If Only They Knew

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Carol and I have known each other for a number of years now. Our husbands grew up together and have been best friends as long as they can remember. When I started to date Peter, Dwayne was already going out with Carol. Due to their friendship we were forced together and became great friends ourselves. Carol and I even were in each others bridal parties. I would now consider her to be my best friend.

Carol has a great body. She is a fitness trainer so is always working out. Thin body, pert B cup breasts, short cut brown hair. Everything on her is lean, she even moves like a powerful cat, slinking along with no effort at all. I on the other hand could stand to lose 10 pounds. Sitting on a chair at the bank all day does not lend itself to a fit lifestyle and I don’t get out to the gym that often, even though Carol invites me. To be honest it is just too much like work to exercise. I describe myself as curvy, with nice C cup breasts, full lips, brown eyes and long brown hair. Besides Peter likes me that way, he complains that Carol is too thin for his tastes and likes a little meat on his girls.

This past Thanksgiving Day the four of us had nowhere we had to go. My parents live a thousand miles away, Peters have passed on. Dwayne’s parents were going to his brother’s place 3 hours away and they had gone to Carol’s parents place the night before for dinner. Carol suggested that we get together and spend the day at their place. We showed up early and us girls got busy preparing the evenings meal. The boys sat in the living room watching football and having a beer.

Dinner was nice and after, we girls kicked the boys off the TV. They went over and started playing Madden Football on the X-Box instead, as if they had not had enough football for the day. I popped my favorite movie, The Princess Bride, into the DVD player and sat down on the couch. Carol sat beside me wrapped in a big fussy blanket that she offered to share.

After a little while she adjusted a little and asked if she could lie down. I said sure and offered my lap for her head. We re-adjusted the blanket and settled in. My left hand naturally rested on her waist, her top had ridden up a little and my hand was on her bare skin just above her pants. I could not resist and slowly dragged casino şirketleri my nails across her bare middle, as she squirmed underneath me from the tickling. I rubbed the palm of my hand over the area I had just tickled to ease the feeling. I couple of minutes later I again ran my nails over her stomach, giggling as she shuddered under me. I could feel the goose bumps rising up on her skin. She chastised me as I again ran my flat hand over the tickled area to ease her suffering. The imp in me would not let it rest and it was only a few minutes later when I tickled her for a third time.

She groaned “Brenda, your killing me. Do you know how ticklish I am?”

I just smiled as I giggled and rubbed the area down.

Carol said, “Now that feels nice, you can just keep that up.”

I did just that, running the flat of my hand over her stomach and up her sides gently caressing her smooth skin. I continued for about 5 minutes covering from the top of her pants to the bottom of her bra. She made a contented sigh and commented again how good it felt.

I glanced over at the boys; they were still deeply involved in their man to man gridiron struggle, paying no attention to us.

Carol said she would be right back; she needed to go to the washroom. She slid out from under the blanket and headed up the stairs, turning her head back to flash me a smile.

I watched the movie till Carol returned. When she did she immediately slipped back into her laying position with her head on my lap. She took hold of my hand and placed it back onto her bare tummy. I resumed my rubbing as she cooed her contentment.

A minute or two later as I rubbed higher I made a discovery. Carol had removed her bra when she had gone upstairs. My hand brushed the bottom of her naked breasts.

When I started to move down again Carol said. “It feels great, don’t stop there.”

I looked down; she was staring up at me, our eyes locked. I don’t know if it was pleading or lust I saw in them but I knew what she wanted. I moved my hand up, gliding over her breasts, her nipples hardened at my touch. Carols eyes closed and she gave a small moan of pleasure.

I continued to caress her breasts under cover of the blanket. The boys off in their own casino firmaları world had no idea what was going on just 10 feet away. I rolled her nipples between my fingers, and then pulled at then. I did everything to them that I enjoy doing to my own breasts when masturbating. Carol just laid there lost in the feeling, small sighs coming from her.

What surprised me was the effect it was having on me. I could feel my own nipples growing taunt and my pussy grow wet. I had only been with a girl once before, in high school. I had gone to her house after school and she had talked me in to kissing and some light petting. While I had enjoyed it I had never repeated it. This was something different though. We were two grown women and seeing the effect I was having on her was turning me on. I was getting off on giving her pleasure.

I felt her arms moving for a few seconds, and then she reached up and took my hand. She guided it down to where she had undone her pants. She pushed my hand into the opening. I slid my hand down, feeling the beginning of stubble above her pussy. I continued, reaching her very wet opening. Dipping my finger in, I moistened it and slid it back up to her clit. She jumped like an electric shock and gone through her and then started grinding her pussy onto my hand.

I heard a holler from the boys and looked up in shock thinking were had been discovered but they were still deeply involved in their game, someone had just scored. As the boys played and got off on their game, Carol got off on my fingers.

The next weekend we all went out to diner and a movie. In the theater the boys sat next to each other so they could talk, Carol was next, then me on the outside. Part way through the movie Carol complained of being cold and grabbed her coat throwing over both our laps. A minute later I felt her hand creep onto my knee, under my skirt and up my thigh. She rubbed my leg for a minute, it was turning me on. I adjusted myself, spreading my legs farther giving her the access for the touch I needed. She did not disappoint and it was all I could do not to scream out loud as she made me cum right in the theater.

I was really getting off on our play right under the boys’ noses. It they only knew what their dutiful wives güvenilir casino were doing while sitting right next to them.

It was the beginning of December now and the next Saturday we all went Christmas shopping. After a day of pushing our way through the malls we went to a Boston Pizza for a bite to eat and a drink. As we sat enjoying each others company Carol was very touchy feely towards me, rubbing my leg, touching my hand. I was concerned that the boys might notice but they were oblivious to her administrations.

I had to go to the washroom and Carol said she would join me. In the restroom there was one other lady who was just washing up and leaving. As soon as she was out the door Carol grabbed me, forcing me against the wall. Bringing her lips to mine we shared our first kiss. It was soft and delicious with a passion that I had not experienced for a long time. Our tongues intertwined as we expressed our desires. As we broke our kiss Carol looked into my eyes, I could see lust in hers. She maneuvered me into a stall, sitting me down on the closed toilet seat. Reaching up under my skirt she grabbed the edge of my panties, I lifted my butt to allow her to slip them off.

She bunched up my skirt, spread my thighs and said, “I have wanted to taste you for so long.” She then dove right in, sucking, licking, and teasing my pussy.

Oh God it felt so good. I was almost at orgasm when I heard the door to the restroom open. Even though I was on the edge I pushed her head away. Breathing heavy I raised my finger to my lips indicating for her to be quiet. The lady took the stall next to ours. Carol proceeded to drive me insane, teasing my pussy with her finger as the woman beside us peed. As soon as she was done and gone Carol lowered her face back to my waiting clit. It only took a couple of laps of her tongue before I exploded.

We rearranged ourselves and headed back out to the boys. They did not even seem to realize how long we had been gone as they were watching hockey on one of the TV’s mounted in the restaurant.

We paid the bill and just before were getting up to go Dwayne said to Carol, “You have a little something on your chin.”

With a smile, Carol grabbed a napkin and rubbed away some of my pussy juice she had missed.

To this day we continue to find ways to sneak behind the boys’ backs, taking any feels, licks and kisses we can get away with. I don’t think the boys have any clue what we are up to but the excitement of maybe being caught adds extra spice to our games.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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