It All Started With A Bet…. Ch. 07

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Asswink Booty

John hadn’t talked to me in a few days and our eyes avoided each other in the halls. I soon found out why.

~ ~

Janice called me Thursday night. “Ready for the game this Friday, girl?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess.” I had given her my number as we drove home the night at the barn. “Most of the squad is out of town early for winter break so I’m sure how many of us will be there, why?”

“Coach wants me to make sure you’re ready for the boys. I’m coming over to pick you up, be ready, ok?” She heard my answer then said she’d be over in ten minutes and hung up.

I waited for her to drive up, grabbed my backpack and keys and went out the door. I got into her car and we drove off. After a few blocks, I grew curious.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“To my house,” she said, glancing at her blind spot then turning back. “You and John not talking huh?”

“Yeah, I guess we’re not.” I looked down at my feet.

“Is it because of Coach and Mach?” she asked turning right onto her street.

“I don’t know. He knows what happened when I lost my virginity, and then…..” I trailed off.

“You talking about when you two had sex, right? You guys haven’t talked since then?”

“How, how do you know?” I asked. I couldn’t believe she knew!

“John tells me everything,” she said pulling into her drive way. She pulled into her garage and closed the door behind her. She turned off her car. “Well, not everything, but he said you guys did it.” She opened her door and got out, I did the same. “He likes you, Claire. You think of that? Maybe he’s jealous he’s not getting to break you in. It’s okay, he’s not talking to me either, ever since I told him Mach and I are back together.”

“I don’t think John likes me like that….I–You and Mach back together?” We went inside her house.

“Yeah, sort of. We never were really dating. He just was a dick to do what he did. Come on, we’re going up to my room.” I followed her, watching her ass as we went up the stairs to her room. It shook lightly with each step and her legs were tight when they stretched to the next step. I caught my breath, realizing I was turned on by her.

We went into her room, it wasn’t an overly feminine room but had nice touches of lace and satin. She had me put my backpack down on the bed and had me go into her bathroom with her. “I need to make sure you are clean for the game tonight.” She smiled at me. “I have the perfect thing too.”

I stood behind the door as she opened her bathroom cabinet. She pulled out a shave stick and a new razors. “Does Coach want me to shave?” I asked.

“No,” she said with a devilish smile. “He wants me to shave you.” She turned to me and pulled me to her. She began to kiss me deeply, pulling my tongue to her mouth and sucking on it. She moaned and her hands roamed over my body. They found their way to my pants, unzipping them and sliding inside. She inched her fingers into my panties and soon found my pussy. It was getting wet from our kissing, and I responded by leaning back against the counter.

Janice pulled away, smiling at me. “Let me undress you and get you ready.” She pulled my shoes off then my socks, and then my pants. She admired my bikini line. “You trim really good, Claire. But Coach wants you with no hair.” She looked up at me, my face flushed. “You ever have a bare pussy before?”

“No,” I answered. “I haven’t.”

She got onto her knees in front of me and moved her hands down my hips to my panties, pulling them down by the sides. As she pulled them down over my mound, my dark blond hairs puffed out over the top edge of my panties. She leaned in her face as she finished pulling them down and nuzzled her nose between my legs. She finished pulling off my panties and put them on the floor with my pants. She wrapped her hands around me, holding my cheeks in her hands and pulling me to her.

I moaned and looked up at the ceiling, keeping myself from cumming on the spot. Her tongue snaked between my thighs and soon found my clit. She began to lick back and forth over it, moaning her special way as she soon brought me close to orgasim. She stopped, and looked up at me. “That feel good, sweetie?” she asked.

“Yes…yes it does Janice. Why did you stop?”

She stood up and held my hand, pulling me gently to the bath tub. She turned on the facet and started to fill up the tub. The tub was big, enough for three people to fit in it. “Take off your shirt and your bra honey, and then climb in.” I undressed and got into the tub. “Sit down in the water.” She turned off the water, it only had a few inches in the tub and barely came up above my ass cheeks. “Turn towards me and put your legs over the sides of the tub towards me.”

I did as she asked. I was positioned to where my legs were on either side of her as she was kneeled against the outside of the tub facing me. She pressed my legs open wider and pulled my ass towards her. The water splashed around my pussy and ass hole and she angled my body to where only my ass casino şirketleri cheeks where in the water. She scooped up water in her hand and dropped it onto my clit. It slid down my slit over my opening and my ass hole. She did this over and over until my bush was completely wet.

She got the shaving stick and began to rub it over my hairs. It soon became lathered and she started to shave my pubic hairs. I moaned, having another woman, especially Janice, shave me was so erotic I soon felt my pussy flood. “Oh!” a small gasp escaped my lips.

“Don’t get too turned on my dear, because then I won’t do a good job.” She smiled down at me. “Put your hands on your cheeks an open up your ass, I want to get your ass hairs too.”

I did as she asked and she soon started to lather up the hairs around my tight ass hole. She started to shave them off as well. I tilted my head back and breathed in deeply. I wanted to tell her how much she was turning me on, that I loved how it felt and that I wanted her to keep shaving me. She soon was finished and she washed my body clean. “Want to see it?” she asked.

I nodded. She pulled out a mirror from the top drawer of her cabinets and held it to my pussy and angled it so I could see. My pussy lips were clean and smooth as well was the skin above my clit. I put my feet on the side of the tub and pushed, pulling my ass up so I could see it as well. It was bare too and showed my puckered hole. I was so horny….the sight of my own pussy and ass was turning me on and I took in a breath.

“You like it?” she asked. I looked at her and said yes. She helped me out of the tub and dried me off. “You were a good girl while I was shaving you, I’ll make sure I let Coach know. We need to go meet him now.”

* * * * * * * * *

We left her house after I dressed into my cheer uniform and we headed to the school. We met Coach in his office. The door to the locker rooms through his office was closed and we could hear the team yelling and laughing as they got ready for the game. It was the last game Mach would have to sit out on and he was in Coach’s office too. Mach and Janice sat on a couch against a wall and Coach asked me to stand next to his desk. “Let me see Janice’s work, Claire. Undress for us.”

He sat down on a chair next to his desk a few feet away from Janice and Mach. I slid my hands under my skirt and slowly pulled my panties down from underneath. I held onto the hem of my skirt and stood up strait, holding up my skirt for them to see.

Coach smiled down at my clean pussy and Mach let out a “Oh wow!” under his breath. Janice giggled. “It was hard not to fuck her after I was finished,” she said to Coach. “She sure looks hot, huh?” She looked up at Mach. He kissed her and then looked back at my bare pussy.

Coach looked at Mach. “Looks good huh, son?” he asked. I never understood why coach’s would call their players ‘son’ but it didn’t bother me. “Want to get a closer look? Or should we let Janice get first dibs?”

“Oh please let me first!” She yelped. She stood up quickly and crossed over to me, desire in her eyes. “I’m so hot for her….” she almost growled.

I leaned back as she came at me and I sat on the edge of the desk. Her head disappeared under my skirt and stayed there. She licked past my smooth skin that covered my clit and pussy, her nose pressed against my body. She breathed in deeply as she stroked her tongue hard on my clit, back and forth she pulled her tongue against my clit. It responded to her licks by growing hard and sending waves through my nerves, making my insides tighten. I felt my lips grow moist. I was absolutely amazed at how well I could feel my body get wet now that my privates were hairless. My nerves were on end and I could feel every stroke and swift movement from her tongue on my body.

Janice moaned and I looked down, she looked as though she was hiding under my skirt. She put her hands between my legs and opened them up more, pushing me back onto the desk in the process. I leaned back, resting on my elbows. She put my legs on her shoulders and she continued to lick and suck on my clit. I ran my hand through her silky hair and looked at Coach and then Mach.

Coach was rubbing his erection through his slacks, he bit his lower lip. Mach moaned and then came forward. He got onto his knees behind Janice and helped her by holding up my skirt. He watched “his girl” lick and suck on my clit and dart her tongue across my bare skin to get to my wet pussy. He moaned and sighed watching her dive into me, sending her tongue farther into me making me gasp from arousal. “Oh god!” I moaned.

“Don’t let her cum….” Coach said.

Janice pulled away from my pussy and looked at him, her mouth compeltely wet and shiny. “Please let me…she tastes so good when she cums.”

“Don’t let her cum, but get her close.” He looked at Mach and smiled. “Why don’t you have a turn when she gets closer so she’ll be kept on her toes.”

Mach smiled and then looked back to Janice, he casino firmaları put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her to my pussy. “Keep licking her, I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Janice imediately began to lick and suck on my clit and lips. She moaned against my clit and I shook. She ran a finger up my inner thigh to her tongue and slid my wetness out of my pussy, she smoothed it over my skin around my clit and where she shaved me. She moaned as she watched my juices be rubbed into my flesh. She looked back up to me as Mach helped her by keeping my skirt out of the way, his breathing louder. She kept eye contact with me as she began to stroke her tongue on my skin where my juices were. She moaned and her eyes rolled as she flattened her tongue on my flesh, running it back and forth over the sweet area. “Mmmmm…” I could hear her moan.

I found myself growing warm and I ran a hand over my chest, finding my left breast an squeezing it.

Mach took the opportunity and moved Janice away from my pussy. “Hold her skirt up and keep her busy,” he said rapidly. He got on his knees and held my legs open in front of him. He gazed at the space between my thighs as though it was a glorious painting…and then he leaned forward, smelling in my scent, before he began to pound away at my clit with his tongue as he licked it.

I groaned from the pleasure he was sending into me through my special button. Janice pulled up my top and freed my breasts from my sports bra, my skirt falling onto Mach’s forehead, he didn’t pay no mind. She took my nipples into her forefingers and pinched them, pulling them to her mouth. She licked and sucked each of my nipples as Mach did the same for my clit. Their moans as they both brought me close to releasing were heard through Coach’s office.

Coach sat there, still rubbing his crotch through his slacks as he watched them lick and suck me to oblivion. He then glanced at his watch. He looked back up to me and I started to shake as Mach pulled my clit into his mouth and pressed a finger into my cunt. His finger swimmed around inside my wet pool, I was creaming fast but not ready to cum yet. I closed my eyes and moaned as Mach sucked harder on my clit, his finger gently rubbing my g spot. I let out another gasp and then Janice let go of my tits and Mach stood up, leaving my pussy aching for more attention.

I opened my eyes and they were sitting back on the couch, Coach was standing in front of me. “Lay back, there isn’t much time.” I laid back on his desk and he pulled up my knees to the desk. I rested my heels on the edge of the desk and Coach pulled open my knees, opening up my made-over pussy. He smiled down at the smooth flesh below him and he leaned down kissing my skin above my shaved area. He moved his kisses down, keeping his hands on my knees as he kissed lower, and lower…and lower. His tongue soon met with my clit and he found it easy to kiss and suck on my clit with all my hair removed.

I gasped as he tongue slid back and forth over my slit. He made his was from my clit to my ass and found that it was shaven too. He got on a knee and moved his hands to my ass cheeks. He held them open and apart and liften me up slightly from the desk. “Keep your legs open, Claire…” he whispered. I kept my knees wide apart and felt his tongue slid over my slit down to my ass hole. I immediately felt the warmth of his tongue on my tender flesh and I felt my ass pucker from his tongue.

He let out a small laugh and then began to lick back and forth over my precious skin. He breathed in and let out, making my pussy dry from the air. I trembled from the feeling he was giving me, his breathing and his licking on my skin was so uncomfortable, but only because I knew that was all he was going to let it be, he wasn’t going to let me cum. He pulled away from me and turned his head. “Come over here and lick her clit, Janice, while I have fun with her ass.” Janice stood up with that same look in her eyes and she leaned forward from the side of Coach and started to lick across my clit. “And Mach…” Coach continued, “come warm up her mouth.”

Mach smiled and stood up, pulling down his pants quickly and climbing onto the desk with me. His hard cock soon was in my mouth and I found it hard to suck his cock while getting the special treatment from Janice and Coach.

Mach’s dick pressed the entrance of my throat and pushed it’s way through, my muscles swallowing down. I gagged slightly but only because Janice had bitten down on my clit and Coach was finding an easy way into my ass with my hair being gone. He’d made the rim of my ass very wet from his tongue and was now easily sliding a finger in and out while licking the edge of my flesh that was hanging onto his finger. Janice was moaning and sending waves of pleasure through me and I couldn’t take it.

Mach held onto my ears as he pumped my face. He soon was moaning and started to release into my mouth while Coach found a way to release himself. Janice was sucking on his dick while güvenilir casino tugging at my clit and Coach fingering my ass.

I bucked my hips the best I could and tried to get one of them to lick me again, knowing it would surely bring me to orgasim. No one came to my rescue. Coach began to shake in Janice’s grasp, he was definetly cumming in her mouth as she gagged and then pulled away. She started to jerk him off while sucking on his head, her hand still rubbing my clit. Mach finished off in my mouth and pulled free, slapping his dick on my chin while I swallowed the remnants of his seed.

Coach finished as well and slid his cock from Janice’s mouth with a nasty, slimy pop. She looked up at him with glossy eyes and licked her lips, she mouthed the words “Thank you” to him and stood up. Coach looked down at me and then to Janice, “Finish her off, Janice. Go ahead and make her cum.”

Janice pulled me up from the desk and had me stand against it. “Mach, get behind her on the desk on your knees.” Her voice was demanding and I loved it! “Hold her up by her knees.” He reached in front of me and found my knees, pulling me up, he had my legs bent with his hands in the bend of my knees. He held my thighs open and out to Janice and held me up at almost her height. Janice stood next to me, looking down to my pussy. “Hold her higher.” He grunted as he pulled me up more, arching his back a bit. I found that my crotch was at perfect level with Janice’s head and she stood there. She looked up at me and smiled as her tongue slid out over her lushious lips.

I closed my eyes as I began to feel her tongue on my opened body. Her tongue found it’s way all over my shaven flesh. With being held open, she had full advantage of my body. She kept her tongue hard and began to penetrate my pussy with it, I felt every movement of her tongue in me and her skin as her face slapped against my pussy when she thrust into me.

Coach pulled up a chair and turned it around, it’s back against the desk. She turned around and sat on the seat, leaning back her head she looked up to my pussy and ass. Mach lowered me down and rested me above her face. She moaned as she continued to fuck me with her tongue. I almost lost it as her hand found my ass cheeks and she held them open, her tongue acting like a slimy tentacle on my dirty hole.

Coach moaned watching Janice find her way into my ass, her tongue pressing in easy and bringing me close. Coach stood between Janice’s legs and licked my clit as she licked my ass hole. I gasped as he sucked hard on my clit and Janice moved a finger to my pussy and my ass and began to fuck both at the same time. I moaned and gasped and almost screamed as I began to feel the familiar waves of warmth and pleasure make it’s way out of my body. I felt Janice’s face and hand become wetter from my gushing pussy and Coach’s whispers of telling me it was okay to cum now made me let loose.

I let out a loud moan and I threw my head back. Mach kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear to cum. I was already cumming.

I felt my pussy clentch and grab a hold of Janice’s intruding finger and my ass gripping it’s probe, I rode her digits with Mach’s help and soon was cumming on Coach’s face and Janice’s finger. I begged for them to stop, “It’s to much!” I moaned. “Oh god! Please, stop!” I pleaded. My body shook violently.

They kept their speed up. Coach tapped my clit with his tongue as my orgasim continued and Janice moved her fingers in and out of my pussy and ass in oposite thrusts. I felt my body hit a second big wave and I heard my pussy begin to squish and make slurping sounds from her fast moving finger in my delicate hole. I moaned and released a shower of my juices onto them. I heard praise from them both and they slowed their movements on my body and then stopped. Mach lowered me down and Janice moved out of the way. I was sat back down on Coach’s desk. I collapsed back and leaned agaisnt Mach, moaning silently as he stroked his hand on my face.

“You ready to make your final payment for me?”

I nodded. “Yes, I am. I owe you so much…for everything I’ve done to you and for everything you’ve given to me.”

He smiled again. He looked up at Coach, “I think she’s ready.”

Coach smiled at me. “It’s Game Time!” he opened up the door and let some guys in.

It was Jeremy and Russel (pronounced Roo-sell by the way). They quickly came in, smiling as they were followed by two other guys. One I recognized as one of their fellow players…and the other, their coach.

“She’s all yours. Have fun” Coach Walter’s sat on the couch with the the other coach. Janice and Mach excussed themselves, saying they both needed some air. As the door closed, I felt a tinge of excitement and fear. I didn’t know what was expected of me and I found myself staring at their coach.

“Don’t worry, girl.” He smiled at me. “I’m not here to fuck you. I’m here to make sure that my boys are really getting paid for their services that they will be doing tonight.” I sat on coach’s chair and waited.

Coach Walter’s waved the boys on. “Trust me, she’s wet and ready. We had her cumming and asking for us to stop when you got here.” I looked back at Russel and Jeremy. They were undressing fast, their other team mate slowly behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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