I’d Like You To Meet…Ch. 4

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I’d Like You To Meet My Mother Chapter 4

Some time after Sandra and I were discovered by Jenny, the three of us sat in the living room. Much had been said, much of it heated. Now it was just confused silence.

Sandra had gone after her daughter, only to receive a slap across the face, and a stream of abuse, which had continued as I’d entered the room, not knowing what to say. Jenny had then turned on me, screaming ‘How could you fuck her? She’s my MOTHER!!’ Sandra, however, had interrupted and said softly but firmly ‘you’re not so pure yourself’. I was then sure that Jenny would turn and lash out at her mother again, but strangely didn’t. As Jenny abruptly turned away and sat down on the couch, arms folded, I wondered what Sandra’s remark meant. I could imagine.

So here we were. I looked at Sandra and raised my eyebrows. As selfish as it sounds, I was nonetheless very horny, and couldn’t face the prospect of her leaving, our recent session in the bedroom unfinished. But Jenny…I looked at her, so blonde, pretty and massively busty. What was I to do? A reconciliation is in order, I decided. As I was about to suggest we go out somewhere to drink or something when Sandra spoke up…she must have read my mind.

‘Let’s forget it ever happened, darling’

Jenny looked at her initially with an expression of disbelief, and then, staring at her mother bahis firmaları with tears in her eyes, seemed to soften. Again, I wondered what was really being said here…what did Sandra know that placated Jenny so much? Sandra stood and took a step towards Jenny, arms outstretched. Jenny stood up and walked towards her. I also stood, and gently placed a hand on Sandra’s back, then Jenny’s, and slowly pushed them together. They hugged silently. I stood and watched Sandra’s H cup breasts push against her daughter’s GG tits, Sandra only wearing her blouse, bra-less in her haste to get dressed, Jenny in her tight pink t-shirt. My cock slowly began to harden. I realised that unless they looked, they may not realise that I was holding both of them. So I massaged their backs firmly, pushing their huge tits against each other, marveling in the movement that such a union created, and wondering what it would look like if it was skin against skin, nipple to nipple…

As they hugged, I slipped my hand down to Sandra’s firm ass, and under the hem of her skirt. I moved my hand to her ass, found her asshole and gently worked it with my middle finger, occasionally moving my index finger under, into her moist slit. With the other hand, I felt Jenny’s ass, perfect, jeans so tight. My finger traced the top of her silky g-string…this was really too much!

‘C’mon baby, let’s make kaçak iddaa up’ I said softly to Jenny. I turned her face to mine and we started kissing, her mouth tentative at first, but then oblivious. Her tongue slid in and out of mine, swirling around my tongue, our saliva making loud smacking sounds. I still fingered her mother’s pussy, giving her clit more and more attention, wondering how long this incredible three-way situation would last, or where things would lead. As Jenny and I continued to tongue-kiss, I took my finger from Sandra’s pussy, freeing her for other surprises, and cupped one of Jenny’s huge tits. Sandra descended to her knees, quickly unzipped my trousers and let them fall. I stepped out of them. Sandra then wasted no time in engulfing my cock with her hot mouth, and proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs of my life. Looking down, I could see Sandra’s dark hair moving as her head bobbed back and forth, and I noticed her skirt had somehow slipped off, leaving just her stockings and suspenders, and shiny stilettos. I also had a great view down her unending cleavage, her blouse only just sustaining the pressure from her huge, heaving tits.

Eventually I sat down on the nearby couch. Sandra looked up at Jenny, one manicured hand still slowly wanking my cock.

‘Come and take over, honey.’

Jenny unzipped her jeans and wiggled out of kaçak bahis them, exposing her tiny white g-string. She knelt between my legs and carried on sucking my cock, one hand wanking the shaft, the other playing with my dangling balls.

Sandra sat on top of me, her back to me and legs spread as before. She smiled and said, ‘Where were we?’

I reached around and unbuttoned her top, letting her giant tits fall out. We tongue-kissed for a while, and I wondered if she could taste her daughter’s saliva in my mouth. Silly really…but I bet her daughter was already well acquainted with her mother’s saliva on my prick, now halfway in [and out] of her willing mouth. Sandra disengaged with our kissing and looked down at her pretty daughter. ‘Darling, why not shove that big cock up Mummy?’

Jenny took my cock out of her mouth and positioned it on Sandra’s pussy lips. ‘Uh, yes, now guide it in, baby.’ Jenny then held my cock in place as I gently held Sandra by the hips and eased her forward, until my cock disappeared into her up to the balls. I fucked Sandra rhythmically while her daughter licked my balls, and, judging by Sandra’s moans, her mother’s swollen clit. It was almost too much. Jenny then stood up and peeled off her pink t-shirt, and took of her lacy white bra. I leaned over and licked her huge pink nipples, almost four fingers wide…three quarters the size of her mother’s. ‘Isn’t it my turn?’ Jenny urged.

I then lifted Sandra off my cock and slid sideways and stood up. There they both sat looking expectantly up at me, mother and daughter, both hungry for the next course.

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