanna is about to give in and claim her ground. Running her fingers through her blonde hair, Alanna reaches over and touches Isabelle’s face. Then she grabs her lips with hers and begins kissing her. Isabelle stumbles through the kisses, for she has never been kissed so long on the lips before.

“It’s okay,” Alanna whispers seductively. “We’re girls.” Then, before Isabelle can say another word, Alanna gets between her legs and begins licking that…sweet, delicious mouthful of pussy. Oh, good lord. So fuckin’ amazing. Her finger slips in the moist mound. Oh, fuckin’ god. A virgin. She suspected nothing less, but it still turns her on so badly. She knows güvenilir casino she is needing some action in her pussy. Before she loses it, she mounts Isabelle’s pussy and begins humping her with her hands on Alanna’s tight ass. Oh, yes!

When she has controlled herself enough, she shimmies down Isabelle’s leg. Continuing with a lighter humpfest, she licks that pussy, feeling her own leave a wet trail on that leg. Dear god. Her tongue goes in that delicious hole. Oh, god. She wanted more. As she sticks a finger, two, three, in that cunt, she gets hornier and hornier. She wants to make it to the whole fist before she cums again, but she is already humping that leg hard. Oh, god. Fuck it. Shaking heavily, she feels her second orgasm control her as she trusts those fingers in and out, her tongue on the clit. Isabelle’s hand is suddenly in Alanna’s hair. Oh, god. Alanna shoves her fourth finger up that pussy and feels herself start getting really turned on again very quickly. Not that she ever quit. She pushes her whole fist in that pussy. That surprisingly bald pussy. Her tongue laps at the surface. Oh, god. In and out, in and–Alanna feels Isabelle’s hymen break, and she climaxes again.

“Shit, dunno why that always turns me on,” Alanna mutters so softly that Isabelle cannot make out the words.

Tearing herself away from Isabelle’s nice pussy, Alanna utters, “Oh, i’m sorry. Do those enormous titties want some attention too?” She begins fondling the nipples and licking, sucking…Isabelle grabs Alanna’s hand and makes it pet her softness. Alanna gropes the hole again and finds it moist. Her fingers tremble. Isabelle’s hands find Alanna’s flesh, and the blue-eyes girl whispers the other’s name and begs her to stroke her harder. She pulls away from Isabelle’s big, tempting breasts, and the virgin tongue tries to give her pleasure. Then suddenly, that mouth is sucking…like a newborn baby. Oh, god. Alanna cums again, gasping for breath.

The two girls fall asleep on top of the blanket, naked, wakening every now and then for a few moments to stroke the other’s sexy parts and fall back asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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