If Motel Rooms Could Talk

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The dingy and dated decor of The Skylane Motel on Central Avenue just outside the state’s capital city hadn’t been updated since Gerald Ford was President, but most of the people who stayed there didn’t care.

That was the case on the night of May 25th, when a nondescript 53 year old married man named Melvin Stark paid the $33.50 to rent room 108. The man had driven past the motel countless times but had never stayed there before, and the very thought of renting a room there would have made the man laugh until recently, but things had changed a lot lately.

Now Melvin Stark was a married man only technically, his wife having moved on to greener pastures, leaving Melvin on his own and free to pursue interests that he had left behind after getting married almost 30 years ago, those interests being intimate with members of his own sex.

The problem was that unlike the somewhat attractive and desirable fellow Melvin had been was in the 1970’s, the 2001 version of Melvin Stark was a slightly pudgy man with glasses and a retreating hairline. No longer was Melvin the cute twink that older men craved. Now he had become the age of those men that used to be like vultures around him, and he was not all that proficient at the task.

That was what led Melvin to resort to trolling for companionship in dating sites and even more desperate places, which was how Melvin Stark ended up at the Skylane Motel. After he checked in he drove to pick up the young man who called himself Danny Parker.

Danny had said he was 20 online, and when Melvin picked him up outside his workplace – Kentucky Fried Chicken – the young fellow seemed to have described himself fairly accurately. Danny was about 6 feet tall and as skinny as a rail, with scraggly brown hair that needed a cutting or at least a trim, and a face that had a bit of a horse-like quality about it.

“Sorry I smell like chicken,” Danny had said when he got into Melvin’s car, and as he grabbed crudely at his crotch he added, “Most guys don’t usually care about that though once they see my stuff.”

Unlike Melvin was in their communications, Danny pulled no punches and was blunt and profane in describing was he was like and what he liked. The idea of being some old guy’s first gay experience in decades had interested Danny for whatever reason.

“That picture you sent me,” Melvin said of the photo of a man naked from the waist down that Danny had sent, something that the older man assumed was something taken from the Internet. “That wasn’t really you was it?

“You’ll find out soon enough, won’t you mister?” Danny said with a chuckle while looking at the man’s face in the glow of the dash board. “Bet you liked that picture didn’t you?”

“It was… interesting,” Melvin replied.

“Bet you jerked off when you looked at that, didn’t you?” Danny asked, his chuckle turning into a laugh when Melvin’s head jerked over to face him briefly before returning his attention to the road, and they had ridden to the Skylane in silence after that.

After Melvin opened the door the stale aroma that washed over him made him long for the breaded chicken aroma of the car, but Danny didn’t seem to care about the motel room. He was more interested in the beer Melvin had brought, and after downing most of one of the brews in one gulp, peeled off his uniform shirt and undid his slacks.

The boy was so skinny – almost painfully so – with bony shoulders and spindly arms decorated with a couple of amateurish looking tattoos, a scrawny chest and prominent hip bones, but once the slacks came down Melvin was unable to look anywhere else but the obscene bulge in Danny’s white briefs.

The kid saw where the older man was looking and reveled in it, probably having experienced it many times before. Indeed, it would have been impossible not to stare at what looked like a snake stretching out the white cotton of the underwear as it wound towards his hip, causing the briefs to bow outward.

“You like this, don’t you Mr. Stark?” Danny cackled as he grabbed his manhood through the cotton, squeezing it and shaking it around. “This answers your question about the picture doesn’t it?”

“Quite impressive,” the balding man mumbled as he pushed his glasses back up his nose and tried to look into the boy’s eyes instead of what he was holding.

“You like the big ones, don’t you?” Danny asked.

“Like I said it’s been a while,” Melvin Stark replied, and while he had definitely preferred well endowed fellows, since Danny was the only person who had responded to his ads the older man had few options anyway. “Back when I was your age I got taken to a place like this, and the older man who made me do things that time was mean.”

“Well get your clothes off mister,” Danny instructed.

“That’s not – I mean – I told you that you didn’t need to do anything casino şirketleri to me,” Melvin reminded him. “I just wanted to – you know – pleasure you.”

“Oh yeah mister. You also said you were going to take care of me because I had to leave work early,” Danny reminded Melvin.

“Oh yes, I did,” Melvin said as he reached into his pocket and extracted a few bills, setting them on the table.

“Nine bucks an inch,” the kid said as he looked at the five twenty dollar bills. “Seems fair. Just in case you’re a cop, you’re giving me this because I’m missing work right?”

Marvin felt a little sleazy about giving the lad money, but since his dough had been supporting his wife’s lovers for a while and she would end up getting half of what was left now anyway, he might as well use it.

“Your penis is ten – I mean eleven inches long?” Melvin said in doing mental math as he looked at the snake in the too-small white briefs and wondered whether such a thing was possible.

“Closer to a foot probably. You want it right?” Danny asked as he grabbed himself again lewdly. “Then get yourself naked. You don’t look so bad. I’ve been with worse.”

Melvin started unbuttoning his shirt slowly, dreading the idea of getting naked in front of a guy less than half his age, but Danny was insistent. As Melvin looked in the mirror at himself while he set his slacks on a chair, the lapse in his Y membership there for all to see in the garish bright lights of the motel room.

This was just like being with his soon-to-be ex-wife, with this skinny kid running the show and him standing there and taking it like his wife was. Melvin had hoped this young fellow would be sweet and polite like he had been back in his day, not coarse and scruffy looking like this Danny was.

“What you got hiding in them boxers?” Danny chirped as the older man turned to face him, and only with great reluctance did Melvin drop the faded briefs, giving his frightened member a tug to make it more impressive before straightening up.

“You remind me of my old man,” Danny declared as he smirked when the man held his hands over his crotch in an attempt to hide himself. “He’s got a little dick too. I think that’s why he hates me.”

With that Danny pulled his own briefs down and stepped out of them, leaving Melvin to gawk at the boy’s semi-erect cock which swung violently around in front of him, the over-sized organ looking crazily out of place on the emaciated torso it was attached to.

“You like this don’t you mister?” Danny chortled as he grabbed his member by the stump and waved it at him. “I can tell because your dick is getting hard just looking at it. Come over here.”

Melvin took the two steps needed to stand in front of Danny and watched as the younger man first rubbed his dick against his now stiff organ and then used his organ as a club, swatting his pale dick like it was a pinata and laughing at the resulting shock on Melvin’s tormented expression.

“Tell me you didn’t like that,” the lad said in a challenging tone as he put his penis underneath Melvin’s to mock the absurd difference in them. “Your wife – the guy she’s fucking? Is he hung like me?”

“I don’t know,” Melvin muttered, shivering as the underside of his cock rubbed against the beige monster beneath it, the pink tip of his dick not even reaching halfway down the kid’s organ. “Probably. I guess they usually are.”

“If your old lady likes big cocks, why the hell did she marry you?” Danny asked, and the older man just shrugged.

“I wanted this to be nice,” Melvin said weakly as Danny put his hands on his round shoulders and eased him down to the worn carpet, much to the regret of the older man’s creaking knees.

“I don’t think you did mister. I think I know what you want man, even if you aren’t sure yourself,” Danny suggested as he rubbed the knob of his uncut member against Melvin’s cheek. “Let’s see if you remember how to suck cock.”

Danny stood there with his hands on his bony hips, looking down arrogantly at the old man whose bald spot shone brightly, and as Melvin reached up with his left hand and clutched the lad’s cock by the base he chuckled.

“Your hand is shaking dude,” Danny noted as the man’s trembling hand gripped the muscled shaft just below the tiny trimmed patch of curls. “Just think mister, if this guy I know really gets me into porn movies like he promised someday you’ll be able to say you sucked Danny Parker’s cock.”

Marvin knew that he wouldn’t be telling anybody about being on his knees on a beige threadbare rug in a shitty motel room getting ordered around by a wise-ass kid, but while Danny Parker’s face would never get him into movies, what Marvin was holding just might.

The cock that Marvin had to grip with both hands to control wasn’t even hard yet, the spongy shaft still casino firmaları with a little give as the older man squeezed it as he leaned forward and opened his mouth, letting his lips slide down until they touched his hand.

“Tell me how much you like this big dick mister,” Danny snapped as he grabbed the man’s thinning hair as best he could and pulled it back, forcing him to look up at him.

“I like it,” Melvin said as Danny took his cock back and cuffed him on the cheeks a couple times and then teasing the older man by waving the organ tantalizingly near his lips before pulling it away.

“I know you do,” Danny said as he reached into his pocket for a tube of lube before falling back onto the bed, forcing Melvin to get back to his feet and join him. “Lube up that big boy for me. I want you to jerk me off first. You know? Take the edge off.”

Melvin knelt on the bed, the tops of his knees touching Danny’s hip bone as he squeezed a little gel into his palm, his eyes on the prong which was laying on the boy’s stomach.

“Don’t be stingy with that goo,” Danny ordered. “I like it greasy.”

Melvin nodded and took the gel and squirted it up and down the exposed underside of Danny’s cock before lifting it upright and letting his fist spread the lotion from the stump to the tip.

“Use both hands mister,” Danny instructed after Melvin gave the stiff prong a few strokes.

“Like this?” Melvin asked as his left fist joined his right, and the older man shook his head when he saw his grip still left the hooded glans uncovered.

“Squeeze it hard and stroke it nice and slow,” Danny instructed. “Go right up to the tip, and when I tell you to stop, stop right away. Gonna show you how a man cums. Now just keep moving them fists up and down. Look at your dick – it’s dripping! Bet you’re thinking about how that’s going to feel in your ass, aren’t you?”

“Uh – I was thinking Danny. Maybe I’ll pass on that,” Melvin said, his sphincter tightening as those words because what had sounded so good on line now seemed much different.

“No, you’re getting it,” Danny said as he cupped his hands behind his head so he could enjoy the view. “I just want to cum a couple times so when I stick it in your ass I don’t cum right away, because I bet you’re really tight and that makes it tough for me to hold back.”

“I’d be glad to pleasure you with my mouth…” Melvin started to say but Danny interrupted him.

“Stop! Now just squeeze it!” Danny yelled as Melvin’s fists gripped the bottom half of the vein-riddled monster that sparkled with gel, and then Danny winced and arched his back before howling.

“AWW!” Danny moaned, and then just after Melvin’s hands felt the orgasm surge through the boy’s cock, a modest spurt of semen spat out of it before all hell broke loose.

As the lad seemed to babble in tongues, a series of ejaculations shot straight up over a foot in the air, so high that when the cum landed on Danny, Melvin could hear the sound of the spatter.

“Milk it Dude,” Danny ordered when the flesh and blood geyser slowed down, and when a stunned Melvin got his fists going again the ejaculations resumed, albeit less majestically. “Pump that cock dry.”

Melvin kept pulling on Danny’s cock even after it went limp, yanking the flaccid organ with hands that were as covered with the ropes of semen as the boy’s stomach and chest were.

“Damn, I needed that. Haven’t popped a load all day. A girl at work wanted to take me into the walk-in cooler and suck me off, but I wanted to save it for you,” Danny said. “That’s enough. Now you can clean me off.”

“Where you going?” Danny asked the doughy man when he got off the bed and headed towards the bathroom. “Don’t use no towel. Clean me with your tongue.”

“You know you want to,” Danny told Melvin as he climbed back onto the bed, the boy still relaxing on his back. “Lots of jizz for you to suck up too.”

Melvin nodded and after getting back on the bed moved the rubbery snake to Danny’s side and began at the string of cum above the lad’s pubic hair and slowly slurped it up while working up to his navel.

The older man’s tongue ran across Danny’s ribs which were clearly visible because he was on his back and had his arms stretched up behind his neck.

“That’s it mister, suck it up good,” Danny told Melvin as he got up to his nipples and even to the collarbone, swabbing the hairless chest thoroughly under Danny’s approving eye. “You must have done this before. You like the taste of my cum?”

Melvin grunted a yes, sucking on Danny’s tiny nipples even though they had somehow escaped the barrage of semen, the buds stiffening against his lips.

“Don’t forget my pit,” Danny told Melvin as he nodded to his right underarm where a little string of seed rested on the sparse sprout of hair in the deep güvenilir casino cavern. “That’s it. Suck my pit clean. You like doing that don’t you mister?”

Melvin said nothing as he buried his face under Danny’s arm, sucking and chewing on the wisp of hair while he held Danny’s bony arm down. Danny enjoyed the affection and when the older man moved over to clean his other underarm he let him.

“Look what your armpit licking did to me mister,” Danny noted after Melvin straightened

up, nodding down to where his organ had begun to come back to life. “Told you I’m like a machine. Now why don’t you get on down there and suck my dick again? Do it so I can see your ass this time while you give me head.”

Melvin got up on all fours and positioned himself the way Danny wanted him, and as he raised the monster cock upright so he could suck it his buttock felt the sting of a slap administered by Danny.

“Spread them cheeks mister,” Danny demanded, and after prying the pudgy buttocks apart added, “That’s funny. I figured because the rest of you was hairy your asshole would be too, but there ain’t any fur around your balloon knot.”

Melvin made a gurgling sound when he felt Danny’s finger poke into the brown eye, skewering him with his bony finger while he tried not to choke on the cock in his mouth.

Part of Melvin wanted to go, to just get his clothes on and walk out the door, but something was holding him back and that something was pulsating in his mouth and hands, glistening with his saliva

That rough finger in his ass was started to feel good too, and Marvin whimpered when the lad pulled it out but after a minute of something happening behind his back the finger went back in along with a second, this time primed with grease.

“This is what you’ve been waiting for Pops,” the arrogant voice behind him snapped as the fingers came out, but although the bulbous knob being forced into his anus was larger than fingers had been, the cock flesh was more pliant. “That’s it mister.”

Melvin let out a howl as the lad struggled to squeeze the ridge of the glans into the tiny orifice, with the frustrated Danny leaning into him with all the force his scrawny body could muster until the knob popped in..

“Take it like a man!” Danny yelled as he pushed more cock into the older man before getting into a rhythm, mistaking the man’s sobs for tears. “Fucking pussy.”

“Harder,” Melvin choked out repeatedly, his barely audible voice lost in the pillow his face was being driven into, and when the kid yanked his skull back by grabbing a handful of what little hair remained on the back of his scalp and asked him what he was saying he repeated, “Harder.”

“I’ll give you harder man,” Danny sneered as he shoved Melvin’s face back into the pillow and grabbed his full hips, launching himself deep into the bowels of the helpless man and using his cock like a piledriver.

The headboard of bed was slamming into the wall as the lanky kid crouched over Melvin’s plump butt like a preying mantis and impaled him with his massive organ like a machine, in and out while grunting out obscenities, while Melvin let out whimpers in rhythm.

Melvin’s knees gave out like his arms had earlier, but Danny simply dropped down on top of Melvin’s hairy back, his cock relentlessly drilled the man until Danny let out a howl and filled the older man’s insides with his seed.

Then there was silence as Danny stayed sprawled over Melvin, the sounds of their heavy breathing the only sounds in the room, and only after Danny’s manhood slithered out of the savaged orifice did the young man get up.

Danny went into the bathroom and washed himself off a little in the sink before returning to the room and began getting dressed, while Melvin remained on his face motionless.

“You okay mister?” Danny whispered as he leaned down to Melvin’s ear, and after he nodded a little Danny asked, “Was that good for you? Was that the way you wanted it?”

“Yes Danny,” Melvin whispered back. “Exactly right. Can I see you again?”

“Sure. You have my number right?” Danny asked, and after Melvin nodded the boy left.

After a little nap Melvin lifted himself off the sheets, prying his cock off the bedding because the massive pool of semen he was laying in was drying like glue.

His semen, coming from the intense orgasm Melvin had experienced while being driven into the mattress. He had cum so hard that he thought that he might have actually passed out from the intensity of the orgasm.

As Melvin waddled to the bathroom to take a badly needed shower he chuckled to himself when he thought of that old adage, things aren’t as good as they used to be.

This wasn’t as good as it had been in a similar motel decades ago, it was better. Way better. Danny was rough, but not as brutal as that smelly old man with the grizzly looking cock had been. Danny was just playing the role Melvin had asked him to play and he did it superbly, and even though the discomfort was intense Melvin couldn’t wait to see that young lad again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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