In Germania Ch. 02

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When I woke in the morning I was twined around a hot body, my head on his shoulder with my arms wrapped around him and my legs wrapped around one massive thigh. My left thigh was held high against him so that my inner thigh pressed against the searing hardness of his cock and my ankle was trapped between his legs. I rubbed my thigh against the stiff cock almost unconsciously, earning a heavy sigh. I looked up into Ulric’s steady gaze and smiled.

Another warm body was pressed to my back, one arm thrown over Ulric and myself, and another hard cock pressed against my ass and back. I knew from the blonde hairs covering the forearm that it was Penric. I saw that Lars still slept peacefully on the other side of Ulric. My own cock was hard as could be and I rutted against Ulric’s tight waist.

Ulric’s eyes went from speculative to hot with lust, his smile faltered as he bared his teeth in a silent snarl. He used his hand that wasn’t trapped by my body to tip my chin higher and leaned down to meet my lips in a passionate crush. His tongue snaked out and swept into my mouth, sliding deep.

Where Penric had been a warm weight against me I felt him rousing and his cock moved more into alignment of the groove between my ass cheeks. His lips moved over my shoulder as his arm wrapped around my waist and held me tightly against him. I moaned into Ulric’s kiss, my thigh pressing harder against his engorged cock. Penric gasped as he pressed his cock deeper into my crease and Ulric broke our kiss to find his brother awake, his expression hard and angry.

“Penric, leave us and take Lars with you.” Ulric’s command reverberated through me because I was pressed so close to him. I could see Lars stirring at his other side.

“What? No, Ulric, you can’t make me leave.” Penric’s voice and breath swept across my ear.

“Cassius and I have things to discuss. Words that don’t require your presence. Go, Little Brother.”

“No, I can’t go now! My cock’s so hard, I need satisfaction.” As he spoke he pulled his hips back and pushed the head of his cock into the pit of my entrance and I braced myself while clenching my hole tight. Lars was watching us intently.

“Take Lars and go. If you penetrate him I will beat you bloody, Penric. Go!” Penric growled behind me and I felt the pressure against my hole increasing. Ulric rolled from the grip of my body, my arms and legs going loose, to grip Penric’s shoulder.

“What gives you the right to command me, Ulric? He wants me inside him, I can feel it.”

“Penric, do not push this. I’m warning you now that I am deadly serious.”

“But… why?” His voice was practically a whine and I knew then that he would submit.

“Because Cassius is mine and I don’t wish to share him now. Your cock is hard with piss, go relieve yourself and find food. You’ll feel better then.” Penric sighed heartily in resignation and rolled away from me to the edge of the bed. Lars followed him and they left the room as they dressed. I turned to Ulric who was on his side, elevated on one elbow so he could look down at me.

“Why did you send them away?” I’d thought for sure that I was going to start the day with a hard fuck from each of the men. I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or dissatisfied and my cock wilted with the uncertainty I felt.

“We must talk, Cassius.” He traced a finger over my top lip and leaned down to kiss my brow. The tenderness shocked me and it must have shown in my face. “I woke before you and lay here watching you for some time. I realized that you are so much more than you seem, more than I expected. I haven’t the words to tell you… all that I felt, feel. I only know that I want to own you. I want you to be mine.” He paused with his eyes looking distantly into the air behind me.

“Ulric, I don’t understand….” And truly I did not.

“Cassius, this is so hard for me, but we must come to a… an understanding. While you are here, I want you to be mine.” The last word was husky.

“You want to be the only man in my bed?”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” His look was frustrated and pained. “I want to be the only man…. You remember last night? I made you come. I’m the one whose name you called out. I am the only one who satisfied you.” I nodded recalling exactly how he’d made me feel in the grip of passion. His palm cupped my cheek as he looked deeply into my eyes, trapping me. “I liked seeing my brother and Lars fucking you, how you yearned for it. How you turned so wanton for them, like a whore. I liked the slippery wetness in your cunt after they spent themselves in you. But more than that I loved how you turned to me for your satisfaction, how what came before only made you hungrier for me, for my cock inside you.” His fingers swept over my cheek.

“It’s the way you make me feel, Ulric. They way you move inside me, not just your cock.” I felt exposed but compelled to give him the truth.

“I would see them fuck you again, other men too. But sometimes it will be only you and I, Cassius. Do you understand what I desire?” I nodded and my lips brushed his in quick agreement. “Tell me that you belong to casino şirketleri me. I will decide who is in your bed and how they will have you. You will be mine whenever and however I desire it.”

“I am yours, then.” A part of me stood in disbelief as to what I was agreeing to but the larger part of me desired greatly to belong to the man.

“It is settled then, boy. Now I will have what is mine.” His smile was radiant and I returned it in kind as I rolled onto my back beneath the pressure of one of his big hands.

“Yes, Ulric, please. Fuck me and make me yours.” I searched the furs and found the almost empty clay pot. I scraped the bottom with my fingers even as I spread my legs and he moved over me. I grasped his large cock and spread the oil while he settled his knees between my thighs.

Together we moved into position. I pulled my legs back at the knees and tilted my ass, exposing myself to him. He moved his cock into place and sighed as the head made contact with my soft flesh. He leaned down and took my mouth even as he thrust into me, taking my gasp into his mouth. He moved deep and I marveled that I could take him so easily now.

“It’s getting easier for you now, isn’t it?” Like he could read my mind. “You were made to take my cock, Cassius.”

He fucked me hard, his body slamming against mine and I slid up the bed on the soft furs under the onslaught of his hammering thrusts. I whimpered and begged for more, feeling free to expose my desires to him like never before. His thick cock filled me and pressed against the swollen point of pleasure inside me so that each blow rubbed the full length of his cock. Where he moved deeper inside me, through some tight point, the feel of his cock was like pleasure given shape. I writhed beneath and against him, unable to hold still for the immensity of him inside me, working the inner muscles of my ass on his cock.

He leaned down to kiss me with an intensity of feeling, only pulling away to nip at my lips until they were swollen and heated. I let go of my legs to wrap my body around him, my fingers digging into the moving muscles of his back. My cock felt full to bursting, sensitized by the friction of out bellies. His hands hugged my shoulders and held me in place.

I groaned out his name and pressed my face into his shoulder. His lips and teeth took advantage of my exposed neck, marking me. He stopped and held himself still. My head dropped back to the furs and we watched each other as he rotated his hips and his cock swirled inside me. My jaw dropped with the new sensations his movements elicited in my channel.

“By all the gods, you’re beautiful, Cassius.” His voice was rough with his exertions. “The way you look at me.” He shook his head in wonder. “Does is feel good? Do I feel good, Cassius?”

I let the short nails of my fingers dig into the skin I’d been caressing. “So good, so very good. I’m so close, Ulric. Please fuck me.” He gritted his teeth with the pain in his back and drew his cock almost entirely from me. He shoved it home and groaned even as the air rushed out of me.

With long deep thrusts he worked his cock in me, pushing us both to the heights of pleasure. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, when I felt sure I would ignite and burn to ashes with the consuming bliss he ordered me, “Cum for me, boy!” And that was all it took. My whole body clamped down around him and my cum ricocheted off the hard plains of our torsos. I cried out his name and suddenly I was being lit from inside with the heat of his own copious load. We moaned and moved as one, our eyes locked.

When his body finished twitching his release, Ulric collapsed onto me. His weight was welcome and I sighed in utter satisfaction. Long minutes passed while we caught out breath. Finally he moved from me, his cock slipping away from my grasping hole.

“Shall we get dressed and find some food?” He stood and held his hand out to me. I grasped it and he easily lifted me to my feet. He led me to the pail of water and used a rag to clean the mess of oil and cum from my ass, then cleansed the fresh and dried cum from my chest and belly. This act, more than any other, touched my heart and I knew that I truly belonged to him. When he had finished I took the rag and cleaned his cock and balls, examining them in their sated state.

He dressed as I found my own vest and kilt. When I went to tie on a clean loincloth he stopped me, “Leave it off. You needn’t wear it today.” I gave him a puzzled expression and he continued, “It will be easier if I only have to lift the kilt.” He ran his hand over one cheek of my ass and I trembled, nodding that I understood even as blood pooled in my cock. He just smiled and stepped to the other bucket to piss as I dressed. He wore no loincloth, I noted with smug satisfaction, as I went to join him.

In the great hall I sat with Ulric and his fellow warriors to eat. We arrived later than most and ate while we listened to them banter. None mentioned my presence at Ulric’s side though I caught Penric giving us looks I could not comprehend from his expression. Lars simply smiled casino firmaları at us.

When we had eaten I went to King Tylus and told him that I would be spending the day with his men on the practice field. He was happy to hear it and clapped me on the back. I didn’t even glance at Gordianus.

The warriors headed to the field and Ulric guided me with them, my hand held firmly in his own. Once there Ulric left me a moment to speak with Gult, the training master. They spoke rapidly, Ulric gesticulating like he was holding a sword, and Ulric returned to me.

“Would you teach me some of your knowledge of swordplay?”

“Of course.” I had been contemplating the matter since our exercises on the field the day before. The men had a competent skill of fighting, but not the mastery I had learned. I could not teach them any new technique with a battle coming soon so I had resolved to improve what skills they already had. And so we set to work.

Just before the noon meal we stopped to rest. Ulric was the most eager to learn and had the lumps and bruises to show for it. He had elected himself to be my partner and I’d bested him dozens of times through the morning. By the time we stopped he had learned well and I bore the bruise of his baton on my chest where he’d beaten me. All the men were sweaty and winded, Ulric and I especially. We collapsed on the grass to catch our breath, laughing at my finally being defeated.

“I think I deserve some reward for that? Would you agree, my lord?” Ulric turned to me, his eyes clear in the sunlight.

“What kind of reward?” I laughed at the broad, knowing smile he gave me. “What of my reward? You beat me once but I had you many times.”

“I have your reward here, my lord.” He cupped the mound of his sex beneath the leather kilt. I laughed again at his antics, disregarding the looks from some of the men around us. He jumped to his feet and pulled me up beside him, saying, “It is a mutually beneficial reward.”

He dragged me toward the river and a small clump of trees just off the practice field. When we were barely out of sight he pressed me against the bark of a tree with one hand on my back. His other hand he used to pull my hips back then kicked my feet into a wider stance. When he had me in position he leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “It took all my will, when I marked you with my sword, not to throw you on the ground and fuck you right there.” His hand slid up my thigh and pushed the kilt up over the curve of my ass.

He spit to wet his cock and moved into me. He placed the head and shoved. It hurt and I bit my lip ragged to keep from crying out. He fucked me hard and fast. The trees dampened the sounds of his flesh hitting mine, the strange noises of him penetrating me. I knew that if any of the men were looking our way they could see him fucking me through the faint screen of branches. It only served to increase my desire and my hole opened for him gladly. The pain was replaced by sweet pleasure.

Within minutes he reached completion and I had my own when I felt his cum pouring into my guts. He pulled from me with a pop and turned me in his arms for a light kiss. We righted our clothing and left to rejoin the men as some women brought food for them.

“You’re seed is running down the insides of my thighs,” I whispered to him.

“We’ll jump in the river after we’ve eaten.” Ulric looked at me with a broad smile. “You’ll just have to wear my cum until then.”

After a fast dip in the cold water we got back to work. I felt better without the sticky evidence of our quick fuck and refreshed from the bath so we moved on to working with other partners. The men took to my tutelage with little complaint, surprising me, and they all showed improvement as the sun sank into the mountains.

“Come on, boy,” Ulric lowered his voice for only me to hear. “Let’s go jump in the river again. I want you nice and clean for tonight.”

“What do you have planned for tonight, Ulric?” I let him lead me to the river. My body was sore with exercise and I craved the cool feel of the water. I also felt my cock get heavy at the tone in Ulric’s voice.

“It’s a surprise, my little Roman. I will say that you’ll beg for my cock like never before by the time I’m through with you.” A little shudder rippled down my body and my ass clenched in anticipation.

We bathed and returned to the fort. In the great hall I ate with the king and we discussed plans for the battle. I’d all but actually agreed to his plan and he knew it.

“It would be best, my lord, if we attacked soon. The more time we spend preparing, the more likely they will realize what we are doing. With all my warriors here our borders are undefended and if they test our defenses they will find them sorely lacking.”

“I agree, King Tylus. When were you thinking we should engage them?”

“In two days time there will be a full moon. If we move in the night we can catch them unaware just as the sun is rising. We will attack their village from two sides. Once their chief is dead there will be utter confusion and we will spread out into their güvenilir casino land. In groups of twenty we will secure the rest of their people to be brought back to the village.”

“I like it. Will you lead one of the groups that attack the village?”

“Yes, and I was thinking that I would have Gult lead the other.”

“Sir, I would fight with you and I request that you have Ulric also at your side.”

“My lord, I cannot let you join the battle. Your father would have me killed.”

“King Tylus, I will fight. I have given you leave to pursue this battle and I will do all in my power to be sure that it is a success. That means fighting on your side. You will not convince me otherwise, I ask only that you grant my request to have Ulric fighting with me.”

“Ah,” I could see the annoyance clear in his eyes. “Very well, my lord, it will be done; though I strongly recommend that you watch the battle from the sidelines.”

“Thank you, King Tylus. I greatly appreciate your counsel but I will see this course through.”

“Very well, my lord.” He smiled impishly, “You have a strong bond with my man, Ulric?”

“Yes….” I felt the blush creeping over my skin. “He means very much to me.” He put his hand on my shoulder.

“He’s a good man, my lord. The best of my warriors and strong in every way a man could be. I’m glad to see that he is keeping you, uh, entertained.” His almost fatherly concern brought some emotion close and my throat felt tight with it.

“Thank you, Tylus. If not for you we’d probably never have spoken.” I looked him in the eyes then to gauge his reaction and found nothing but caring. “He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never dreamed that Germania would hold something I would so much desire.” My eyes flicked to Ulric’s table where he was watching me with an absent smile.

The king and I discussed more particulars of the plan to take the neighboring tribe as we ate. Soon I caught Ulric giving me the eye. He motioned me over to him so I took my leave from the king. When I was in front of Ulric he pulled me down into his lap and held me with a hand on my back and the other just under the kilt on my thigh. My heart started pounding loudly in my chest as I felt the evidence of his arousal pressed against my ass.

“I want to take you right here, boy.” His hand traveled up my thigh, his calluses raising gooseflesh on my inner thighs. “I could bend you over this table in front of everyone.” His fingers moved past my balls and crept into my crease. “And you would let me, wouldn’t you?” The pad of one finger played over my hole and I felt the color that must be warming my face. My cock was like marble and I nodded my head affirmatively. “Why would you let me fuck you before all these men? Maybe I would let them have you when I was done. Watch them take turns using you. You would let me offer you to my brothers, the servants, the king and his advisors? Until their seed flowed from you in waves? Until all you could think of was my cock in you, granting you release? Why?” His voice was a soft purr against my ear.

I leaned back against his chest and spread my legs around his before I whispered to him, “Because I am yours.” He growled and his finger moved into me, dry and rough but I wanted it anyway. The next thing I knew I was thrown over his shoulder as he rose from his seat.

“Good night, boys. I’m off to bed; have to see to my lord’s needs.” His hand landed on my ass with a loud crack as he said “needs”. The men at the nearby tables laughed and I tried to squirm from his grip. I knew his cock must be jutting beneath his kilt and my cheeks flamed. “Lars, Penric, maybe you’d like to come along?” And he strode off towards my room. I saw the other two men following us with wide grins on their faces.

“Put me down right now, Ulric.” I was rewarded with another hard smack on my ass.

“You’ll be down soon, Cassius. Down on your knees, on your back, on your belly. Give me just a moment.” I ceased my struggling, my cock hard and pressed tight to his chest.

“You’re such a barbarian!” I stretched so that I could smack his ass.

“Yes, and you’re mine.” He jostled me on his shoulder as he opened the door to the room. I could hear the smile in his voice. When he was at the bed he threw me down onto the fur-covered mattress.

“Clothes off, boy.” I did as he said while the other two men entered and came to stand by Ulric. When my kilt and vest were gone he gestured me over as he spoke, “On your knees, now. Get these pricks out and put your mouth to the use it was meant to have.”

As I worked off their kilts Ulric spoke to the men and removed his vest, “Cassius and I have come to an understanding. So long as he is here he belongs to me. No one, and I mean no one, goes near his ass or mouth without my consent. That includes the two of you….” By now I had them unclothed and I took Ulric’s cock first into my mouth, forcing the head between my wet lips. “Ugh, that’s it, boy. Don’t ignore the other two. I asked you both to join us because I like to watch him get fucked and I’ll have some of the others in here at some point.” I switched back and forth, sucking one’s cock while stroking the other two, while he continued as though I wasn’t there, “But tonight I have some special plans for my boy and I need the experience you two have gained.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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