Hot Neighbors

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Darkness had now fallen and I felt relieved to arrive home at last after a long hot day at work. I unlocked and entered my flat, heading straight to the fridge and helped myself to a cool drink before sinking gratefully into my loungechair, unbuttoning my shirt all the way down and undoing my trouser belt to cool off a bit. for I was rather sweaty. My attention was caught by muffled sounds of activity in the flat next door, which was occupied by a couple, of similar age to me, who had moved in a few months ago and with whom I had struck up a good friendship. As I listened, my curiosity got the better of me and after a short while I got up, walked over to the wall that separated my flat from their’s and brought my eye close up to a tiny chink in the wall’s tongue-and-groove structure. The little that I could see was enough to enkindle a deliciously warm sensation deep down within me, and increasing in heat as I focused intently on what I could see of the activity going on next door.

The sounds of skin rubbing against skin; writhing bodies slapping rhythmically against each other; the heavy breathing and soft moans seemed to ensnare and inflame me, such that my large limp cock began to swell and press against the inside of my trousers, causing them to bulge prominently at the front. My body trembling; my armpits becoming wet, I drew casino şirketleri in a deep long breath, and vainly tried to fight down a strong, burning, aching sexual feeling which grew overwhelming. “Ooh fuck, ooh ooh shit!” I exclaimed softly to myself as a fresh hot surge of lust burned through me, weakening my resistance. I stepped back and stripped all my clothes off, feeling driven now by a raging lust, while my fat swollen cock, all seven inches, stood hard and throbbing like mad. I could no longer help myself. Stark naked, I stepped out into the hall and rapped on my neighbors’ door and at the same time, letting those inside know who I was. Mingled sounds of laughter and occasional ecstatic moaning filtered through the closed door as I waited.

Sneaking a peek through the keyhole, I could see what appeared to be a large group of people, all as naked as I, spread across the room, on the floor and the sofas. My carnal passion rose to a new level of urgency. The door opened revealing my neighbor Andy. A large drip of milky-white cum hung from his half erect cock as he welcomed me in, inviting me to join the party of a couple of dozen men and women, several of whom I was well acquainted with. My fat throbbing prick, its swollen tip glistening with precum, drew many amazed and hungry glances, which added to my excitement casino firmaları as I came in. The sexually invigorating sight and scent of sweat, wine, cum and writhing freely copulating bodies further excited me as I helped myself to some wine and nibbles before settling onto a sofa in between a couple of nubile young women who willingly made room for me.

No sooner had I settled when my ravenous prick was being hungrily groped by slender, moist feminine hands, busily molding, stroking and exploring every aching inch of my turgid shaft. The sight of these two luscious beings on either side of me, the scent and feel of their silky skin, had me gasping in ecstasy. On my left, Mandy spread open her legs, revealing the sight of her wet, oozing pussylips, which soon had my mouth drooling as I plunged my eager, thirsty tongue inside her warm fragrant cavern of unexplored mystery, eagerly anticipating what delectable sweetnesses yet awaited me. I felt her partner’s sweaty hands groping my back and her thighs, straddling me from behind as I licked and sucked in mad passion. Her hands slid around the sides of my body pulling at me while a husky, panting female voice urgently pleaded for my services. I struggled free long enough to take advantage of the opportunity to plunge my burning tool deep into Mandy’s succulent cunt; our yells of lust güvenilir casino and passion renting the air, both of us convulsing in slimy, earth-shaking mutual orgasm.

The scene of men and women fucking and wrestling each other like animals was so intoxicating, it was near impossible to stay calm for long before reinflamed lust again took hold, driving one to fresh bouts of unrestrained carnality; the room filled with grunting, panting excitement, not to mention the wet sucking noise of hot, turgid pricks madly pounding slimy wet and dripping pussies. I felt someone trickling chilled wine down my back, causing me to react in brief shock and then felt several thirsty tongues licking me all over. A few men held me, while others masturbated on me; cum and wine mingled with my sweat, making a lovely lascivious cocktail for many an eager tongue. All were doing similar to each other while fucking for all it’s worth.

Anna, Mandy’s companion tugged at my arm. “Come Andrew, let’s take a bath together.” She said in a husky voice that betrayed lascivious desire. Consenting, I turned to Mandy. “You want to join us?” No sooner were the three of us in the shower, than both women had me sandwiched between their wet soapy bodies as they rubbed and gyrated against me in the most salacious manner. From behind me, Mandy reached between my legs and tickled my balls while Anna knelt and sucked the entire length of my stiffening shaft. How luscious her cunt juice tasted on my fingers after probing the warm slippery labial folds of her quim and feeling the throb of her enlarged clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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