How to Stop Smoking Ch. 16

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Jane was our waitress. You could tell that she had some Indian blood in her by the wide high cheekbones and her skin. Every piece of skin that showed had a bronze tint. She was short and thin with wide flaring hips.

Her low cut blouse showed plenty of tit as she leaned over the table to serve us. She caught me staring at the ample cleavage and gave me a little smile.

I paid the bill as the girls drifted out of the restaurant. Jane took the money. When she gave me my change, she slipped a piece of paper in my hand. I put it in my pocket to read it later.

Ann and Sherry said goodbye and left.

I drove Suzy home and headed back to my place. It was then that I remembered the note.

As I read it, my cock began to stir. Jane wrote that she finished work at 2. She wrote that she thought I had a nice smile and wanted to go out with me. Would I meet her?

I spent some time in the sauna, then relaxed in the Jacuzzi.

After a long soak, I took a shower and shaved. As I was shaving, I started to fantasize about Jane. I wondered how good a fuck she would be. My cock was beginning to swell.

Not being one to waste a good hard-on, I put some shaving soap on my cock and began to stroke it as I fantasized. It wasn’t long before my balls began to swell and tighten. With one hand stroking my cock, I massaged by balls with the other until I came. Washing up, I decided to have a nap to get some of my energy back.

When I woke up it was 1:30 and I had to hurry. I got dressed as fast as I could and headed for the restaurant. I was late.

As I drove up, Jane had given up waiting on me and was walking down the street. I pulled alongside, rolled the window down and called to her. She came over to the car to talk. I apologized for being late, telling her the truth. I had laid down for a nap and overslept.

With that, she smiled and got in the car. I asked where to, and she said to just drive. I headed for the highway that runs along the coast.

As I drove, Jane kept casting glances at me. We had been making small talk and I asked her what really attracted her to me. She said the way I stared at her tits. I asked why shouldn’t I stare – they were great tits.

As I drove, you could feel the throb of the powerful engine pulsing through the car.

Jane leaned back against the leather seat, pulled her low cut blouse a lot lower and put one hand on her pussy.

As she rubbed her pussy, she reached the other hand inside her blouse and began to massage her tits.

I was getting turned on watching her. My cock began to swell.

Jane noticed that my cock was getting large and reached out and stroked it. It got harder.

As she stroked my cock, she asked how big it was. I told her that it was about 16″ long and 2 ½” inches in diameter.

Her eyes got wide and she began rubbing her pussy harder and harder. Raising her skirt, she stuck a finger in her pussy and rubbed her clit. Within seconds, she was coming. Then she sucked all the pussy juice off her finger.

After driving for awhile, I asked if there were any special place she wanted to go. She said that she wanted to go to her house. She wanted to clean up and change clothes. After working all day, she felt the need to change out of the ones she had on.

I turned the car around and headed back to town. With her giving directions, we were at her place in no time.

Jane had a little house on the west side, nothing pretentious, but a good sized house just the same. She invited me in while she changed. When she came into the living room she was wearing a big smile and nothing else.

My cock hadn’t found release in the car, but it had subsided. Now, it sprang to life again.

I rose from the sofa and walked toward her. She looked at the swelling in my crotch, smiled and retreated into the bedroom. I followed.

I was unprepared for what I saw. There were two other girls in the bedroom, both were as nude as Jane.

The three of them surrounded me. As they were kissing me and rubbing my cock, they began to remove my clothing.When they had my clothes off, Jane put a hand on my chest and pushed. I fell back on the bed and the three of them attacked.

One girl was on my left, kissing my neck, nibbling on my earlobes. She was running her hand the length of my chest, brushing my now stiff cock. The other girl was on my right, working on me in much the same way.

Jane was moving up and down my thighs kissing the right one, then the left. She would rub my ball sac, kiss the tip of my cock, then retreat.

The other two raised up and each tried to force a tit in my mouth. Both of them were holding my arms where I couldn’t move.

Suddenly, I felt each of them fasten something around my wrists. As I looked, I saw a velvet wrist band attached to a rope. The rope was attached to the corner of the bed.

Before I could say anything, they had quickly moved to my feet and fastened them the same way. I was spread-eagled on the bed and couldn’t move.

Jane casino şirketleri motioned the other girls out of the room. They took their clothing and left. Then she turned her attention to me. My cock was oozing drops of pre-cum fluid in anticipation.

Jane mentioned that I had not protested being tied up and wondered why not. I told her that I really didn’t think that she meant to hurt me.

With that, she went to the dresser and took some articles out of a drawer. Approaching the bed, she held one up and asked if I knew what it was. It had a ring that was attached to a couple of leather straps.

I had seen them advertised in a magazine. It was called an Arabian stud harness. Arab’s use them on their stallions to achieve maximum erectile hardness during breeding.

Jane rubbed some jell on my cock and began slipping the ring on, easing it all the way down to the base.

My cock was getting harder and harder. Then she wrapped one strap around the bottom of my ball sac. This forced my balls up toward my cock. The strap was then fastened to the other side.

The other strap was pulled forward, separating my balls so one stuck out each side. Then, she fastened it to the ring.

Both balls were as large and hard as they could be. Then she started to suck me.

Jane sucked on the crown of my huge cock, gently stroking my balls as she worked a little in her mouth, then back out.After 3 or 4 sucks, she quit sucking on my cock and took one of my balls in her mouth. Gently sucking on first one ball, then the other as she held my cock in her hand and squeezed on it.

I was ready to cum when she quit and left the room. I lay there for awhile, thinking all kinds of thoughts. My cock subsided some, but the ring kept it quite hard. One of the other girls came back and I watched as she approached the bed. Reaching down, she squeezed my cock. It began to get harder.

She said she was Yolanda and told me that all three of them were from the same tribe. Then, lowering her hot mouth to my cock, she began to suck it. Stroking my cock with one hand, she began to fondle my balls with the other, rolling them around between her fingers.Then she began to squeeze. Gently, at first, then harder until they began to hurt.When she saw the pain in my eyes, she stopped squeezing and began rubbing them again.

As she rubbed, she was sucking my cock, bringing it to even fuller hardness. My balls were aching for release when she stopped and walked out of the room.

I watched as she left. Her body was a deep bronze from head to toe. She had long black hair and black eyes. She was about 5’2″ tall with huge breasts. Her nipples were set on aureoles as black as midnight and as large as some girls breasts. Wide flaring hips with a short waist line.

I had noticed earlier that neither of the three had very much pubic hair. They didn’t shave. They just didn’t have more than 15 or 20 pussy hairs on their cunts.

Yolanda had a heart-shaped ass, firm high ass cheeks that bounced up and down as she glided from the room.

I lay there with my thoughts, looking at my stiff cock, wishing I could reach it – knowing that I couldn’t.

Soon, the third girl came in the room. Now this one was a beauty, not that the other two were ugly – this one just oozed sex.

Her name was Renee’. She told me that she was part Indian and part French-Canadian.

Renee’ had medium sized breasts that looked to be about 36’s, long narrow waist, wide hips and long tapering legs. What attracted me most was the big full lips and the way she began working them up and down the length of my cock.

As she massaged my balls and sucked my cock, she’d nibble the cockhead, suck it into her hot mouth, then nibble some more. She stroked my cock with one hand as she massaged my balls with the other. When she had my cock near coming, she straddled my legs.

Holding my cock pointed toward my chin, she spread her pussy lips and wrapped them around it. Then, she began to rock back and forth as her clit rubbed my cock. Not allowing my cock to penetrate her, just stroking the sensitive under-side of it. When she felt it twitch, she abruptly stopped and got off me.

Leaving me there, she moved up to the head of the bed. My eyes followed her every move.

Propping one leg on the bed, she spread her pussy lips so I had full view of her clit. Moistening one finger with her mouth, she began to massage it.

Slipping the finger inside for more moisture, she rubbed it some more until it was as hard as my cock. Slipping her finger inside her cunt, she stroked it in and out until it was wet and juicy.

Then, she placed her finger in my mouth. Her pussy juice was delicious. I told her that I wanted to suck her off, but she said “No,” and left the room.

Again I was left alone. After quite awhile, I started wondering if they were going to return.

Finally Renee’ and Yolanda came into the room. As the neared the bed, my hard cock stiffened even more.

Renee’ straddled my chest, casino firmaları avoiding all contact with my cock or balls. Yolanda then stepped up on the bed and stood with her legs wide-spread above my head. Renee’ began to suck on Yolanda’s pussy, spreading the pussy lips further so she could stick her hot tongue deep into it. As she was doing this, Renee’ had positioned her own pussy just inches from my chin.

Try as I might, I couldn’t reach it. I could see Renee’s pussy juices oozing from her hot pussy and the aroma was exciting. My cock swelled even more and my balls ached for release.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my cock. Jane had re-entered the room and was massaging my stiff cock. She was rubbing some jell on it. My cock began to get harder as a warm feeling began to spread throughout my loins. I asked Jane what the jell was. She replied that it was a tribal secret.

My cock began to twitch and jerk as though I was coming. Jane stroked it a little more, then stopped. Whatever the jell was, it was inducing the same feeling as the “false cums.”

I laughed at the irony of the situation. Where were these 3 when I didn’t need the jell?

Then, Jane mounted my cock and began to fuck me. Slowly, at first, then faster as she took the entire length in her pussy. She fucked it until she reached orgasm. I felt the bed shaking and I looked up to see Yolanda’s hips quivering.

She was in the midst of an orgasm. Renee’ stopped sucking her. Jane climbed off my cock and Yolanda climbed on. She positioned my cockhead in her pussy and, with one quick plunge, impelled herself on my cock. She began to ride my cock like she was riding a bucking bronco.

As Yolanda fucked my cock, Renee’ moved to stand above my face. Jane straddled my chest and began to tongue lash Renee’. Because Renee’s legs were so long, Jane had to lean forward. Her pussy lips were only an inch or so from my lips.

As Jane started to suck Renee’s hot pussy, I reached out with my tongue and licked Jane’s pussy lips. The effect was startling. Jane forced her hot pussy against my mouth and I began to lick and suck. After Yolanda orgasmed, Renee’ announced that it was her turn.

Yolanda got off my cock and Renee’ took her place only she was facing my feet. I could see the pink bud of her asshole. Renee’ inserted my cock into her pussy and lay down between my feet, forcing my cock and balls to stick straight out toward my feet. Then her pussy began to squeeze and relax on my cock as she milked it.

Yolanda went to the foot of the bed and positioned her pussy where Renee’ could lick it. Meanwhile, Jane began rubbing a jell on Renee’s asshole. As she massaged it, she slipped a finger in and rolled it around to loosen it. When she had Renee’s asshole loose enough, she slipped another finger in.

She worked on it some more, all the time applying more and more jell. Then Jane picked up a huge dildo. It was about a foot long, a couple inches in diameter and had a big bulge at the head.

It reminded me of a dog’s cock and the way a knot forms at the end of it. Jane began forcing it into Renee’s asshole. She applied steady pressure until the huge bulge suddenly “plopped” as it entered Renee’s asshole.

Renee’ gave a little cry that was part pain, part pleasure and stopped moving on my cock. Jane put some more jell to the dildo and began to work it in and out of Renee’s asshole. She was forcing more and more of the dildo inside Renee’. The huge bulge was rubbing against the top of my cock as Jane stroked it.

Suddenly Renee’s body stiffened. Her cunt clamped tightly on my cock and she began to orgasm. As her hips rocked and shook, Jane began to work the huge dildo faster and faster.

Finally, just before Renee’s frantic movements subsided, Jane pulled the dildo out completely. As the big bulge came out, Renee’s entire body gave a shake and she collapsed.

After resting for awhile, Jane and Yolanda helped Renee’ off my cock and out of the room. They were leaving me with this massive hard on and begging for release.

A while later, Jane returned. She removed the harness from my cock, then began to suck it, cleaning off the juices they had left. My cock responded by getting harder. My balls were aching from so much licking and sucking.

As she licked my cock, I suddenly felt Yolanda working on one of my balls. Yolanda sucked one in her mouth and began to roll it around. Jane tried to take my entire length in her mouth, forcing my cockhead into the back of her throat.

The two of them worked me over until I thought that they were going to make me cum. Then they stopped and left the room. They left me in this condition for a lot longer this time.

All 3 returned this time. Jane began to suck my cock while Renee’ straddled my face, easing her hot pussy down to my mouth. I began to lick her pussy lips and suck her clit. Yolanda waited until Jane mounted my stiff cock, then began to lick and massage my balls as Jane fucked me.

After a few minutes of this, my cock began güvenilir casino to spurt. Jets of hot cum were coming out of Jane’s pussy and Yolanda was licking it all up. She licked the underside of my cock as it slipped in and out of Jane’s pussy.

Finally, after the 3 of them had drained me, they untied me and I went to the bathroom to wash up. When I came out of the bathroom, they were waiting for me.

Before I could do anything, they grabbed me and tied me up. With a rope around my neck, they led me to the living room, seated me in a straight backed chair and tied me to it.

My cock began to stiffen again. After tying me up, they headed for the bedroom again. When they returned, they were dressed.

Yolanda had on Indian attire, only it wasn’t at all traditional. The buckskin skirt was short, stopping just below her pussy with some cunt hair showing. It was form-fitting and very tight. The top had cut-outs for her breasts so her nipples poked through.

Renee’ had on a similar outfit except that the skirt was nothing but buckskin thongs hanging down from the waist. As her hips swayed from side to side, her pussy was visible through the swinging thongs.

Jane was dressed in one of those black leather outfits you see advertised in men’s magazines. Tight, form-fitting with cutouts for her tits and a cutout for her pussy.As she came toward me, I could see her pussy lips were rubbing together. The 3 approached.

Yolanda knelt between my legs and, taking my stiffening cock in her mouth, began to suck me. Renee’ turned around and bent over. As I watched her ass cheeks spread, she reached down and began to finger her pussy.

As the juices began to flow, my cock was getting harder and harder. Jane came over and put a breast into my mouth.

I began to suck her tit, telling her that I wanted to fuck her. After Yolanda had me as hard as could be, she moved away. Jane straddled the chair, forcing my huge cock inside her.

Placing a breast in my mouth, she began stroking up and down on my rigid cock. After a few minutes of fucking me, she began to cum. Jane got off my cock and Renee’ climbed on, this time facing away from me.

As she began to rise and fall in rhythm to her rapid breathing, my cock began to twitch and throb inside her. She reached orgasm before I could cum. Yolanda took her place. Facing me this time. Yolanda placed a large tit in my mouth and just sat there with my massive cock imbedded in her.

As I sucked on her tit, I could feel her breathing begin to quicken. She removed that tit and gave me the other one to suck on. Then, she began to ease up and down on my cock, ever so slowly, making my cock get harder and harder.

Soon, I began to feel the juices welling up. As my cock began to spurt, Yolanda began to orgasm and I emptied my cum deep inside her. Yolanda climbed off my lap and Renee’ took my softening cock in her mouth. She began to clean the juices off it.

By the time she had finished cleansing it, my cock was rock hard again and ready to fuck. Jane came back with some more of the jell she had rubbed on my cock before. As she applied it to my cock and balls, the same warmth crept through my loins.

It didn’t take but a minute and my cock was rock hard. My balls were tight and I was ready to fuck. They untied me and had me lie down on the floor, tying my arms to two table legs so I couldn’t move.

Then, taking my feet, they pulled them up over my head so my huge cock was forced toward my own mouth. As my cock brushed my lips, I opened my mouth and engulfed the crown. I sucked myself off as the 3 of them watched. Soon, my cock was jumping and twitching in the throes of cumming, but there was no cum.

As before, the jell did the trick. It gave me the feeling of cumming, but with no juice. The feeling of sucking my own cock was highly erotic. I asked them which one wanted to fuck. They untied me and led me to the bathroom. They had already prepared a bath before returning to the living room.

Placing me in the tub, they tied my hands to the faucets. Then they took turns stroking my cock with their soapy hands. Yolanda had the touch that brought me to the brink of cumming. As she stroked my massive cock, she gently massaged my aching balls. When she felt them tighten, she stopped.

Renee’ then stepped into the bath. Taking my cock in her hand, she guided it into her steaming pussy. As she settled on my cock, she leaned forward and placed a breast in my mouth. She began gently rocking back and forth on my cock. Her pussy muscles were clenching my cock as her orgasm overtook her. When she got off my cock, Jane took her place.

Stuffing my rigid cock in her pussy, she began to thrash up and down and within minutes was cumming. As she was fucking me, Yolanda stepped into the bath and pushed her sweet pussy against my mouth. I tongued her to the brink of orgasm and beyond. Jane was sliding up and down the length of my cock as I licked and sucked Yolanda’s hot pussy. In less than a minute and Yolanda was cumming again.

My poor cock was begging for release. They untied me and I stood up. Using the shower attachment, they rinsed the soap off and dried me. Then, they escorted me to the bedroom and tied me to the bed, as they had before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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