I’m Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 11

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This story is a continuation of I’m Dating Our Mailgirl. The 1st 10 chapters of that story should be read first for context. All characters are 18 or older and are completely fictitious as is Seahawk Industries. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.


I felt bad for 9 since I had spent all weekend with Joyce and I had completely neglected 9. I knew I had to see 9. I needed to make up to her for what I’m sure was her realization that I had neglected her this past weekend. At 7:45 I went to the mailgirl outside entrance to the locker room. When she showed up all I got was a cold, “Hello.” No, “I’m glad to see you”, “I’ve missed you”, “How are you”. Certainly no kiss or caress.

“Let’s go out,” I commanded her.

“Are you sure you aren’t too busy?”

“Come on, 9. You know I’m being pulled in too many directions. Tonight I want you to pull me to you.”

“Fine, take me to the Blush & Blu.”

“That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I’m a little funky. I haven’t had a shower since last night. I’ve started keeping an extra outfit or two in my office so I have something clean to wear.” The thought of using Joyce’s shower occurred to me, but I thought that might be taking a risk since I didn’t have her permission. Besides, I figured her office would probably be locked. “I can take a shower at the warehouse.”

9 told me, “No. I want you to take it here.”

“In the fishbowl?”

“Sure, I take two showers a day here.”

I had to admit the idea intrigued me. But I didn’t want 9 to know that I was anything less than outraged by her suggestion.

“I can’t shower in there. I’m not a mailgirl.”

“Not being a mailgirl didn’t stop you from sleeping with me in the double bed in the warehouse. Twice! It didn’t stop you from walking naked through the lobby out the building to the warehouse. It didn’t stop you from getting loaded up on estrogen in generous servings of gruel. It didn’t stop you from having you asshole rimmed by 11.”

9 made a convincing case. I was glad she was so persuasive, but I tried to fake agreeing reluctantly. I guess I was somewhat persuasive since 9 felt she had to continue giving me arguments why I should do it.

“Monica, you were the first and even now you are the only non-mailgirl friend I have in the company. All the girls like you. Why do you think you have been accepted by us so openly. We love how you become one of us as you shower in the warehouse, how you sleep not just with me but with our, uh, chaperones in the big bed. How you allow yourself to be naked as you walk through the lobby, to be collared and leashed as you are escorted to the warehouse. This is just the next symbol of your identifying with us and our fate.”

I continued to question her. “What if I get caught?”

“Everyone has left for the day except 3 and the earliest she will show up will be 9:45.” 3 had permanent duty until 10:00 PM each night. “There’s nothing going on on the 42 floor tonight, so no one is working up there.”

“Alright, you go ahead and take your evening shower, then we’ll go back to my office to get my clubbing outfit.”

I was particularly aroused by watching 9 shower. Not only had I not seen her for a few days, but I was thinking about taking my shower there shortly, even though it would be without an audience. When she finished with her shower, she came out and we went up to my office.

I removed all my clothes in my office. Even though they needed to go home to be cleaned, I could get them tomorrow. 9 and I walked naked, hand in hand back to the mailgirl locker room. I asked her, “Are you going to join me?”

“You need an audience. I’ll watch you from the other side of the mirror.” As she said that, the imagery caused the estrogen in my system to kick into high gear. I was afraid I was going to gush right there on the spot. I put my hand in front of my cunt in case I needed to catch any spouting pussy juice. Fortunately, in term of hygiene, it was unnecessary, but it was unfortunate in that I was hanging on the cliff of ecstatic orgasm and I needed to seek relief. I handed 9 my dress to hold for me until I was through with the shower.

I walked into the locker room and then made a grand entrance into the shower room. I still had my hand in front of my cunt but I realized I was going to have to stimulate myself. I smiled at 9, or rather where I imagined she would be. I looked up and all I saw was my reflection in the mirror. The reality of what 9 and the other mailgirls go through struck me. Here I was in the most public forum in the building and yet the image of my naked self reflecting back on me from the mirror gave me a sense of claustrophobia. That image pushed me even closer to the edge of the cliff. I inserted my fingers. I was so stimulated that just by doing that I shot forth the biggest stream of pussy juice I had ever ejaculated. I was weak in the knees but I managed to stay on my feet. casino şirketleri I reinserted my fingers for another round.

Then I heard the door between the dressing room and the shower room open. Two custodians, male, came in. I couldn’t have stopped myself from masturbating even if I had wanted to, which I didn’t. They seemed to be ignoring me, but they did manage to get an eyeful. I guess they weren’t expecting anyone to be in the shower. They mopped the area, then they went over to collect the stock pot of gruel. By this time, I had regained my composure enough that I shouted, “Wait! Let me get some gruel.” I stuck a spork I found on the floor into the mixture and took two spoonsful. But I wasn’t getting enough. I stuck my hands in and brought up two handsful and buried my face in the mixture. I would need to wash my face again.

“What are you doing in here, Ms. Monica?” Good grief, they know my name.

“I needed a shower and this was the most convenient place to take one.” They seemed to buy that. I finished my shower then I went out to ask 9 how she enjoyed the show. She was not along. A man and a woman were there with her, and Frank the security guard.

“Hey, Monica,” said the man. I didn’t recognize either one of them, but he certainly knew who I was. “This is Morgan. She just started here today in workforce management. I wanted to show her the fishbowl. We weren’t expecting to get a show.” My being naked was becoming second nature to me, and I actually stood there talking to my heretofore audience as if nothing unusual was going on.

When we were through chatting, I still didn’t put on my dress. “Frank, can you escort us to my car?”

“Sure, Ms. Monica.” We got into the elevator and Frank courteously asked, “Which floor are you parked on.”

“No, I want you to escort us out the building and we’ll take the side entrance up to my car.” We walked by the security desk. “Hey, Ms. Taylor,” I said to my friend.

She just snickered. “Ms. Monica, you’re worse than my 3 year old niece running around buck naked all the time.”

“Frank’s going to escort us to my car. Can 9 and I have a collar and a leash?” She pulled them out and handed them to us. “No, I want you to come around and attach them to us.” She obliged. We started to walk out the front door. “No, Frank, you’ve got to guide me by steering me by the ass.” He did so. We went around to the side entrance to the garage and he escorted us up to the 2nd level. We got into my car, still naked. I drove us to the warehouse so that 9 could get into a club outfit and I, reluctantly, could dress.

We walked in and I was mobbed by the girls. 9 noted, “See, Monica, they all love you. You’re a mailgirl too, at least in spirit. 11 was particularly demonstrative in showing her pleasure in seeing me. She came over and held me around the waist. 9 told everyone how I had taken a shower in the fishbowI. The girls screamed with delight. I felt eleven’s hand drop down and start massaging my ass cheeks. Other girls touched me, but 11 ran her finger up and down my ass crack. I was getting turned on once again. Then I felt her finger actually inserted into my asshole, an action that she didn’t particularly try to hide not did 9 seem to object to it. Indeed, 9 went out of her way to draw attention to it. “Girls, look at Moniven.”

“Moniven?” I asked?

“Yes, we figured if 7 and I can be named 16 you two deserved to be known as Moniven.” 11 giggled and leaned toward me and kissed me. We told the girls we were going to the Blush & Blu. 7 and 11 both asked if they could come with us. I felt very uncomfortable. 7 and 11 didn’t want to go so that they could be together in a lesbian bar, 7 wanted to go to be with 9 and 11 wanted to go to be with me. I was shocked when 9 said, “Yes, that’ll be great.” I stared at her but apparently I was unable to convey my displeasure.


7 and 11 did not have any clubbing outfits like 9, but they threw on some jeans and a tank top and would at least be presentable. 9 and I got into our clubbing dresses. We all piled into my car and headed to the club. Again, there was an interesting dynamic in the car. 11 got into the front seat and 7 and 9 got into the back seat.

We arrived at the club. 9 and I were holding hands, but 7 was holding 9’s other hand and 11 was holding my other hand. Liz greeted us, “Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you two.”

I needed to revert to an impish mood to keep from being upset with this group dynamic. “Yes, we’ve been out recruiting lesbians.” As soon as I said that, I realized I wasn’t sure if 7 and 11 regarded themselves as lesbians or did they just think of themselves as entertainers who liked to lick pussy as part of their act. They didn’t react when I said it. “Yea, Liz, and maybe soon I’ll be able to bring my future step mother in here. But it may be awhile before my mother joins us.”

Liz had no idea what I was babbling about, but graciously seated us. We casino firmaları ordered drinks and some food and 7 grabbed 9’s hand and had her on the dance floor. 11 said to me, “Come on, Monica, let’s show them how it’s done.” She grabbed my hand and the next thing I knew we were dancing away. When a slow dance was played, I wasn’t surprised at all to feel 11’s hand under the hem of my dress and in my ass crack. I was torn between feeling guilty about participating in this blatant act and feeling pleasure about the erotic sensation I was experiencing. My ambivalence was resolved when I felt her finger caress each side of my ass crack. Up and down, up and down, and then it inevitably starting massaging my ass hole. And at last, I couldn’t wait. Her finger found itself entering my darkest crevices. I collapsed my head on her shoulder. I struggled but I think I maintained my composure enough that I did not scream out in pleasure at my anal orgasm.

We made our way back to the table, me on weak knees. I didn’t want to in view of the conversation I was about to have with 9, but I meekly thanked 11. Everyone knew what I was thanking her for. She and 7 went back out onto the dance floor, one of the few times they danced together.

I turned to 9, “What the hell are we doing here?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean. I wanted to go clubbing with you and here I am watching you and 7 dance practically every dance and I’ve been out on the dance floor all night with 11 with her finger stuck up my ass.”

9 couldn’t help but laugh out loud at my pathetic lament. “Are you telling me you haven’t enjoyed it?”

“Oh, I’ve loved it. But it just isn’t right. If I’m going to have anyone’s finger up my ass in the middle of a dance floor, I want it to be yours.” She leaned over and kissed me. “9, we’ve managed to drift apart. I’ll take full responsibility. The way I neglected you last weekend was horrible. And tonight. . . .? I don’t know what’s going on here.” I got a pathetic look on my face. “9, can we start reconnecting? Please?” She again leaned over to kiss me.

“Look, we’ve got all this coming weekend to spend together. Please, can we do that?” I asked her.

“You’re not seeing Joyce at all?”

“No, not this weekend.”

“Was that her choice or your choice?”

“9, you know it’s an unusual relationship, It’s complicated. If you must know, it was a mutual decision.” I fudged the reality of Joyce forwarding me a calendar at the beginning of the month and I got to punch slots on her date card. It just so happened that the events that I chose didn’t fall this weekend.

We kissed again and left shortly after that. 11 started to get into the front seat. I told her, “11, 9 is going to sit there.” 9 got in and 11 reluctantly climbed into the back seat. As I drove out of the parking lot, 9 tried to slip her hand under my ass. My dress was short enough and it was barely covering my ass so that my bare ass was on the leather interior. “9, that’s nice, but if you do that I’m going to have an accident.” She smiled and moved her hand from my ass to just gently caressing my thigh. “We’ll have time for that later tonight.”

She asked, “Are you going to take me back to the apartment?”

“No, I’m sleeping with you in the warehouse.”

“But I haven’t signed up for the big bed.”

“That’s alright. We can sleep on your cot.”

“It’s awfully small. I can barely fit on it when I sleep on it by myself.”

I smiled, “We are going to be so wrapped up in each other. I won’t take up much extra room.” She smiled, and I guess she was afraid to distracting me by kissing my face as I was driving, she leaned over and covered my thigh with her kisses. It was less of a distraction, but not by much.

We got to the warehouse and all went inside. We were able to find a hanger to hang up my dress since I would have to wear it to work in the morning. It was a clubbing dress, but it was conservative enough it could be considered appropriate for work. All eyes were on us as we undressed and got into bed. 7 and 11 undressed and came over to caress our bodies, but not with the intensity nor the duration they had employed the two nights we slept in the big bed. I pleasured 9’s pussy and then she returned the favor. Having each achieved orgasm, she reversed her position so that we could pleasure each other simultaneously in the 69 position. Just as I was about to achieve my next orgasm, I felt her finger inserting into my asshole. I awakened the mailgirls who had already fallen asleep with my orgasmic scream. I sheepishly announced to our awakening audience, “Sorry.” The whole room fell back asleep.

Around 4, I had to pee. With the dim ambient light I made my way to one of the open commodes. I went back to the bed, but I positioned myself so that I could suckle at 9’s breast. Maybe it was my urge to crawl back into the womb, but I always enjoyed having 9 mother me. Even the slight 2 years that she is older than me, güvenilir casino the 10 pounds I would estimate she is heavier than me – and I quickly add that it is muscle and not fat – and the 2 inches she has on me in height, gives me a warm comfortable feeling when I snuggle in her arms. When we first started dating, she was a 34C, but if she were to wear a bra – which she never does – she looks like she has at least progressed to a C+ if not a full D.

I suckled at her breast. I felt a drop in my mouth. I had felt that sensation our very 1st night in Atlanta, but not after that. In retrospect, I attributed her ceasing lactating to the fact she didn’t take any sulpiride while we were there. Prescribing sulpiride had been Olivia’s “gift” for me so that I could enjoy 9’s mother’s milk when I suckled at her breasts. She was prescribed to take it on an “as needed” basis as an anti-depressant. She didn’t need it in Atlanta. 9 was never told that one of the side effects was to cause lactation. I’m ashamed to say I never told her. I enjoyed the side effect too much.

I guess when we got back home, and admittedly because of the way I had treated 9, I figured she had started taking it again to combat her depression. As much as I enjoyed the sensation, I had to tell her what was going on. . . .but not at 4:00 AM.


We got up at 6:00. I was the only one who needed to take a shower since the mailgirls would all be showering in the fishbowl to start their day. I quickly showered and dried off, but did not dress. I grabbed a few sporksful of gruel and then we all went outside to make our way to the Seahawk building. I was carrying my outfit for the day. A security guard came by to escort us. 5 of “us” were naked, the rest were scantily attired. 7, 11, 9 and me and also 5. As we walked they asked what I was doing? I told them that I figured at 6:30 there weren’t going to be too many people around. I could come up to the locker room and dress. They asked if I was going to shower. I could have just told them I was too chicken to take that bold action, not in front of an audience, but I just smiled and coyly announced, “I’ve already had my shower.”

We were escorted into the building. Just as I expected, there were not too many early risers present, but it wasn’t completely empty. I saw 3 people having coffee and a sweet roll at the coffee shop. They were sitting outside the shop and they got an eyeful as we paraded in. We went into the elevator. At the 3rd floor 3 other people entered the car, including a woman. I recognized one of the men as a Seahawk employee, but not the other two. When they punched the 8th and 15th floor buttons, that confirmed my guess. If they were not distracted by the sight of 5 naked women in the elevator, they might have noticed that I alone did not have any number markings and I alone did not have a shaved pussy. If they noticed anything, nothing was said except the man going to the 15th floor who asked me, “You’re new here, aren’t you?”

The other girls all giggled and I smiled and said, “In a manner of speaking, you could say that.”

“Well, I hope you enjoy your stay at Seahawk.” The girls could not contain their laughter. We got off and I did go into the locker room to dress, but of course I did not go out into the fish bowl.

I came out of the locker room and saw Olivia there. I don’t think she had seen me before I was dressed. She had a shocked look on her face. “Monica, what are you doing in the locker room?”

“9 and I had an extraordinary night of passion last night and I wanted to delay our parting as long as possible. I escorted her to her morning shower.”

There was silence, but I didn’t immediately leave. Maybe I should stick around for the morning show. Then Olivia said, “I wonder how your would perform in the fishbowl.” I did not respond. “Maybe one day I’ll find out.”

“In your dreams, Olivia, in your dreams.”


I was still feeling a lot of guilt for the way I had treated 9 this past weekend. I made up my mind that I needed to make an all out assault on her and any perceived lingering anger. Tuesday night I waited for her again at the entrance to the locker room. “We’re going back to my apartment after you shower.” I perceived a slight smile. She emerged from the locker room, naked and joined me in the observation area. I kissed her and said, “Let’s go.”

When we got to my apartment. I decided to take the bull by the horns. “9, I didn’t treat you right this past weekend. I want to make up for it. You’re going to stay here with me all week.”

“Are you going to take me to work each morning and pick me up each evening?”

“Of course.”

“Wednesday night I have to work the 42nd floor. And Sunday, I don’t have to work my regular shift, but I do have to work the 42nd floor.”

I told her, “That’s no big deal, sweetheart. We’ll work it out.”

“Don’t you have any dates with Joyce?”

“No. I’m free.”

“She hasn’t broken up with you, has she?”

Maybe it was my imagination, but the tone of her voice seemed more to convey concern that I had lost a lover than triumph that she had succeeding in conquering my affection over that of her rival.

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