If I Was Let Out Of My Box

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If I was let out of my box, and it was February, and you had a week of vacation, I’d spend every last dime I had, and max out my credit cards, to take you far away. Someplace warm.

Not the Caribbean. Far to ordinary, that. No, some place romantic. Somewhere exotic. An island in the South Pacific. With white sandy beaches, and no one else around except waiters who appear only when we need them.

Every day we’d go to the beach, wearing nothing. I’d rub sun screen over every inch of your fair skin so you wouldn’t burn. My own skin would turn reddish brown like it does in the summer.

We’d lie on towels on soft sandy beaches, soaking in warmth. Forgetting work. Forgetting responsibilities. When we became too warm we’d wade into the cooling water, splashing each other. Then standing in the water, we’d embrace. Our wet bodies would rub together. I’d watch your nipples harden. I’d see that lustful look in your beautiful green eyes, and I’d follow you back to the shore, watching your hips sway as you walked through the water. By the time we reached the beach I’d be fully aroused just from watching you walk.

You would lay back on the towel, and I next to you. I’d gently turn you over on to your stomach. I’d brazzers porno straddle your hips, and I’d massage more sun screen on you. I’d start at your neck, then across your shoulder blades, moving down to your mid-back. The entire time my erect cock would be resting along your gluteal cleft, sliding, just a little, lengthwise along it. Just enough to barely touch that soft sensitive spot between the cheeks.

Then I’d move back just a little, to massage lower. Then my cock would slip down between your legs. As I leaned forward to massage your lower back, the head would move along your moist pussy lips. I’d feel the wetness there and know you were as excited as I am. Now I intentionally rock my hips as I massage, pushing a little deeper with each forward motion. But your legs are pinned together under me, and my way is blocked from entering you.

As I move down to massage your ass, my cock moves away from you. I hear your soft, frustrated whimper. I watch you raise your hips, seeking to re-establish our contact. I chuckle, softly, and enjoy withholding that mutual pleasure while I finish massaging your ass.

But I decide to forego doing your legs, as my own need is close to overwhelming. clip4sale porno I spread your legs, kneel between them, and grasp your hips. I pull you to a kneeling position in front of me.

I bend forward, and start kissing your beautiful creamy ass. I spread your legs a little, and flick my tongue across your tight little anal opening. Then I slide it forward, probing into your pussy, tasting your sweet juices. You grind backwards into me, trying to get your clit in contact with my tongue, but… it…doesn’t…quite…reach.

So I lay down, facing up, and pull your hips down to my face. Now my tongue can reach everywhere. I slide it in and out of you, then along the lips to your hard little clit. I lap and suck on it, feeling your hips rise and fall, as you fuck my face. As my attacks grow more intense, you raise up, out of my reach. Now I whimper and you laugh as this time you tease me. Finally, I grow frustrated and grab your hips, pulling you into my face, sucking and licking your clit as hard as I can until I hear you moaning, then feel you collapsing as an orgasm washes over you. You shudder as the tiny electric after shocks race through you.

I ease you over to your back, and slide colette porno into you in one smooth thrust. You are so wet…so hot. I can feel the quivers inside you as the tremors from the first orgasm are subsiding. Now I start taking my pleasure in your body. Slowly at first. Sliding in and out. As I bury myself inside you I grind my hips lightly, pushing as deep as I can get. I feel your legs wrap around me, your feet resting on my ass, pulling me deeper in to you.

Soon, I am losing control, my cock going like a piston into you. I watch you, hands grasping in the sand, face flushed, head turning from side to side, breathing becoming faster. I am panting now. Sweat beading on my upper lip and forehead.

I pause, then as if sliding down a hill I lose all control and spill everything I have into you. At the same time your legs wrap around my back and I fall into your arms. I feel the new orgasm rolling through you, your own flood of juices mixing with mine, our sweat mixing as our bodies slide over each other.

We lay together, locked in that embrace. I roll sideways, still holding you. You turn, and snuggle your ass into my now soft cock, and we curl up together, spooning on the beach.

Later, you reach for your cigarettes, but I take them from you, throwing them in the ocean. “That was the last pack on the island, baby.” And from then on, when you need something to do with your mouth, I kiss you. When you need something in your hands, I hold you. Always and forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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