Impregnating Alice Ch. 07

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Big Tits

The guards, who saw everything, had to become involved if this plan was to work. In order to ensure secrecy so that there would be no trouble from Mr. Numbnets, the guards had to be on the inside of the plan. Alice made sure that each guard was more than just an insider. She wanted each of them inside her.

The men, Gabe, Curt and the two guards, Bill and Manuel, stood around Alice and Bobili, taking off their clothes and then watching the action, with their dicks sticking straight out. What Bobili was doing to Alice was hot, stoking their sex hunger.

Gabe and Curt had not boffed Alice in weeks and this little demonstration reminded them how hot she was. Bill, a tall skinny cowboy type, and Manuel, the perfect ex-Marine, had each accepted long ago that they would never get a chance with Alice and here suddenly she was not only available but needed them. Weeks of jacking off in the back room to fantasies of fucking Alicer now suddenly became real.

Bobili turned Alice over, got her comfortable, palmed her breasts, and tweaked her nips, upside down with a little milking motion. Alice raised her rump and squared herself on all fours, breaking off from kissing Bobili. The guys moved into position. Since Plan B was his idea, Curt took the rear. The two guards took each side and fondled Alice’s boobs, taking over from Bobili, who stroked Alice’s shoulders and back. Gabe crouched behind Bobili and stroked Bobili’s little tits, keeping Bobili at peak arousal, figuring she would give her sexual energy to Alice.

Curt lovingly stroked the inside of Alice’s thighs with his fingers, then put his hands low on her asscheeks and pulled them apart. He saw that magnificent cunt and the sexlips Bobili had turned into signals of Alice’s arousal. He pulled them gently apart and without touching it put the tip of his penis at the hole. He pushed his pelvis forward and watched as his dick entered her slowly and deeply up to the balls. Alice moved back slightly to meet it. He pulled out a little, then thrust forward, angling his dick so Alice would feel it up front going in. She moaned, feeling a warm dick for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.

And so it went for a while, thrust and parry, while Bill and Manuel kneaded Alice’s soft breasts and Bobili and Gabe loved her up top. Bobili was almost as excited as Alice and as she sat on the floor her twat was giving off those little pheromone odor signals that make receptive partners wild.

Alice was so stimulated she shivered and Gabe had to hold her up when her arms got weak. Curt soon reached his peak. This was not a situation where the guy wants to hold back — the whole idea was to pump as much sperm up Alice’s tube as their balls could make. So Curt didn’t hold back and didn’t wait for Alice to come, even though she was already close. He shot spurt after spurt of his creamy white semen up her and didn’t pull out until he could feel no more were coming. He moved back and sat on the couch behind them, dripping from his limp dick.

Bill moved into his position. Alice never even saw his long, thin dick. She had her face in Gabe’s crotch and was sucking on his cock while Bobili was running her fingers through Alice’s hair and tweaking her nips. Bill entered Alice quickly and Alice felt a dull poke that would have told her — if she were Gaziantep Escort İlanları not deep in rut and not paying attention — that he had hit the very top of her vagina and was knocking on her cervix – the door of her womb. Semen from the men who went before squirted out of her vagina with his every thrust. She had be been full to the brim and now his dick was pushing it back out of her.

A little bit of Curt’s semen seeped out and smeared on her leg. He did her with long, fast strokes that felt endless because of the length of his cock, holding her asscheeks in each hand and slapping her, just enough to turn her ass pink. Alice came at that moment, panting and clawing at the floor. He could feel her cunt grip him and pulsate. He corkscrewed and prodded this way and that until he came in a blast that looked like one long come, a hosing that flooded her and made his cum drip on the rug and down the inside of her thighs. Alice sighed and collapsed on the rug, twisting her body to turn over.

“This is so great — I’ve needed this — I’ve needed dick” Alice murmured. Bobili heard this but she wasn’t hurt — she knew that for Alice men would always come first. She knew that when everyone was exhausted it would be her turn to clean up Alice’s thighs and labia with her tongue. But not inside. She had to leave that part alone, to maximize the chance of procreation.

Gabe had already moved between Alice’s legs, kissed her breasts and mouth and put his pecker home in the cunt he knew so well, now wetter than he had ever felt it. He had never been more turned on by Alice in the time he had known her than now, when she was out of her mind with lust and turning herself into some kind of a sexual vessel, receiving seed because she wanted to. He rammed into her, too excited himself to keep a steady rhythm, spraying sloppy seconds this way and that in her groin and his until there was a gooey mess smeared all over. He was working hard and pumping fast. Suddenly, he came, shooting his share and dripping sweat on her tits and belly.

Alice came again, jerking her arms and legs and rolling her eyes. She was sailing on a sexual high.

Exhausted, Gabe rolled off and lay flat on the floor. Bobili came over and took his penis, covered in come and pussy juice, in her hands while Bill went back to Alice’s face and boobs. Bobili took him in her mouth and started to suck to get him hard again. In the meantime, while Curt watched from the couch, Bill had moved to Alice’s head and smeared the fluids from his wet dick all over Alice’s pretty face. She licked her lips and puckered her mouth to take in his cock for sucking.

Manuel took his turn between Alice’s legs now. Ramrod straight, with military precision, he pushed her thighs apart, entered her and started pumping. He wasn’t much for foreplay but he did pushups really well. Like a precision machine, he thrust in and out, in and out, at exactly the same depth and with exactly the same rhythm for ten minutes or so. He had huge testicles, that hung low like tennis balls in a sack and swung back and forth with every thrust. Everyone watching was very impressed.

Alice was so far gone in her rut bliss she was barely aware who was doing what to her. She was on the sixth and then the seventh of fourteen multiple orgasms she would be having. Finally Manuel came, hard, and the cum flowed and flowed and flowed like a river, more cum than any of them had ever seen, pouring out of Alice’s cunt and running between and behind her legs. He was frozen in position — he scarcely moved while he was coming and yet cum was flowing out of her. Alice came again, number eight, and from the expression on his face the others could tell that he was feeling it around his cock, which was still hard. Manuel started pumping again and got a wild look on his face. Nobody broke in. Another ten minutes went by.

Alice came for the ninth time, this time noisily with a shriek and a gurgle around Bill’s cock, which was still in her mouth. Moving without a break into beginning of the tenth one, she grabbed behind her knees with her hands and pulled herself up so that her pelvis was angled up. A few minutes later, he came again, with a contorted look on his face like Alice had reached inside him and was pulling the orgasm out of him through his cock. The river of cum was only slightly less than it had been before and by now Alice’s cunt was a swampy mess. The potent mix of semen and secretions had smeared all over the thighs and had flowed back to her ass crack while she was on her back.

Dazed, Manuel pulled out with a clumsy movement and looked down. Beneath his still-hard dick he saw her rosebud, angled up at him, covered with slimy goo. Without thinking he aimed for it and poked. He loved assholes.

Alice opened her eyes in surprise. She tried to yell but her voice was muffled by Bill’s cock in her throat. Finally she spat him out and said “Not there, not now! You’re trying to get me knocked up and you can’t do it there! You can have my ass when we’re all done but not now!” Everyone was surprised that she could even speak after coming so much.

Bobili saw that Manuel was fuck-blind, not listening, and pulled him off Alice. “Here,” she said, bending over on all fours. “If you’ve got to fuck someone in the ass, do me.” Manuel leaned over Bobili and put it to her, popping through the sphincter and deep into her rectum without lubricant except for Alice’s juices. Bobili took it with a grunt and let Manuel play with her little tits as he reamed her, without stopping, for another half hour. It was funny. For weeks Bobili had given pleasure to Alice without getting boned herself and when she first got the chance to fuck she got cornholed instead.

Meanwhile, Alice had sat up and was rubbing her wet cunt, momentarily shaken out of her bliss by the assault on her asshole. “Who’s turn is it?” She asked. Curt sat back down in front of her, rested and hard again. But before he began he pulled her to him and back, so that she lay on top of him, straddling his leg. Masturbating her with his thigh, he inserted his forefinger into her asshole and moved it gently in and out until she was relaxed and in rut again. Then he lifted her by the hips and set her down on his erect cock, sticking straight up to greet her. She was in her own world of blissful sensations and movement now.

She rocked back and forth on him, eyes closed, like she was in a trance. When he felt himself get excited, Curt raised his hips and flipped her backward so that she fell on his dick and he rose up at the same time. She was suddenly aware of him now and alert to the pounding he started to give her. Like water flowing into a pool she felt herself flowing into another orgasm, which he joined. Her bliss was back. Bill came next. He did her doggie style after putting cushions under her head and shoulders. Stroking her back and fondling her boobs, he pumped feeling almost no resistance, in contrast to the tight but wet pussy he had fucked just an hour before. Now she was so relaxed her insides felt like a marshmellow and so wet there was almost no friction.

Gabe had her all the time, but Curt not so often, and he was happy to be fucking such a gorgeous creature. She really turned him on. She would turn him on if she was unconscious and her cunt was air. So he spurted, too, after a few minutes of watching himself enter and withdraw from her gorgeous hole. Alice was floating from one orgasm to another all this time, her cuntal contractions weak and twitchy, and her brain was in suspension while her mind was occupied with rut.

Finally, after coming in Bobili’s sore rectum, Manuel pulled out, fell on the floor, and went to sleep, exhausted by his superhuman exertions. It didn’t matter. He had already made his contribution to the cause. Stumbling, the other men were sitting on chairs or on the floor, backs to the couch. Everyone has shot their wad for the day, at least with enough sperm to count. Their dicks were limp and covered with drying slime.

Bobili went over to Alice, who had lifted herself slowly up off the cushions and was shaking her head. Alice was coming back to earth; the bliss she loved was slowly going away, replaced by a sleepy feeling of satisfaction.

Bobili helped Alice up to the couch, stuffed a towel between her legs to sop up the goo, and pulled a blanket around her shoulders. Alice let herself be taken care of. She was looking forward to having Bobili wash her and put her to bed, as she sometimes did when Alice really overdid it at an orgy.

Bobili spoke first, addressing the men. “OK, Sperm Bank! Listen up! This is no way to impregnate Alice. This afternoon was a cockup. One of you makes a deposit and the next bloke shoves it out again. And she’s gonna get worn out if we do this day after day. Her cunt’s not made of concrete, you know!” Alice knew that it was too early to tell how sore she would be the next day, but Bobili was right. She could only do this once a week or so.

“I’ve a plan.” Bobili continued. “You wankers should work in shifts. Start at noon. An hour and a half each with her, with an hour in between to give the little spermies time to swim north. Two hours for dinner, nine hours for sleep. She gets a break in the morning. She sleeps with whomever she pleases. Agreed?” The men, looking sheepish, murmured their agreement.

Alice, rapidly falling asleep, mumbled that it was Ok with her and leaned on Bobili’s shoulder. Bobili noticed that already Alice was beginning to smell of sweat, fishy stuff, and stale semen.

Bobili shook Alice awake and got her to stand. With Gabe and Curt’s holding her steady, they brought Alice into the huge master bathroom in the house, where Bobili set up a lawn chair from the patioin the middle of the big sunken tub and let her sit down. She washed Alice all over, hair and body, until Alice was clean again and could be put to bed. She rubbed aloe vera onto Alice’s cuntlips so they wouldn’t be too sore. The one thing she didn’t do was give Alice a douche. That would have been defeating the purpose.

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