Impregnating Alice Ch. 10

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“Oh-oh!” I think it’s starting!” Bobili shooed everybody out and got Alice into position. Everything was ready. Alice had a healthy, strong uterus and it only took an hour but to her it was the adventure of a lifetime. Bobili assisted and Gabe delivered the child, a bouncing, perfectly normal boy.

Alice suddenly became very sad because he would soon be leaving her.

The next day, after Alice had rested, everyone came to visit and to celebrate. Alice was propped up in bed, wearing just a blue silk pajama top that buttoned down the front. The thin sheet and covers outlined her hips and legs. In spite of the fact that she had just given birth, she looked as sexy and delicious as ever. Cigars and champagne were passed around. Curt, Gabe, Bobili, and the guards all gathered around to admire the baby. Bill had brought a teddy bear and Manuel had brought a baby rattle.

Boboli, as the only obstetric nurse taking care of Alice, was exhausted. She had been working flat out for a week to get ready, sleeping at the hospital when she wasn’t running errands and getting medical supplies. Everything was focused on preparations for Alice’s delivery and she was doing nothing else. Even sex was put on hold. She had even run out of birth control pills but had had no time to get the prescription refilled. Curt would just have to take me in the ass for a while until I get around to it, she thought. Now she was basking in the successful delivery and a feeling of relief that all had gone well.

Alice opened the pajama top and nursed the baby in front of her friends without a second thought to cover herself. She was still feeling detached and distracted. She was glad that the birth had gone well and that the baby boy was fine but her heart was sad. The idea that the boy would soon be leaving her weighed heavily on her mind. They all knew it and sympathized with her.

At about that moment, Roelf walked in. Nobody had expected him. His face casino şirketleri was grim. His jaw was set.

For a moment, seeing those cold eyes again after several weeks, Alice felt an old twinge of fear. For a brief, fleeting moment, she thought that Roelf had come to bone her today, of all days, with her vagina sore and swollen and healing.

“I’ve got important news.” Roelf was obviously in a hurry.

“Roelf, look,” Gabe said. “We’re kind of in the middle of a difficult situation here. Alice just had the baby and now we’re helping her deal with losing him to Mr. Numbnuts. Can it wait a while?”

Roelf didn’t blink. “No it cannot. The man you call Mr. Numbnuts is dead.”

“What?” Everyone gasped. Alice looked like an abandoned soul. Bobili turned white. Gabe and Curt just stared. Finally Gabe said “You mean we were too late? His disease got him sooner than he thought?”

“No, not exactly.” Roelf explained, “He got hit by a bus in New York while crossing the street. I don’t think anything was ever really wrong with him. He was just crazy.”

“What about the deal?” Curt asked.

“Well, I know a little bit more about this than I’m supposed to,” Roelf started to explain. “His wife doesn’t want any part of the deal. She doesn’t want the child, she doesn’t want the company, she just wants the cash and a new life. She will be worth hundreds of millions and she’s still good-looking. The last thing she wants is a child to tie her down. She says that all the time she was with the guy her sex life stank because he wouldn’t do her. She says I was too good at security for her to risk getting a lover, because I would catch her for sure. She wants to move away, get boyfriend, shop, and screw the rest of long and happy life away in a beach house.”

Alice started to cry. She had her own special reasons for being emotional and they did not include mourning Mr. Numbnuts. “I went through this for nothing? casino firmaları His wife is going to stiff me for the money? What will happen — ohmigod! — what about the kid! I have no husband! I haven’t had a job for a year! I’ll need to work during the day and now I’ll have a kid at home to tie me down and I don’t have a husband to help me!”

Alice said, “I can’t take this. This is too much. How can I have a little boy around the house when my whole life revolves around having sex?” She broke out in tears. She was clearly out of control emotionally now.

“What am I going to do?” She was clearly going into a panic. Everyone noticed, however, that she hadn’t said a word about giving the boy up for adoption. She had obviously already decided in that split second to keep him.

Roelf chuckled. “It is not as bad as all that. She will pay you your money — all of it. She doesn’t even want to hear about the child. She just wants everything to go away.”

Gabe, Curt, Boboli and the guards huddled around her now, hugging her, stroking her, patting her bruised but resilient pussy, and, in the case of Boboli, gently milking her into a bowl, which she somehow found very calming.

At that moment she realized that one and any man in that room at that particular moment was the baby’s father, not that it really mattered much who. They were all more than fuckbuddies. They had shared a common experience. They were a community that had had achieved a goal, that had been committed to knocking her up and had succeeded brilliantly. Her best friends and comrades, the loyal guards, and this powerful, dangerous man would surely help her in this, her hour of need.

While everyone was looking at Alice and Alice was crying in relief, Roelf slipped out the door quietly. They would never see him again. He met his former employer’s widow in the limousine parked outside. They did not have much time before her private jet would take güvenilir casino them to France and he had to change his identity papers yet again before they left.

Through her tears, Alice noticed that her friends weren’t saying anything. Curt was frowning. Bobili was looking at her feet. Gabe was looking at the ceiling. Bill, and Manuel were looking puzzled because they weren’t in on it.

“What?” Alice asked.

Gabe cleared his throat. “If you need a husband, why don’t you marry me? Besides, I’m the only guy in the room who brought a ring to give you.” He produced a small box with a diamond ring. “I was going to give this to you yesterday but we got busy in the delivery room. Somehow it didn’t seem like the right time.”

Alice was speechless. “And the boy?”

“Of course,” Gabe said.

Alice broke down in tears of relief and Gabe came over to hug her and sit on the bed, looking down Alice’s top as he did. The security guys wished them every happiness and as of that moment, who ever was the father the boy had two godfathers.

Curt came over and hugged Alice in her bed and then hugged Bobili, patting her rear end. Bobili looked at the tender scene in front of her and said “This is bleedin’ beautiful.”

“Would you ever want to do this?” Curt asked.

“Damn straight I would!” Bobili said, with feeling.

“Well, maybe that can be arranged. First, will you marry me? Second, will you drop your jeans and bend over?”

Curt came over to her, unzipped himself, and then started to unbuckle her belt as she stood there, stunned.

Curt bent her over the bed and as Alice and Gabe held her hands and the guards fondled her soft handfuls of tit, he mounted Boboli and in one long thrust buried himself all the way. They rocked together in and out, all six of them, until Boboli moaned in pleasure and Curt shot a hot load of creamy semen into her unprotected snatch. As he withdrew, it started to drip out of her but Curt quickly lifted her on the bed next to Alice, where they could all run their fingers through her sticky pubic hair and fondle her come-slick cuntlips.

Nine months later, they all sat in the same room and this time Bobili was in the bed.

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