Introduction to Sex Ch. 03

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Ellie’s mother, Mavis Jones, had grown suspicious of her daughter’s furtive actions of late, and now found herself eavesdropping on Ellie’s phone conversation with Margie.

She was stunned at what she heard.

Margie: “Do ya think Manny and Ritchie’s cocks are as big as Donny’s?”

Ellie: “I hope so. I can still feel Donny inside me.”

Margie: “Um, me too.”

Mavis Jones had her hand over her mouth, and her eyes were wide with shock. Her daughter, her baby, discussing a man’s penis like that. Why … that meant that she’d… Mavis was incapable of further thought on the matter, and perhaps a full minute passed before she registered what the girls were saying.

Ellie: ” … our first orgy. I can’t believe it.”

Margie: “I can’t wait to have two in me at once!”

Ellie: “Me too! How do you think they’ll do it?”

Margie: One in my mouth and one in my puss, I guess.”

Ellie: “Oh, I thought there’d be one up your behind and one in your puss.”

Margie: “I hadn’t thought of that. That sounds good too.”

Ellie: “Maybe we’ll do both.”

“Margie: “Ewe! I don’t see myself sucking their things after having it up my behind.”

Ellie: “Silly, you do the behind thing last.”

Margie: “Oh, yeah. That’s right.”

Mrs. Jones was incredulous. She had to put a halt to this. But how? She knew the girls were devious. They knew how to gauge an adult’s perception to a very high degree, and if she tipped them off they would only find a more circuitous means of participating in the orgy.

How could she prevent it from happening? She continued listening, hoping to learn where and when this orgy was to take place. But the girls gave her nary a clue in that direction, and so Mavis had no choice but to wait … and hope.

Trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, Mavis watched Ellie like a hawk, and following school the next day, saw Ellie putting an outfit on over the one she was wearing.

‘I did that myself, back in the day, ‘ Mrs. Jones thought, and had to suppress a smile, until she realized just why her daughter was dressing secretly.

When the phone rang, Ellie raced to get it. Mavis waited, counting to ten before lifting the receiver and listening in again.

“Margie: “… this green dress, why, if I sit or bend, my panties show.”

Ellie: “The tight, tight green one?”

Margie: “Yeah, and no bra.”

Ellie: “I’m wearin’ my blue slutty thing. You know the one cut real low in the front, and way down to my butt in back?”

Margie: “Ewe, yeah! You do look so sluttish in that dress, Ellie.”

Ellie: “Oh, thanks, doll face, I’m sure you look marvelous too. And by the way, I’m minus a bra too.”

Shortly afterward the girls ended the conversation. Mrs. Jones hadn’t a clue as to where the orgy was going to be held. ________________________________________

Mavis Jones was amazed as her daughter; with as innocent an expression as she’d ever seen on her angelic face, maneuvered her into letting her to stay out with Margie until 9:30 that evening. Ellie told her that she was meeting Margie at her house and they were going to the movies. She stressed that her homework was finished and it was Friday, and she would be home at a decent time. Mavis was trapped; there was no reason to deny her a night out.

Mrs. Jones was as discreet as possible, using her Toyota to follow the girls — who met — not at Margie’s, but two blocks from Ellie’s house.

Ellie and Margie walked to a small boutique on the boulevard and used the dressing room to remove the top layers of clothing. Mrs. Jones waited a block away, the Toyota idling nervously while she worried the cuticle on her wedding ring finger.

Margie and Ellie walked another block arm in arm. Mrs. Jones hung back, giving them ample space, fearing that should they look back they would spot her.

In that regard, however, her fears were groundless. But moments later, Donny and Richie pulled up alongside the girls in Ritchie’s Ford Mustang convertible.

The girls were surprised at both the stylish convertible and Richie’s Latin good-looks. He was a little over six feet and weighed about 180 pounds. Ellie’s mother almost went into shock, for to her eyes; both males appeared to be men in their mid-twenties, and not high school seniors as she had supposed they were.

Both Margie and Ellie were captivated by Richie’s black, wavy hair and his deep brown smiling eyes. As Richie held the door open, the girls hopped into the convertible, Margie into the rear, followed by Richie, leaving the front seat for Ellie, who wriggled her butt across the leather seat and gave Donny a smoldering French kiss. “Gonna let her out-do you?” Richie said with a wicked grin.

“Not on your life,” Margie yelped and squirmed onto his lap and kissed him feveredly as he groped her lush breasts.

Mavis Jones watched in dismay as her daughter prolonged the kiss. She saw that the man behind the wheel was attempting to pry her away from his mouth, not wanting to attract unnecessary casino şirketleri attention.

Her eyes widened as the couple in the backseat remained in a tight clinch, and then when Margie gaily waved her panties in the air, then released them and watched as they sailed away to the side of the road, Mavis lost control of her vehicle and swerved sharply to the right before regaining control and bringing her car to a stop.

“You’re crazy, Margie,” Richie laughed.

“You think?” she responded, and then joined his laughter. “The car behind us almost crashed when I waved them in the air.”

“Cool it back there,” Donny said although he was giddy with sexual excitement. “Don’t need to get pulled over by the cops with all this luscious pussy in the car.”

“Pussy!” Margie scoffed.

“Ain’t no other word for it, my lovely,” he replied. “You are prime tender pussy, and I’m not. It’s that simple. Now will the both of you be good girls … at least until we get to my place … please?”

Ellie and Margie giggled in unison, and agreed to behave the rest of the way, settling back into their respective seats. Richie’s hand fondled Margie’s pussy, but not so it was noticeable to the casual onlooker.

Ellie half turned to face her girlfriend in the backseat and saw Richie’s hand caressing Margie’s twat. “Really in heat, eh, girl?” she called out. Margie opened her eyes and giggled. “Aren’t these guys the handsomest men you ever laid eyes on, Ellie?”

“Laid being the operative word,” Donny said, tossing the words over his right shoulder.

“Right on,” Richie said agreeably.

“So … are Manny and Paula waiting for us at your place?’ Margie asked Donny.

“No, but they’ll be by in a while,” he answered. ________________________________________

Mrs. Jones, back on the road, pushed the speed limit as she sought to catch up with her daughter and her friends. Unfortunately, Donny made a right onto his street and parked the convertible in his driveway. The foursome piled out of the car and entered Donny’s apartment just as Mrs. Jones drove past the intersection in pursuit of what now amounted to a ghost car.

The guys wasted no time once they were all inside. Ellie curled up alongside Donny and Richie pulled Margie onto his lap on the loveseat across from the couple on the couch.

As Ritchie’s hand rubbed the inner sides of her thighs, Margie groped his thick cock and heavy balls through the material of his jeans.

Donny let his right hand traverse the length of Ellie’s leg until he reached the juncture between them. He pulled her panties to the side and sent a finger to explore the thick lips of her opening. Ellie had to spread her legs before she died of want.

His middle finger sank into her wetness.

“Oh, Donny!” she squeaked happily, “I love it! I feel so wicked. Am I a really bad girl?”

“Oh, yeah,” he sighed and added a second digit to the first. “You’re a really nasty, nasty bad girl.”

“Did you hear that, Margie?”

“Huh?” Margie replied dreamily, as she pulled her mouth reluctantly from Ritchie’s mouth.

“He said I’m a really nasty girl. Really N.A.S.T.Y!”

Maggie giggled and turned to face her partner. “Oh, that’s so cool. Richie, am I nasty too?”

He laughed and said, “You’re the perfect slut. Is that nasty enough?”

“Oh, you!” she yelped happily and promptly fished his thick cock from his jeans and took him into her mouth, sucking and licking vociferously.

Manny and Paula pulled into the driveway on a motor scooter and walked into Donny’s apartment without bothering to knock or ring the bell. “Started without us, huh?” Paula shouted and laughed lewdly.

Margie removed Richie’s penis from between her lips and called out, “Hi, Paula, right?”

“Right, hey, gimme a kiss so I can say I sucked Richie’s cock by proxy.”

Both Richie and Margie laughed and a moment later, Margie was extending her arms out to embrace the slightly older woman.

Ellie sat back, greeting the new arrivals with a bright smile, but said nothing as she apprised Paula, whom she felt might be a rival for Donny’s affections. Ellie took in Paula’s long, slim legs, found her to be about the same height as Margie, which meant she was at least an inch or so taller than herself. Paula’s hair was casually messy; a process Ellie knew took time to achieve. Her hair was dishwater blonde, her breasts without benefit of a bra jiggled slightly as she moved into Margie’s arms and tongued the young girl’s mouth.

Ellie wanted her immediately, and was delighted that Donny had brought them all together. Manny sat down in the only vacant chair remaining in the room and watched the others getting acquainted, knowing he would have his fill sooner or later. He reached into his vest pocket and removed a small package of marijuana and rolled himself a joint.

Ellie found herself on her back and nude from the waist down with Donny between her legs. Now how did that? she thought, momentarily pondering the loss of her lower clothing. casino firmaları The aroma of sex was already thick in the room. Then she realized Donny’s head was resting on her sweaty stomach.

The kiss between the two women ended and Margie shrieked coarsely, and Paula’s eyes lit up as Richie made his hardon twitch before their eyes. “Why don’t you both suck me?” he inquired, his smile revealing his flashy teeth.

“Really?” Margie blurted, excited at the thought.

“You’re on,” yipped Paula, who took the tip of his erection between her teeth, while handing his balls to Margie. ________________________________________

Mrs. Jones came to a red light and slammed her palm into the steering wheel.

“Damn it to hell, where did they go?” she screeched in frustration.

Mavis knew they had not come this far and that at some point they had turned off, but where? That was the question. She sat there fuming, until the car behind her honked his horn. Galvanized into action, she turned into a 7-11 and when traffic allowed, headed back the way she had come.

She fought off the panic that threatened to overwhelm her. “I’ve got to get them out of there before its too late,” she said aloud. “They’re only kids. My God, Ellie, what have you gone and done?”

Mavis turned left at the next major intersection. She had decided to drive several blocks in each direction in hopes of spotting the mustang convertible. Four blocks later, she made a U-turn and reversed direction. Passing the intersection, she drove another four blocks but saw nothing close to Donny’s convertible. She made a left, and a block later made another left then proceeded eight blocks before making a right, going one block and repeating the eight block search.

Ellie’s mother was sweating profusely; her eyes began to ache as she combed the driveways and streets for the elusive convertible. ‘Maybe they’re still driving, ‘ she thought, and then gripped the wheel even tighter. “And maybe they’ve started their little orgy,” she thought as she ground her teeth so hard it became painful. She came to the eighth corner and turned, eyes focused more on her search than actual driving. ________________________________________

Richie twitched when Paula’s tongue grazed gossamer-like over his velvet tip. He moaned when her lips applied their pressure to his cockhead at the same time Margie tickled his balls.

Donny was lapping away at Ellie’s crotch and she was already moaning deliriously, having anticipated a number of orgasms on her way to the party.

Manny took another long hit on his joint and put it down in the ashtray next to his chair. He had been watching the others and decided to join Donny and Ellie. He staggered as he made his way over to the couch where they lay, causing him to take a silent oath not to drink so many beers before partying the next time.

“Oh, yeah … suck it … suck it, baby!” Richie moaned.

Paula bathed his shaft with her tongue, and then sank her lips lower and lower on his hardness before moving back up his cock and licking the tip. “Margie? That your name?” she asked the teen beside her.

“Yeah, I’m Margie.”

“Have a suck on him. We’ll blow him and his mind,” she cackled lewdly.

Margie was still laughing at Paula’s comment as she took Richie’s thick cock into her mouth and tried to deep throat him. She managed half of his length before gagging and relinquishing his cock to Paula, who promptly did what Margie could only hope to do in the future.

Richie had an ecstatic expression on his face as he reached out to maul Margie’s perky tits.

Paula deftly slid his penis in and out of her throat. She knew he wouldn’t last long, for she began to taste his precum as it oozed from the eye of his cockhead.

Wanting to be generous to Margie, an obvious neophyte to orgies, she handed him back to her, saying, “Suck it hard and fast. He’s ready to cum!”

Margie readily accepted Richie’s boner and almost immediately felt his thighs tense. A moment later, the cock twitched in her mouth and he began to spasm.

“Ugh! Yeah … here it cums!” he gasped.

An overpoweringly thick jet of semen discharged from his prick, filling her mouth. Margie tried tightening her mouth around his shaft, not wanting to let any of the creamy fluid escape before she swallowed it.

He grunted again and a second rope sent more than Margie imagined possible into her throat, forcing her to relax her lips around him in order to gulp down the bountiful amount of cum he’d given her.

Paula, caressing his balls, used her free hand to grab Margie by the hair and pry her mouth away from the glorious cock she was sucking.

“Kiss me,” Paula moaned. “Share him with me.”

Margie thought that was the most erotic suggestion she’d ever heard and did exactly that, depositing most of the sperm from her mouth to Paula’s.

Margie climaxed the second Paula’s tongue entered her mouth to return some of the sperm back to her. Manny stood over the couple on the couch güvenilir casino watching as Ellie humped her pelvis up at Donny’s questing tongue.

A moment or two later he took his semi-hard penis from his jeans and smiled evilly as Ellie’s hand came up and wrapped her fingers around him and slowly brought it to her mouth.

He glanced at Donny’s face, but Donny was totally absorbed in Ellie’s cunt.

After hesitating a moment, Manny asked, “You, um, okay with this, Dude?”

Donny glance up at him through lust filled eyes and grinned. Barely taking his mouth from Ellie’s snatch, he answered, “Be my guest, Dude.”

Knowing Donny to be prone to moments of violent acts, especially when provoked, he asked again.

“You sure you’re okay with this, man?”

Donny nodded his approval and Manny fed his still rising cock to Ellie’s hungry mouth.

After the first minute of Ellie’s superb blowjob, Manny’s knees weakened and he had to support himself by kneeling on the couch.

Donny obligingly shifted his body to make more room for him and Manny smiled, knowing that he and Donny would be double fucking this hot little bitch before long.

Ellie felt the climax rushing in upon her. Manny’s cock flopped from her mouth and slapped her face twice before she grabbed it and gave it a heartfelt squeeze.

“Damn, you gotta sweet pussy, girl,” Donny whispered. Ellie grew more excited at the sound of his dirty talk.

“Fuck me, Donny! Fuck me hard,” Ellie moaned. It felt good to talk dirty back to him. He must have liked it too, because he pushed himself up, grabbed his erection and stuck in into her hot little furnace. Never pausing, but pumping furiously from the first stroke.

She came the second time his cock ground down against her swollen clit. It was an orgasmic tsunami that seized control of her nervous system and shook her until she passed out briefly.

Donny continued fucking her, burying his face in her neck, as he pumped himself into exhaustion and finally spewed his load into her unprotected vagina.

Ellie emerged from her momentary blackout; and feeling the tremendous effects of her climax, screamed aloud.

Satiated, Donny rolled off of her and fell to his knees on the floor.

“Finish her off,” he sighed, and Manny mounted the semi-conscious teen.

With each slow thrust of Manny’s prick, semen from her last partner squished from her cunt. Ellie was infused with lust and happily wrapped her legs around Manny’s waist, fucking him harder than he was her.

He didn’t last long, but to Ellie, the flow of semen from his throbbing prick was so long, so intense, that she was preoccupied in thinking he was pissing into her rather than coming inside her.

Consequently, Ellie was the only one in the house who failed to hear the heavy pounding on the door and the woman’s voice screaming, “Let me in, you bastards, let me in!”

Paula sat up, the self-satisfied grin on her face faded away. “Who the hell is that?” she asked, it came out a mumble for her mouth was full of Richie’s cum.

The yelling and pounding on the door continued, but Paula ignored it to lean toward Margie, who opened her mouth to receive the pearly white string of jizm hanging from the older girl’s tongue.

Donny shook his head trying to figure out who else he might have invited to the little orgy and went to the front door and opened it, naked, only to stumble backwards as Mrs. Jones stormed into the house.

Eyes wide and nostrils flaring, Mavis took in the scene before her. Margie appeared to be kissing another woman and was that … it couldn’t be, she told herself, then looked for Ellie. She saw her daughter lying nude on the couch. A man’s cock pressed against her cheek. It was not erect, and for a split second Mavis took it as a sign that she had arrived in time. Then reality sank in and she knew that Ellie had already done the deed with the man on the couch with her.

Donny turned around and took a step in Mavis’ direction, but thought better of it. This is an outraged mother, he told himself. She told me to leave her daughter alone. She can make major trouble for me.

“Ellie!” Mavis said loudly, but with calmness she didn’t expect to have under the circumstances. “Mom!” Ellie screeched and attempted to cover her nudity.

“Get dressed! Margie, get dressed. We’re leaving. We’re leaving right now!”

Ellie scrambled to locate her clothing. Donny found an item or two, and tossed them to the young girl.

Margie sat on the floor, seemingly confused and not attempting to cover her body.

“C’mon, Margie, get dressed,” Mavis said again. Ellie was almost decent, but Margie reached for Richie’s cock. He slapped her hand away, for he was uncertain as to Margie’s actual age and wanted no part of being involved with a possible underage teen.

“Better get dressed, doll,” he said, and began to pull on a pair of jeans only to recoil when he realized they belonged to Manny.

Mavis faced Donny, and said, “I told you to leave my daughter alone. I have every right to have you all arrested.” She was bluffing and hoping they wouldn’t call her on it.

Donny paled, even though he knew Ellie was of legal age. There might be some law… he thought and awaited the rest of her verbal barrage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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