Hubby Allows Wife to be Forced Ch. 03

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On my drive to work that morning I’m thinking over what Howard said to me just before he left. It’s so frustrating that I’m in that position again, a bystander similar to that Saturday night, wanting to stop something happening to Joyce but unable to do so. I want to protect Joyce from being an unwilling participant in a gangbang but frustratingly feel I can’t, due to my fear that Howard will carry out his threats to expose me to Joyce and to my workmates.

I remember how understanding Jude was when she was here but don’t know her email address. Perhaps she might have some helpful advice for me. Joyce mentioned she has an email address that I don’t know about. If I can work out how to get into those emails I could write to Jude. Of course Joyce is now the hot wife I always wanted her to be so she might be delighted to take on a whole group of other men at once. If so, fine, but Howard is such a bastard he won’t give her the choice will he?

That same night Joyce is out playing bridge so I have a quick look at her laptop. Sure enough I find a different free email service to the one she normally uses.

That’s all very well but I still need her email address and password if I am hoping to read her emails. I try for over an hour using possible addresses she might use. I have to fill the dishwasher and clean the toilet and bathroom before Joyce gets home so I’m about to break off when I remember that sometimes if you put in the first letter of an email address the computer remembers the rest for you. Working my way through the alphabet an address comes up when I reach the letter “I”; Now all I have to do is find a password that Joyce might use. But I turn her laptop off and start my chores. Further investigation will have to wait.

The flowery apron I put on reminds me of the submissive, more feminised person I am becoming and I feel a familiar stiffening between my legs. I ponder on what Joyce would do if she finds I’m spying on her. A painful spanking would be a certainty. It’s strange that I get a stronger hard on at the thought. I don’t try to look too deeply into why it turns me on but realise that there’s something quite comforting about having a wife who takes control. I think I’ve craved this for a long time. My mum was quite strict with me and used to spank my bare bottom. Thinking back I remember how she coloured up when I was over her knee. It wouldn’t surprise me if disciplining me aroused her. I worshipped my mum and accepted the spankings as a normal part of childhood.

I’m watching TV when Joyce gets home from her card playing night. She’s a bit later than usual and there’s a faint smell of alcohol on her breath.

“Strip off all your clothes sweetie. I’ve been looking online and want to try something called CFNM. It’s where a wife keeps her clothes on and her hubby is in the altogether. You don’t mind do you dear?”

“No Mummy.” I take off the apron and the rest of my clothes. Joyce inspects the crotch of the panties.

“You’ve not been masturbating whilst I was out have you?”

“No Mummy.”

“There’s a new bridge player joined our group. He partnered me and we won all our games.”

“I thought you only played with women.”

“I usually do but he asked to join and the club agreed he could. He’s called David. A couple of the women have moved away and we needed new members. Anyway the reason I’m late is he asked me if I’d have a drink with him to celebrate and I said I would. I don’t want you to tell Howard. You won’t will you sweetie?”

“No, of course not Mummy. Was he flirting with you like those men at the hotel you dance with?”

“Yes he was sweetie. I told him all about you. I said you don’t mind me kissing other men.” Joyce looked down at my penis. By now it was hard. She took it in her hand.

“Did he kiss you?”

“Not there in the pub in front of everybody. We went to his car and got into the back seat.” She began to stroke my cock very slowly. “We kissed and cuddled like a couple of teenagers. It was dark so nobody could see when I let him finger me. He wants to fuck me next time he takes me out.”

“Does he have a big cock like Howard?”

“Well I’ve not had a proper look but it seems quite large.”

“Will you see him again?”

“Oh yes, sweetie. Your little cock tells me how much you want me to. David’s got me excited and I need you to give me an orgasm.” I move onto my knees and remove her panties. They are wet at the crotch. She opens her legs wide and pulls my head into her.

“Can you see what Howard has done to my cunt?”

“Yes, Mummy. I like your bigger cunt.”

It’s not long before Joyce starts making the little grunts and moans that signal her approaching orgasm. She’s soon moving her hips, pulling my face in closer and moaning loudly when I feel her juices squirt all over my face.

“Move back a bit, Don’t wipe the juices off your face. I want you to jerk off for me whilst Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort you look at my big cunt. Imagine I’ve brought home another man’s spunk for your supper. You’ll soon get to enjoy the taste won’t you sweetie?”

“Yes, Mummy.”

She watches fascinated whilst I stroke myself to a satisfying orgasm as she explains how much she’s going to enjoy opening her legs for other men. She’s ready with a tissue to avoid any mess on the carpet. I think ruefully that she’ll probably want me jerking off in front of her regularly now instead of a hand job which I would prefer.

A few days later when Joyce is out shopping I spend hours trying to find her password for her other email address. I know from experience that I’ll be locked out if I try a wrong one too many times so my best hope is see if she has put the password somewhere in her computer files. I have no luck and, frustrated, decide to give up and try to think of another way of contacting Jude.

I try phoning Howard’s house from my mobile but the first time I try Howard answers causing me to ring off quickly without saying anything. This scares me a bit but I persevere and Jude answers the next time.

“Jude, it’s Terry, is Howard there? I need a private word with you.”

“What? No, I don’t want to complete your survey. Goodbye.” Jude says, so I take it that Howard is there with her. I’m hoping she’ll ring me back. Half an hour later the phone rings.

“Hello Terry sweetie, what can I do for you? Howard’s gone out.” I explain what Howard said to me just before he left our house.

“There are times when I wonder why I married him. Could he just be winding you up? Mind you he’s capable of anything. You saw what he did Saturday night. That was rape. I have an idea but I’ll have to think it through. Let me know a good time to ring you back. Give me a couple of days. Whilst I’m on I’d be interested to know how your training is going. Has Joyce got you wearing panties yet?”

“Yes, our relationship has changed and I’m okay with it. I wear panties every day and she spanks my bare bottom once a month. She makes me lick her cunt instead of fucking. I quite like that she controls me; I think my nature is to be submissive. You saw that when you visited didn’t you?”

“Yes, you’re a natural cuckold. Did Howard fuck her again when he travelled down your way?”

“Yes, of course. I was put in the spare room when we all went to bed. He’d fucked her downstairs first. She loves his big cock.”

“Did you watch when they were downstairs?”

“Yes I had a good view from the garden with the lights on inside. And Joyce left a window open so I could hear.”

“How does your cock compare with Howard’s.”

“It’s less than half his size.”

“Are you okay with this conversation?”

“Yes, Jude. My little cock is stiff.”

“Good girl. I like this conversation too.” Jude says panting a little. “My panties are becoming moist. Be a good girl for me and stroke your clitoris. I’ve just hiked up my bra to let my breasts hang free. You don’t mind if I stroke my nipples whilst we’re talking do you?”

“Hell no, we can stroke together. Lately I’ve noticed my nipples are becoming more sensitive.”

“That’s a sign that you are becoming more feminine. It sounds as if you welcome it. You could try female hormones if you wanted to go further down that road. I’m interested and excited by the idea of a man becoming more feminised. It’s the opposite of Howard’s attitudes really. He insists on blow jobs but won’t go down on me. I have to rely on other women to lick my pussy but I dream of having a man’s head between my legs. I also have a fetish about spanking a man. Do you think Joyce would let me watch when she gives you a spanking? I’d love to see that.”

“I expect so. But you’ll have to contact her yourself. It’s better if she doesn’t know about me phoning you. I’d be pleased to lick you without expecting anything in return. I guess I could do it whilst she’s spanking me, what do you think? As we talk I’m imagining myself with small breasts, wearing a bra. You are so nice. Tell me some more.”

“Cunt licking and spanking combined! Yeah, I’d love that. You probably think I’m experienced but not really. I’ve often fantasised about taking a cock up my back passage but never tried it for real. My pink silk panties are now round my ankles. Keep talking, sweetie whilst I finger my squishy cunt.”

“Anal? Joyce asks me for it. She can’t feel me in her cunt. She allowed me to take her up the arse a few days ago as a reward for taking the spanking well. Have you pushed a vibrator up there? I’m getting close to squirting, this chat is so good.”

“Good girl, cum for your Auntie Jude. Yes, I bought a smaller one specially; it has a sucker at the base so I can fix it to my full length wall mirror. I sometimes pretend I’m a sissy like you. That pretty wife of yours will be thinking of more ways to dominate you. She may want to introduce you to the joys of a strap on.”

Jude’s words cause me to squirt all over our laminate floor bringing the sexy exchanges to a conclusion. She’s equally spent and we’re both a little embarrassed by the unexpected outcome of the call.

Jude’s let me have her email address so I send her the email Howard sent me because I have a bit of a half baked idea that if I can somehow get Howard to send me something in writing and show it to Joyce. She’ll see his true colours and can decide what to do herself.

A few days later Jude emails saying she likes my plan. She’s drafted out an email for me to send him which she believes will be effective. This is her draft email;

‘Hi Howard,

Thank you for what you are doing for Joyce. She really enjoyed your brief visit and so did I in my own way. You are a real man, something I could never be, and I look up to you. Can you remember your last email to me just before you visited us? When I first read it I was a little upset but everything you said in it was true and I often look at it and use it to masturbate to as you were kind enough to suggest.

I also go over in my mind what you said to me immediately before you left our house but in my excitement at the time I cannot remember all you intended. I have been using the memory as a masturbation aid because it excites me to think of Joyce in the arms of a number of men. I’m sure you could make it more potent and real for me if you described it in the rough, scornful way you wrote your last email. Joyce has cut me off from all sex with her at the moment so all I have is my hand for relief.

Humiliation is a powerful aphrodisiac; please write me another nasty email. I’ll make it worth your while the next time you visit our home.’

Jude has come up with a wording that might work. I send it off. I’m degrading myself more than ever with Howard of course but doing so gives me a strange sexual thrill. Howard’s brief reply arrives a couple of days later.

‘Nice try wimp. I’m not the fool you apparently think I am. If you were planning to provide Joyce with evidence of my intentions show her this email. I know I’m safe you pathetic wimp.

Hello Joyce, do you want to know Terry’s dirty secret? That loving hubby of yours was sitting on the stairs wanking whilst you were fighting me off and pleading for me to stop on that Saturday night when my cock mastered you and made you my little fuck toy. Don’t you think he should have tried to protect you instead of thinking of his own dirty pleasure? Let’s face it your hubby is a hopeless excuse for a man who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

Wank over that you loser. I’m blocking any more of your emails.’

After talking through this turn of events with Jude we decide that it is time for me to be honest with Joyce about that Saturday night and face the consequences. I’m scared stiff about her reaction but hope that Joyce might appreciate my attempt to protect her.

“There’s something important I need to talk to you about.” I say to Joyce on her return home from work. I’m clutching copies of the three emails in my trembling hand.

“You’re looking very serious. Have you been a bad boy?”

“Yes Mummy.” I blurt out the shameful truth about the Saturday night and then go on to tell her about Howard’s plans for the stag weekend. “You can see why I’m worried. He made it clear you’d have no say in the matter.” I finished.

“What’s that you’ve got in your hand sweetie?”

I show her the emails and she reads them carefully.

“You tried to trick him but it didn’t work. Why should I believe you?”

“Because he doesn’t attempt to deny it. He even uses the words my intentions. Isn’t all this typical of Howard? It excites him to force women, you know that better than anyone.”

Joyce looks thoughtful. “Yes, I do. Up to now you’ve been more than happy about me seeing Howard. And you like the idea of me fucking David?” I nod. “I suppose you think I should ditch Howard now don’t you? That might not be all that easy. I need to think this through. I’m glad you told me but in the meantime slip off those trousers, take the bread knife with you and run to the bottom of the garden. Cut me three or four switches from the willow tree.”

“But the neighbours will see my panties.”

“So much the better. Go on, quickly now.”

She makes me strip when I return, grinning when my erection is revealed.

“Bend over the arm of the settee. I need to stand for this. Stick your bottom high in the air. This will hurt like hell. Don’t forget the ‘Thank you Mummies’ after each switching.”

Joyce selects a switch, flexing it, and takes a few practice swings. The noise as the willow moves through the air makes me shudder and I get a nasty feeling way down inside the pit of my stomach. My penis is still erect.

The first time it lands is far worse than I expected. I jump with the pain, my ‘thank you’ is almost inaudible. The loud ‘thwack’ must have woken up half the neighbourhood.

“Keep still young man, I see your little sausage isn’t standing to attention any more. The reality’s a lot worse than the fantasy isn’t it?”

“Yes Mummy.”

Joyce follows this up with 19 more, the pain building, as the switch falls along stripes made previously. I’m crying uncontrollably from about the fourth or fifth stroke but Joyce shows no mercy. It’s almost like she’s enjoying it. I glance back at her bright red face and remember my mother’s spankings, thinking that they were much less painful.

This time when she lays me across her knees to rub the ointment in it hurts a lot too. I realise the skin’s been broken and I’m bleeding a little.

“There’ll be no special treat for you this time sweetie, just the usual.”

Her panties are soaking as I kneel and remove them. Licking her to orgasm goes a small way towards taking my mind off the pain.

It takes several days for my backside to heal and I find I can sit down without discomfort. Joyce is all sweetness and light with me and I assume that after taking my punishment I’m forgiven. She’s told Howard that she’s now with someone else but in true Howard style he refuses to believe it. He suspects me of telling her about his plans and has told her I watched them that night.

She’s kept all his emails and text messages on her phone and has shown them to a solicitor. The solicitor has been very helpful. She’s advised Joyce to make a statement at her local police station. There is now an injunction preventing Howard visiting our property or coming within 100 yards of the house. He’s been served with a copy and has received a visit from the police warning him about his behaviour. They’ve told him he will be arrested if he continues to pester and threaten her.

In contrast Jude will always be welcome at our house although Howard has no idea that she calls and stays from time to time. They still live together but increasingly live separate lives.

“Ooooh, that’s heaven, don’t stop.” Jude tells me as I push my tongue further into her wet cunt. She’s down with us on one of her visits and in her honour Joyce has dressed me in full femme clothing, my hair nicely permed since I let it grow longer.

“She makes a good girl doesn’t she Joyce? Have you considered putting her on hormones and growing her some tits?”

“Not really dear. I like her the way she is. She can dress as a man for work this way and it doesn’t affect her career. She’s very flexible as you know and I never get a cross word from her. Did you say you’d like to watch me spank her whilst you’re here?”

“Oh yes please, that would be nice. One of these days I’d like to spank her myself.”

I’m being strangely turned on by the conversation taking place as if I wasn’t there or didn’t count for anything. I like it when they call me “her”. I continue licking and sucking. I take Jude’s clit into my mouth carefully. It’s larger than Joyce’s, almost like a small penis.

Joyce stands, moves over to where Jude’s sitting and kisses her on the lips. I notice her hand move to one of Jude’s nipples “Why don’t you spank her whilst you’re here, darling? I’d love to watch you,” she says.

Jude starts bucking and moaning through another intense orgasm.

Joyce’s bridge partner (David) has now become Joyce’s main boyfriend although she still likes to take me to the hotel restaurant where she dances with other men occasionally choosing one to go outside with to our car. Sometimes, if she particularly likes his cock she’ll invite him back to our house. There was one occasion when she went to the man’s house. He brought his brother over and they both fucked her. He persuaded her to stay the whole weekend. She loved being double ended and described how the men penetrated her anally and in her cunt at the same time. She’s getting a bit of a reputation at the restaurant so we don’t go there all that often now. I’ve now slurped up numerous cream pies and have developed a taste for them.

I’ve negotiated more flexible working hours with my firm and am now able to have a meal on the table when Joyce gets home. She prefers me to be naked within the house. She still spanks me once a month but she’s never cruel about it now and I’m rarely in trouble in between my spanking nights. David still has his own address but also has a key to our house and can come and go as he pleases.

Joyce likes to put me in a chastity cage when David is around. She says it emphasises my submissive role in the proceedings. David simply finds it amusing. The cage is used as a threat mainly because I am forbidden to masturbate when she is not watching me do it. I know that if she ever discovered that I had been jerking off in her absence I would be in the cage for at least a fortnight. If I’m lucky she will give me a hand job occasionally. She even allowed Jude to do it recently. That was incredible but Joyce says it was a one off.

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