Intern Lust

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She was working at double speed, hectically running around trying to make sure all bases were covered for her client’s big weekend, when Jen walked up to her in the function room to tell her that there was no room reserved for her at the hotel.

Her client was paying her well to put together a mid-summer party on the coast to celebrate their successful campaign. The president had even offered to pay for her intern’s room so that she could help her temporary ‘boss’ with the weekend’s festivities. She understood why of course. He clearly lusted over her young helper. It was so noticeable, from the moment he met her. This too she could understand though. Her intern was quite pretty. Not only did she have a perky and confident attitude, smooth tan skin, and fun, bubbly fashion taste, but her boobs were just perfect. She hated to admit it sometimes, but she was undeniably captivated by female beauty, especially beautiful breasts. And, wow, was a gorgeous pair peeking up just under her nose through the tightly buttoned gap of Jen’s sheer white blouse at this very moment. A plump cleavage held firm by a sexy lace bra just beneath her thin fabric almost begged attention. Amidst all the crazy buzz of activity going on around her, she realized she was glad she’d taken her client up on his offer.

“Are you serious? What do you mean??”

“The girl at the front just told me there is nothing under my name. I told her that maybe it was under yours, but she said there was only one room under your name and that you’d already checked in.”

“This is crazy. I’m so sorry Jen. Let me just finish unpacking these centerpieces and go talk to them. Worst comes to worst, you can stay in my room. I have two beds…and a beautiful view of the beach.” She found herself in a split second, without even consciously thinking about it, sensing a faint but delicious tingle flickering between her own smooth upper thighs. Despite not knowing its origin, she knew she liked the feeling. But there was still some work to be done and she quickly returned to the box she was toiling in.

“We’ll figure it out, I’m sure. What do you want me to do for now? I need to start moving around…I’ve been cramped in the car for two hours!”

“Can you help out Sherry in the conference room across the hall, setting up the flower arrangements? We should be all set after that. We’ve made really good time. I’ll check on the room situation in a little bit and let you know.”

“OK, see you soon!”

Despite her more proper side’s instructions (she had to tell herself she should not be thinking of such things…), she could not resist stealing a quick glance at Jen’s beauty as she walked away toward the door. Her eyes left the contents of the cardboard box and went to her intern’s feet in their flip flops as the padded away, then quickly traveled up her smooth tan calves, to her tight, strong, and just-as-smooth bare thighs. She caught her breath just a bit as she instinctively fixed on that beautiful transition from inner thigh to the curve of silky flesh that began her bum. Just the faintest hint of this magical spot was detectable in the shadow of Jen’s faded and frayed blue jean shorts, but the sight and thought of it brought her nipples to attention. All this as she realized that Jen was spinning around to tell her something. She felt like she was in a slow motion movie scene as her gaze shifted upwards to meet Jen’s.

“Oh, and can you just ask them to make sure my room is…non-smoking…if they (a quizzical look)…have one?” Had she sensed what she was just looking at? She knew she didn’t have the best ‘poker face’ in the world…Had it been obvious to Jen that her boss was being taken in by her ass?

“Oh definitely…I agree…”

“Thanks”. And a smile over her shoulder as she swiveled again to the door. A sultry and sexy smile it seemed, as if she knew…as if she knew that she was the cause of the dampness that had just started to moisten her bosses panties.

She had no idea if she was mortified or totally turned on.


“Jen, I’m so sorry. All they have is a smoking room. I argued with them to give you non-smoking, but they’re telling me there’s nothing they can do. Maybe…”

“Whatever. No big deal. Can I still stay with you?” She thought what was really going to come out of Jen’s mouth was something like, ‘I’ll just deal with the smoke smell’. But she had judt unhesitatingly suggested just the opposite.

“Definitely.” She returned just as unhesitating a reply…she surprised herself. She just brushed it off as a result of her primary focus being that of accommodating her intern, under the circumstances.

“Can I bring my bags to your room?”

“Um, sure. I’ll help you with them and show you where it is.”

“It’s OK, I only have one. I know you’re busy. I can find it.”

“Are you sure?” “Yup, no problem.” “OK, it’s room 469. The elevator is right over there”. She shuffled through her pocket as she spoke, and handed her the keycard.

“OK, thanks! …Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Absolutely not. I would have been lonely otherwise! It’ll be fun.” She didn’t know what she meant by that, but it felt like the right thing to say.

“Cool. I wouldn’t want you to be lonely.” She smiled that smile again. “Do you mind if I shower? I feel so hot and sticky. You don’t need casino şirketleri me for anything else right now, do you?”

“No, we should be fine. It’s just about done.”

“OK, I’ll see you in a bit.” Jen turned to get her bag in the corner of the busy lobby. ‘I’m feel so hot…’ It was resonating in her mind. Wow, she couldn’t believe how sexually intoxicating of an effect this all was having on her. It made her momentarily feel almost drunk. Maybe she was just over tired…

It was about 30 minutes later or so when she arrived at her hotel room door, feeling good about where her work was at. She’d been feeling more than a little curious about what Jen was doing. She paused outside the door instinctively to listen for activity within. Her brow wrinkled a little as she stood with her nose a foot from the door. She felt like she could hear some muffled sounds. She imagined Jen in there having sex with one of the vendors she saw her flirting with earlier. She almost wouldn’t put it past her. She’d always seen Jen as a confident free spirited girl, imagining her as daring and without inhibitions. She quickly shook it out over head.

She knocked on the door. There was a brief silence inside, quickly broken by some shuffling noises and a “Just a sec!” Was something actually going on??

“It’s just me, Jen”

Jen opened the door, looking wide eyed and a little out of breath. Her hair was damp and she had a light film of moisture on her arms, face, and neck, as if she was perspiring a little, despite the AC that was humming in the room. She was dressed in an oversized thin white t-shirt. It was clear that if she had anything on underneath, it was only panties. Her boobs looked full and heavy, but deliciously perky and round under the light white fabric, and her nipples were unmistakably hard. She felt like she was just standing there gawking at Jen…she swallowed dryly.

“I just got out of the shower…and, um, had to call my sister.”

She realized that Jen was alone. A little nervously, “Oh, no problem!” What had she been doing? Was she just masturbating??

Jen smiled and turned into the room. With Jen’s back to her, she took a nice long look up and down her body. She was wearing panties. Through the sheer fabric (this must be one of her favorite lounging around t-shirts, she thought…well broken in and worn thin) she could make out a light colored pair of tight lacy boyshorts wrapped around her tight round ass. “How did everything go today? I’m so sorry my ride was delayed. I wish I could have been here to help more.” She WAS a little annoyed that Jen had been absent for most of the day, but it was hard to stay that way with all this visual stimulation she was being gifted with.

“Really well, actually; I think the rest of the night is ours, for the most part!”


“Do you feel like going down to the water? We have at least a few hours of sun left. I might even go for a swim.”

“Are you kidding? Of course! This is great. I got off pretty easy today.” She offered a big smile.

“I know. You owe me a little extra later!” She couldn’t help but get caught up in some little playful banter.

“Absolutely. Anything you need, roomie! I’m gonna go put my suit on in the bathroom”.

“Oh, you don’t have to go in there. I don’t mind.”

“Oh, OK… I just didn’t want you to be uncomfortable…”

“No, not at all” She thought she might just be trying to act cool and hip, and show that she was a little bit of a free spirit herself. She had to half smile and roll her eyes at how silly she felt. But, she was aware, too, of her powerful urge to just see Jen’s skin.

They both rummaged for their suits and sort of half turned from each other to put them on. As she put her own new tank top bikini on with a little bit of a shiver, she noticed Jen turning toward the window as she pulled her flowing T over her head. She had to watch. She could feel her own delicious boobs swelling and her nipples buzzing. What she witnessed caused her to suck her breath in deep and hold it there. Jen’s back was smooth, curvy and tan. The shallow vertical dip of a valley between her strong back muscles flowed down to a delectably round, nearly perfect ass, itself caressed in yellow lacey hip hugger panties. Oh how she ached to bite that back and those shoulders and press up against her warm bum. Her eyes returned upward to the height where she knew she would love to wrap her arms, and sure enough, there in her view, from just six feet away were the fleshy lighter cream colored sides of Jen’s gorgeous breasts, bulging out slightly from the sides of her upper torso. She swooned at the warmth they would most certainly radiate into the palms of her own cupped hands, and she could see in her mind’s eye their chocolate brown nipples that she would most definitely like to take into her mouth and tease to perky stiffness.

Jen tied a black string bikini top around her neck, with the lower strings dangling at her sides. Her gaze moved upwards to her neck, and as her eyes changed focus to the reflection in the window she was shocked into a realization that Jen could easily witness what she was so intently fixated on. In fact, she had the sexiest smile yet on her face, and even from six feet behind Jen, she could see that her intern’s eyes had a daring and devious look in them.

She casino firmaları went a little cold, despite the heat in her body, and turned quickly to cover up with some more (meaningless of course) rummaging on her bed.

She regretted that she now no longer had a view that would treat her to those panties being peeled off, but she kept her own vision of it for herself.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh…yup! I’m ready” She turned to Jen, who was now clad in her black bikini, and said…almost muttered, “You look great…I mean I love that suit.”

“Thanks. I just got it. You don’t look so bad yourself.” She felt awkward but very horny as Jen’s eyes traveled her body. “You’ve got gorgeous legs. You are in such nice shape for, you know, an ‘older woman’.” Ten years her younger, she was teasing her…a smile, and then, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t talk that way to my boss, even though I’ll be finished in just a few days.”

She was suckered in now…nearly beyond resistance (and Jen knew it) when she replied, “Oh, you can say it all you want. Coming from someone with your amazing body, I’m flattered.”

After a moment on tense silence, “Let’s hit the beach!” was her only reply.


She walked as if in a dream with her sexy companion down the hot boardwalk through the high dunes, and on down to a perfect spot in the sand, all the while drinking in the delicious peeks at her that she was stealing on the way. The beach was big and long, and there were some people here and there, but most had already left. They sat close to each other in their chairs, soaking in the sun. Her mind was on the electric buzz she was still feeling from Jen’s hands as they had just minutes earlier massaged lotion slowly into her back. Had she taken extra time and lingered under her suit’s straps a little…with her fingertips brushing the sides of her breasts? She was sure of it. And it felt absolutely wonderful.

She was lost in her thoughts with her eyes closed toward the sun that was sinking lower in the late afternoon sky, when Jen broke the quiet sound of the lapping waves. “Now she is hot.” She opened her eyes to see a beautiful sandy haired girl, probably somewhere in her mid twenties, strolling along the water. Her body was perfect. She seemed to sense both of them looking as she passed, and smiled their way, almost knowingly. ‘Her smile…She must be returning one from Jen’, she thought. “There is something about girls’ bodies. They are so beautiful….don’t you think?”

She wasn’t sure what to say back. “I definitely agree…the sexier of the species for sure.”


She couldn’t believe she was hearing a sultry moan from her intern as her eyes followed the beauty down the beach. She was speechless. And she was very moist between her burning thighs.

“Do you want to go get some dinner?”

“Oh yeah. I’m definitely hungry.”


She pulled up her favorite short olive colored shorts beneath her flowing pink long sleeve summer top, as she listened to the water of Jen’s shower, tickling and running over her curves. She liked this outfit. It made her look sexy. She was feeling very sexy. She pondered their night in their little hotel room. She felt like she wanted to suggest to Jen that they could just share a bed. Of course she would never say that.

They were like comfortable old friends at their intimate curved leather booth in the restaurant. Over a bottle of cabernet, a satisfying meal and the course of an hour and a half, they talked and laughed about the months they’d been working together.

They were still laughing as they walked back through room 469’s doorway. She’d been drawn fully in by the sight of Jen in her own similar shorts, funky sandals and tight white top as she had walked behind her through the restaurant parking lot. Jen had (innocently?) touched her arm and leg a number of times in conversation over the course of their dinner, and it had sent shivers down her spine. Without overdoing it, she’d in fact complimented her boss, twice, on how good she looked… and the thought of this was making her quite hot.

“I have a confession to make…I have another bottle of red in my bag you know! Do you want a glass?”

“Jen, I’m already pretty buzzed…”

“Me too. So what?”

“Oh, why not! I need to cut loose more.”

“Want to see what’s on?” Jen flipped on the TV, and began surfing, as they each positioned themselves on their own beds, against propped up pillows…fully dressed but with shoes kicked off, each holding one of the simple wine glasses that Jen had also tucked away in her bag.

“What an awesome time! I’m so glad you decided to stay in here with me instead of that smoking room.”

“Oh, me too. It was a no-brainer…ooh, Alias! I love Jennifer Garner!” On the screen, ‘Sidney Bristow’ was locked in a martial arts duel with a foe.

THAT DID IT. She had to laugh out loud! The reference and the wine were too much for her to contain herself.

“What’s so funny?”

Instantaneously processing all the day’s…and now night’s…sexual tones, and having been softened by them…and her buzz, allowed her to easily explain her outburst: “My husband is obsessed with the fantasy of me and another girl, and I told him Jennifer Garner totally does it for me. He’s putty now of course. It makes him crazy!”

“Nice. güvenilir casino I can see why. So…does she?”


“‘Do it’ for you?”

“Actually, she does…” “Her boobs could be a little bigger though.”

Her pussy began to pulse and swell.

“Like mine?”

“Just like yours…”

“I did see you looking at them, you know…a lot.”

“I… I thought you might have…I’m–“

“Well, since they are a little bigger… and since my name IS Jen too, you know… would you like me to come over there? … I do owe you a little extra, remember?”

(she thought and imagined, and the answer came quickly and easily)

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think that is a great idea.” They both put their wine glasses on the table between their beds.

Her eyes never left Jen, barely even blinked, as her intern stood up and pulled her white top over her head. She sat up, swung her legs over the side of the bed, and faced her, with her own knees spread wide on either side of Jen’s. Her face was barely a foot away from those stunningly perfect breasts. She could see Jen’s nipples poking hard against the thin satin fabric of her bra. Jen slowly reached behind her and undid the clasp. The force of her full chest pushed the cups forward and they loosened against her skin. There was a warm delicious scent of musk and lightly perfumed girl skin on the light breeze of air between the them as the bra fell through the space between their legs. Her breasts, in full close view now, were everything wonderful she could have imagined. Perfectly full and round, and with very stiff nipples demanding attention. Jen invitingly leaned forward and, with the wine having lowered her inhibitions, she willingly moved forward to meet her breasts on their way, with her lips open wide and her hot tongue ready. She took one in her mouth and made a full seal around it. Her tongue darted all around the nipple in the middle of her mouth. The taste and feeling were like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Her eyes focused in on the smooth warm flesh that was now so very near. She didn’t want to miss a bit of this. She could not believe the excitement she was feeling. Jen moaned deep as her eager lover flicked and rolled her tongue all around her sensitive nipple. Her hands cupped and massaged the sides of Jen’s boobs with full intensity. It was nearly impossible to leave the beautiful breast she was devouring, but she just had to attend to the other, which proved to offer the same delights as it’s mate.

Jen was getting really worked up and her breathing was growing faster. She pulled away and pushed her playmate back onto the bed, so that she was now laying back with her wide legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Jen’s hands quickly moved the pink blouse up over her breasts. She moaned as she saw her own treats cupped beneath her bosses sexy blue bra. She made quick business of pulling it, too, over her breasts, freeing two aching and erect pink nipples. Jen’s scorching hot tongue and lips came down on her left breast. Electricity shot to her pussy, and quickly on down to her toes. This was magically divine. This hot chick was singularly focused on getting her off, and she was sure it was going to happen. Her own hand went to her throbbing pussy and rubbed instinctively and hard. The fire under her hand was burning hot. Jen took notice of this activity, and grabbed her bosses hand quickly. She guided it, as well as her second hand, right to her shorts button and began to coax their work at undoing it. She didn’t need any more prompting, and aggressively undid it …and lowered the zipper. Her hands then slid over and around the skin of Jen’s waist, down under her belt line at the small of her back, and forced their way in to clutch both her ass cheeks. She squeezed them and pulled at them as Jen, smiling, encouraged her along.

She could feel Jen’s hands working at her own shorts button, while her mouth continued alternating between nibbles and sucks on her neck and tits, and she almost went over the edge. She continued grabbing at those warm bum cheeks as Jen shimmied her shorts and panties down her thighs and, with her feet, on down to her ankles. Just as her hands moved deeper into Jen’s shorts and toward each other across her ass, and as her fingers just began to sense the soaking folds of Jen’s scorching hot, wet pussy, she said, “Hold on, I want to make you cum.” She paused and stared, eyes wide, as Jen began to slide very slowly down her belly, kissing and licking the way. The sensation of Jen’s hard nipples and heavy boobs sliding their way down her slippery body was incredible. She felt her legs being parted, as Jen’s chin brushed her pubic hair. She let out a soft moan, and Jen’s breath and then her lips met their destination. She was as puffy and wet as she has been in her life, and Jen expertly attended to her pussy. She licked, she nibbled, and sucked… both soft and hard…at all the right times, and in perfect rhythm, slowly building in intensity and speed. She looked down to see Jen’s wide eyes looking hungrily up at her, her wet mouth buried between her thighs. The ascent to ecstasy felt rocket driven, and in so many moments of fantastic bliss, she came hard in tremendous waves, to the music of both of them moaning with delight. Her eyes felt like they rolled all the way to the back of her head, and she slowly, eventually, began making her way down through a universe of colors and scents. Her breathing began to slow back to normal, and with what seemed like no other option, she sank into the deepest of sex- satisfied sleeps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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