Hurricane Swing

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Let me begin by describing my wife and I. My wife Beth was truly a beautiful woman. She had long dirty blonde hair that reached down to her perfect ass; her 36C tits were her best asset — full and firm and extremely sensitive; and gorgeous legs. She was around 5’4″ and weighed approximately 105 lbs. She was every man’s “wet dream” come true. I was 5’10”, around 170 lbs., with sandy blonde hair. I kept myself in great shape, working out constantly and had many women compliment me on my body. I have an average size cock, 6 inches in length, but it is very thick — approximately 4 inches around.

My story begins shortly after my wife moved in with me; after being separated for about 4 months after being married. Almost immediately, the neighbors in the house behind us came over to welcome us to the neighborhood. I had spoken to them a few times while living there with my buddies from the base, but nothing more than the “Hi, how are you?” type of conversations.

Laura was a petite woman with short blonde hair, great tits (looked to be also “C” cups), and a perfectly shaped ass. Her husband Frank was a big guy with dark hair around 6’1″ and 210 lbs. He also kept himself in great shape and I would see him running in the neighborhood sometimes. Frank and Laura were in their early 30’s and had been married for a few years with no children. We invited them in and had a great evening with them, talking about our pasts, and getting drunk. After they left, Beth and I laid in bed talking about our evening together and she confided in me that she thought Frank was a real hunk, and I mentioned that I thought that Laura was a “hot-looking” babe. During the evening, I noticed that both Beth and Laura were trying to outdo each other showing off their tits and asses to Frank and I.

Beth just giggled and said, “I was just trying to get a rise out of you guys.”

I told her that she and Laura had succeeded with me, and Beth said she noticed a bulge in Frank’s crotch too. That night, as we fucked, I couldn’t help but notice that Beth was extra hot and wondered if Frank might have had something to do about her extra passion. About two weeks after our initial visit, as we were sitting at home having a drink and watching TV, we got a call from Frank asking us if we were interested in taking a drive to the beach with them. A hurricane had passed by close to us the previous morning and he told us, that from past experience, the water would be tranquil and we could walk in the sand and party a little. After conferring with Beth we agreed to join them. Frank said that he would pick us up in 15 minutes.

Beth hopped in the shower saying that she was hot and wanted to change into something more comfortable. I was sitting on the couch when she came out of the bedroom and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw what she was wearing. Beth had on a halter-top that barely covered her beautiful tits and a pair of black short shorts that showed off her firm ass. Little did I know at the time that she wasn’t wearing the outfit for me. It was hard for me not to attack her on the spot, but she said, “Come on, let’s Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort go out and have some fun.”

As we drove to the beach about 10 miles away, the four of us engaged in general chit-chat, laughed at some jokes Frank had heard recently, and generally were having a great time. As Frank was the fire chief in our town, we had no problem getting onto the beach even though the beach was closed. The security guard gave us a wink and told us to have a good time.

We pulled into the picnic area and parked. The night was beautiful with a bright moonlit sky. We walked to the water, took off our shoes, and waded into the ocean which we couldn’t believe was so calm with the hurricane just passing. After a few minutes of walking along the beach, Frank suggested that we go swimming as the water was so inviting.

Beth and I laughed and said we didn’t bring bathing suits to change into. Frank replied, “Who needs bathing suits.” He and Laura started to take off their shirts and shorts. Beth and I looked at each other and said, “Why not,” and began to take off our clothes too. The moon lit up the beach just enough to give a great view of Laura’s beautiful body, and I could see that Frank was definitely getting a good eyeful of Beth’s great body too. All four of us ran into the water and splashed each other and played around in the water for a good fifteen minutes. When we got out of the water, Frank went to the car and came back with four towels and a blanket. We dried off and spread the large blanket out on the beach and laid down without bothering to put our clothes back on.

As I laid down with Beth’s head on my chest and lazily started to pull on Beth’s nipples — which drives her wild — I looked over and saw Frank and Laura way ahead of us in the passion department. They were locked in the “69” position and, by their moans, I knew that they were both close to cumming. Beth was now also moaning as I played with her sensitive tits and fingered her cunt. She was dripping wet and I was hot as hell, so I eased her on top of me and buried my hard cock into her with one stroke. She started bouncing up and down on me like a wild woman.

I looked over at Frank and Laura just at the time they both were cumming, with Frank’s face buried in Laura’s cunt and Laura sucking Frank’s cock down her throat. Laura was washing Frank’s face with her juices and they both came at the same time. This scene charged up both Beth and I and it wasn’t long before Beth came as I plunged my thick cock as far up her cunt as I could and she shuddered and shook to about three orgasms before I shot my spunk deep inside of her. I looked over and saw that Frank and Laura were looking over at us.

Laura said, “That was the hottest sex I have ever seen anyone have, better than a porn movie,” and I replied that they were pretty hot themselves. As the mosquitoes were now starting to bite us pretty good by that time, we grabbed our clothes, the towels and blankets, and retreated to the car. Frank was the only one that put his clothes back on, as Laura laid on his lap in the front seat and Beth and I laid down on the back seat for the trip back to their house. After we pulled into their driveway, we ran like crazy to their door hoping no one would see us and have us arrested.

We went into their kitchen, Beth, Laura and I still naked, and Frank had on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Laura poured us all a glass of wine and we sat around their kitchen table talking and laughing as if it was natural to be sitting there in the nude. After a few glasses of wine, Frank suggested that we all go into the shower to wash off the salt and sand from the beach.

He went into the bathroom and lit some candles and put towels out for all of us. After a minute or two, Beth, Laura and I walked in and joked about how all of us could fit into their shower which was apart from the bathtub. As Frank adjusted the water, Laura was the first to get in and motioned to me to get in behind her. Beth got in next with Frank bringing up the rear. It was a tight fit and I could feel my cock rising again as it brushed up against Laura’s tight ass.

Laura asked if I would wash her back for her and, being the gentleman I am, I proceeded to wash her shoulders and back. Then going lower, I began to soap her ass, slipping my hand occasionally to rub her ass crack and pussy from behind. She was getting very hot while I now concentrated on her clit with my soapy fingers, teasing the opening to her cunt. She turned around to face me and mumbled something about wanting to return the favor and she proceeded to lather up my rigid cock with one hand and was pulling on my nipples with the other. I returned the favor by leaning down to suck on her firm tits and continued to shove three fingers up her cunt.

I could hear moaning behind me as Frank and Beth were obviously getting into the swing of things themselves. Beth later told me that after Frank had got her going by playing with her tits and cunt from behind, he slipped a few inches of his cock into her as she leaned against my back. We then decided to continue our fun in the bedroom, quickly got out of the shower, dried each other off, and made a beeline for their king-size bed. All this time I never thought about whether or not Beth wanted to be fucked by another man and would go along with this. I guess my mind was so into fucking Laura that I never thought about this as cheating on each other. It just seemed like a natural thing to do at the time.

I grabbed Laura and pulled her down on the bed beside me and proceeded to fuck her mouth with my tongue as I rolled and pulled her nipples hard with my fingers. The harder I pulled the more she moaned, exactly as Beth liked her nipples played with. Laura was hotter than a firecracker and so was I, so I pulled her over on top of me and she sat down on my thick cock and started to lower herself down, pushing more and more of it into her. This was Beth’s and my favorite position as I loved to watch her tits bounce up and down as I pinched and pulled on her long nipples. After our preliminaries, I could sense that Laura loved it too. She was wailing and moaning as she got more of my cock inside of her, and she had the tightest cunt I ever felt.

She bottomed out after a few minutes getting used to my thickness, and then started to fuck my cock with unbelievable speed moaning, “FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK. I LOVE IT. FUCK ME HARD. FUCK ME FOREVER WITH THAT BIG THING.” I felt her starting to cum, and I desperately needed to cum as I lifted myself up from the bed and pounded her back as fast as she was fucking me. She exploded into an orgasm that later she said was the most powerful that she had ever had and I continued to fuck her to several more before I finally shot my thick load deep into her cunt. As good as sex was with Beth I too had the best orgasm of my life. I slowly pulled out of her and, as my cock popped out of the cunt with a loud sucking sound, I could see that my cum and her juices had completely soaked her pussy hair and thighs. Laura rolled off of me and laid next to me looking completely spent and, to be honest, I was too and thought it would be a while to get recharged for another round.

That wasn’t the case as we both looked over at Beth and Frank who were locked in the “69” position with Beth on top of him. I knew that Frank had to be in heaven as Beth gives the greatest BJ’s and, from the look on Beth’s face as she appeared to be continuously cumming, that Frank must have been pretty good at eating cunt himself. Watching them I could my feel my cock starting to get hard again.

I crawled over behind Beth and started to rub my hardening cock up and down her pussy lips. Laura crawled over to us and started to suck on Beth’s big tits and her hand was busy in her own cunt trying to bring herself off again. When I was completely hard, I rammed my hard cock up her cunt as Frank continued to do his magic to her clit. She moaned and briefly lifted her head off of Frank’s cock as I filled her up with my cock. By now Beth was cumming continuously and I could feel her cunt spasming and milking my cock trying to get me to cum.

As I had already cum several times that night it must have been 10 minutes before I finally emptied my load deep into her cunt. As I came I could see that Frank had cum again in Beth’s mouth and she swallowed as much of his load as she could, but some cum was dripping from the side of her mouth. Laura’s mouth left Beth’s tits and licked the dripping cum from the side of Beth’s face as she finally brought herself to a climax, and then helped Beth clean up Frank’s cock with their tongues. We all laid back on the bed completely fucked out from our night’s actions.

Later that night as Beth and I laid in our bed talking about our adventure that evening she told me that, even though Frank was a big man, he didn’t have a very big dick at all — maybe 4 to 4 1/2 inches long and not very big around. She said that he made up for it by giving the best head she had ever experienced. She said that she must have cum at least 15 times while he was eating her and that she had passed out several times briefly from the extreme pleasure he was giving her. Frank’s size also explained why Laura’s reaction to having my cock inside her was so intense.

I don’t know why, but we never repeated that evening with Frank and Laura again, but stay tuned for more adventures from Beth and I with other couples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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