How We Became Lovers

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How Courtney and I meet. We were roommates in college. Kind of shoved together without any choice. Which I’m glad we were. How we became intimate was one day I was sitting in class and I was so horny that I decided to go to my room for a quick play session before my next class to take the edge off. So I waited for the bell to ring which toke 45 minute in which time my panties became wetter and wetter though it didn’t help I would softly rub myself every chance I thought no one was looking at me.

So when the bell rang I went to my room once in I dropped my bag and headed straight for my bed. I lay down right away pulled off my pants spread my legs knees came up. I started rubbing myself through my panties my fingers were rubbing and pulling my clit really making my thick creamy juices flow right into my panties making me hotter I was so lost in making myself cum that I didn’t hear the door open. I closed my eyes the moment I started to cum my thick creamy juices flowing into my panties getting me off even more making me cum harder.

As I calmed down and opened my eyes I was still breathing heavy. I came eye to eye with Courtney. She was staring at me with the look of desire bahis firmaları in her eye that quickly turned into embarrassment. As I looked her in the eyes I continued to rub myself up and down my soaked panty covered slit. Feeling myself getting even more turned on as I watched the embarrassment fade and turn back to desire as I rubbed and came closer and closer to cumin again. She slowly started to move closer still keeping eye contact with me till she was on top of me. My hand between us still working my panty covered pussy. She slowly leaned down and kisses me driving me over the edge I came so hard my thick creamy juices went right through my panties.

As we broke the kiss her hand moved between my legs replacing my hand. She rubbed my soaked panties against my throbbing clit making me push into her fingers loving every second of it. She leaned down and kissed me again. I kissed her back with passion and lust but most of all desire. With the way her fingers worked my clit through my soaked panties she had me Cumming in seconds and I exploded even harder then before my cream juices now very visible on the crotch of my panties. We kissed more as my hand exploring her body with one kaçak iddaa hand resting on her back the other between her legs undoing her pants pulling them down with my feet I moved her panties aside to find her dripping pussy I slide 2 of my slender fingers in to her as deep as they would go the moment they were all the way in she was riding them wildly. Well I placed my thumb on her clit and rubbed it in slow hard circles it drove her over the edge. Courtney started spraying cum all over my fingers soaking my hand.

As she calmed she leaned down and kissed me again then whispered in my ear she was glad she had to come to our room for her break and at that she started to ride my fingers again pumping them in and out of herself over and over again till she was just about to cum then slowed down again. Kissed me again as we kissed I moved my thumb onto her clit again and drove her over the edge once again making her spray her cum once more. I removed my fingers and pulled her up to my mouth sliding my tongue right in licking her pussy deep as I could push my tongue into her. She started rocking her hips riding my tongue moaning loudly which im sure many heard I kept working my tongue even kaçak bahis harder loving it curling it and wiggling it till she spayed her sweet pussy juices into my mouth.

As she calmed and I drank down her sweet juices we looked into each other’s eyes I think that’s when we made the strong connection that we have at that moment. She slowly moved off my tongue and moved between my legs pulled my still very soaked panties to the side and pushed her tongue deep inside of me flicking wiggling moving her tongue in and out of me in out in out in out as she flicker and added a few curls of her tongue driving me over the edge my thick creamy juices flowed into her mouth. She drained every drop she could from me with her very talented tongue. She stayed there and moved her tongue over my clit a few times before coming up and laying next to me cuddling to me I coddles back and we began to talk.

We told each other how we had masturbated to the thought of each other before this moment and how we came so hard to the thoughts of it. We decided that we were going to share a bed from then on. We agreed we could sleep with others but that never happened. We became exclusive to each other without saying a word about I think it was just meant to be. Courtney agrees. We were 18 at the time we are 27 now and going strong and of course we have gotten kinkier as time as gone on but that’s another story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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