In The First Place

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“Come on, Sidney, let’s go!” Crystal exclaimed.

“Its only 9:30 in the morning, Crystal, we have plenty of time.”

“Come on, its our first apartment. I want to go look for one, and I’ve circled like fifteen places in town” she held up the paper to show me all the bright purple markings. “If we don’t go now, we won’t get to all of them!” She game me a little pouty face, as she was putting on her flip-flops, which worked every time.

Nodding I climbed off the sofa where I had been watching The View, and slid into my sandals. “Let’s go.”


We finally decided on a place after looking at it, twice. We had managed to look over every single place she circled, though some were scary. We had told the woman that we wanted to move in immediately, filled out the applications, and given her the deposit.

The apartment was a two bedroom on the third floor. It had a huge dining room with a bay window, the kitchen and bathroom counters were actually tile, and so was the floor. The place was beautiful right down to its sea green carpet. Our dad’s came by and looked it over the next day, agreed that they liked it and paid the first year on our rent. They also had all our bills routed to their accounts and bought us new furniture. What are daddies for after all!

Moving was not so bad. The guys that delivered all of our new furniture set it where we wanted it, and we enlisted the help of my brother and his friend to carry all of our boxes. All we had to do was unpack, which was sorta fun! When all was said and done the place looked great!

“Now what?” Crystal asked.

I looked at her. “Are you kidding? We have the freedom to do whatever we want. Our parents aren’t going to stop us, or tell us we have a curfew.”

“Okay, so now what?” she giggled.

I could think of a few things. I had always been attracted to Crystal – well ever since I could be attracted to anyone that is. She had blonde hair, big green eyes, and a great body. We had been on the softball team together, and we had been going to cheerleading camp over spring break since we were in the second grade. She knew I was attracted to girls, but I also liked guys. We had kissed once, but we’d been drinking when our parents weren’t looking and just thought it was a product of too much liquor.

“What?” she asked, I guess I’d been looking at her too long, or maybe it was that I wasn’t saying anything? She crawled across the sofa, looked at me with her big green eyes and smiled, “are you okay, Sidney?”

“Yeah, fine, why?” I asked, innocently.

“You were looking a little weird. That’s all.”

A mischievous smile grew on my face and I snuck a hand up to tickle her. Crystal was very ticklish. She squealed and screamed, all in good fun, but she usually retaliated and casino şirketleri tickled back. Before I knew it we were rolling off the sofa and hit the carpet laughing so hard.

“BRAT!” she exclaimed, laughing nearly too hard to talk. “I almost peed my pants,” she giggled.

I rolled over on my side and said. “Crystal?”

“Yeah?” she rolled onto her side to face me.

“What’d ya say we go take a shower?”

She smiled that cute little, coy smile. “Together?”

“Why not, we’ve showered together before.”

“Sidney, are you trying to come onto to me?” she purred.

I just nodded, “how’s it working?” I asked.

Hopping to her feet she began toward the bathroom, “why don’t you come and find out?” then she disappeared around the corner into the hallway. I heard the shower running before I was on my feet. I hurried down the hall toward the bathroom door, which I could see was slightly open. When I got there I slipped inside the bathroom that was already foggy from the warm shower water, Crystal was already inside, behind the glass doors that were all fogged up, too.

Slipping out of my clothes, I tossed them to the floor, on top of a pile of her clothes, and slid the shower doors open just enough to admit me, then closed them so the warm foggy air wouldn’t escape.

I had seen her naked before, but not this closely, in such small confines. The lines of her body were long and soft and thin. Her breast’s were perfect, not too small and not too large with soft pink nipples that stood up against the warm water running down the lines of her body to pool at her feet and escape down the drain. My eyes followed the escaping water, down, down, until I had seen every inch of her. Her flat stomach was smooth all the way down to her pussy, her bare pussy that looked just as touchable as the rest of her.

She let out a little giggle and slid me a bar of vanilla scented soap. She had wet her hair sometime, though I hadn’t noticed. Reaching around her, the front of my naked body pressed to hers, I wet the scented soap and touched it to her stomach, beginning to lather the bar along her body. My hands worked the bar up her stomach to her breasts. Running the bar of soap over one of her breasts, I ran my hand over the other. Her nipples grew firmer as I massaged her ample breasts and my lips began to kiss the side of her wet neck, running my tongue along the line of her neck between her ear and her shoulder.

Her hand reached up to touch mine, to clasp my hand more tightly her breast, she used her other hand to brace herself against the wall. The warm water fell on us and washed the soap away. Moving the wet soapy bar down her body, I rubbed it between my hands to make a soapy lather then dropped it onto the shower floor. Sliding my wet, soapy hand casino firmaları between her legs, I rubbed her naked pussy with a cupped hand. The water washed the soap away, but my hand stayed.

Sliding two fingers between the parting lips of her pussy, I found her hard, swollen clit and began to massage it delicately at first, in small circles, then more forcefully. Crystal let out a small sound, something like a sigh, which let me know she was enjoying my touch. My left hand continued to massage her breast while my fingers pleasured her.

Turning her in my arms, I kissed her passionately, kissed her neck, down her shoulder, down her chest, sucking one of her perky tits into my mouth. She let out another sign, accompanied by the word, “yes.” Sucking her tit, my hands rubbed her body, squeezed her sight ass, and then slid between her legs and into her wet little hole.

I pushed her back to put her against to the shower wall, as I continued to suck her tits and finger her slowly. She wove her hands through my wet hair and balled them into fists in fits of pleasure. I bit down gently on her nipple and she watched as I tugged on her pretty, hard little nipple with my teeth. Letting it go I continued down her body, my fingers still inside of her, kissing her belly button, then lower places. I kissed her naked pussy lips, and then buried my wet tongue between them.

Her cunt was slippery wet, and not just from the warm shower water. She tasted so good. Sweet and sensual, the way a woman is supposed to taste. Sliding my tongue around her clit, I slid another finger inside of her. She tightened her grip on my hair, and I began licking her cunt in short, sharp flicks of my tongue against her clit.

“My God, my god” she whispered, one hand releasing my hair to claw at the tile walls. I continued to slide my fingers in and out, in and out, of her tight little pussy; licking her clit the entire time, playing with her with my tongue, drinking in the taste of her. “MY GOD!” she screamed. Her hips thrust out to meet my tongue, and a wet release met my mouth. Her orgasm was hard, and she came for a long time while I continued to lick her, to eat her pussy while the juices of her pleasure ran into my mouth. I ate her until she couldn’t take it any longer, until she jumped with the shock of my tongue in her cunt every second, until the pleasure was so intense it was unbearable. Sliding my body up hers, I kissed her lips and she returned my kiss, her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth, tasting herself on my face. “Oh my God, Sidney” she whispered into my mouth, “have you done this before?”

“No” I whispered back, and we continued to kiss for a long time. Reaching behind her to turn off the warm shower she continued to kiss me. Taking my hand she led me out of the shower, out güvenilir casino onto the tile floor, out the door and into the bedroom. Pulling me down on the bed we continued to kiss and roll around naked and wet on the bed. I could still taste her on my lips, my tongue, in my mouth. She still tasted good.

Rolling me onto my back she put a knee on either side of my hips and strattled me. “My turn” she whispered to me with a wicked grin. Kissing my neck she slid down, and played with my breasts for a time, licking and sucking my tits. Then, looking up seductively she slid down my body to my well-manicured cunt. Running her fingers through my short hair she traced her fingers around the lips of my pussy. I wanted it so badly that my lips shrunk back, my clit swelling to the surface with just the lightest touch of her fingernails.

She took her time, exploring me, looking at me, touching my clit with the tip of her middle finger. I watched her down the line of my body, playing with me, teasing me. She was good at this, good at making me want her to lick me, eat me, tongue me. She knew it too, by the look on her pretty face. “You want me to eat you?” she asked in a whisper. I nodded frantically, letting out a deep sigh. “Tell me” she ordered, “tell me you want me to eat you.”

“I want you to eat me Crystal, oh God, I want it.”

She flicked her tongue out slowly to touch my clit, to play with it. The licked me with the long line of her tongue, licked in circles around my cunt. Then looking up at me mischievously she slid her fingers into my wet cunt, then out, and into my asshole. My eyes rolled back into my head and I took a deep breath. Then she slid them out and back into my pussy. She started to eat me, to lick my clit, and she was so damn good at it. I had the sudden urge to taste her again.

Turning my body under her, she let me move until I was on the bottom, underneath her, her face over my pussy, my face under hers. I began to eat her again as her tongue rose to meet my hovering pussy and she ate me. Licking one another we each squirmed and let out small sounds of pleasure. Her wet tongue felt like heaven against my wanting cunt. Grinding her pussy into my face I lapped at her, licking her sweet spot.

She put her head between my legs; her breasts pressed to my stomach, her pussy dripping in my face, my nose buried in her slit. Then I felt her cuming again and I came with her. The orgasm washed over me in a violent pleasure and I ate her faster, drinking her in while she came all over my face. We licked and tasted each other until there was nothing left to eat, until the pleasure was too intense.

I didn’t roll her off of me; I liked the feel of her body pressing to mine. Her cheek was pressed to my pussy, her pussy pressed to my face. I had wanted this for too long, it was worth the anticipation and the wait. Our bodies were sweating against one another when she finally lifted herself off of me.

She smiled and I returned the smile. “I think we’re going to need another shower, Sidney.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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