HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 08

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The conclusion of the series. Allison and Mrs. Wentworth spend a very hot girl-on-girl weekend together.


The day after the most incredible weekend of my life my cell rang, and my pussy began to instantly spring to life when I saw whose name it was. It was right after cheerleading practice and I had just changed from my uniform into a very tight mini skirt with a sheer, tight silk white, see-through blouse and a pair of classic, black high heel pumps. I was meeting my father at one of my Grandfathers private penthouses and I wanted to look real sexy for him. Just to add something extra sexy for him I wore a pair of tan thigh high stockings attached to a black garter belt. He was leaving for 10 days and I wanted to make this real special and real hot.

What made last weekend so incredible was that my father and I fucked for the first time. It was something that had been building between us for years and finally happened because of a wild encounter with my black High School Principal, Mr. Jeffers. I fucked Mr. Jeffers in his office for five hours before we went back to my house to fuck in front of my father and totally humiliate him.

This stemmed from being an absolute bitch to my father for years because of me thinking he was such a lazy slacker. The tables turned when Mr. Jeffers made me tease my father then made him play with me. I not only found out how amazing a lover he was, but that he also had a huge, 12 inch cock, every inch as big as Mr. Jeffers.

We spent every second of the weekend fucking and playing with each other, and now I was dressed to fuck him all night, before he left for a 10 trip with my grandfather, who he worked for as a personal chauffeur.

Now here I was rushing out the door of the school, with my high heels clicking like loud firecrackers going off on the pavement, so that I could get into my car before the call ended. As soon as I was sliding into my seat I hit the call button and slammed the door shut.

“Hello,” I said in my hottest voice knowing who it was.

“Hello Allison, it’s Vivian Wentworth,” she said in a voice that oozed sex and had my bud-like nipples instantly busting off the ends of my 36DD tits, right through the sheer bra I had on under my see-through white, skin-tight blouse.

“Well hello Mrs. Wentworth. This is a real nice surprise, what can I do for you,” I said in a sexy voice, hoping that I was right about her wanting to fuck me.

Mrs. Wentworth was in the widow watching my father and I kissing passionately at the front door a few nights ago, on our incredible, weekend fuck. As we were kissing I looked up and saw her look right at me with lust on her face while she played with her gorgeous tits, pinching what I knew were huge nipples with one hand while her other hand massaged her pussy and her clit, through her sheer see-through nightgown.

“Allison, I know that your parents are both out of town this weekend, and since my husband has a weekend flight (Mr. Wentworth is a pilot for a major airline) for five days, I thought it might be nice for you and I to get to know each other better, perhaps start with a swim at my pool Friday night,” she said in a voice that told me she absolutely wanted to fuck me. “Do you have plans for Friday night Allison?”

“I do, but your invitation sounds a lot better to me Mrs. Wentworth. I’ll call and cancel my boyfriend,” I answered in a hot breath, as I felt my nipples get really turned on at the thought of going to her house Friday.

“Well I’m flattered that you would cancel plans with your boyfriend to come over to my place Allison,” she said hotly.

“Well something tells me you’d be a lot more fun Mrs. Wentworth,” I said slyly, hoping she wanted to fuck me.

“Allison, please call me Vivian. Mrs. Wentworth sounds much too proper for the night I have in mind for us, and the night I hope you have thought about too,” she said in a low, throaty voice that almost made me cum.

“Oh trust me I’ve thought about it a lot this week Mrs. Wen–I mean Vivian,” I said which let her know I saw her watching my father and I kissing hard outside the door before we went inside and got back into our sinful fuck.

“Wonderful Allison. Absolutely perfect,” she said in her incredibly sexy, throaty voice. “Exactly what I had hoped for, she added in her hot voice, “I’ve always thought of you as a very sexy and fun girl Allison, and after watching you and your father the other night I hope we can explore a lot of the fun part together,” she said in a voice that had my pussy so wet to fuck, wet to fuck her.

“Umm, I guess my father and I were pretty obvious weren’t we,” I asked in a voice that sounded like I was turned on, instead of being embarrassed for being caught.

“Very obvious, and absolutely looking like you two were really enjoying yourselves,” she said in a sly voice that had me touching my pussy through my cheerleading mini skirt.

“Oh yeah, trust me when I say we really were,” I said slyly. “I hope you didn’t think it was weird?”

“Allison, this is Beverley Hills my dear, there is no such thing as weird,” she said with a sly laugh. bahis firmaları “I actually thought it was very sexy seeing you and your handsome father kissing like two lovers. ” Beverly Hills is made up the world’s sexiest people, and that’s what sexy people do Allison….Relatively speaking,” she added and I absolutely got the double meaning.

With that we both laughed knowingly.

“Well I’ll tell you this Mrs….I mean Vivian, I absolutely love to have fun, especially if it’s sexy fun.

“By the way I saw you and your father kissing the other night, I know just what you mean by ‘sexy fun’ Allison. And, sexy fun is exactly what I have in mind for you and I.

“Umm. I saw the way you were watching us Vivian, and as I kissed my father all I could think about was you and your sexy body,” I said lustfully.

“Well Allison, although your father is a very handsome man, and I could absolutely see and understand why you are drawn to him, just like the constant flow of young female traffic I see coming to your house, sometimes two and three at a time when your mother and you are both out of the house, it was you I couldn’t keep my eyes off of; that incredibility sexy dress you were wearing made me wish it was me you were kissing,” she said in a voice that made me groan.

When she said the constant flow of traffic coming to my house when we were out, I knew she was referring to all my girlfriends who were lining up to fuck my father. He’s an amazing lover, and I spent the entire weekend alone with him, and came more than I ever have in my entire life. He is the most amazing kisser and has hands to die for, and a 12 inch cock that can fuck and cum for days! At 18 I already had a lot of skills at fucking, and have had some amazing cocks, but none of the men fucked like my father. He used his huge cock in ways I never experienced before. He knew and loved to make a pussy cum.

“Oh god, when I was watching you touch your incredibly sexy body, I was absolutely thinking about kissing you,” I said hotly.

“Just kissing me Allison,” She said slyly.

“Kissing,” I said hotly, and then added in a devilish voice,” and fucking you.”

“Ummm, I like the sound of that Allison, because I’ve wanted to fuck you since you were 15. Your bodies driven me crazy for years,” she said which caused me to moan.

“I’ve had the same thoughts about you every time I see you Mrs. Wen……I mean Vivian,” I said hotly. “You have an unbelievable body. So sexy,” I moaned, feeling my pussy drip at the thought of fucking her.

“Ummm, by what I’m hearing from you, I think you might like me to clear my weekend appointments so that we could really get to know everything about each other,” she added in her hot breath which had crawling out of my skin.

“Ummmmm. That’s exactly what I’d like Vivian,” I said in my low, throaty voice.

The way we were talking had sex in each word. It was the sexiest conversation I ever had, a conversation that had me fuck crazy, and wishing I was in her bed right at that very second. Just by the suggestive way she invited me to her house for the weekend and talked openly about watching my father and I kiss turned me on like crazy.

“Wonderful Allison, I’m excited already, just thinking about all the sexy play you and I are going to have,” she said in her hottest voice.

“Oh god, I wish it was Friday right now, Mrs. Wen…sorry, I mean Vivian,” I said feeling my pussy erupt in a soft cum. Before she hung up we discussed the time, and that I’d pack a bag for the weekend.

I knew my bag was going to be filled with some of my sexiest lingerie. I had a feeling that the fucking between Mrs. Wentworth and I was going to be very hot and very sexy!

I couldn’t wait until my parents left for the weekend. Although things were now very different between my father and I, having fucked non-stop all weekend and even once this week afterschool in an upscale penthouse that my multi-billionaire owned, I was wild to fuck Mrs. Wentworth.

After I clicked end on my cell I drove my new BMW that my grandfather had bought me last month for my 18th birthday to meet my father at the penthouse. During our sexy fuck I couldn’t stop thinking about Mrs. Wentworth and I. I decided not to tell my father although I’m sure he would have absolutely loved knowing I was going to fuck our incredibly, sexy neighbor.

The next day after cheerleading practice I went to a very sexy and trendy boutique on Rodeo Drive that had the most sinful mini dresses, lingerie and the hottest swim wear. I was so hot and so turned on as I drove, so hot that I rubbed my wet pussy through my string-like thong as I thought about my conversation with Mrs. Wentworth and the hot weekend we were about to have.

I was so hot just thinking about what it was going to be like to fuck her. Although I had just turned 18, I had had a few very sexy times when I fucked a girl. They were girlfriends when we were at a sleepover and got wild a few times, starting playfully by kissing which progressed into something hotter, eating and finger fucking each other until we came. Although it was kaçak iddaa fun, I knew that the fuck that was going to happen between me and Mrs. Wentworth was going to be mind-blowing.

Although I absolutely love cock; my preference being a real big, huge cock and an older guy like my black Principal, or my boyfriend’s father Mr. Hall, or my sexy father, who really knows how to fuck, I can’t resist the sexy body of women, especially a women as sexy as Mrs. Wentworth.

Like I said Mrs. Wentworth has a body that causes traffic jams! Although she is 64 years old she could easily pass for 30. Her body is the epitome of sexuality, with measurements of 34D-22-33.

I drove to the sexy boutique with my entire body tingling from the conversation I had with my neighbor, Mrs. Wentworth. The idea that her and I were going to fuck the entire weekend sent had me reaching down between my mini skirt and pulling my thin, string-like thong to the side, and messaging my rock hard clit.

The conversation we had the day before made it crystal clear that she wanted to fuck me and I wanted to fuck her. I knew that as soon as I arrived at her house, things were going to get real hot, real fast. My only problem was waiting another day to start fucking the incredibly sexy Mrs. Wentworth!

My father had already left for a trip with my grandfather. They were flying in my grandfathers private jet on a business trip to Thailand. My father would be gone for 10 days. For me this would be torture. Yesterday ,I met my father at one of my grandfathers private penthouses in Beverly Hills. I skipped cheerleading practice and him and I fucked for six hours straight. It was so sexy fucking in the bed then in the hot tub then in the living room area and finally in the shower. We just couldn’t get enough of each other.

My father was the most incredible lover in the world and did things to my body that no man, including my black Principal or my boyfriends father ever did. My father has an enormous 12 inch cock and uses it to fuck me in a million different ways that make me cum in endless waves.

A big part of how my father uses his enormous cock is to fuck in slow- motion, making me feel every inch of his huge cock everywhere in my pussy, from the opening, to the inner depths of my fuck hole. The way he fucks always has my pussy shuddering, as I feel everyone of his sexy maze of webbed veins that run across his huge shaft when he’s slow- fucking his huge, 12 inch shaft deep into me.

Friday finally came and when my cell phone rang and I saw the name Mrs. W. come up my pussy began to instantly twitch.

“Hello” I answered in a hot voice.

“Hello Allison. It’s Vivian,” she said in a sexy voice. “I’m driving back home now. How does an hour sound for you to come over?”

“That’s perfect,” I said, although I wished it was that second.

“Great. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am Allison,” she said in a low, throaty voice.

“God, me too. I’ve been going crazy all day thinking about this weekend.

“Oh yes. I absolutely know the feeling Allison,” she moaned softly. “I’m so hot already, just thinking about all the fun you and I are going to have.”

“Oh fuck. Me too Mrs…..I mean Vivian,” I said in a deep groan, as my nipples stood straight-up and pushed through my lace bra I was wearing.

“I can’t wait to finally fuck you Allison,” she said hotly. “That hot body of yours has been on my mind for a long time now Allison and I plan on enjoying every second of this weekend, fucking you in every way I’ve imagined,” she said in a hot breath.

“Oh god, all I could think about these past few days was that you and I were finally going to fuck,” I groaned sinfully. “I’ve always thought you were so stunning and so sexy, and that you had an amazing body. God I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve wanted to fuck you Vivian,” I said as I pinched my hard nipples and rubbed my turned on clit.

“Umm, Its going to be so much fun finally playing with each other Allison. It seems we’re both very hot already. It’s going to be so much fun Allison,” she said in her hottest voice then told me she’d see me in an hour.

After we hung up I showered and put on my sinful, sling shot bikini. In the shower, all I could think but was Mrs. Wentworth’s amazing body and that we were going to fuck. I knew it was going to be real hot. She was a stunning women, who knew her body, and I was sure really knew how to fuck.

Although she’s married, I’ve seen her a million times with a different guy coming back to her house. These were always professional-looking men of different ages, I’d say between mid-twenties and even into late seventies. When they came out of her Mercedes or in their luxury car she was always dressed fashionably in a tight corporate pencil skirt, with a sheer blouse and high heels on. I just had a real good idea that Mrs. Wentworth sealed a lot of business deals in her bed, and I couldn’t wait to seal ours!

With the thought of her fucking her wealthy clients, and now her and I fucking I rubbed my clit to an explosive orgasm. When I came out of the shower I got kaçak bahis dressed for our pool swim. I couldn’t wait for her to see me in my sling shot bikini and I was going crazy imagining her in her bikini. Like I said she has an amazing body, and I had a very good idea she was going to enjoy wearing a real sexy bikini to show off her amazing body to me.

After putting on the wicked sling shot bikini I stepped into my black high heel pumps. The contrast of the transparent, white material of my bikini with the shiny black pumps made me look absolutely sinful. The material highlighted every inch of my body, the dental-floss-like string of the sling shot bikini barely covering my nipples, exposing my big, 36DD tits, while the string ran up between my ass cheeks exposing their firmness, making me look more nude. The added effect of the black pumps made me look absolutely wicked. All I could think about was turning Mrs. Wentworth on and fucking her all weekend.

As Allison dressed for her fuck, the ultra-sexy, mature 64 year old Vivian Wentworth stripped off her pencil skirt and undid her sheer white blouse. Standing in her high heel pumps with her white lace bra and thigh high stockings, she poured herself a glass of white wine. The excitement of finally fucking the sexy 18 year old neighbors daughter had her pussy boiling and her inch long nipples sticking straight up in the air. “God I can’t wait to finally fuck that sexy teenage bitch,” she said out loud as she sipped her wine.

Looking at herself in the mirror she knew she had a body that drove men, both young and old crazy, and women too. At 64 years of age she had a body that looked like the mature porn star Lady Sonia, with the most amazing tits and ultra-huge nipples. Her long-tapered model-like legs were the envy of all teens, male and female, and her sexy ass had the firmness of a twenty year olds. Her sex drive was equal to her powerful business reputation, as the single-most successful woman in multi-million dollar Hollywood and Beverly Hills real estate.

A large majority of her lucrative business deals were sealed with an incredible fuck. This stemmed from being in close proximity to the wealthiest most stylish people in the world, and the sexual tension that came from making a huge investment. In the last month, she had made 60 million dollars in commissions from the sale of three luxury mansions.

After the sale of these spectacular houses she fucked each of the buyers. One was a 23 year old graduate of an Ivy League college that made a fortune in a dot com business he started in college two years ago. The sexual tension had built between them for over a month while going from house to house in his Ferrari. He wanted to fuck her the second he laid eyes on her, and she knew it. She had a style about dressing that caught all her clients’ eyes, and all of her clients had the same high sex drive. This came from their powerful positions in life too. Seeing her in her sexy corporate business outfit that highlighted her amazing body always had her clients eager to fuck her.

The night before the sale of a 35 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills the 23 year old dot com billionaire client took her to dinner at a very upscale restaurant in LA. After dinner they were in his Ferrari kissing hotly. As he ran his hands up and down her stocking covered legs he kept telling her how sexy she was and that she drove him crazy.

In seconds his hand had pushed her thong to the side and he busily fucked his index finger deep inside her wet pussy. Pushing off her high heel pumps and meeting his thrusting finger, her pussy responded by cumming like a faucet. He kissed her hard and told her he wanted to fuck her, and that her body drove him crazy.

She had heard this a million times from every client and knew she’d hear it a million more from other clients. After she kissed him, she told him in a sly, business voice that she couldn’t wait to fuck him too, but that it would have to wait until the business deal was concluded. Although frustrated, he grinned back at her and told her it would happen tomorrow. He then picked up his cell and authorized his attorney to withdraw the money from the business account the next day.

Another client was a stunning 25 year old Asian female banker who had become CEO of a world bank. A multi-million dollar a year salary with stocks in the company that exceeded 500 million dollars made her one of fortune 100’s wealthiest and youngest women in business. After the business deal was sealed, she and Vivian stripped their cloths down to the thigh high stockings and high heels they both had worn and started a smoking girl-on-girl fuck that lasted the entire weekend.

Of all the clients she had fucked in her life, none was more different then a young18 year old black rap-star. READ: RAPPERS DELIGHT. The 18 year old rap-star had a scandalous reputation for being ruthless in business. He was incarcerated numerous times for crimes that included armed robbery, theft, and even a murder charge against a rival rap- artist. With the aid of the highest profile lawyers he had gotten away with the murder charge, although he had actually killed the young artist. The black rap-star grew up in the ghetto and slums of East LA, the furthest part of anything Vivian had ever known.

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